Just left my pre-op appt!

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I'm a 31 y/o mom of two, ages 3 and 1. I am 5'7"...

I'm a 31 y/o mom of two, ages 3 and 1. I am 5'7" and weigh 142 lbs. I have always had one of those little pouchy bellies, no matter how much weight I lost, the darn thing was still there. Now that I have had my beautiful children, I feel that my time has come. In the past year, I have managed to lose 60 pounds, but the "jelly belly" has stayed put! Because I have achieved my goal weight and am still unhappy with my appearance, I have decided to go ahead and get a Mommy Makeover (FTT, BL/BA) as per the recommendations of the 3 surgeons I had consultations with. Some days are better than others, but I am very nervous. Reading everyone else's story has helped, so I have decided to share mine as well. If anyone has any tips they are willing to throw my way, I would appreciate it. My pre-op appointment is August 27, I am anxiously counting down the days.

My surgery is scheduled for Thursday, Sept 13,...

My surgery is scheduled for Thursday, Sept 13, 2012. Is there anyone else out there scheduled around this time? I'd love a buddy! I forgot got to mention this in my initial review.
Right now, I've been reading a lot of reviews here on Real Self and making a list of everything that I need to be ready for my surgery. I went to Wal-mart last week and purchased some button-front nightgowns and granny panties, as suggested by many of the ladies on here. My husband was cracking up as I debated over things such as style and color, saying they were really all pretty funky. Thinking about it now, he is probably right. I'm one of those people that stresses over everything, nightgowns included. I have read a lot on here about silicone strips, to help improve scarring. Is that something that I should be worried about now? Another thing someone mentioned was that in order to obtain the best results on a tummy tuck, I should gain 3-5 lbs prior to surgery. Has anyone else heard this? Any thoughts?
Luckily, my life has been pretty busy right now and I really haven't had much time to think about all of this. I'm sure I will get more anxious as the days pass by.

Well, this morning I had my pre-op appointment. I...

Well, this morning I had my pre-op appointment. I can't believe that things are progressing so quickly. In just two short weeks, I'll be headed to the flat side. So pre-op appointment went well, got all of my prescriptions, a list of suggested over-the-counter medicines and all my instructions. I am to start taking Bromelain 500 mg everyday until surgery. No more aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen. The nurse suggested staying at a nearby hotel for the first night, since driving home would be about an hour away and I need to go in to the office the following morning, anyhow. I think it is a good idea and so I will be staying a few blocks away from the surgical center my first night post-op. Here are a list of my prescriptions:

Percocet: For severe pain
Tylenol #3: For moderate pain (not to be taken at the same time as percocet)
Ativan: For sleep
Xanax: For anxiety
Zofran: For nausea
Duricef: Antibiotic

For now, I'm gathering all my supplies and counting down the days. I will let you all know how it goes.
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I decided to have a consultation with my doctor based on the recommendation of a relative that has had work done with him and was very happy with the results. He was very willing to discuss and answer questions, and so I decided to go with him.

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