My Names Kuda and I'm 24 Years Old About to Turn 25, I Will Be Getting the Brazilian Butt Lift and Lipo - Miami, FL

I'm very excited. Iv been researching Sergio...

I'm very excited. Iv been researching Sergio Alvarez for while now and even spoke to couple women who got it done by him and all the results have been good so far!
I'm 5,2 185 pounds right now and very flat on the back end with round stomach. Really hope to have a bigger butt and smaller waist after getting surgery. One thing they did advise is for me to loose atleast 15 pounds bc if not you could have loose skin and need a tummy tuck down the road!

Couple months and counting down

Hey guys!! Omg so I'm on this adventure of loosing weight because doctor said I needed to loose 15 pounds before getting it so that I get the best results! So far I have went from 186 to 183!! So excited already.. I am going to try and loose weight up until January when get my surgery so wish me luck!!.. I'm so nervous bc I do not wanna have excess skin after I get it bc I'm round And bigger.. Lately I have been using plastic surgery app and seeing how I would look with it and editing my photos from side or front angles, It's pretty fun!!

Aug 28th before picture

This is how my stomach looks now and I'm still trying to loose weight as well so it's just the beginning

Aug 28 before picture

Still trying to loose weight prior to January when get my surgery

Weight loss 9/28

Hey guys I just wanted to say that I was 195 and now I weigh 174 I have been trying to loose weight ever since they said I need to loose 10-15 pounds before i get my surgery to be the way I want.. I still will continue to loose weight up until my surgery
Miami Beach Plastic Surgeon

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