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I had TT with Dr Ortega on 6/6 which he did an...

I had TT with Dr Ortega on 6/6 which he did an amazing job. So I decided to return to him at spectrum for BBL. okay, so I did it backwards & should have done BBL first so I had enough fat. But I'm gonna have faith that he can get enough cc's to give me fullness. Any thoughts on what I should ask for I have plenty of rush pics & im afraid to gain weight it just seems pointless after having the TT tuck to get bigger.

Room Buddy from Bmore

am trying to find a room mate. Any Ortega Dolls having surgery on 12/13 and staying at Claudia RH. I am from Baltimore, Maryland and arrive in Miami on 12/12 for BBL with Dr. Ortega. He performed my TT on 6/6 and it looks amazing so I decided to fly back and go to Spectrum. Anyone there from Bmore during this time

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