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Like many women my body was left unsightly damaged...

Like many women my body was left unsightly damaged by pregnancies. I gained 100lbs + with each pregnancy. My highest weight was 305lbs. I never entirely lost the weight each time. SooOo fast forward, I had the most beautiful baby girl 2 years ago. I literally almost died during child birth and it was just the wake- up call I needed. I vowed to myself that I will live an active healthy lifestyle. And I have for the most part. I am currently down 134lbs. I fluctuate in the 170’s and I still want to get down to my pre baby weight of 150lbs.

I’ve contacted Vanity Cosmetics in Miami and they have quoted me $7000 for a Mommy Makeover. Extended Tummy tuck, with 2 areas of Lipo and breast augmentation with Dr. J. Fisher.

I am confident that Dr. Fisher will do a great job. But still very nervous.

I’m rather shy about my body but I will be adding pictures. While searching on Realself , I never found someone that had my same issues or who’s stomach looked like mine. So hopefully someone like me can find this review helpful.

So far Vanity Cosmetics have been very professional and prompt.

Before Pic

Trying to seal the deal :)

Can any Vanity Cosmetic Patients give advice on the safest way to pay the $1000 deposit??

Varying Opinions

I have been to a consultation here in NY and the DR told me I have a mild case of tubular breast. She said, she would go through the areola to insert the implant.
I would prefer under the muscle.. I like how my areola looks when my nipples are hard lol
Dr. Ortega from Spectrum thinks I need a breast lift..
Fisher hasn’t voiced any concerns..
Should I be concerned?
What do I really need ?

Get it girl

I’ve officially lit the fire under my own ass lol. I have 20 more lbs until my goal weight and I am determined to see that number on the scale. Tonight I will prep all my meals for the upcoming week and select my workouts. Focus –Focus –Focus. ME vs Myself

Wish Pic

Tiny waist

WIsh pic



Down 6 Lbs. Cant wait to see 160's on the scale. :)



Vanity doll dies from tummy tuck :"(


Looking for a SX partner

I’m looking for a surgery buddy !! I am dead set on Robles in the Dr. I live in NY and would like to travel with someone else that is getting work by Robles. I’m shooting for April 2017. Reply if interested.
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