Mommy Makeover **with Lorente**

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After almost a year of research I have decided to...

After almost a year of research I have decided to get a mommy makeover with Dr. Ortega. I'll be getting an extended tummy tuck with lipo along with a breast lift with implants! I'm waiting to hear my final quote before placing deposit. Hopefully they'll have surgery dates open in May! Ortega patients, how is he with breast sizing? I'm wanting pretty big (600cc). I'm a curvier girl so small would NOT suite me. I'm currently a 36dd but they aren't full or perky.

Choosing a surgeon

I've had a quote from both Dr. Osak Omulepu and Dr. Llorente. Dr. Soak was for an extended TT, lipo, a breast lift with silicone implants for $7800. Dr. Llorente was for a standard TT, lipo, breast lift with saline implants for $7900. Still waiting for my final quote with Ortega. I think I've rules out Osaka. The coordinator with Llorente sent me some awesome pics but he doesn't have many reviews. So hard to decide but I need to do it soon as the dates are filling up bc of tax season ???? opinions? Extended or standard TT?

Ortega quote and stay

Finally heard back from Dr. Ortegas office. They recommend an extended TT with lipo, a breast lift with silicone implants for $8000. Also requires a 9 day stay. This trip is just adding up! My mom and my flight is going to be $1000 and hotels for March and April are expensive too. What does everyone do for transportation? I can arrange a shuttle for to and from airport but what about to and from appointments, eating, etc?

Surgeon choice

After extensive research I think I've decided to go with Llorente instead of Ortega. Already the level of customer service with New Life Cosmetic center has far exceeded that of spectrum. Also, I have heard way too many complaints on not being Nle to get in contact with Ortega after the surgery and I need that to truly feel comfortable. While Llorente doesn't have as many reviews I feel confident that he can do what I envision. My only holdup is he says a standard TT will be fine while all other have said extended. He also recommended saline over silicone. And I've been so set on silicone. Here are some wish pics

Spring break surgery

Well call me queen indecisive. I am back on the Ortega wagon! Spoke with my coordinator Emily today and Dr. Ortega only requires a 6 day stay after surgery vs 9 days for Llorente so that won me over. My mom is coming with me and she talked to me about maybe bringing my little sister (who's 13) with us on her sprig break bc an available date for sx was the 22nd. I called and asked Emily every single question that was on my mind and decided to finally do it! I asked for my quote in writing with exactly what it will include so she emailed it.
I don't plan on booking my flight or hotel until closer to sx. Are flights non transferable? Or if I buy the ticket can I just change the day/time and pay the difference? Sorry I'm not a big traveler!

Date is set

March 22 is my day! Hoping Miami isn't too crowded bc of spring break tho ???? here are some wish pics of the shape I want. A small waist (as small as he can get) and a nice curve into hips. I'm hoping he's aggressive with the lipo!
Still haven't decided where to stay. Looking at a condo thru VRBO so my mom and sis can be on the beach but transportation to clinic is going to cost a fortune!!

Llorente it is!

After everything that has happened this week with Dr. Ortega (girl being in coma and him being out for 2 weeks) I decided to go switch back to my original choice in surgeon, Dr. Llorente. I txt my coordinator at New Life Plastic Surgery (shes awesome btw) and talked with her. They had originally quoted me 7900 for a standard TT, breast lift with saline implants, and lipo. I told her I needed an extended TT and wanted silicone. I also already have my hotel/flight booked so would need my sx date to stay the same. I sent her my receipt from Spectrum and she said they would make me a better deal to offset me losing my deposit. So I am now getting an extended TT (which I need), lipo, and breast lift with silicone implants for 7000! I feel soooo much better. Not only did I save some money, but the chance of being canceled on last minute is pretty much gone. My surgery date is still for March 22, they were able to accomodate that thankfully. And honestly, Llorente's work shows that he is more aggressive with lipo and I want that. The location also has better reviews. So all in all I am happy!

Bikini shopping?!?

Went to target today and decided to try in some bikinis! I have NEVER worn a bikini. When I was younger I thought I was too fat. Now I wish I looked like I used to. But that's how it works right? Lol. Anyways I'm considering buying a bikini and doing progress pics with it. My dream/hope is that after all this I can wear one!

Snapchat: @mommacoppedge

To augment or not to augment

I'm starting to feel the guilt of paying this much for a precedure that I "don't need". I have saved up some money and was going to use my tax return to pay for the rest but we didn't get as much back as I anticipated do will have to take out a small loan which means a loan payment :(
I'm now considering not getting my breasts done. But I want new boobs SO BAD!! it's not a need like my belly it is a want, and a big want. I've got some serious thinking to do.
On a side note, how many cc's is everyone thinking? I'm currently a deflated 38d/36dd and want a full DD. I'm thinking 450-500cc to make up for tissue lost during lift.

Weight gain :(

well I've managed to GAIN 6lbs instead of losing. I'm now 185lbs at 5'3. My clothes aren't fitting and I'm so uncomfortable! I work approx. 50hrs a week which means lots of "quick" meals ie fast food. Going to try and brush it off and get back to eating better. There's no point in paying this much money to just gain weight back!

On a side note, I bought my "goal" bikini! 3 weeks to go!

3 weeks!

Here are some more before pics! Can't wait for the new me!

I want to speak with the SURGEON!!

is it normal to NOT speak with the surgeon until pre-op the day before surgery??? I still don't know what size of implants I will be getting, the style of implant (high profile, mod plus), or what technique he will be using for the lift. I've only spoke with my coordinator but I want to speak with the surgeon!! Even if only thru email. I'm paying a lot of money for this and want to be informed and not be thrown everything the day before surgery.

Have to Cancel surgery?!

i was contacted by a surgical coordinator to discuss my labs on Saturday. She cleared me for surgery. With this clearance I went ahead and paid more on surgery and finalized a loan to pay for the rest.
Today I got a call that they have to cancel my surgery because my thyroid levels are too high!! I have hypothyroidism and take medication for it. My levels were a bit elevated, always are. But apparently the anesthesiologist doesn't want me being put under with my current levels. So.... My dosage was upped last week and they said I can redo my labs to see if levels are down but chances are they won't be in time. So I guess I'll have to postpone until my levels are low enough. I'm DEVASTATED. Finding this out a week before I leave and already have paid thousands of dollars. Everything is already booked and paid for!!

I'ts back on!

Redid my labs and my thyroid levels were within range!! I really didn't expect them to be so in am so so thankful. That means I leave in exactly ONE WEEK for Miami.

Will they weigh me day of surgery?

i have an irrational fear that I am going to weigh too much the day of my surgery. I have slowly gained 10lbs since the holidays and haven't been able to lose it before surgery. For you RS veterans, did they weigh you the day of surgery?

On a positive note, 3 more sleeps!!

At my pre-op

I'm sitting and waiting at New Life Plastic Surgery. None of the staff recognized me bc we haven't met yet but when they realized who I was I was hugged and greeted by the 2 women I've talked with, Daimy my coordinator and Jennifer the manager. They have come out multiple times to let me know that Llorente is in surgery and they will get me back soon. While everyone is speaking Spanish and I can't understand ANYTHING they made me feel a little more comfortable. I'm hoping not to wait too long. There are women here who are obviously here for postops and they are getting them back first and I like that! It means I don't have to worry about waiting after surgery.

The office is nice but there are a ton of ppl here. Here's some quick pics I snapped.

T Minus 9 hours!!

surgery is at 7:30am tomorrow!! I still can't believe I'm actually doing this. FYI, this kind of thing is NOT common where I'm from. Hence the traveling out of state. Pre op took 3hrs. When I met dr. Llorente I was immediately reassured that I picked the right doctor. He was nice and realistic about what results I can expect to have. He spent a lot of time with me. At one point someone came in and said something in Spanish and he responded "yes I'm coming" but was frustrated that she interrupted us. He then went back to answering my questions. He recommended 450-500cc mod plus implants as my breast measured 14cm in diameter. After he left we did some sizers and my coordinator decided to send in 450,475,500 and 525 to surgery b she things 500-525 cc will be better. I said I was as big as safely possible ????

I signed a ton a papers then they took pics which was soooo hard to do! Letting it all hang out like that ugh.

Current measurements
Height: 5'3
Weight: 185lbs
Breast (no bra/across nipple): 43in
Around BB: 43in
Hips: 44in

Wish me luck!

I made it!

surgery started at 9am. It'll had to sit and wait for 1.5hrs but when they finally came to get me it went quick. Anesthesiologist put in IV and I was out. Don't even remember it. Woke up super groggy and in pain. Also VERY nauseous. They called my mom and we left at 4pm. Had to go to walgreens for my prescriptions. Traffic was HORRENDOUS. we didn't get to the hotel unlit 6:15 and it was just a couple blocks away. But then my pain was pretty high and I almost passed out walking into hotel.

Peed, emptied my drains, ate a couple bites of soup then took my meds. I slept until 8:45pm then got up to pee again and walk some. Getting out of bed is a b****
Ended up getting 500cc implants!Go for my post op tomorrow morning.

Day 1 post op

much better today. I can walk almost up straight but dr. Llorente said to stay hunched for at least a week. I ate my first meal 24hrs after surgery. I was full just a few bites in. Got my first glimpse of my results today. Belly is swollen and breasts are super tight. Can't wait to see more final results. Sleeping a lot still and taking pain meds on schedule.

Day 4 post Op

went to the beach today! It was gorgeous but busy. And it sucked not being able to swim but loved the fresh air and view.

I am healing really well. I can get in and out of bed/car/chair on my own. Taking Tylenol every 6hrs and a Percocet every 8hrs.

Tummy is getting flatter!

i got one drain out on Monday (day 6) but the other is still putting out about 50cc a day so we left it. Swelling is getting much better! This morning (day 8) I woke up and felt great so snapped some pictures. My measurements are currently exactly the same as pre surgery but I know when swelling goes down more and I start eating better then it'll be great.

2 week Post

incision is healing nicely. Swelling isn't too bad but I do still have a drain in. Finding a girdle that fits my short torso and doesn't irritate my BL incisions is tough!
I have one spot where a future is trying to come thru I think. It's really tender but manageable. Feelings 90% back to normal. Bending down and reaching for things is the only time I feel restricted.

Almost 1 month post

weight: 180lbs
Bust: 44in
Waist: 34in
Around belly button: 38in
Hips: 44in

I'm feeling great. Pretty much back to normal. I'm not experiencing much of the famous "swell hell". Knock on wood! Lol I'm hoping it stays that way. Ready to lose some weight and my love handles to go away. Scars are healing perfectly.

My hubby wasn't completely on board with everything before the surgery. But bc he knew I wanted it so badly and it would make me happy he didn't protest. Well... He's def had a change of heart! He can't keep his eyes off me or his hands! Absolutely no regrets. I feel some comfortable in my skin now. I'm not constantly fidgeting making sure my belly isn't showing or my clothes are too tight. Now I WANT to wear tight clothes to show off my shape.

6 weeks

feeling great!! 100% back to normal. Swelling is minimal as long as I don't overdo it physically.

4.5 months

Up 10lbs. Still feel fabulous. The weight has went to other places such as my thighs arms and face. New job=eating out a ton!! Hoping to lose it soon!


I got sized at Victoria Secret... 36ddd

DR. LLORENTE DID MY SURGERY I give him 5 stars

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