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One of my friends had smart lipo last year and I...

One of my friends had smart lipo last year and I really liked her results and after careful consideration, I decided to do it as well. I did lots of research and found a great doctor. I'm generally in good shape however I have let myself go in the past few months.

Before procedure:
140 lbs

- Day of procedure: May 11, 2012
I went in to see Dr. Blinski early around 8:30am. They made me sign a few more paperwork. Then, Dr. Blinski marked my body where the procedure was going to be. Then, I met with Dr. Jimenez, the anesthesiologist. He asked me a few more questions and explained how the anesthesia would be done.

Then, they took me in the operating room. I was really nervous by then as i knew it was really happening. The first thing, they put blankets over me. They also made me wear these socks for my circulation in my legs. Then Dr. Jimenez came in and gave me some local anesthesia on my left hand. He needed to put an IV in my vein from my left hand. The anesthesia he put first was a small burning sensation, not too bad. Then he put the IV in but unfortunately he couldn't get the vein so he had to prick me again, over the local anesthesia so that one hurt a bit, but still not too bad.

Then shortly after, he gave me the anesthesia and I remember drifting away, feeling drunk. Then I completely knocked out. The only thing I remember was hearing voices. I know I heard Dr.Blinski at one point. When I fully woke up, there was a nurse there, Pilar, she came over, cleaned my eyes and gave me cranberry juice. It felt sooo good since my lips were so dry. I felt in horrible pain. The nurse said I could take some pain medication when I got home.

My husband came with me and stopped at a wendy's and got a small chocolate frosty for me. The nurse said it would be good for me to bring up my sugar. I didn't like it, it was too sweet and was making me nauseous. I just took a few bites. Then I got home, my mom made me some jello and my husband made me some mashed potatoes. Had some of that and took my pain meds. I laid in bed and tried to rest. I was draining quite a but from my right side. I was all bruised up, my arms were black & blue.

- Day 2 of my Smart Lipo procedure. So far ok, very sore. I felt like I had a very strenuous workout. I didn't have any more drainage. I mostly drained on the first day. I took my antibiotic & my pain medication & took it easy, watching tv and resting.

I tried to move around more so I wouldn't be in bed all day. I did get up to have breakfast with the family. I just had one slice of toast with light butter & strawberry jelly and some fat free milk. Still really swollen, both arms and belly. Couldnt really tell the difference since it had only been two days and I was still very sore & swollen.

I actually went back to work on day 6 and it was pretty bad. Working a full 8 hours was killing me. I ended up more swollen by the end of the day. The belt was so tight too that it just hurt to sit down and I have a desk job where I'm sitting for most of the day. So, I definitely recommend taking a week off from work if u can. Everyone heals different but the first real was really hard for me.

Week 2 was so much better for me. The swelling was finally starting to go down some and my bruising was starting to fade. I didn't know about the arnica pills but I duds take them after and I definitely think they helped minimize the bruising.

I'm now on week 3 and I'm definitely seeing some results. My tummy is way flatter than it was. I had a horrible pooch before, it looked like I was pregnant. My sides are looking great and I'm also noticing a difference in my arms. My arms have been a much more subtle change but I'm definitely starting to notice it now. Since a week after my surgery I have been doing lymphatic massages. I highly recommend them. They help you heal as well as smooth any bumps/lumps you may get. I don't have much lumps thankfully. Posting some before and after pics.

4 weeks after procedure - I am feeling pretty good...

4 weeks after procedure - I am feeling pretty good. All bruising is completely gone. Some of my stitches are actually starting to fall off/dissolve. I am still wearing my compression garment all the time, all day at work and all night. I only take it off to take a bath and an occasional break now and then. It really does help mold you so I highly recommend wearing a compression garment for as long as you can. I actually did some ab work last night. I didn't go all crazy. I just did a few reps and hopefully today I will hop on my treadmill. So far, I am happy with my results. I am just getting used to abs. They look so different. Posting pics I took this morning.
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Dr. Blinski was great. He answered all my questions and really made me feel comfortable. He is extremely knowledgeable and has been a plastic surgeon for many years. I definitely recommend him. He is very straightforward and will be very honest with you.

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