The Ultimate Push Gift! - Miami, FL

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I have 3 kids. 1 csection and 2 vbacs. I promised...

I have 3 kids. 1 csection and 2 vbacs. I promised myself a mommy makeover when I was done having kids and the time has come. I chose Dr Mel T. Ortega at spectrum aesthetics. My sister is a recent patient and had great results and a great experience. My coordinator is Emily. She seems nice but it's hard to get in touch with her so I'm a little concerned


My surgery is scheduled for July 12th! Seems so far away but I'm definitely looking forward to my new body

Next month!

I can't believe my surgery is next month! I've already started ordering supplies and prepping. I'm still nervous about posting before pics but I will soon because I know how much it helped me seeing both the before and after pics. Bit I am excited and ready. Can't wait to be on the flat side!

Dun dun dun....

The dreaded before pics. Exactly one month until Ortega works his magic :)

Made it to the flat side!!!

Dr. Ortega is a master sculptor! Going to get some rest. I'll update again soon. Thanks for all the encouragement and well wishes :)

Perfect breasts!

Dr. Ortega gave me the most perfect set of breasts!

Swell hell

2 days post op. Belly still very swollen which is expected but I am very happy with the results already. Not sure how I feel about my belly button yet. I'll wait for the swelling to go down so I can have a better idea of what it's going to look like

Two weeks post op

Drains are gone!!!! Yay! So in love with my results already. I keep an ear plug in my belly button to shape it. Hate the compression garment but it definitely works.

Three weeks post op pics

Absolutely loving my results!

One month post op

Looking for a good scar treatment. Still swollen but very happy with my results

Itchy itchy!

I'm almost two months post op and healing beautifully but the scars on the sides of my breasts are soooo itchy! I'm using scar away strips but I can't tell if they're working. Any recommendations?

2 months post op

Love love love my results! The scars on the sides of my breasts are a little raised but I'm hoping it will flatten and fade over time but other than that I'm in love!

Post surgery piercings?

I had my nipples pierced in the past and would like to get them repierced. I have a breast lift 2.5 months ago. Should I wait longer or is it ok to get them repierced now?

Three months post op!

Comparison pics 3 months post op

3 months post op

Tiny wounds in BL scar???

These tiny wounds just appeared in my scar. Should I be concerned?

6 months pp

6 months pp

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