Can July 2017 Come Any Sooner??? - Miami, FL

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I am a mommy of two I had them back to back (2012...

I am a mommy of two I had them back to back (2012 & 2013) and had my gallbladder removed in between pregnancies. I also had the e/hell I mean essure done and removed that this year with my fallopian tubes. So I have a few little scars on my belly and my belly button is not cute to me anymore.

I will be traveling to Miami from New York and have to consider the overall cost of the whole mommy makeover package and price. I've been debating about which procedure I should do. I currently have the bbl, tummy tuck and breast augmentation ($15,995) There's so much happening in my life that I have to be aware of the overall cost and cut down a procedure. So I've been debating on getting either the tummy tuck and bbl ($13,195) or the breast augmentation and bbl ($11,700). I just checked on his Instagram and the prices went up since I made an appointment August 2015. Can you tell I've been patiently waiting lol ugh so now if the prices changed idk I will most likely stay with the original procedure.

But if the prices is what I mentioned then I'm wondering if the bbl and breast augmentation is enough? The bbl includes liposuction of the stomach, back and flanks. Would my stomach be flat enough to wear dresses and not see a pudge anymore. I'm also worried of how am I going to sleep if I have a tummy tuck and bbl? I usually sleep on my stomach even when I was pregnant and had my tubes removed.

I don't mind the stretch marks and a lil extra skin. I can also get a tummy tuck a few years later in New York instead of traveling so far. I also know that I can easily put on a push up bra and won't need the breast augmentation.

Decisions, decisions!

If you ladies have any input please feel free as well as answers...,

So I'm still getting quotes from different doctors...

So I'm still getting quotes from different doctors and I would like to stay in the New York area that way I don't have to pay for a hotel and flight. While I'm shopping around the before and after pictures from some of the doctors are not what I want. It makes me feel like I should just stay with Dr. Miami. I'll continue on my search but I would love to have surgery soon. I keep looking at all the pictures I have to send to doctors and I look horrible :(

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