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I will be getting a liposuction done by Dr....

I will be getting a liposuction done by Dr. Ortegra at Spectrum Aesthetic clinic in Miami, FL. I' getting lower and top abdomen, flanks, lower and top back, and waist. I'm scared and excited at the same time. I'm praying that my results are good. I'm hoping that everything go wellAny advice, please don't hesitate. #OrtegaDoll

Pre and post surgery

What are some things I need before and after surgery? Ladies please fill me in


Booked my flight.??

Cleared by the doctor

I got cleared today, but my hemoglobin is one point lower. I gotta get this up before my surgery.

Weight lost

I have to lose 7 pounds before my surgery. I'm in crisis mode

I'm cleared for my surgery

All I have to do is lose these 7 pounds in three weeks.......I'm determine to do it.

Update on weight lost

I weighted myself this morning, I only have two pounds to go. I'm super excited. I will be doing the military diet again and juice the last week. I'm so ready for this. I know I can do it now and I plan to maintain it after my surgery.

My body goals

This how I want to look in the waist.

Update on progress

I have one more pound to lose. Seem like when you aim for a goal it gets harder. I have 1 1/2 week to go. I got this ?????????

Update weight lost

I'm down to 198 yayyyyy. Miami less than a week.

Two more days

I'm getting a little nervous. I have my surgery on Tuesday. I have never flown, so I wonder how this will go. I'm excited about my new journey. I pray to God for a good recovery.

So I missed my flight

I'm so mad at myself. Lucky I can catch another one. ????????????

Less than 30 minutes until surgery

I'm excited for my new journey. Y'all keep me in yours prayers that this go well. Thanks to everybody for your support during this process. My final weigh in was 196.5. I'm just happy I didn't get give up.

Update on surgery

He did an awesome job. This is after surgery. I'm still swollen and bruised. Once the swelling goes down you'll see better results. I have a lot of drainage that's the only thing I don't like, because they don't give you nothing to really catch it. My surgery went well. The pain is horrible after surgery because I cried until I got my pain medication. My pain level right now between a 7 and a 8.

Day 2 after surgery

I'm still experiencing some pain but very sore. Everything looks good. I'm walking around. I had a massage did on today and it was painful but helpful.

Day 3

I got a massage and it made the pain feel better. I'm waiting on the Doctor but everything looks good.

Four day post

I'm loving my results. Little to no drainage. Incisions are healing good. I'm moving around good.

I made a week

I'm still sore. NO PAIN. Everything looks good. I started back to work on Monday and been taking it easy. I been walking and trying not to sit too long.


Almost post-surgery a month. Still swelling and soreness. I want to start back working out but no sure if that's the right thing to do. I'm happy with my results as I mention previously. I like the fact he made it look nature and not as if I had surgery.

Recovery house

Do anyone know of a reasonable prices for recovery houses in Miami, FL? My friend having surgery and is in need of a recovery house. Thank you

6 weeks post

I'm in love with my results. I'm glad chose Dr. Mel Ortegra. Wonderful doctor with experience in plastic surgery. I'm so happy with my results. Tuesday mark my 6 weeks. Time to get on my exercise program.

Better picture of results

The results are impressive

After surgery

Did any of you itch really bad? I'm going into my eighth week.

Update after surgery

Bachelorette party

Wedding day pictures

My day was everything

Looking to have a second round on my back

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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