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To begin with I felt the stabbing during the...

To begin with I felt the stabbing during the procedure. The doctor kept saying that he could not understand why if I was completely anesthezided (locally). It was a gruesome 4 hours or liposuction.

Afterwards I ketp vomiting in the recovery area. Went home with compression garment. Next day almost passed out in the bathroom before even taking garment off. Could not sit up without feeling extremely dizzy , weak and nauseaus. No amount of research prepared me for this.

Now I tell you I gave birth to both my children without epidural and this was a nightmare. I went for my first massage. Not horrible. Second massage was on the 4th day after surgery because they were booked. I almost passed out on the table from the pain. My feet and arms started to get cold and sweaty. I was crying of the burning pain in my skin and the lady kept saying that the garment put on me after surgery was too loose and I was retaining liquid which she had to push into my system through the massage. I left the office almost not being able to walk from the physical state I was in.

Hours later I get home and my ankles and hands look like ballons. It looked as if all that fluid was pushed into my limbs. I was soo scared thinking something worse was happening to me.

So it has been 6 days since surgery. I got another massage somewhere else and still when I get up in the morning my swelling goes down and progresses as the day goes by. When evening arrives my cankles reappear. My daily routing since surgery has consisted of drinking freshly made pinapple, cucumber and celery juice. Eating salmon , lentils and zuchinni. Drinking eggplant water and taking vit c, bromelain and ocassionaly an ibouprofen.

People usually dont talk about this process and I am not sure why, I can tell you that had I known this I would have done all I was not doing prior to surgery in order to loose the fat. I hope this helps.

I am doing better. Massages are still very painful...

I am doing better. Massages are still very painful but much better than the first 4. I have had to give those up because of their cost. I did however have to get my compression garment taken down 1 size because again it was not tight enough. I am not sure if the fluid retention in the liposuctioned areas is normal 2 weeks after procedure. I am also concerned about the effects on the total results of lipo. I still cannot tell if my results will be worth all the pain
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After doing research onine

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