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Ive struggled with my weight since I can remember....

Ive struggled with my weight since I can remember. After trying almost anything from pills,nutricionist,ocupunture,Shakes, diet you named it I tried it. I decides to go the healthy route amd in a matter of months of diet and exercise at weight 365 went down to 301. After that my bosy just didnt want to go down any further so, I opted to get a gastric sleeve which got me down to 240. After I developed acid reflux so my awesome Dr did a dup denal switch. Today after that I stand at 195 LBS and having to carry a lot of saggy skin. Recently I started to do some research and it came down to Dr. Hunsaker! I will be traveling tommorow for my pre op and my tt and bl without implants will take place!! Iam very excited I will keep you all updated but here are a few of my picture from before until now! ????


Ok so here I go to get a good night sleep bacause tomorrow is THE BIG DAY and Dont know If I will enjoy it as much!????????????

Not so good news!

After surgery could keepn anything down I was vomiting to much, blood preasure went down, I called paramedics for the to tell my blood preasure was normal ( it was not) super bad experience the parMedics wouldnt take me and her words were (WE ARE NOT A TRANSPORTATION SERVICE) but when my blood preassure wasvtaken the guy put the cuff on top of my thick towel like robe!! What a bad experience, I felt scare I was down here alone and for me to go from room to truck if it wouldve take me 1 more minute I wouldve passed out!! Came to hospital finally and hemoglobin low and super dehydrated and a huge hemstoma on upper belly... Just got out of surgery and feeling better!!! Thanks to DR Castrellon which was on call here at the hospital!!!!! ???????????????????????????????????? But I trust God and he helped me!

Tommorow is my 1 week post op

I am homeeeeee!!! Thank God still have drains, stitches and some staples from complication surgery, But I will be posting my pics its coming along good still in discomfort but I dont really know how my belly will look like after all swell is gone! Talk to you guys tommorow I will post pics! Night night!


Ok guys this is it here are some of my pics as of today!
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