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Hey, Realself!!!! I am a 35 year old mother...

Hey, Realself!!!! I am a 35 year old mother looking to get my sexy back.. I have four children and I had WLS December, 2005. I am currently torn between surgeon's. I really like the work coming out of the Dominican Republic, however I don't want to leave my children for 2 weeks or more. Right now I am considering Dr. Llorente, Dr. Hanabergh, and Dr. Yanez. I really like Dr. Llorente, but there are some things about him that are making my decision hard. Llorente seems to be a great surgeon and his tt incisions are really nice. Dr. Hanabergh seems like a great surgeon, but I can't find enough pictures and post op Doll's. Dr. Hanabergh's credentials are impressive and he does specialize in post WLS patients, which is a major plus. Dr. Yanez is in Mexico which isn't too far from me and he also specializes in WLS patients. He has a lot of experience, but not a lot of pictures to back up his experience. I'm in California and Mexico is only a 2 hour drive for me. I am looking to get a Mommy Makeover consisting of a tt, lipo, bl, ba. This has been a long journey in the making and I am determined to make this happen by June 2016.. I am not letting anything stop me from reaching my goals of getting rid of this FUPA and get these breast lifted and stuffed!!! I am also looking to lose a few pounds before surgery to enhance my results..

Hanabergh's Office... Dr. Fisher.. Vanity Miami

I have spoken to Alejandra (spelling) Dr. Hanabergh's assistant and she is extremely responsive. She has emailed me pictures and has set up phone consultation's. Unfortunately, I missed the doctors call due to time zone confusion (3hr time difference). I am still optimistic about his work. I will be doing a lot more research this weekend, as I want to make a decision this upcoming in regards to surgeons. I forgot to mention that Shirley with Vanity Miami gave me a call this weekend and advised me of some MMO specials with Dr. Fisher. His work is also really good, but I have heard nothing but bad things in regards to Vanity Miami.. I will definitely update this weekend or Monday. Have a great weekend!!

Deposit Sent

Today I sent my deposit to New Life for surgery. My date will be June 21st with Dr. Hanabergh. I am finally starting to get a little excited about this whole process. My coordinator at New Life is Yasunay and she has been amazing.. She has had no problems with my never ending questions and she has always made herself available. I had my hemoglobin checked last week and it was 11.6. So now I am on a mission to raise it to at least 13 and drop 20lbs.

Weight Loss

Have any out you been told not to lose more weight? My current stats are 5'4, 147lbs...


Unfortunately my thyroid won't let me be great. My doctor did state that I am slightly hyperthyroid, but she won't prescribe me anything. She says it's due to me being postpartum. I have since decided to put my surgery on hold for a little while. I am actually scheduled for surgery December 08th with Dr. Llorente, however I am strongly thinking about going to Cali, Colombia with either Juan Manuel Florez or Andres Diaz Paz. My doctor did clear me for surgery, but I am still kind of scared. I'll keep you guys updated !!

Cali Colombia!!!

Everything has changed. I am officially going to Colombia for my Mommy Makeover. I am arriving 3 days early to meet with two doctors before making my final decision on surgeons. I will be making a new review journaling absolutely everything.

Hey Dolls!! My journey began in Florida, I thought...

Hey Dolls!! My journey began in Florida, I thought for sure I was going to Dr Llorente, but boy did I change up. I began following several surgical groups as well as Instagram surgery pages and I fell in love with Colombia. The results, the doctors, the recovery houses, and aftercare really took me by surprise. I had online consultations with several doctors, including most of the Instafamous ones. But, I fell in love with the work of Dr Salomon Lopez. His assistant may not be the quickest to respond, but she has answered all of my questions and addressed any of my concerns. I will be staying with Alba Diaz for the first week after surgery. Afterwards, the duration of my stay will be at an amazing Airbnb location I found. I also want to mention that I found an incredible assistant and a nurse to help me out at the Airbnb location. I will definitely keep you guys updated!!!

It's Almost Time!!!

Time is ticking really quickly, I leave for Colombia this upcoming week for surgery, and my nerves are starting to set in... The communication with my surgeon has been amazing so I am completely confident that he understands my goals. I can't believe this is finally happening!! The first picture is of me now and the following pictures are goals

I'm in Cali!!

I arrived to Cali Tuesday and I am having a wonderful experience. My Airbnb, the doctors office, the locals absolutely everything has been AMAZING!! I went for my consultation with Monica, Dr Lopez's assistant and she is an absolute sweetheart and very dedicated to the doctor's patients. I met with Dr Lopez and he is kind, honest, and funny. He will definitely let you know if he can achieve the look you are going for.... My consult lasted approximately 45 minutes and he went over every inch of my body and advised me of everything he could (and can't)do. I must let you all know that he can't speak English. He only knows the basics and Monica translates everything. I also need to let you all know that his main office in Tequendama is extremely busy and the wait times are long... I'll post a few pictures a little later
Dr. Salomón López

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