much needed mommy makeover after having 5 babies - Miami, FL

I know Im gonna look flawless after this tummy...

I know Im gonna look flawless after this tummy tuck. Breast implants W/lift I am uber excited and I can't wait I have millions of wish pics I already have a tattoo picked out to cover my TT scar and everything I am gonna stay in Miami for 2 weeks I already have my hotel stay and plan tickets my husband will be with me at my back and call for whatever I need taking care of me the wait is due to my kids busy schedule out of my 5 kids I have 3 with Autism so im always busy so the best time for my surgery is planed around my kids crazy schedules with all of their therapy so I found so time in this coming June my husband mom will keep my kids Timing is everything in my house its has been a long time coming and I'm over joyed ???? and its all ???????????? payed for

Some of Dr Hunsakers work.

Some of Dr Hunsakers work

Before pics so horrible ugh

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