I Am Scheduled with Doctor Mel Ortega for My Breast Lift - Miami, FL

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Dr. Ortega's staff were so nice and made me feel...

Dr. Ortega's staff were so nice and made me feel comfortable with having the breast lift. What I like the most was that they did not push implants on me, since I like the size of my breast. My scheduled date for May 7th. I will be flying to Miami with my husband. At this point I am excited and nervous about the entire situation....never thought I would be looking in to plastic surgery.

I had my initial consultation with Dr. Ortega on FaceTime

Dr. Ortega was down to earth and very honest about his medical opinion. He felt that I don't need a breast augmentation with the lift because I have enough volume. I agreed to just have the lift. However, I am mot as excited as I was before with getting an implant. My concern is that I will spend all this money and not have the result one would have when they have a breast augmentation. I am tossing and turning and think I am going to go back with having an implant. I just love the look it gives to one's breast...:) I will have to call Vivian and let her know that I am going to chance it and end up with bigger breasts to be able to have the roundness on the upper breasts....decisions, decisions...:)

My Breast Lift with Augmentation Review at Spectrum Aesthetics

I just wanted to take some time and write about my surgery experience with Dr. Ortega. Let me first start by thanking Vivian, who was very supportive from the beginning of my journey. She was always available to answer my questions by phone or email. When I met her in person, she was just as genuine. Dr. Ortega took the time to explain the procedure to my husband and I. He was nice enough to get my husband involved in the surgery process. Dr. Ortega had a sense of humor, which I loved because it calmed my nerves down before having the procedure. After the surgery was completed, I was already happy with the way my breast looked. I know that this is not the end result. However, he did an amazing job. It was just like he said during the consultation and stated " this is art for me." This was his master piece and I was happy with it. My husband said that this was a great experience for him to. I was glad it was because this was my birthday gift from him...:) He cannot stop looking at them! I really want to thank Spectrum Aesthetics for the wonderful job they did. I also want to say thank you to Lilllyflower because it was through her that I got to read her reviews and all the pictures she posted, which was how I got to know about Dr. Ortega. I will continue to write about my progress and post pics as they begin to heal.
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