New Me.. 36 Year Old 2 Kids,Much Needed A BBL & Mommy Makeover - Miami, FL

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Finally I'm Excited! Counting down 10 more days...

Finally I'm Excited! Counting down 10 more days left for my bbl surgery with Dr. Llorente At New Life Cosmetic. I'm a little nervous, but I'm going for it. Im going to meet the doctor for the first time sometime this week. Im expecting a round butt and flat stomach and a small waist and no love handles. My surgery coordinator Mar Rubio has being really good to me and very nice and answer all of my questions. I already gave them my deposit.

BBL Procedure done by Dr. Llorente

Finally tomorrow is my surgery!! I gotta be there 7:30am and by 8:00 he will operate me. I'm happy that I am his first patient . So far so good. I'm staying positive but a little nervous. I know everything will be fine.So Ladies I'll be posting pics in a couples days after my surgery.

1wk postop

Hi ladies! I'm back and I'm still alive! Lol I think I'm a little behind to be posting my 1week post op pics, but I have been trying to relax and rest and trying to heal. I'm happy with my results so far so good. I'm still swollen and have minor bruises. That will go away hopefully soon. Dr. Llorente did an amazing job. My surgery went well and after I felt like truck just ran over me lol. Now I feel much better. Plus antibiotics had my stomach so nausea yuck! Plus the massages are painful!!Well ladies I'll post more pics soon! :)

Vitamins and arnica after surgery!!! They are amazing!!!

Hello ladies!! I bought this vitamins at GNC they are good after surgery for the swelling. Arnica chew pills and cream are good for bruises!!????

3 Weeks post op/ 4weeks post op

Hi ladies! Here you go more pics.. I'm finally feeling much better more energy ready to go back to work.. Lol No more bruising and no more pain. I'm getting my massages. So far so good. I see results and I love my booty shape, it's not perfect but I see the difference..I'm still swollen so I have to wait at least 6 months to see my Lipo final results. I'm happy and I love dr. Llorente work he is amazing. I'm going back for mommy makeover with him. I'll post more pics soon! I hope you like.. :)

3 weeks/ 4 weeks post op

Hi ladies! I'm super happy with my results!! I have lost 10lb after my surgery!

5 months post op

Hi lady's! I'm happy with my results so far so good..:)

5 months post op

Hi lady's, I'm happy with my results :) I hope you like..

5 months post op

Hi lady's, I love my results.. :)
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