Mom of 2 Ready To Reclaim What's Mines!!! Future Ortega Doll 2017 (:

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So after years of stalking RS reviews lol I was...

So after years of stalking RS reviews lol I was bouncing back and forth between DR with Dr Duran and Dr Mel Ortega in Miami Florida, I finally made the choice of choosing Dr Ortega. In my opinion he offered the same deals as Duran but in the United States, he also has a great rep in the plastic surgery world and looking at some of his work on here I was quite impressed with him. I have been in contact with Liz . Liz is sweet informative and they really work with you in regards to staying around your budget and at the same time get the results you want. As a single mom of 2, I hate to compromise my results with the price but I'm just glad that it's reasonable bc I wanna be able to pay off my surgery on the day of and not take out any loans and for a Mommy Makeover this was great! I am getting an extended TT with lips of the flanks and a breast lift with breast augmentation (saline implants, silicone is $500more). But for me to get the big round plastic look and honestly what I feel is most safest , I am choosing saline implants over the muscle. Right now I have $4500 save up ($500 of the money I had to pay via direct deposit to secure a surgery date in April 2017) and each paychk putting some to the side to have the rest by April. Liz told me the security deposit lasts 1 yr to have booked your surgery. In the meantime I have been dieting and exercising my butt off to get close to 160lbs. Currently I stand at 180lbs at 5'7. I will post pics of my body before surgery and after. Stay tuned ! ;)

Dr Cabral it is!!! April 21 2017

So Dr Cabral finally hits me up and says that I can schedule an appointment with Maria and that she'll contact me today about a date available. I wanted 4/14/17 but that's Good Friday and they are not working that weekend . Had I known it was Good Friday I would have changed it anyway bc God first and I would want to celebrate the rising of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ with my family anyways (: so I'll be flying in on my birthday 4/20 and have Sx the next day . Well Maria answered my questions and wanted me to speak with Emmy about booking a recovery house. Her triple room is $75 a night food included , assistants as well. $100 for airport and clinical spots transportation. I checked out her website and after our conversation I was convinced I would be cared for a great deal. She also gives one night free as well. I plan to stay btwn 8-10days . I want to go home but with a TT involved she advised 10 days . Because if the airport ppl sees that you had recent Sx some won't let you board without medical clearance and I would hate to lose out on money to change tickets so I'm most likely going to leave on day 10. Dr Cabral doesn't give out medical clearance until 10 days post op. Emmy was really honest and he results are AMAZiNG!! She says Cabral will make me into a Barbie fr and that's what I really want!!(: I want to make my payment to Cabral a week before Sx for procedure and Emmy for RH they said they have to ask if Cabral will take a bank transfer, I hope so bc I don't want to travel with all that money on me. The reason why I'm choosing Cabral bc he makes BARBIES, I can have 2 procedures for the price of one in the US and I want to have my procedure paid off rather than getting a loan in the US. I have student loans as it is lol... I would love to be done by Ortega still thinks he's a great PS but he only gives you 1 liter per cheek if you're getting two procedures TT and BBL and I have a feeling that if I go to Cabral I can get more of the results I want snatched waist and a BIG culo butt ????????!
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