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I was inspired by @BadAssGirlWithABigAssBooty. I...

I was inspired by @BadAssGirlWithABigAssBooty. I bought a new lightening product called Piona. Yesterday was day 1. First off it was drying. The initial odor was bearable but the after smell had me like WHOA!! Lol . I'm pleased with the reviews so I'm encouraged to use it. I've been using on my whole body except for my face ,but I'm just going to focus on my butt, lower back, under my butt, my arms and my neck which is typically darker. The purpose of the purchase was to lighten my butt to even it with the rest of my body. I read that you see results almost immediately. I'm aware that everybody has different skin types but I know when you've already been using products to lighten, your skin is more susceptible to the action of the product thus quicker results. I haven't used any unnatural products like hydroquinone on anything below my neck but I was never dark to begin with so I don't really have far to go. The fact that I have used Topiclear which contains hydroquinone my skin was more sensitive to the sun and I do tan more easier now than before because of it but that's life. I'm glad I don't use HQ anymore. Withe these natural products I don't have any patches or unnatural skin color. I found Otentika Fade Cream in 2009. It gives me a radiant look. I love that it's heavy. I use it straight from the shower. I don't wait for my skin to be all the way dried out because the skin absorbs lotions and such better when the skin isn't completely dry. I found that using the Diana Stalder Papaya Kojic Acid soap is drying due to the Kojic acid but adding water to the fade cream's thick consistency doesn't make it any less potent. And it glides on better. The fade cream gives me a look as if I was way lighter like an olive skin tone and had a really nice tan. I look radiant. I personally am not afraid to show my ace I'm a real persona and I'm also very open. It's natural to want perfection and realistic to know there's no such thing BUT you CAN come close ;-) When I began using HQ was to keep my complexion but I used for so long my body was like white chocolate and caramel compared to the rest of my body. I don't need to be anonymous because people are going to talk. That's what people do but guessssss WHAT? The only way they'd see any of these blogs is if they themselves were drying to make the same improvements. :-) praise God. lol

False ALARM!!

I'm loving my results so far. I'm almost done with the soap. I definitely need to re-up but as for the bad odor I was smelling, that has nothing to do with the lotion. I was like dang do I really smell that bad but I don't. My mom cooked fish yesterday so that smell filled the place but what really had my nose turned up was in fact a pill under my bed that my dog bit that had oozed out this rancid liquid onto a blanket I placed under the bed for her so. I smell just fine. False alarm. I was like man I know I don't smell bad. Anyhow, the pictures below are not arranged in order but It shows my progress

Chronological Order Of The Pictures Above

The fourth picture was back in 2009. The second picture was when I just started using the soap and the Otentika Fade Out cream. The third picture came third. The fifth picture did indeed come fifth and the last pic is what I currently look like

$11.98? Really?

Diana Stalder Papaya Kojic Acid Soap is too damn expensive for one bar that doesn't even last long like regular bar soap. I was told that if you take any bar of soap out of the package/wrapping and lay it in the towel rack for days it'll take out all the moisture and leave the soap super hard and dry so it'll last longer and wont be all soggy. Don't leave it in the shower or on the edge of the bath tub unless it's in a container that has a drainage whether metal or plastic. I personally don't do either. I just take a piece of paper towel and lay it on the towel and let it dry. I'm usually in a rush to use the soap because lately I haven't been able to buy in bulk so I don't have the time to let it dry for days but when I'm done with soap I set it on the paper towel on the towels. Also when I'm done using the soap in the shower I wash out the washcloth and wrench it dry and let my soap sit in it until I make it over to the towel shelves. It dries until the next shower, which is good enough for me in my opinion. I'm using a new soap which also contains Kojic Acid and it's called Kojie San. It was $8.94 for 2 verses Diana Stalder Papaya Kojic Acid Soap which was $11.98 for 1 that's a huge RIP-OFF and the other one is such a BLOWOUT. Yes hunnty I had to cancel that order immegiately lol and yes I meant to spell those words that way lol but yes ma'm I will definitely keep you luvies posted with my results when the purchase arrives


Okay so I'm still waiting on my Kojie San soap to come meanwhile my skin really looks good. I have noticed a difference in my arm, butt, and knee complexion. When I use this Piona lotion it makes my skin appear darker so why do I keep piling it on? Well, The directions on the bottle told me to maintain, use once daily but then for intense treatment use twice. I personally use it when many hours have elapsed and I feel like it's time to slap some more on. I've also noticed that when I take a shower and I use my Otentika Fade Out cream I do notice the brightness so maybe its just the residue of the cream when it dries and I appears to dry out the skin and make it shed I suppose.....I believe it works. Am I a fan of it as in would I buy it again absolutely not. It's good but just not my cup of tea


I received the Kojie San soap and it came in a wide white box. There's two bars but they're smaller than the size of the Diana Stalder Papaya Kojic Acid soap which is fine being that it's cheaper and it's two for a cheaper price than the Diana Stalder soap. I am pleased with the soap. The smell is like a perfume but still smells papaya-y lol It has amazing lather. I'm sort of an aggressive scrubber just to ensure every body part receives the same attention. I assume because it's a different brand the ingredient portions are different. I mean it just makes yeah I did feel the burn on my neck, underarms and my butt crack yesssss my butt crack. I think it's because when you sit the skin in that area stretches and its sensitive. I don't know how thin the skin is in that area but yes ma'm it burned like whoa Sally who did this. It didn't burn when I was washing myself, it was when I dried off and put the fade cream on and the cream is soothing so I guess it took a while to absorb but I continued to smooth this cream in that area because as you all know I was focusing on specific areas.

Diana Stalder Papaya soap

Diana Stalder Papaya soap does work better but that price is killing me especially when it doesn't last long

I'm back at it AGAIN

I'm going to try another skin product. It's the Otentika Maxitone Complexion Lotion. It's stronger, has more product in the container and it is cheaper..slightly say two three dollars and it's important to sign up for sale updates so that you receive the discount code monthly


So this Otentika Maxitone Complexion Lotion came on Friday and I'm so happy it's here. I've been using it for three days now. It's not as rich as the Otentika Fade Cream but I'm happy that it's in a bottle, cheaper, and has more product. I love the fact that I don't have to add water because the consistency is that of lotion, easy application. This product is for lightening. My skin is looking magnificent since I've been using these products. I'll post some pics sooner than later

C'mon Kojic soap!!

I just ordered two bars of the Diana Stalder Papaya Kojic Acid soap. So long Kojie San soap. I couldn't deal with the small bars. Yes it was cheaper and came in that convenient two bar pack and for some reason seemed to last longer although they were smaller but I'd rather have something more potent. I was looking at the Dermaline Papaya Kojic acid Soap but it 11.something before shipping and handling....can I get a side of HELL and NO. From my research Dermaline might be stronger but I don't think I want to try it because all strong lightening products have what you call an after effect. Results might take forever and a day or you might see results within days or weeks. Sometimes it can make your skin darker before it gets lighter, ooooor make your skin lighter and then darker because it may be too strong. Your skin has to have time to adjust. Anything that promises lighter skin in a few days is probably something too strong. I'm considering a lotion called Calista light lightening lotion


Not to mention the Kojie San soap was super drying for a soap that wasn't as potent. I would expect that from a stronger soap so I wont be buying it again and just so you know that Calista lotion is about $80

Oh Oh Oh

I'd only be using it on my knees, elbows and my butt

Glad for the order

I ordered two bars of the Diana Stalder Papaya soap and opened both to have one dry out while using the other. I used it with the Otentika Complexion lotion. I realized that if you don't use these products religiously you will regress :-( and you MUST use them together. I'm going to stick to using the Otentika Fade cream even though it's a little more expensive than the complexion lotion and holds a bit less product, than the easier to apply and dispensable lotion bottle.

Allow yourself

Allow yourself at least 7 weeks to see full results with these products but obviously if you use these products regularly you'll have better results

What a wonder

I never knew how dedicated you have to be to get the results you want. This Florida sun ain't no joke. I've been trying to keep up results and I haven't really been able to keep up with the expenses you know..and the days that past that you don't use these products are soooo counterproductive it's disappointing


Here I go again running out of product. Consistency will get you the results you want. My advice is whatever you do, don't stop using the product, maybe slow down on product quantity if results become extreme but don't stop using it for more than a few days because you WILL be disappointed well you're all burnt up again. I have to be real. I don't use sunscreen to be real, I just don't come outside until the sun is on its way down or if I know I'm headed to a place indoors that is well air conditioned


The winter is coming up. Make sure you buy tons of product so one you don't run out and two your skin stays beautiful. With the cold, your skin will dry out faster, or dry out period. Not only that but with the cooler weather your skin should be able to stay lighter so LADIES ...and whoever is reading this, take advantage of this cool/cold weather ,whether it's already here for you or going to arrive next month. I'm currently out of soap and cream... well I have a piece of the soap and the bottle is upside down. I've only been using it on my face.....hasn't really made a difference. There's something about the bar of soap being new but when you only have a little it's not working the same. I'm all about beauty, my appearance is very important to me and I have to be able to maintain. Having found this site at some point I'd love to have my teeth whitened and maybe even have my teeth filed for a more square look. :-D


Okay so maybe I'm going overboard but I'm not feeling this skin tone of mine right now. I had this majestic yellow undertone and now without these products to maintain, I'm beginning to look a bit orange like I had a tan. Noooo...I wish you could hear me say this :-( not only that but my skin feels warm as well. I don't know what the 'H' is going on but I cant wait to least something because I'm out of everything. To whom it may concern PLEASE DO NOT let your products run down. If you stop using your product let it be by choice, and not because you forgot or ran out of product. Thank God.. YES GOD..THAT'S RIGHT. Thank God that winter hasn't come for me over here because I would be worse disappointed because that cold weather is our catalyst. I know ya'll know what I'm talking about. Although the sun is always out, the cold weather helps to slow down the process. What process? Let me tell you about this process. Tyrosinase is a copper-containing enzyme present in plant and animal tissues that catalyzes the production of melanin and other pigments from tyrosine by oxidation, as in the blackening of a peeled or sliced potato exposed to air. So you see, The cold weather slows down the production but you become the controller of what happens. Why? because with this melanin reproduction slowing down causing darker skin you can beat the process to the punch if this makes sense and get as light as you can in a shorter period of time. Yaaay "US" lol :-)

Back On Track

I just ordered the O'tentika Fade Out Cream and two of the Diana Stalder Papaya Kojic Acid Soaps. It's a start but I promise if any family says what would I like for Christmas, they can either order these products for me or give me the money so I can catch up. Well I can take a deep breath now. I feel better now that I've made these purchases. For a while I wanted to buy some Malaysian curly hair from it's from the company your nice hair and I was disappointed yet pleased that the hair came to $316.35 but to be real I just want to keep my hair natural. Every so often I get tempted to "weave up" but this hair of mine feels so good and I just need to be dedicated as I am with this skincare journey. I'd rather put that money into skincare products than some here that has to come out and be installed again....there goes more money. I'm doing my best to be as natural as possible and just keep bettering myself little by little. Sometimes as people we decide to make drastic changes and don't even realize that a few minor changes would suffice instead of the major things so I'm just taking this thing day by day. I can't tell you how pleased I am to hear about the different journeys so I want to thank everyone who has been so kind to share their story or stories as well as comment. I appreciate the support from all of you

I just received my order of soap

I'm not feeling these little ash bars. It's even smaller than the kojie san but what can I expect at 1.99 a bar online, right? I'm awaiting the arrival of the skin cream. The weather has been rainy, humid and cool so I'm hoping when the rain stops I'll have my cream because the cool weather is going to dry my skin out besides the soap being drying. I AM going to use it on my face tonight although I feel it wont make much a difference. I noticed on someone else's review that people of darker skin tones had trouble lightening their hands. The thing for me is that when I was born my hands and my feet were always lighter than the rest of my body no matter how much sun exposure I had so I really wouldn't no what to advise per se. However, I know the Topiclear lemon skin lightening cream made my hands almost white in the past. I've been told by dermatologists of the past that if you're starting off at a deeper shade you probably want to use a product containing hydroquinone such as Topiclear for a while...say months and then transfer over to natural products such as my staple products I've mentioned, which would be the Diana Stalder Papaya Kojic Acid soap and the O'tentika fade out cream

I think

I think I'm going to order more soap


The regular size..not that small stuff I ordered

My Skincare Regimen (inspired by another RealSelf Member)

I decided to share my regimen because one of the RealSelf members asked and so I thought wow I don't think I ever went into detail about my regimen but here goes.I started off using Topiclear lemon skin lightening cream on my face and neck say for a year on and off but this cream is great for knuckles, elbows and knees. I was born with very light hands and feet so no matter what I did it would never really catch up to the color of my body but it does come close to the color of chest area. After I stopped using this I used the Diana Stalder Papaya Kojic Acid soap and the O'tentika Fade out cream for dry skin in the pink jar. The glutathione soap from Diana Stalder I heard is the strongest soap to lighten skin an inhibit the production of melanin but I haven't tried it as yet. When I shower I lather up scrubbing my skin with the wash cloth focusing on everything but my face. I let it sit for three minutes and I use the bottom part of the shower because I know if the shower was on it'd automatically rinse the soap off. I repeat this process three times really scrubbing my neck, my underarms, butt, arms, lower back, and legs. When I get out the shower I dry off but don't allow my body to get so dry my skin feels tight and I immediately put on the fade out cream all over my body...everywhere except for my face. I then bite my lips in lather up my cheeks, forehead, eyebrows, sideburn area and jawline and rub in and up and down and circular motion. I repeat the process, and dry my face with the towel rubbing my skin as to get off any dead skin that may be sitting there after this process. I get the fade cream bite my lips in and apply it all over my face as close as I can to my hairline. If my hair isn't done then I pretty much have a little cream in my hairline just so that there's no line of demarcation when the product results take effect. The fade out cream is all natural so I do apply it as close to the edge of my lips as I can. In the past I applied it too my lips making sure not to forget and lick my lips. I then apply chapstick heavily to my lips and that is my complete regimen. As for when I wake up I wash my face with my hand soap which is from the brand softsoap and while still damp I apply regular Lubriderm to my dry spots and whatever little lotion is on my palms I pat all over my face and go back over the areas that are dry applying a little more lotion which for me is my jaw and mouth area. I do plan on using the Glutathione Soap in the near future also sold from Amazon from the seller Fillipina Skincare


In the past I used to walk around with an umbrella in the hotter seasons so people don't play crazy. I drive and that sun visor is made to block the sun and can be manipulated. I can't lie I love when the sun is setting and that glow hits my skin so that other people in other cars can see how pretty my skin is and how brown my eyes are lol BUT it's bad lol. I'm aware of what direction I'm driving, where the sun will be focused in the car depending on how I turn. If I have to have my arm resting on the passenger seat, behind the passenger seat (---RIGHT ARM), on the arm rest on the door, under my thigh, behind my head (---LEFT ARM). I'm short so sometimes the visor isn't much or any help but I do move that thing when I'm driving and If I have to put down the passenger seat visor I do that too. Move it or lose it. I cant afford to lose the progress I've made on this skin care journey

Thinking Of You

I was thinking about many of the questions that I've been asked during this skin care journey so I'll be posting weekly, bi-weekly, or whenever I get a chance to answer in detail so your burning questions about skin care

Is Skin Lightening Safe?

Products that do NOT contain any hydroquinone, mercury or steroid are best. Your healthiest products are mostly plant-based from comprehensive research and development to safely work on all skin types. However, dermatologists would not offer lightening products containing hydroquinone if it were dangerous. HQ can be harmful but I feel just like everything in the world, it should be used in moderation.

How Do They Work?

Basically, a skin whitener is specially formulated to counteract the activity of tyrosinase, the enzyme that produces melanin. Melanin is the pigment responsible for the skin’s darker color. With proper use, skin whitening products can slow down melanin production and prevent darkening of the skin.

How Long Should I Wait To See Results?

Results vary per individual. How your skin reacts to any skin lightener will depend on your unique skin sensitivity, the extent of the pigmentation, and daily sun exposure. Initially, an improvement should be seen in the first or second week, then the ultimate result with the next 30 days or a few weeks thereafter. Results will vary depending on your skin type, skin condition, depth of pigmentation, and the amount of sun exposure you receive on a daily basis.

What Are The Side Effects?

The normal side effects of skin whitening or lightening are mild peeling, dryness, redness, itching, stinging and sometimes skin getting ashy or ‘darker’ while adjusting to the product especially during the first week. You may or may not experience any or some of these. Exfoliation is advised as part of the process to reveal the lighter skin tone eventually. In addition, an increase in sun sensitivity should be expected.Therefore wearing sunscreen (at least SPF30) is a MUST whenever you’re outdoors between 9am-5pm during and after your skin lightening regimen. So you see this is why I avoid the sun as much as possible because I'm honestly not a fan of sunscreen. My experience with sunscreen was a greasy one.

What If My Skin Is Sensitive to The Side Effects?

Do a skin test prior to use – apply on inner elbow skin and leave overnight (do this for 2 days). If no irritation or rashes occur, you’re good. Skin whitening can work for sensitive skin types. The trick is, to use within your comfort level. Always start using the skin whitener 2-3x a week, then adjust to daily once your skin adjusts to it comfortably. Reduce usage as necessary. However, if your skin is EXTREMELY sensitive or suffering from any skin disorder, this is NOT for you (unless supervised by a medical professional).

How Many Shades Lighter Can I Get?

Every individual’s skin is different. Generally, 1-3 shades lighter is doable. Some can get even lighter than that. We believe the lightest skin one can get is closest to the lightest shade you have in your innermost skin, or the lightest shade you had when you were younger.

Does Skin Whitening Cause Skin Cancer?"

All of "my products" I've mentioned are natural and don't contain any carcinogens.Your only concern is sun sensitivity and wearing sunscreen should take care of that. Avoid heavy sun exposure because sunscreen can only control sun damage, not totally prevent it. in most dermatologists tell you to use natural products but again if you have a deeper shade of skin the HQ should be used for at least 3 months and then you can transition over to a natural skin lightener.

"Is Skin Whitening Permanent? Do I Have To Use Them Forever?"

Permanent skin whitening and bleaching can be achieved through maintenance. Let me rephrase that with “long term effects”, rather than “permanent”. After you have achieved the desired results, continued product usage will only be minimal, thus saving on costs. You may not realize it but any skin or hair care routine needs maintenance too. Why? Because results are likewise NOT permanent. This can include anti-acne or anti-aging care, hair dyeing, hair conditioning, body moisturizing, sunscreen protection, even a manicure. If you stop using your anti-aging cream, wouldn’t your crow’s feet get worse? If you stop moisturizing, would your skin stay supple until the next few days? I don’t think so. Skin lightening (or skin tanning) is no exception. Every product has its purpose, and is meant to eliminate, reduce or…make sure the skin problem doesn't come back. After all, you want to stay clear of unwanted hyperpigmentations, right? Maintenance is the least expensive in skin whitening and bleaching because the frequency of use is considerably reduced once you reach the desired effect. Unlike other skin or hair care routines mentioned above, you’ll need to spend the same cost to bring back the original effect. It is important to note that sunscreen plays a major part in skin lightening maintenance. Without sunscreen, skin whitening is futile.Skin whitening is a gradual process. Results will vary per individual’s unique skin sensitivity. I’ve seen results in 3 days, others in 2-3 weeks. Some needed more time.Generally speaking, the darker your skin pigmentation, the longer you have to stay on the whitening regimen and wait until visible lightening takes place. I’ve also seen no skin lightening results at all (except that their skin became softer) from one or two users. And another couple had allergic reactions because of very sensitive skin (please do skin test if you fall into this category, or not use the products at all). But did you know that there is one permanent skin whitening and bleaching cream? The brand name is Benoquin which contains monobenzone which should ONLY be used for bad cases of vitiligo (disfiguring condition characterized by patch loss of pigmentation). It is a permanent depigmenting agent used to create a uniformly totally white appearance on vitiligo skin where residual areas still have some pigmentation.Now that’s creepy... Do not use this medication for other skin hyperpigmentation problems

I'm Currently Using

I'm currently using the Diana Stalder Papaya Kojic Acid soap and the O'tentika fade out cream. I add a little coconut oil to my fade cream to stretch it and seal the moisture in my skin and coconut oil is great for internal and external uses, whether ingested or...whateva

Why Do I Have Skin Discoloration?

Dark spots are caused by skin trauma – insect bites, friction, injury, etc. It affects most people, regardless of race. When healed, local pools of darker pigments remain. The discoloration is determined by your baseline skin tone. The darker it is, the darker is your pigmentation. Another cause for discoloration is hormonal – melasma, acne, age spots, freckles. Overactive pigments produce melanocytes. What aggravates these dark spots? Yep, you guessed it right... the sun.

"So You Say"

You thought SPF 100 is best? Remember, anything above SPF30 does not offer more significant protection, and the difference to SPF 50 or SPF 100 is very minimal. SPF 30 is the most cost effective. If you need to expose to the sun longer than one and a half hours (hmmm, not suggested if you’re in a skin lightening regimen!), re-apply for best results

Can I Still Use My Makeup And Other Favorite Skin Products While Lightening Skin?

Yes. Apply your makeup 5-10 minutes (waiting time for absorption) after the skin whitener. You can also use your favorite cleansers and moisturizers provided they do not contain any exfoliating ingredients or acids

Cover Up

I wear pants all year round and when I was younger say highschool I wore long sleeve tops to cover up. Being that we're approaching cool/cold weather you wont feel awkward wearing this. Lighten up as much as you can so when the warmer season comes in you're sitting pretty but still practice good habits. Don't get too crazy and please remember that even when it's cloudy, 70% or 80% of the sunrays can still shine through and affect our skin. Use your sun visors even if you're short like me, use both if you have to. Don't just sit there and get burnt. Do what you gotta do.


I'm trying Topiclear again. I bought three tubes today of the Topiclear lemon cream but as I was on youtube looking at the Jamaican skin bleaching epidemic, what do you know I found a new lightening agent that works in three weeks and gives great results BUT there is a down side. If you use it too much you might be disappointed because it's too strong for continuous use if you ONLY want to be a bit lighter. It's called Neoprosone and it's a gel. However, beware there are several versions from this brand. Look for the ingredients Betamethasone and Neomycin. These ingredients ARE steroids and can be harmful with extreme usage...HOWEVER, these are the ingredients that are going to give you quick results. I'm going to use all the Topiclear and then purchase the Neoprosone. I'm only using these from the neck down. I still use the O'tentika fade out cream mixed with a little organic coconut oil for a smoother consistency or my face and body but since I have the Topiclear I'll only use it for my face. In the past I never exfoliated and I got really white with a pink undertone but this was on my face. The Topiclear has exfoliating agents, but at the time I wasn't aware of this but that goes to show you with consistent use most things can work

Darn It

I keep forgetting pictures


Last time, here's another one

Happy New Year....Oh And You Would Believe What Happened...LOL You Would

The Topiclear is good I admit but be careful because for some reason , would you believe I feel like it's made me darker and the fact that two of my bathroom light bulbs blew doesn't make it better. I do two standard, one power saving daylight bulb, and one 100 watt. I'm missing the 100 watt and the power saver bulb is the smaller version.... I know. I'm going to try the Neoprosone next and hopefully that goes well. I love the results I've seen for others but I still have to be mindful of the fact that nobody has the same skin and I'll NEVER get the same results. I might be brighter and lighter or I might be a little darker. Nevertheless, I'm still going to give it a try and probably just mix the Topiclear into what's left of the O'tentika..but then again NO, because then what will I moisturize my face with. I did stretch the O'tentika a bit with coconut oil and today I added some of the Original Lubriderm lotion. I don't want Topiclear on my face because my upper body is already lighter and I don't want that mask look you know. Florida hasn't got the weather memo or maybe because it's not winter yet. Either way Florida is Tropic so I don't know what's gonna happen. Anyhow, don't forget to wear your protective gear.

Great Afternoon

For those of you who ever considered purchasing the Calista lotion the girl in the picture has contacted me and has informed me that she has NEVER used that product and that is not what lightened her skin. I just want to let you know that it doesn't mean the product is not effective. As I reiterate across this review everyone's skin is different and therefore how products affect your skin and the results you receive are based upon your very own skin composition. DO NOT be discouraged. You won't know what works for you until you experiment, which is why I'm here on the same journey trying these products just to let you know what results I received to be as encouragement to you all to let you know what worked for me just as I would say "hey what did you use or what are you using"? If anyone of you find yourself in a picture I have posted and you know that those products listed on that site DID NOT help you, kindly let me know so I can clear the air because these people are this site serious about their journey and are just trying to find a solid regimen that will work for them to attain lightened, flawless skin, AMEN? Amen :-D Have a wonderful day and remember DO NOT be discourage. XOXO

On Another Note : New Product ALERT

I found this product called G & G Tient Uniforme lightening cream and it's sold on I've heard awesome reviews about it and I'm thrilled to try it I just can't keep quiet about it :-) I'm planning on adding three tubes of Neoprosone to it as a booster. This regimen was given to me but the person added lactic acid. I'm not that dark I'm actually on redbone status so I don't need lactic acid. For those of you who do not know what a redbone is, a redbone is a light skinned black woman, so you can still see the brown in her complexion but she looks bright and a yellowbone would be Rhianna. Anything done excessively can be a bad thing. That being said I'm only using this to get to the skintone I want to be and when I get there I will only be using my stample products which are the Diana Stalder Papaya Kojic Acid soap and the O'tentika fade cream. I haven't tried the glutathione soap as yet from Diana Stalder but I will. There are some that are sold at a low price on Amazon for 2 dollars and something cents so I definitely going to hop on that before they raise the price

To Be Continued

Yes Darlin'

I've placed my order on Amazon for the G & G teint uniforme cream for $15.48. I'm going to purchase the Neoprosone gel from my local beauty supply store for 3.99 in a 1oz tube. I don't know the online price for this item. They have a cream from the same brand but it does not contain the same ingredients and I don't know how effective it is so I wont be using it.

Amazing Results

I put four tubes of the Neoprosone gel in with the G & G teint uniforme cream and I am getting #AMAZING #RESULTS. With the ingredients from the uniforme cream with the combination of the gel, I experienced peeling which is great because it's revealing soft, radiant, even skin. I think this cream is going to replace the O'tentika fade cream I used in the past so I would probably just be using the soap or baking soda which is what I've been using. I use a regular body wash with baking soda and put on the cream/gel combination. I'm getting fast and wonderful results. I know the gel has steroids and from what I'm beginning to hear the cream may contain hydroquinone but I'm not worried because I'll be right where I need to be in terms of results very soon so I wont need the gel. I would only be using the cream without the gel and then add back in a collection of papaya kojic acid soap and glutathione soap. I'll post pictures after I reach my goal


I have pictures in my old phone of the ultimate results I got from using the last products I spoke about but I wasn't able to upload it with my old phone. However, I have completely stopped using all products for months now and I am darker now but I'm okay with that. The products I was using was only to get an even skin tone and remove that first layer of skin. As I mentioned in previous posts, if you stop using these products you will get darker. This is not an issue for me. I'm going to return to my staple products, the O'tentika fade out cream which fades dark spots, give you a smooth, even complexion and only brightens your skin rather than lighten and it has all natural ingredients. Along with this I'm going back to using the Diana Stalder Papaya Konica acid soap which is my other staple product. I has great results on terms of exfoliating my skin which made the skin cream so much more effective so I'm excited about going back. Now that I have a new phone I'll post pictures as soon as I return to my regimen

The Best Cream Ever

I want to thank ambi pretty bizness for all the hand mixed creams. It works wonders, fast EVEN results and I can't elaborate enough. I've been away due to work and school but I am very much on my skin regimen. I use the Diana Stalder Glutathione soap along with either her Prettiness, or extra strength cream. I was using the extra strength but decided to take it up a notch to Prettiness and I also purchased the exfoliating mitt. My skin has never been so clear and beautiful. She's also on Instagram @ambiprettybizness

New products

The previous website I spoke about was ambiprettybizness and she has currently added new products so there's no need to worry about going somewhere else for exfoliating products. All of her products have shipping and handing included in the price but if you have a favorite product you have that you may feel is overpriced and happens to be cost friendly someone else feel free to use something else

For the Lady

For the lady who inboxed me, AmbiPrettyBizness sells products which are absolutely exceptional but her customer service sucks a--. I'm not one for profanity but wrong is weong. You said you emailed her and haven't gotten a reply. How do you think I feel when I ordered my product since Thursday it takes two days to process and two days to receive. I haven't gotten a tracking number, she didn't send out emails to inform those who already ordered to at least say she was running low on containers or what have you and then she claimed she would send the product and I have yet to receive any further information. She continues to promote her product but complains about family issues and saying that as her business has grown she's run out of product then why the 'H' would you be promoting more for more clientele when you can't even handle what you currently have. If you've run out of product and purchased from her she's not a good route. If you have maybe a week or two to wait go for it. When she first began the business there was a humbleness and desire to attend to her customers but since revenue has gone up the quality of service is crap.

I've got it

I finally received my order from http://www.ambiprettybiznez it's been working fast like I never stopped using it. These products are not cheap but I'm working now as back in my journey I had a gig from time to time. Customer service is horrible but what can I say, the product works


In case anyone was wondering she uses all natural products for results in two weeks

I'm BACK!!!

I didn't notice I received comments. I thought my reviews went on deaf ears. Anyhow I'm back as the title states. I believe my last review was on ambiprettybiznez. Since then the name and website was shortened to Her products are the only products I use, and they are all natural with products you could buy on your own individually to achieve the same results but who wants to waste time. I personally believe in investing. Just because you like getting your hair done doesn't mean you become a licensed cosmetologist and do hair. It's okay to support others. Anyhow her products does exactly what it says it will do, it lightens in 2 weeks or less. I have used all her products and in all the sizes. All the soaps, all of the scrubs, except for the brush which is good for scrubbing your back. My arm is pretty flexible so I can reach all over my back without a long brush.

Wax Mishap

I was on a 21 day fast with my church drinking water only. I became dehydrated and so was my skin. I literally ate nothing at all and it affected my skin. To shave my legs and underarms I would get cut so easily because my skin became very delicate and my body hair kind of stopped growing. I waxed my face and because my skin was so dry I ripped off along my jaw, sideburns and my cheek. Not to mention before this I exfoliated so my skin was most likely irritated. I ran out of the pretty biznez cream so now I'm using the Omic brightening gel that I bought from my local beauty supply store, ELEGANT BEAUTY SUPPLY. I was told my one of the workers that it's strong so that's all I needed to hear. I don't believe I have sensitive skin but I believe if I'm not careful I can have sensitive skin. When your skin heats up in forces your skin to produce more melanin to protect itself so that's why people with dark spots tend to get darker spots with sun exposure. In exfoliating the skin will also get darker and the old skin cells are being replaced and brought to the surface to then be broken apart and slough off. Be careful not to over exfoliate. Now I'm doing a spot treatment with the gel I mentioned and I just received my Mario Badescu glycolic cleanser. I plan on purchasing the Vanity Planet brush set. Most YouTubers receive a discount for customers due to their promotion so it's pretty easy to find for $30 and 34 and changebi believe after shipping. It may be more based on the area. Anyhow those are the products I'm using and I'll post some pictures on how it looks now. My friend and I had this conversation about Bernice Burgos who has this beautiful brown skin and so I'm actually loving the skin tone I'm at as it's even and that's what I always wanted so I'm not pressed on using pretty biznez religiously anymore. I definitely will however be using her cream for spot treatment. I've been watching this African YouTuber talk about how extreme the Tonique 10x whitening gel is and I may use that for under my butt for the darkness but honestly again I love this tan look I've got going on. For overall maintenance I'm going to start using the Floclaire Otentika fade cream for dry skin. I used to use it years ago and it has never failed me but I went through a period of experimenting, as well as a lot less sun exposure that got me back to my skin tone from birth.

Continued from THE WAX MISHAP

I'm just working on even skin at this point. I've already cleared my problem areas
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