28 Year Old Grtting a BBL!! FINALLY!!!! Miami, FL

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I am the type of girl that needs to do a thousand...

I am the type of girl that needs to do a thousand sit ups and squats to see some type of results. I've done every work out imaginable and just want to stop with the wishing and actually get the body I want. I'm happy to that I booked Dr. Sergio Alvarez to do my surgery May 2016. My cousin is 1 month post op by him and she looks amazing. Not exactly the look I want, but she looks phenomenal. I want his to give me curves for days (hour glass figure) and a bubble butt. I've gained 15lbs for this surgery and I'm hoping that I've gained enough fat in the right places to get what I want. I heard that you loose about 40% within the 6 month period after surgery and I'm not looking to do this twice. Before and after pictures will be post after my surgery. I don't have the confidence and courage as most you beautiful ladies do, so please be patient with me. Is anyone else getting their surgery done on that date?

Just added ARMS for lipo!

I just got off the phone with Lizbeth at spectrum and boy do they sound busy. I added arms for 800, but now I'm wondering if it was worth it. Looking online I found that they only take 3 liters of fat out and I want them to take as much as they can out from my stomach area. Will this take away from that?....

BTW, can anyone explain what an ab board is for and where can I get the best one, plus the triangle looking one for the lower back and top of my new bum? I really need to start buying supplies, if any of you ladies can send me your list of supplies and any tips, I would be forever grateful.

Your future doll sister!!


Here are some of my favorite pictures of asses from the thousands I have on my phone

The booty sickness is real!!!!

I'm less than 3 weeks away and I just can't stop thinking about my procedure! I want to delete my real self app just so I don't look at it first thing in the morning, but I can't even do that! I'm obsessed and I just want to get this over with. Im just excited right now and I'm worried I'm going to be an emotional wreck when I get on the table! I've read nothing, but wonderful news about Dr. Alvarez and I pray to GOD every night that spectrum doesn't switch me last minute. I would die!!! I'm also freaking out because they still haven't sent me my lab rx. Is anyone having this same problem? I can't even get in contact with my coordinator. Like WTF? Just send it to me. Not that hard, buddy.... Also, can I diet after or should I eat as much as I was eating before the surgery to keep the fat?

Check your SPAM folder for your LAB RX!!

Finally got in touch with Kiyoki at spectrum. Not her fault it took long, just me looking for the wrong person. She emailed me my lab rx back in April, but it was labeled as SPAM MAIL. Now I have to haul ass to lab Corp and get this done ASAP. I'm suppose to have the results in by Friday, hopefully they get it in time. I doubt there's anything wrong with me, but let's keep our fingers crossed.
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