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Hello everyone ! As is today November 1st I'm...

Hello everyone ! As is today November 1st I'm still in the beginning stages of finding out which doctor I'm going with . I'm a little further along in the research department. ???? The game plan ? Well, I would ideally like to lose at least 70 pounds before surgery . I'm down from 258.12 to 236 . A little about myself ... I have 7 children (wait for it ....) under 5 ! Two sets of twins and I'm ready to reclaim my body .


So , today was my second consultation with Mr.Klein in Concord . I am completely blown a away not in a good way either ! First let me trace my steps and begin by saying that he first time around with this man he was great ! Fully of life , pleasant and ; well it seemed as if he pulled out all the stops . This time not so much . I was instructed to come back because I wanted to know why he didn't quote the tummy tuck and the breast implants together . In nice words my bmi way too high for him to do those two procedures together . Only problem is he didn't explain that in nice words or the first time around . He also added in the fact that I needed a lift as well . Which I specifically asked him the first time . Toward the end of the consultation I managed to remind him through this huge lump in my throat that I was on the way to losing 70 pounds and that was my main goal before surgery . I guess his not guy act wore off and he wasn't so pressed on the 5600 for just implants alone at that time . Business must be coming in better in comparison to my last visit . I wish you guys could have been there ! Words can't describe how rude he was . I asked him why was told to come in if they knew that and it was standard procedure he then beat around to bush to tell me that I was basically lying . This may seem a little all over the place I'm just extremely emotionally . I guess it could have been worst if I'd actually went through with it and he was this rude during post op care
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So far I can't keep up with a coordinator to save my life , ugh .

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