26- Time for a New Booty - BBL With Mel Ortega (spectrum) Miami, FL

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I got a BA last year but still am not happy with...

I got a BA last year but still am not happy with my butt. I want an hourglass figure. i try to do squats but its still pretty flat up top and excercise just shrinks my butt, even if it gets perky and round. I want to change my proportions, so in comes the BBL! My appt is booked with dr mel ortega at spectrum. Just got my labs done yesterday, accommodations booked last night, flights booked... it's very real now!

I'm very excited but also kind of nervous. What are your experiences with healing? How much do you wear your compression garments?

Surgery day

About to go in. Dr Ortega is so nice and personable. Very knowledgable and honest. Looking forward to my new body


Surgery was 4 hours from the time I went in to the time I woke up. I was in 10/10 pain and they even
On a double dose of pain medication. Everyone was really nice. Right now I'm laying on belly in bed where I've been since I got back lol. I ate a little but it's hard.

Pain is 6/10 right now with Percocet. Very sore.

Places of lipo: upper arms, Stomach, sides, love handles, back, inner thighs

Wearing my compression garment . Be aware the hole is very small and you will probably, like myself, pee on the garment, so if you can, see if they will make the hole a little larger. Will
Keep you updated! I already see the change in my shape, and I can't wait to see what it will look like!

Horrible after care and customer seevicw

Looks like this place doesn't care what happens to you after they got your money. The nurses are SO NASTY. First off, I can't sit. They left me standing naked for an hour and a half waiting to see the doctor. I was nauseous and in horrible pain. When I was done, She put my garment on so crooked that the hole to pee was on my butt cheek. It couldn't even be adjusted. She hurt me so badly, not gentle. Did not avoid touching my stitches. Since it was on incorrectly I asked her to take it off and do it again because I didn't know how I would be able to go to the bathroom. She literally rolled
Her eyes. My friend who was with me said she also rolled her eyes several times as I cried in pain while she was yanking my garment on with no regard for my pain. Then she gave me the address to get a sleeved garment since they were out. I asked her 5x if she was sure it was correct and she seemed annoyed. Well low and behold it's wrong and I'm now lost laying on my stomach in the back of an uber. I'm in extreme disbelief at the deplorable attitudes and the way they can treat a human being. I'm so upset I'm literally hysterical crying. I feel like shit. They need to hire nicer more caring people.

Some pics

Still very swollen

Pain 9/10. Arm swollen. Noticed eye is bruised. Stitches ripped.

Nurse ripped my stitches. Bled through my garment there. It hurts. I have strep, I can't speak or swallow. My throat is all white.
Don't know how this is possible while taking these antibiotics. My whole left arm is swollen. My pain in my abdomen is unbearable. There is no emergency line at spectrum and they're closed
Until Monday. I'm so scared. I also noticed today that I'm bruised around my eye. Guess they dropped me or something

Just took my first shower!

Washed my garment, waiting for it to dry .

Tried to post these before but they wouldn't load

Day 2. Obviously swollen and bruised. Had a nice shower, feeling a little better.

Bruising on my arms is really bad

Bruising on my arms is really bad and my swelling goes all the way down to my hands. Is this normal? Obviously I can't reach anybody at the place they're not open until Monday. My pain is still really bad and I'm almost out of painkillers.

feeling decent!

so after a first few horrible days, i actually feel 'not horrible' today! im completely out of pain killers at this point, but my pain has changed more to a soreness than a pain so im sure that for the rest of the day and going forward, i can switch to OTC pain pills. thank goodness, i was so nervous!

swelling is less and less every day. i finally have an appetite. looks like im on the road to healing :-)

6 days post.

I have an appointment today at spectrum. I'm not feeling so great about my body today, I seem really swollen in the middle, and my butt looks like with shrinking very fast :-(

Back before/after 6 days post

Second Follow-up 6 days Post Op

Okay, so I tattled on the mean lady who effed up my day the day after my surgery at my first follow-up. I had to let them know what went down. They were really apologetic. Anyway, I love dr Ortega. I honestly think he did such a great job and he was present at all my follow ups and didn't rush me. He answers all my questions and addresses my concerns. He's honest and straight forward. So I learned that I have 900cc on each side. I accidentally lost some weight (stress) right before my surgery so I was just at the 130 mark the day of the procedure. He said it was hard to get fat from me but he literally took everything he could get without compromising the results. He got an additional 300cc total from my arms which is great. I'm really glad I added it on. He seemed happy with how firm my butt still was and said that's a good sign that the grafts are still alive. He told me stay off my butt for as long as possible and I literally have not sat once lol. It's so hard! He also said whatever I do, don't go on a diet. SAY NO MORE, DOC! I'm eating good! Hahaha. Anyway, I'll do another update in about a week.

Front before/after 6 days post

Can't believe the difference. And I'm still swollen!!

In sweatpants 9 days post

Washing that damn garment. Used the opportunity for belfies! ????

Found a way to "sit"

It's not exactly the same but no pressure on the booty! I kneel with feet shoulder width apart and put the boppy behind my knees and lean forward so no pressure is on my butt. This is very helpful. I can't lay on my belly all day anymore! P.s. I have a pad in my lower back and my lipo foams in. Don't judge lmao

Back home

Home in NYC... Flight sucked. hopefully there's no damage to my butt sitting for 3 hours!

Made an appt for lymphatic drainage massage

Dr Ortega said lymph drainage massages will help me heal faster and get rid of the hard little lumps in my abdomen. He said they're connective tissue and will go away with time as I heal but this will speed the process. Got an hour long one booked for tomorrow afternoon. I'll let you girls know how it goes!


Booty is losing volume as expected. Still big in relation to the rest of my body. Still swollen. Lumpy abdomen. Hopefully this massage speeds things along

Uneven belly

My poor tummy... So lumpy and uneven. Mostly around my belly button, some dumpling has now developed. From what I see on other reviews I'll probably need a touch up. This sucks. I definitely can't wear any crop tops or a bikini until at least next year. I've been wearing my garments nearly 24/7. Looks like I have my old body back... My butt and hips are so much smaller after swelling. I knew this would happen and I know it takes 3 months to see results but it doesn't help how I feel right now. I haven't stopped crying all day, I feel fat and gross and deformed. I can't wait for this to be over.:-(

thank you girls of RS!

I just want to thank all you ladies for following my journey and being there for me! This support system and little community is great and i appreciate all your kind words and advice! :-)


I would give up my first born to sleep on my damn back. Omg I'm going crazy!! Lol thought I'd share that tidbit!

Some pics

Not feeling as shitty as yesterday as long as I don't look at my nasty belly button. Maybe I'm getting my period or something cuz I'm crazy swollen all over


Not feeling as crappy as yesterday as long as I don't look at the weird fatty blob on my stomach lol. I'm swollen all over... Maybe I'm getting my period?


Okay, these belly massages HURT. I was crying and he wasn't digging or anything, everything is sooooo sensitive! Brace yourselves! But on the bright side they help soften the lumps! Going back Monday... Dreading lol

Booty pics!

Got a new faja, thong style, that I can wear easily during the day. It's getting to be too hot in my other one! Kind of loving my butt today (ps I really did get my period so i was TOTALLY PMSing in my whiny cry post lmao!)

Oh and this will make you laugh

So I thought (foolishly) that the jeans I owned pre op would fit me. WRONG! my attempt at putting them on yesterday lol! This is how I know my booty is much bigger than it was!

New Faja

Okay, so by the way, I mentioned I bought a new faja. Well I've been wearing it all day, and it's super snug, was definitely uncomfortable at first, but i wore it with my foam on my belly and WOW, HUGE difference in the lumpiness. I might have needed extra compression! If it's a combination of the massages and the compression, i'm not sure, but it's noticeably different

Get ready

Get ready for extra attention. Omg I'm not joking I get embarrassed! I'm wearing sweat pants and a shitty tee shirt and men are following me around like lost puppies lmao. BRACE YOURSELVES. The booty is like a magnet!


Some pics from today. I sat for the first time on Saturday!

2 days post vs 6 weeks

Looks way more natural without the swelling. I love it! Seriously, not much loss!

Stomach lumps

With massage and light cardio my stomach is improving. I still have the weird lumpy spot near my belly button the looks like fat but it seems less bad. We'll see! I'm 6 weeks out now... Definitely a process. Already spent $600 on massages

Well I have a fat ass

It's almost 3 months. This thing is fat! Haha in a good way. Totally worth it. Stomach is still kinda lumpy... I'll most likely need a little liposculpture but overall I'm happy

Dr Ortega is very personable. He's honest, straight forward and most importantly, great at what he does. I had issues with other people working at Spectrum, but as far as Dr. Ortega goes, he is excellent. I just wish the rest of the staff lived up to that standard.

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