42 years old, 2 kids; tummy tuck, mommy makeover

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Only 104 days away! I've been dreaming of getting...

Only 104 days away! I've been dreaming of getting a TT since my son was born. He is almost 19 years old. My surgery is scheduled on my 42nd birthday. A wonderful present to myself! I am so afraid of the pain, but I know it will all be worth it! And I know I will still have stretch marks but that is ok. I just want to get rid of this roll that hangs over my pants and this lower pooch that is sagging more with each year. So I don't feel my expectations are too high. My husband is traveling with me all the way from Indiana. I found a nice one bedroom apartment to rent that isn't too far from Dr Ortega's office and the price isn't bad either. We will be staying a week. My husband is a such a sweetie to go as my caregiver. It is a week in Miami and out of the Midwest's cold winter...

Tomorrow is the day!

Pre op appointment today. I signed a bunch of papers, gave my health history, took some pictures, and received my arrival time. 6AM!! I did not meet with the doctor but the office staff were all pleasant and professional. The nurse stated I will meet him tomorrow prior to my surgery, then a return visit the next day with the physician assistant, and a final visit with Dr Ortega early next week. Knock on wood and keep your fingers crossed that all goes well...

Beyond my Expectations

It has been a long journey to feeling better. At 3 weeks I can now stand up almost straight, my incision is almost healed without any complications. The biggest hurdle was waiting patiently for the drains to come out. And when it was time to take them out....hallelujah!!! I felt instantly better and more like myself again. I think Dr Ortega did a fantastic job. I still have stretch marks and right now my scar is dark but it will lighten. I wear my abdominal binder at night and faja during the day. My lower abdomen gets swollen and hard every evening, but this is to be expected for at least the next couple of months. Despite the swelling, my stomach is flatter than before pregnancy and I love my new breast size. Thank you Dr Ortega!!

Feeling better

I am still have alot of swelling but feeling overall healthier. Incisions are healed. I love my new boobs and flat stomach!

Before and after

2 months post op

Feeling better everyday. Going to start exercising again soon. Scars are healed, but still wearing scar tape.

Feeling good almost 4 months post op

A few pics

6 month update

So happy I made this decision to change my body. I love, love, love my results. Dr Ortega did a wonderful job! The only complication I have is swelling in my lower abdomen in the evening. I still sleep with my binder and that does keep the swelling down.

More 6 months post op

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