Mommy/body Makeover!! After 4 Kids and Lots of Weight Gains/losses, I Need It! - Miami, FL

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Hey ladies! I am a mother of 4 kids, all breast...

Hey ladies!

I am a mother of 4 kids, all breast fed long term. I am still currently breastfeeding my youngest, and plan to until she is at least 2 years old, so my mommy makeover is still a long ways away. 2016, or possibly even 2017 :(

As far as what procedures I am planning to get, I'm not sure yet. I know I want my breasts done, implants and possibly a lift. I want a tummy tuck as well for sure. I'm also starting to consider a BBL. I've always had a boy-ish figure but since having my kids, it's gotten even worse! I have zero shape, no curves at all :(

I live in a small Canadian city. Originally, I planned on staying in Canada for surgery but once I realized it was so much cheaper in the US, I decided to start considering that. I'd have to drive far away for surgery anyways, even if I did stay in Canada, so I may as well get in the US and save money, right? I'm looking at cities in the Northern US, and also considering maybe flying down further south, to Floride, for more savings. And with the BBL, that might be a better idea. From reading reviews, I know there are many very experienced doctors there.

Anyways, I decided to start my review now, even though I'm still a long way away from the actual surgery. I'll be posting pics and wish pics soon enough!

Some booty wish pics.

Uploading some of my wish pics. Don't want a HUGE butt, but a nice, curvy one :)

Some more wish pics for booty!

Just adding a few more pics. I think I'm too embarrassed to upload some of me :( lol. Maybe when I'm closer to surgery time!

Campos or Cardenas?

Any have any thoughts on Dr. Campos vs Dr.Cardenas? I love the reviews for both...

Ladies who had surgery "out of town"...

How long did you have to stay close to your surgeon for? I think it's pretty safe to say at this point I will not be staying in Canada for my surgery. So, I'm just curious, for the ladies who traveled, how long did you stay?

A few before pics...

Finally uploading a few pics. These don't show the worst of my problems, I will upload more once I am closer to surgery!

Subtle bbl anyone?

Anyone go for subtle/modest results? Would love to see pics!

Missing pis, didn't load.

Subtle bbl
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