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I went to see Dr. Murray for a rhinoplasty...

I went to see Dr. Murray for a rhinoplasty consultation.The doctor is extremely honest about what he thinks of my situation and he basically advised me to go to another doctor who specializes in Asian noses. He felt that a doctor who specializes in Asian nose job would be a better fit. I respect his honesty and I can tell that he really cares about his reputation more than money. A lot of plastic surgeons nowadays tell you that they can do certain things but then it doesn't go as planned. However, this doctor isn't like that. He's a perfectionist and he wants nothing but the best for his patients. If you're considering getting a nose job, I think that Dr. Murray is the best doctor out there. However, I just want to point out that as much as I love this doctor, his staff (in MIAMI) is absolutely TERRIBLE and INCOMPETENT. I don't think that these people know how to run an office. When I initially scheduled a consultation over the phone, they advised me that it's free, however, when I got to the office, they said that it was $75. I didn't have any problem paying for this but I thought that it's misleading to say that it's free consultation and then charge the patient later on. The doctor then told me that he doesn't charge for cosmetic consult and that I will be refunded for the full amount. This happened on 07/01 and they still haven't refunded me in full until now, 07/18. I called today to inquire about my refund, was placed on hold for a long time and eventually got hang up on. I called several times and finally able to speak with someone who told me that I'm responsible of paying the $75. I told her that the doctor himself told me that he doesn't charge for cosmetic consult. She then said that I have a credit and if I decide to go back to their office, then I would get a credit for it. I explained to her that I'm not from Miami and will not be back to their office since I'm not a regular patient. She then said that she will send my credit card information to their corporate office for me to be refunded and it would take 7 business days for the refund to be processed. These people don't know what the heck they're doing and unfortunately, this will eventually cause a problem for the doctor. Dr. Murray, if you are reading this review, please consider to moving to a different office who have competent staff or fire the ones working for you at your Miami office. You are a great doctor and you don't want to lose patients because of how terrible your staff is.
Miami Facial Plastic Surgeon

This doctor is extremely honest and if you chooses him to do your nose job, I'm sure you'll get 101% satisfaction. I'm kinda sad that he couldn't do my nose but I appreciate the fact that he's so honest and tells you upfront what he thinks about your situation. Dr. Murray, I know you'll be one of the top surgeons one day but please FIRE YOUR STAFF! They're terrible!!!!!

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