Mommy Makeover W/ Doctor Jonathan Fisher MD - Miami, FL

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I'm scheduled for a consultation Feb 20th with Dr....

I'm scheduled for a consultation Feb 20th with Dr. Fisher. I've read positive reviews and his work speak for itself. I'm looking to get Tummy Tuck, Breast lift w/ Saline Implants. I'm nervous, scared, & excited all at the same time. I hope I am making the right decision. Feel free to share your experience if any with Dr. Fisher. I've been to previous consult that I felt rushed or all my questions weren't answered or the Dr. didn't listen or ask what was my goal. As soon as I read Dr Fisher reviews and saw photos of his work I immediately felt more comfortable compared to another Dr. I was suggesting I couldn't find not one review on him. I will like to Thank Margaret the Patient Coordinator for all you have done, she is very down to earth, honest and straight forward. So far my experience with Vanity Cosmetics is Pleasant. I'm looking forward to my consultation and if all is well I will be placing my deposit.

Helpful Links, Things needed for Post Op

Tummy Tuck Garment

Compression Stockings

BBL Garment Per Fisher

BA Bra

ScarAway Sheets

Dr. Jonathan Fisher Work

Some pics of Dr. Fisher work I've found while doing some research. I'm in love with the outcomes, and possibly my GOAL pics as well.

Dr. Jonathan Fisher is Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jonathan Fisher is double board Certified info can be found here:

Second Guessing Vanity Cosmetics

So I'm definitely second guessing Vanity. After doing further research. I hear nothing but bad things about them, & how unprofessional they are. I'm starting to think Vanity is too busy and don't have enough time to give each patient quality time, seems as though it's all about Money. I haven't even been to my consultation and second guessing this place. I hear Dr Fisher is good but Vanity represents him I think If I go to him I better just hope I catch him on the right day to take time with me. If I have to question that, I rather pay a couple more thousand and have a peace of mind. Did ya'll hear about a surgeon leaving scissors inside a patient after a tummy tuck? CRAZY! Here's the link also there's another story of a patient not having any IV fluids before and during Surgery? Definitely thinking about going to Dr. Micheal Salzhauer

Surgeon Questionaire

Here's a List of Questions to ask during Consultation. Let me know if I missed anything? Thanks

1.) Do you place the Implant above or under the muscle?
2.) How many CC's will be in each Implant?
3.) Do you use Saline or Silicone Implants?
4.) What is the level of care I will require after Surgery?
5.) How do I care for my wounds?
6.) Is it okay for me to use Silicone Sheets?
7.) What Pain Med Is prescribed?
8.) Am I a Good Candidate for this Procedure?
9.) What results can I Expect?
10.) What Size Faja will you Recommend for me?
11.) Do you Recommend I take Supplements before & after Surgery?
12.) Do you Insert Drains after Surgery?
13.) What complications are associated with this type of procedure? I'm very concern about Narcosis.
14.) Are there any Side Effects and, If so, what should I look for and when should I be concerned?
15.) How many Procedures of this type have you performed?
16.) Do you do MUSCLE REPAIR When doing a Tummy Tuck/W Lipo?
17.) How many Surgeries do He/She do in a Day?
18.) How many Years Experience does the Surgeon have; Are you Board Certified?
19.) Do the Surgeon have Hospital Privileges?
20.) Have you had any Fatalities?
21. Will I have trouble contacting you after surgery for any follow up appointments or concerns?
22.) Are Follow Up Appointments Complimentary as well?
23.) How long will the Surgery take?
24.) Who would Administering Anesthesia?
25.) How long will I be under Anesthesia?
26.) Can I review Patient Testimonials?

Consultation at Vanity

So I arrive at 11am so far the staff has been polite and professional. The waiting room is packed and I guess Vanity favorite color is Red lol all the staff have on Red except the nurses are wearing Pink. So far so good, I'm prepared to be waiting a while so I'll keep you guys updated. Well actually while writing this I've been called 20mins later and token to another waiting area where I'm now waiting to meet Dr. Fisher I'm so Excited!

Deposit Left @ Vanity for Dr Fisher

So I placed deposit yesterday to lock in my rate. Vanity was extremely busy, I saw some of Hasan and Fisher work and I must say everyone looked Fantastic from BA to BBL lol Dr Fisher is everything I was looking for. He listens, answer all questions, knows his craft and have a sense of humor lol I showed him my wish pics and he said my results will look very nice and that I carry my weight very well too. Unlike other surgeons I speak with, Fisher is able to give me what I'm looking for instead of what they want. My overall experience with Vanity went well besides one small bumb. I am still nervous and scared and keep asking myself "Am I doing the right thing"? I think I'm letting the negative comments in the Media and Negative comments from the Ppl that dont agree with my decision effect me. All I kept hearing yesterday from Patients and Coordinators how good Dr Fisher is that definitely made me feel better. If anyone have any experience to share please do.... I will upload some pics of Vanity, waiting rooms & some GOAL Pics

Goal Pics

Forgot to upload GOAL pics in previous Update.

PreOp Daily Multivitamin w/Iron Tablet

I started on a multi-vitamin this week once a day, wondering if there is anything else I should be taking? Here is the Supplement Facts in the multi-vitamin I am using. I plan on starting my VitaMedica Pre & Post op Program 2Wks prior to SX.

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size 1 Tablet

Amount Per Serving:
Vitamin A (as retinol acetate) 5,000 IU 100%
Vitamin C (as ascoric acid) 60 mg 100%
Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol) 400 IU 100%
Thiamin (thiamin mononitrate) 1.5 mg 100%
Riboflavin 1.7 mg 100%
Niacin (as niacinamide) 20 mg 100%
Vitamin B-6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride) 2 mg 100%
Folate (as folic acid) 400 mcg 100%
Vitamin B-12 USP (as cyanocobalamin) 6 mcg 100%
Panthothenic Acid (as d-calcium panthothenate) 10 mg 100%
Iron (as ferrous fumarate) 18 mg 100%

Post Surgery Garments

Hey Dolls! If your looking for Faja's or any other Post Op Garments, Padding Etc. I found a reasonable store in Miami that sells everything. You'll save money, instead of paying $120 for Faja at Vanity.

The Address Is:
1883 NW 20 Street
Miami, FL 33142

Team Fisher

So I ordered a customized hat and plan on wearing it to my PreOp & Day of SX. What you Dolls think? I'm #TeamFisher All Day lol

Vitamin Regimen

So I added two more vitamins to my daily regimen. Additional Vitamin C & Calcium. So now I am taking all 3 (1X A Day) I go to my PCP Monday for blood work I will alter meds if needed. I want to be as healthy as possible and make sure my Hemo levels are on point. Any pointers will be helpful. Thanks Dolls

Surgery Day at Vanity

So my Sister had SX Thursday at Vanity with Dr McAdoo. I must say besides all the unorganized staff and lack of English spoken lol her SX went well and her results are amazing. We arrive at Vanity at 3pm and didn't leave till 12midnight. I searched for 24hr drug stores and nobody had the Percocets in stock. I wish they would of given her, her prescriptions beforehand. Her recovery is coming along very well and very minimal pain. Post-Op instructions etc was explained to us and she was token good care of. I'm writing this review because it's so many Negative reviews on Vanity that people are terrified lol like I was before experiencing first hand day of SX at Vanity. I think Vanity need to be a Lil more organized and have more communication between staff but the doctors are great and great prices. I look forward to my SX and recommended Vanity just stay on top of everything and be very stern. My Coordinator Margaret has been great + more tell her Lena sent you.

P.S. Remember to have all your Post-Op supplies Ready. It's a hassle trying to get last min things and your body needs Rest, you need to be concentrating on healing not about the things you don't have or forgot.

CBC Results

Hey Dolls I'm so excited I got my bloodwork from my PCP and my results are great my hemo is at a 14.2 and I expected it to be much lower. I am very pleased, relieved and less stressed about surgery.

Beet Juice

If your looking to raise your Hemo I hear Beet Juice is the job and does the job quickly. The taste is horrible so I'm in no rush to try it. My Hemo is currently 14.2 so Im in no rush to start juicing. But I will start when it get closer to my SX to insure Hemo is up to par. I will be booking my date tomorrow I'm so excited!! I hope Fisher still have openings for June. I wish I had a SX buddy or extra support it will help alot emotionally, and mentally in the meantime I use Realself and other threads to calm my nerves a Lil lol I can be sooo paranoid at times lol

Just Locked my Date In EXCITED!!!

It's official, Just left Vanity locking my date in. I'm scheduled for June 22, 2015 I requested to be first lol I could of got a sooner date but I picked the date where he only had one other patient for that date so far Fisher schedule is looking crazy, he's currently on vacation returning the 31st and going back out in April per Margaret

Complete Blood Count (CBC) with differential and Platelets Blood Test

I saw on someone else profile a website where you can order your CBC blood test for $24 some states are excluded I just had my blood check 3 weeks ago and my hemoglobin was 14.2 I just recently had my menstral and is curious to know what my hemoglobin results will be now since it's gone so I went ahead and ordered my labs from walkinlabs and then you will be able to print your Lab Order. I will be going to my local LabCorp today and hopefully I will have results by tomorrow.


fYI dolls make sure you get everything in writing such as your surgery date with your surgeon's name, what's included in your quote, and your price. Even if all these things are told to you verbally by your coordinator for your protection make sure it is in writing and you print it out and take with you the day of your surgery. you would not want any discrepancy or any miscommunication with vanity when it comes to your money

Plastic Surgeon VS Cosmetic Surgeon

I do not pass any judgement on physicians as long as they are well trained and honest about their credentials. I do have a problem with cosmetic surgeons misleading patients into thinking that they are plastic surgeons. #Fact Don't be blinded by the work of the Surgeon and care less of his or her Credentials.

Surgery Buddy

Hey Dolls I'm looking for a SX buddy. I thought my best friend was going to come with around the same time as me but its not looking to promising :( I live in Miami so there's no need for me to stay at a RH but if we are scheduled the same day it will be nice to have someone there that relates to you lol and we can give each other support. If your booked on or around June 22nd feel free to message me. Later Dolls :)

Pre-Op Instructions

These are Pre-Op instructions that were shared with me from another FisherDoll

Current Measurements

My Current Measurements:
Bust: 36
Waist: 30"
Hips: 45

My Goal Measurements after MMO
bust: 38
Waist: 27" minimum
Hips: 45

Do you dolls think that's realistic expectations? I will soon post Pre-Op pics. I've waist trained for years and was wondering when can I resume after TT?

Pre-Op Pics

Here goes nothing, lol my Before pics. Can't wait to have a perfect silhouette. Fisher gonna work wonders with this body. Haven't had first round yet and planning R2

More Supplies

The sports bras, stabilizing band & other supplies I've purchased for sx I'm currently a 34-36 so I got the bras in a 38-40 I hope they don't be too big but I don't think they should since I will obviously be swollen everything came from EBay except the Bra's & Recliner

Sports bra from Walmart
Stabilizing band Spirometer (To excerise lungs) MediHoney wound care HibiClens prevent infection Compression Stockings
Back Scratcher

Hemoglobin Meter/Results

Hemo on #Fleek... Got Hemo tested on 3/2/15 by LabCorb and it was 14.2 tested again by LabCorb on 4/1/15 and it was 13.4 and tested today with my home hemoglobin tester and it's 15 guess my new regimen working now let me slow down before I overdose on Iron. Purchased Hemoglobin Meter from EBay $69

59 Days Left

59 days til I'm a Fisher Doll. Yayyy! That time will fly lol be here before you know it. I've been busy planning Round 2 and haven't even had first round yet lol stay tune for this Fierce Body. FYI future dolls have your doc prescribe Vicodin, them Percocets don't help with pain, just makes you sleepy

Fisher On Vacation??? IS IT TRUE

Hi dolls have anyone heard anything from Vanity about Fisher going on vacation until September? I came across another post on RS and a doll said Vanity called her to cancel her SX because supposedly Fisher leaving until September..... This doll was scheduled for May 28th. Just wanted to see if anyone else was told this information? I messaged my coordinator thru my patient portal to see what they have to say about this, will keep everyone updated on the response. Also I'm in a Fisher FB group and someone that just had SX with him the other day was scheduled at 9pm at night, didn't start until about 1am. According to her the reason to being so late was because Fisher just returned from Vacation and he had (8) surgeries that day. So if he just came back from Vacation why is he going out again? If this to be accurate... That mean ALL June & July SX will need to be Re-scheduled.

Fisher WILL Be there

Just to give update about this Fisher Vacation, I got a response on my patient portal and my SX has been confirmed and was told Doctor will be there. Not sure who this other Doll spoke to...but I see there is always miscommunication with Vanity.

I hope my SX don't get Canceled

So another doll have been Canceled. :( She was scheduled for June 11th and Vanity called her and said Fisher's going on vacation and offered her Hasan. She refused, so they told her well Fisher can't see her until September. So she requested for a REFUND but Vanity was just in the Miami News about not returning money to customers. It's not that much vacation in the world, I'm starting to think they are just using that as an excuse because they book too many ppl in a day. I just pray and hope they don't cancel my SX. I already confirmed my date in writing but that might not mean anything once June comes, GOD forbid they will tell me some kind of excuse. Im glad I live in Miami already so I don't got to worry about flight cancellations but I do have my mom coming from NY to be with me during recovery so I hope she's not making a blank trip. I don't know what else I can do to confirm and secure my date, Vanity switches up on you like drawers lol I'm also still holding on to my other half of my SX money and it makes me not to want to give it to them until the day before SX because if they cancel me. Now they have my whole $7500 and good luck getting that back.

Patient Portal Response

This the response I got from Esperanza after I sent my msg. Via patient portal, inquiring about Fisher so called vacation and all these phone cancellations other ppl been receiving. This will make my 3rd SX confirmation in writing. GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING Ladies & keep communication.

Pre-Op Appointment

I'm at Vanity Now, my Pre-Op appointment just did blood work, pictures now on to paper work. Hope everything goes smoothly. All this paper work got me shooked lol I'm Excited & scared at the same damn time. 6 Days!! to go Keep me lifted in Prayers dolls XOXOXO

Surgery Cancelled

Welp my SX is cancelled and rescheduled because Vanity claims they did not receive my credit card payments even tho the transactions has posted to my account and my bank confirms the merchant has received funds. I printed out my bank statements and provided them to Vanity but they insist they don't have the funds in their account and for me to file a dispute with my bank. Smh Now I have to wait 10 business days and hope I get my money back. This is so depressing and I waited so long to get this and I have no money, no SX NOTHING!!

Taking Vanity Cosmetics to Court

Even tho; No one might care, there's even some that laughs at my downfall & is enjoying every moment of this. But besides how I feel right now (literally like SHIT) I decided to keep you ladies updated. My damn dispute was DENIED twice with my bank. I don't see how, with all the Proof and Documentation I provided. Might as well wiped my ass with that $$$ and shot it in the toilet. Next step is to sue, filing a small claims to take Vanity to Court.

FYI: Don't use Regions Bank. They don't care about their customers.

I just called my coordinator Margaret and told her what's going on and told her my next step is filing a small claims and contacting my local news station and she said to bring her my receipts and bank statements on Monday and she will make sure it's settled. This is not my fault that when they slide my credit card it went to their old account and their funds are on hold that sounds like a personal issue to me. That's something Vanity needs to settle with Bank Of America that is were they asked my payment to go when they slide my damn card. I'm Livid!!

Vanity Receipts! I PAID

My receipt Vanity gave me after I paid my last two Credit Card Payments. They got $6365 of my money & they got the nerve to tell me I owe $4K when I only owe $635 and I was ready to pay that last week so I can have my surgery on the 22nd but naw they wanna cheat me. If they don't acknowledge these payments, this is what I will be showing to the judge along with my bank Statements showing NO refund has come thru. Let's see who WINS

I Am NOT Playing.

Here is the Demand letter I prepared and will give to Vanity tomorrow. Vanity is really slandering these doctors name, dragging the docs down with them in the news and everything. I'm starting to think do these doctors know how Vanity operates? Or they do, just don't care as long as they get paid. Well hopefully Vanity takes heed to this letter and provide my services or see me in court.

Vanity did the right thing

It was a long morning and ALOT of disagreements but we finally came to a understanding. After calling this person to this person, Vanity finally reconcile the issue, took responsibility like I thought they will. I'm glad I didn't turn away at the first refusal, I kept fighting until it got resolved and spoke to everyone possible. Im glad to announce I am now doing my surgery. There is a GOD!! Thank you sooo much Vanity Cosmetics for helping me and being on my side with this situation. A special shout out to Gia I love you!!!! and thank you for making me your VIP Customer. In the meantime I'm waiting for a call from Giselle to let me know if Dr. Fisher want to do my Surgery tomorrow or Friday. I'm so ecstatic and still in disbelief it's really happening.

Surgery is Tomorrow

Surgery is tomorrow at 12 Noon. Please dolls keep me in your prayers and I will be sure to update everyone once i've reached the flat side. I'm so scared, but want this so bad.

Surgery Day!!

I'm here at Vanity. Got here at 11am Patiently waiting, Surgery is scheduled for 12noon. My anxiety is HIGH! Im taking deep breaths, trying to stay calm. Once again dolls all the prayers are welcomed and much appreciated. I can't wait to see my children again.

Pre-Op Room

Fisher just marked me, he eased my nerves sooo much. He is Hilarious, He said surgery shouldn't take no more than 2.5 - 3.5 hours once he actually starts. I also requested he prescribe me Vicodin instead of Percocets. He said he will start with a 350CC Implant increase volume if more fits. Anesthesiologist just gave me my IV they are getting the instruments ready in O. R. I was told by anesthesiologist I will need a blood thinner since I have a hormonal IUD and that IUD make your blood clot and it will be very important I walk. I will need to take a blood thinner at home for a few days also & To wear my TED stockings for a week.

1 Day Post-Op

Just left my first Followup appointment. So far I'm loving my results, can't wait to see final results when swelling subside. I love Fisher, he did his thang lol This pain on the other hand is HORRIBLE!! indescribable, I never felt a pain like this before. I can't never seem to get comfortable. They say the first week is thee worst so I can't wait till I get thru my 2nd week. Thanks everyone for the prayers, and I'm so glad I went thru with this and surgery is done. I finally did something for myself, and something that makes me happy.

3 Day Post-Op

The best decision I EVER made for myself. My pain is much better today, I can't wait till I'm able to walk straight and do for myself. Ive been having bowel movements since Day 2 with the help of Milk Magnesium, Gas tablets, and Colace what Fisher prescribe. Thank you sooo much Dr. Fisher, I love my results. Vanity been calling me everyday to check on me & to remind me to walk every hour and drink plenty of fluids which I been doing but thats very nice of them to call lol as of now I will definitely use Vanity Cosmetics Surgery again.

5 Day Post-Op

Just to keep everyone updated on my progress. Day 5 is looking more promising :) I had a few sneezes today and my insides were literally burning. I try not to strain my MR I don't want to ruin results. I went from taking the pain pills every 4 hours to Every 6 hours. Trying to ween myself off these pills. My back hurts the most from walking hunched over, sleeping & sitting in recliner in the same position every day. Recovery is ruff but it is all worth it in the end. I go for my 1 week followup Tuesday and if I'm draining less than 25CC's of fluid drains will be removed but if not that's cool, I don't want to remove drains prematurely and end up getting seromas. I will also ask about when Fisher allows me to start getting Lymphatic Massages? That will help with inflammation, pockets of fluid and body contouring. Marian now have a special $150 for 5 massages. You can book at

1 Week Post-Op Appointment

Went to my 1 week post-op appointment this morning. Drains weren't removed because I'm still draining about 75cc's within 24hours. Yuliet removed my stitches from my BB and showed me how to massage my implants, she said massage them 10X a day. And to start Lymphatic massages and wear binder once drains are removed.

Updated Pic

How I look at 1 week post-op. I know I'm still swollen I hope my after results are amazing! and I have a flat tummy. I'm amazed how Fisher was able to remove my whole tattoo which was about 3-4" long. My stomach was filled with thick, deep stretch marks so I don't mind the few thats left.


New boobies, 1 week post-op :) Saline Implants.

Tummy Tuck Binder

Purchase this binder today off Amazon. Hopefully it has great compression and gives the support I need. I will start wearing binder once drains are removed. I'm thinking drains should be removed by Monday, one drain have nothing in it, the other have less than 25ccs.

11 Days Post-op

Drains were removed yesterday, damn that shit hurt. I can finally take a shower. Yuliet said I can start wearing binder at 2 weeks post-op. And to start cleaning BB and drain holes with soap and water. On another note... My ASS is hurting :( (Maybe TMI) lol all I can do is sit or walk and when I walk for long periods my back start hurting. I don't sleep at night, (Havent got a good night sleep yet) I wake up every 3 hours because it's so uncomfortable sleeping in the same position in the recliner. I miss my bed, tried laying down yesterday with pillows proped up behind me (DIDNT WORK) felt like I was gonna bust my incision open. Idc what anyone says TT recovery is the worst Recovery EVER!! I hope all this frustration is well worth it in the End!

Another thing, I know I'm still swollen but I feel so damn FAT! I'm only 11 days post-op and can be pre-judging but I think I should be more flatter then I am now. Compared to other ppl post-op pics, I know I can probably just swell differently. I hope once I start wearing binder Tuesday that helps. Still contemplating if I should get lymphatic massages.

A small set back

I called Yuliet this morning because I was concerned about this pain I started feeling yesterday. It's like when I walk I feel a sharp, stabbing pain near my incision on my right hip. I hate to move my right leg then right above incision I feel something that feels like a small knot on my somach and my stomach is kind of firm. What's weird by visually looking you see nothing. Yuliet requested I come in to see her, she took the tape off my incision. She said incision looks good, my skin is kind of red where I'm having the pain so she called a prescription in for Augmentin for me to take another week. I asked can it be a stitch poking me, she said could be a stitch trying to dissolve and it's poking. She told me I don't have any fluid buildup and for me to start wearing my binder.

3 Weeks post-op

Went to Vanity today for my 3 week post-op. The tape was removed from my breasts, and new pics were taken. I'm finally able to wear a binder or spanx, I was delayed due to having a suture irritation. Hopefully some of my swelling now subsides. Today I saw the pics that were taken in the O.R. room and all I can say is WOW!! I will post them to this update.

Sensitive Skin

My skin is SUPER sensitive. I'm determine to wear compression so my swelling subsides asap. This is my 3rd attempt with a different method. Everything I tried was irritating my incisions and making them open. First the binder caused me to have a suture irritation. I stopped wearing it, healed the area. I then tried spanx and it rubbed my scabs off. So I'm now trying the pads as a barrier under my binder. I'm going to try this until I purchase this ab board and lipo foam all in one.

I will transition to a faja (Marie E 9152) after 1 month post-op.

26 DPO Update.

B4 & After....I love my boobs compared to where I came from lol 5 Children dried them thangs up. As of today, I'm no longer hunched. I'm able to walk straight Yessss! Now if only my swelling in my stomach will go down. I must say I do see swelling decrease every week and hopefully it will continue. The Maxi pad barrier behind my binder to protect my incision seem to be working.

Faja Life

So my faja came in the mail today and when I say it took 30 mins just to get it on Geesh!! I thought I might have to return it at first but I finally got it on. They surely don't make these faja's for thick girls lol It's tight around my thighs. The more I wear it the comfortable it gets. The bottom of my stomach is more swollen than the top so I can only go to the 1st hook, but the top I can get to the 2nd or 3rd hook if I want, but I will keep it on the 1st hook until the bottom catches up.

On another note, my allergies been bothering me for the past 2 days and I been sneezing non stop. It still hurts a lil when I sneeze, I hope & pray I don't tear or pop anything from sneezing. I had a follow up appointment today and Yuliet said I can start light cardio at 6wks, NO CRUNCHES until 3 months, and I can start wearing steel bone corset at 8 wks over faja.

12 Week Post-Op Update

Hi dolls sorry I haven't updated in a while, don't know where to start lol first I will like to say I love my results, I hate swell hell lol I still have some swelling in my lower abdomen but it gets better week by week. My Breast scar and TT scar is almost invisible :) the TT scar is low, clean cut and very light. I am very satisfied with how they are healing. I still wear my Faja 24/7 I have got it taken in twice already (it's best I get it altered because even though my waist is shrinking I still have wide hips so my hips don't fit in anything smaller than a large) so the Faja fits like a small in the waist and large in the hips. I still wear my sports bras, kind of nervous to transition to a regular bra lol. At 8 wks I started working out at the gym. I was told to do light cardio, no ab exercises until month 3-4 I have a new phone so the photo updates are from 8-10 wks Post-Op. My results changes weekly, I go for another follow up next month.

Planning Round 2

Hi dolls just wanted to give you a updated pic. This is how my results look as of 5 months Post-Op.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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