Be Carefull with Restalyne -Miami, FL

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The Drs. say restalyne is safe, but i am leaving a...

The Drs. say restalyne is safe, but i am leaving a nightmare, two months ago, i when for consultasion of renoplasty revision, the dr. told me it is to dangerous becuase i have few and he told that restalyne is the best way, i asked him is it is safe and he say 100 porcent, after 2 day i had to much pain and i call them many times, the nurse said it is normal, 4 days later i told them it is too purple and look like i have a pus, they still told that it is normal, the doctor never call me until i went to his office, yes he told me sorry was a infecction, i went o second opinion and they told me that was necrosis in my skin, now i have very uglu scar and my nose lool like i have a cut, it is so red, my second dr. told that tey put restylane to close to the skin and too much, and he never recomend put it in the nose. I dont know how it will look in few months i have 2 months in my house because i don't want no body see me, i lost my job because i am make up artist and i feel so embarrasing see my client, an los myboyfriend because i look agly now, i can't see my self in the mirrow, please doctor can say it is safe but no, they always say it never happened with me before and i am sorry. Please i know that we can look good but sometimes it can be the worse desicion you can take, don't believe when they say it is safe,if somebody would like to know more about it can write me any time , 400 hundreds dollar can may your life a nightmare

I had restalyne injection 2 months ago in miami,...

I had restalyne injection 2 months ago in miami, with a good doctor, but right now i living a nightmare, he injected to my nose because he told do a rinoplasty again it will be dangarous, but restalyne was worse,i get infection and now i have horrible scars in my nose and totally red, it look like somebody cut in my nose, i can't work, and can't go out because i feel so depress, please don't put it , it is very dangerous, if somebody wold you like to know more write, my emal is ****@********.com

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