32 Years Old, Fed Up with Stomach Flab - Miami, FL

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I got Sculpsure a few weeks ago, and I am still...

I got Sculpsure a few weeks ago, and I am still waiting to see significant results. I think there is a slight change, but I'm not 100% sure.I will keep you posted!! I got Sculpsure done on my love handles because I can just never tackle that area when I'm working out, it's like impossible for me. The process is really not that uncomfrotable, especially if you compare it to an alternative like Liposuction. The burning sensation is kind of stinging, but then the system cooled the pads, but never really taking away the sting. I think because of the way I was laying the pads felt like they were in an awkward position and not necessarily in the spot I wanted to treat (or so I thought). But they said it was fine when I asked. I tried to do some research about side effects before, but I couldn't find much because the treatment is so new. I was convinced to do Sculpsure because a friend recommended it and I thought she looked pretty good. Afterwards, I was definitely sore in the treated areas, like I had run into a sharp table edge, but it was really only painful to the touch and when I turned my body a lot. I did take some pain meds and that help a bit. I've been massaging the area in the shower to try and help the process. It hasn't been long enough to fully judge, but I will update in another week or two. I had to save up for the procedure so I am really hoping to see results.

Really nice, clean and modern office. Staff was very friendly and made me feel comfortable.

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