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I've been on this site since 2013. I struggle back...

I've been on this site since 2013. I struggle back and forth on getting surgery or working out. I've done the best I could to get my results and I'm not satisfied. So surgery it will be, I was scared in the beginning. I'm so ready now. I've researched plenty of surgeons and reviews. Dr. Fisher is who I've deceived. He is one of the best and also affordable. Every Fisher doll that I've seen I've been pleased with the results. So to all the dolls and Fisher dolls please feel free to leave any information to assist me with my journey. I will be needing info on the recovery homes or any services post op that you know of.


So does anyone know what Dr. Fisher require your BMI to be pre op. I weigh myself today and the scale read 181.4 but I have my uniform on and shoes. I want to be 170 or 175 but, I also don't want to lose too much weight because, I was told that you lose a lot of weight post op. I do wan to tone and get rid of a lot of back fat and build muscle in my legs and arms. I think when I talked to Margaret my coordinator at Vanity she said with the Mommy makeover that Fisher will only lipo one area maybe 2 because, of the surgery procedure. I guess its too much to do all lipo areas, tummy tuck and breast lift. So if any of you Fisher Dolls and give me any information on his BMI requirements but, I also will double check once I meet him when I have my consultation.

Wish Pics

I want my waist snatched! Flat tummy, lil hips, breast lifted. I can't wait till my consultation to see what Dr. Fisher have to say. I pray he can sculpt my body exactly how I want it. Doesn't have to be perfect but worth my money, pain, and time.

Best Wish Pic

Omg! I think is my best wish pic. January can't come fast enough. Anyway I got time to lose weight and build muscle

Wish pic

So my BMI is 28, I meet Fisher's requirement. I weigh 179, my goal is between 170/175lbs and build muscle. Consultation in two weeks I'm so excited to meet Fisher the man that is aggressive with lipo and snatching waist.


So I just booked my flight to MIA for my consultation. Pretty good deals on one way flights with American Airlines. My consultation is August the 20th at 11am. I pray Fisher don't have me waiting all day. I want to see him get all the info I need and get out. So excited ????


At Vanity for my consultation. Anxiety level on 10 and I'm not even getting surgery. I know this clinic look like a strip mall but it seems clean. So many ppl in here for surgery, post op appts, consultation etc. everybody Team Fisher.

Thinking about switching surgeons

Anyone going to Dr. Omulepu end of Jan or beginning of Feb 2016. Please respond any realself dolls

Recovery Houses

Can anybody comment some good recovery houses below? Please and thank you

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