40 Yr Old. Let's Try This Again - Miami, FL

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My dad died 4 days before I went to do it the...

My dad died 4 days before I went to do it the first time. In my state of stress I could not do it so I postponed until August. Hopefully this will be a better time for me. I will be doing 12 areas of lipo and then filling in some areas on my buttocks that have a hole on the side. Widening my hips a bit. I already have a big butt so I don't need a lot of fat transferred there. Just a slight lift to keep it firm.

It's almost time

Hopefully no one dies or gets sick or anytging drastic happens. I hope the universe lets me have this surgery and helps me look my very best. So tired of not wearing things because my stomach is in the way. Sure, I could starve myself and lose the weight but then I look like a stick. I want to look amazing. I'm so scared but so excited. Praying it all works out.

It's getting real

I have been drinking vitamins and water and eating right. No smoking, no drinking, doing exercise. I did have a terrible headache today bc of all the stress with my jobs but I am trying my best to stay healthy and happy so my body goes through a smooth transition. I am scared but I am ready. I have waited 20 years and an extra 6 months! It's now or never. i hope they call me tomorrow so I can know what time the surgery is Monday. ???????? it's in the morning but not too early.

Wow the day is here

I can't believe it. Good or bad something is about to happen and I made the choice to be here. Tomorrow is my surgery and I hope all goes well. I hope I read this and I am a lucky person and I am happy with my body. I'm not going to expect much just hope for the best. I am definitely scared. I am definitely anxious. Now all that is left is to wait.

Before and after.

Im posting a before and after

Wow what a difference. 2 things. This hurts like a bitch and this tight garment sucks balls. Besides that happy and in love with my shape. I'm all about that booty and hips!!! So happy! Careaga rocked it!

This pain is no joke

Wow. The amount of pain I am in is really a lot. I'm glad I can hold in pain but this is heavy duty. I got my first massage today and i was mostly numb so it didn't hurt an enormous amount but it hurts. I survived though. My face is swollen so are my hands. I have my mom and daughter taking care of me. I don't know how I would get by without them. I'd say the pain bc of the compression garment is a 9. Just be ready to feel major pain for a few days. If you can't normally take pain I don't recommend doing this at all. It's heavy duty pain. I'm all bruised all over. It's really crazy. Good news is i got to see myself today and I love what the doctor did. He did it just like the photo I showed him. I guess I had the body for it. I got 1000 on each cheek. 800 on the cheeks and 200 on each side. It looks absolutely amazing. Just can't wait to never have to wear this garment again. Counting down the days.

I want to take off my garment but I'm scared.

I'm scared that I won't be able to put it back on from the swelling. Anyone know if that's accurate?


Finally got some photos without the girdle.

Walking around helps

I have been walking/marching and putting my arms up and down to do a sort of exercise routine and I feel that is helping with my anxiety and my stiffness. Need to get that blood flow moving and pumping. I can't stand laying down for long periods of time. I was getting major anxiety. My face is less swollen today. I feel like my body has drained a lot. I've been peeing like every half hour. I still haven't been to the bathroom for #2 and it's driving me crazy.

Got a new faja

It was cutting into my skin and giving me these crazy bruises! I was freaking out. It hurt so much every day. I needed something that would give me better support but not kill my boobs. I got one with breast support and it has been so much better. Problem solved. They made me buy a new one though. They insisted I would eventually be able to use the old garment when I was more healed. We shall see.

Measurements today

Breast: 36"
Waist: 32"
Hips: 44"
Still very swollen though. I imagine this will change significantly over time.

Doing exercise

Day 4 doing light exercise. Also started wearing the ab board all day. Beauty is pain, right? All that keeps me sane is seeing how good I look in clothes. 1 month of pain for years of beauty.

Just keep moving!

So I have been drinking vitamins, water and dancing or walking or pacing and constantly moving. I also give myself light massages all over as I'm walking. I am starting to feel amazing. My body is starting to feel like mine again. I believe that walking and moving is the keys, ladies. My swelling is going down and my feeling starting to come back. I feel and look amazing. Slowly getting better. This is the only way. Don't stay sedentary. We are warriors! I thought today that this is like my personal version of getting a tattoo. I had never had one done. This was my creativity. I wanted to mold my body to how I imagined it. This is what it is about. My mental vision of my best self. Tell that to your naysayers. They don't know what you know about you. About how you see you.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far I like his ethic and personality. He seems to be the kind of guy that will tell you like it is. No BS. I think as long as you don't nag him he treats you good. I know others who know him and he seems to be a good doctor and a good person and will help you out.

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