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Hello Everyone! I'm looking for moral support here...

Hello Everyone! I'm looking for moral support here. I had a closed rhinoplasty to fix a hump on the top of my nose and a slightly bulbous tip. I explained I didn't want a full nasaly looking nose and I also wasn't looking for a teeny tiny nose, overall something that fits me and my features. I struggled with the decision to get this surgery for so long because it's my face!!! Anyways I took the plunge.

I'm currently day 23 and feeling very confused emotionally, daily I'm feeling anxiety, sadness and I'm struggling to feel optimistic but my negativity is getting the best of me.

All I hear is PATIENCE I understand this is a long process but I don't look like myself. My friends and family all say it's not noticeable but to me I'm very unsure on how I feel about my results thus far. I feel like going forward the changes that will occur can't be that drastic and to me I'm not happy with the view at the moment.

Currently this is my feeling on my rhinoplasty. I think the profile is excellent. The hump has been removed and the look is a lot better than before. Looking straight on is where I have a problem. All I see is nostrils and it looks wide and short to me. I hear and read a lot about the tip dropping and posted a few questions on it but I feel like for me to be happy with my nose it will have to significantly drop so I don't have a (ms.piggy / Michael Jackson) nose. Has anyone experienced this look during the stage I'm at? I still feel stiffness in my upper lip and the tip is very round and hard. I had a post opp with my doctor (in which I was crying) and he assured me "you won't have an upturned nose your going to love it". I keep trying to repeat that in my head.

Trying to stay positive and get feed back from others in my situation. I know the only thing at this point is to be patient, remain hopeful and try not to drive myself nuts. The surgerys already done now just trust my surgeon and remain positive and patient.
Please leave feedback and advice!

Doctors Reassurance

Just an update...
Messaged my doctor again today with concern and he agreed it looks a little "upturned" he assured me that swelling in the tip is normal and will raise the nose to create this appearance. He assured me he's confident it should drop to a more pleasing location. Feeling optimistic and "trying" to be patient ????

Please comment with similar experiences, questions or comments! I love to hear feedback and hear others takes

I put a semi side view below

Day 28

Hello Everyone,

Update day 28 one month down,
*Rhinoplasty with septum work, and slight tip rotation

Sttill unsure, there's days I feel happy and hopeful that it will turnout how I wanted and other days I feel down and hate it. I feel down because everyone says they wake up each day and see a difference and I personally don't see any change. I can tell my tip is obviously still swollen ( and I hope because it's soo round) I was hoping for it to thing out and look for refined. Yet I'm feeling like it looks rather clownish.

Keep telling myself to be patient and optimistic THIS IS A PROCESS

Thoughts: I am in love with the side profile except I do think the tip looks to upturned
I feel like all I see is nostrils, before my nostrils were visible until I turned my hear back! Still hoping the tip will derotate and drop more since it was rotated up.

I would LOVE to hear feedback and comments, also does anyone have experience with Tip rotation?? Dropping time frame will it be less nasaly

Day 29, Full photo

First day I've liked the way I look in a photo. Tip still looks bulky and round to me but this will settle in time I hope. Still feeling as though it looks to short and wide. My biggest critique is myself I know and that's why I think it looks sooo nasaly cause as you can see from pre op you never could see my nostrils prior. However staying focused on what I love which is the profile... No going back so just trying to focus on the daily changes and stay positive

7 weeks

Hello everyone,

I'm here to update you on the tip drop and overall nose. I no longer feel as if I look piggish, I'm not sure if it's cause I've gotten used to it or if it has dropped (I'm sure it has dropped several millimeters) the only thing I don't like is the width is still rather bulky (in my opinion ) asides from that I am rather happy. :) thanks for the support .post questions. message me!!!

4 Month Mark

Hello Everyone, thank you for following me on this journey. I wanted to update my review since a lot has happened. Its not an exaggeration when people say a lot happens in the first few months, you really have to be patient because changes happen over time both good and bad. Each day I notice things I love and things I dislike but then slowly things change so im learning to be patient and wait for the end result. If at the end I want to fix something I will but freaking out during the healing process is only going to hurt myself and give you crazy anxiety.

With that being said let me continue.

In the last few reviews I have commentated on the fact that my nose felt to "upturned and pig like". Thankfully I can report that did not last like the experts suggested. It was a very hard month or so but eventually the sweeling reduced and my nose droped to a more suitable level. I know many of you will ask questions like I did (How long did it take, whats the time frame, did you notice? etc. ). Unfortunetly I have no answers for those because like one of my favorite quotes "day by day nothing seems to change and one day you wake up and everything is different". Truly I hated it and then each day I hated it a little less and months later when I compared photos I realized the changes that occurred. So if your in that stage my best advice is BE POSITIVE and RELAX!!! Its swollen you just had surgery RELAX.

After that stage was over I entered a new one, I have formed scar tissue on one side of my nose (where my stiches were) so one of my nostrils are more extended than the other. I meet with my doctor immedietly when I notced this and he assured me to not to freak out. He explained after enough time has passed he can go in and shave down the scar tissue. In doing that he will also raise the other side for a more symmetrical look. I love both profiles still since they look tiny and slimmed. Now the view I don't like is looking straight on. I notice asymmetrical nostrils, one looks much more narrow and to me it makes the bridge look to wide.

Although I am annoyed it isn't perfect right off the bat I look back at old photos and reflect on the progress I have made. It does look beautiful despite some set backs. Please look at the photos and comment on the progress. If you have had similar experiences let me know.
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