Mommy Makeover Dr. Ortega Advice on It Please? Miami, FL

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So I officially decided to get a mommy makeover I...

So I officially decided to get a mommy makeover I had went through major surgery June 2014 I went from 260 pounds to 145 my breasts are uneven I want to get the Mommy Makeover schedule for February 19th 2016 but I had a couple questions I live 4 hours away did anybody receive the surgery and leave right away .... I wanted to stay two days in a hotel or stay in recovery house any advice is needed and wanted to have my surgery an just stay for a day or two and be able to come home and go back and seven days to remove my drains I wonder if that's possible and I would like to have big breast like a double D does anybody know what CC that is??

Questions regarding mommy makeover

My appointment is finally set. February 19th called like over 4 times and my coordinator Liz was very rude to me she wouldn't respond to my emails or calls I finally had to act like a crazy person which was so sad to do so... She was annoyed with me calling.. it sucks I have been so dang nice to her for her to be rude she wouldn't even answer my questions. So anyone who has surgery can they please tell me how long it took you to get the supply list you need things and for the blood work? Do you get the blood work done anywhere? Please help with these questions because the office sure wont.. and also when I go a day before will he check me out or I will meet for the very first appointment??

waiting for my Blood work paper (Dr. Ortega)

Okay so February is creeping up.. I need my blood work paper work so I can hurry and have it done.. so everyone that is having mommy makeover or has had it done. What all do I need pre op? And what testing is done before surgery so I can prepare myself... I'm freaking out because my work is not the type that will work with me I took my days off and that's final I can not take it back. My biggest fear is to go to Miami which is only 4 hours away for me to turn around and go home. I'm nervous and time is ticking... this is something I have been dreaming about I'm so excited advice is needed. And I will be having my surgery on a Friday has anyone here have had it on a Friday? Do you have a one day follow up or is it two days..?

Mommy makeover Faja, girdle, tummy control?

Okay I need help. I need to get prepared for surgery. .. what are some reasonable price Faja or girdles and even tummy control that I can use after surgery? And when can you start wearing them after post op.. preparing myself no last min surprises...

Spectrum ugh!!!

Liz sucks... Liz sucks.. Liz sucks!!!!!!!

So obviously I'm having a life changing surgery a major one I may add!!! It's so hard to get ahold of this women. And she gets really mean and nasty on the phone when you call. I just simply called to get my blood work so I can get my appointments set for pre op... I use to email her everyday and all of sudden they stopped.. come to find out she blocked my email.. makes me feel like crap. I'm new to this I'm scared and would like someone to help me and she is sorry she doesn't care she already has a nice body so she has nothing to worry about!! I'm justill ready for this surgery... how many hours is the mommy makeover?

Blood work!!! Whoo hoooo

Omg!! A month to be exact away!! So I just received a call and text for Evenly stating that I'm ready for my blood work and to see if I still want the schedule date... I'm so excited but scared at the same time. I don't want to be cancelled.. pray pray pray.. bring on the new me!! :))))

Lab corp

Okay so got the blood work done this AM.. do I follow up with them or they automatically send the blood work to them? Advice is needed?

Blood results ;/

Soo upset.. the nurse called me and stated that my blood count was very low.. that I might be anemia... well I was on my menstrual cycle HEAVY would that affected my results.. anyone ever been in this position???

Mepitac or other scar gels or sheets?

So I would love to know others experience on scar stuff.. what has worked for you and what hasnt. I would like to look into everything no one likes a scar..

Recovery wear post-op

Okay so I'm so new at this.. getting everything before surgery. I'm going back to work 10 days after surgery. My question is what will I be wearing as a bra? My post op surgical bra ? Do I go out and buy sport bras or regular bras? And that being said... do I go to Victoria Secret to get fitted for a bra? At work I dress up and don't want to look like a goof. I already have people at work putting me down for doing this surgery.. nasty people in this world!! Nothing will stop me.

Iron low!!! I'm so down today

So Evelyn called me today and stated that I need to go buy floradix I have been to every store looking for this .. so I went online and I found it. The only issue I need to start this ASAP... and in two weeks redo my blood work. Issue is I can't wait for it to be in the mail so I asked if I can't continue to take my pills I have Sundown 65mg of iron in little print is says (325 ferrous sulfate) so she said I need to focus on getting 325 a day of iron. I told her with 65 MG a pill that will be 5 pills a day she said yes just split it up ..that just sound like so much iron. I'm kinda scared to take that much my iron results is a 10.2 it's supposed to range from 11.1-15.9 did anyone have a issue with this? I took the time off for the surgery I don't want to not have it done ughhhh!!! ;( makes me want to cry

Shit just got real less than a month away!!!!

So if ya`ll see I`m having issues with my blood work and i guess a little trace of a infection also in my urine. Ahhhhhhh lord be on my side i have been through a lot and more. I`m taking 5 iron pills a day and I`m taking my antibiotics for the infection. I`m a strong believer in signs and I`m just ignoring this one! I`m beyond excited less than a month OMG and its time to fix this body it time to have a second chance to make this right! Girls i went from 260 to 140 as of today!!! My body has took a toll and my boobs are uneven. UGH! I have this lady at my work BLESS HER HEART in so many ways but omg she is a bitch.. she told me if i go to D or even DD i`m going to look trashy. She has been making remarks towards me about it. Well she is not going to rain on this sunshine i`m going to get my big boobs and that's final!! I want to thank everyone that has helped me on my journey you all are so amazing i love this forum and i love that i can get help here. Any advice or list of things i need for before and after the surgery!! I love you guys :)))

Checked my iron this A.M

So i spoke to Evelyn yesterday, I have been having bad pains on my lower back. And i have been taking 5 iron pills a day 2 in the Am 2 in the mid day and 1 at night. Anything to bring my iron up my iron is 10.2 as of last week. So i went to a place that donates blood to have it checked she did my right middle finger and it read 12.4 and that made me smile so big becuase spectrum wants us to be atleast a 11. So she did my left middle finger and it read 10.8 i can not catch a break.. I dont know why they are both different... IM STRESSING OUT even if it is 10.8 that means it went up 6 notches so if i continue my iron it will hopefully be over 11.. she now wants me to go Monday and have my blood done so they can see the results... i cant reschedule my appointment for my surgery i have already taken the days off work and so has everyone else that is going to help me... Im trying my hardest to get this iron up now i have 2 days for it to be what they want it to be at!!! I have no hope anymore.

Labs 2nd time

Ok 18 days and counting..... I had my iron rechecked at quest this morning.... I contacted Evelyn via email and practically begged her to email me as soon as possible so I can know what the results are.... spectrum is probably waiting for me to have my surgery so they don't have to hear me ever again... girls. I pray pray pray that my iron will go up!!!


Soooo... has anyone used this before??
Iron is still low she wants to cancel me NO!!!!

how long is Floradix take to raise my iron??

Loosing hope

So I work with a couple doctors and I spoke to them regarding my issues, about my iron they were telling me it takes up to 6 weeks to months for my iron to go up no matter how hard I try talk about losing hope... anybody on this forum that had issues with the iron I would like to know how long it took you to bring your iron levels up.... i am taking the best that there is a floradix and eating everything I can that has iron.

Surgery day??

Do you have blood work the day of again? Do they check your iron? Anyone who has been to Dr. Ortega tell me step by step what happens on your surgery day???

Blood work 3rd round....

So I had my blood work done this A.M it was STAT so I asked my lady how long she said in a couple of hours... so I'm waiting for either a email or phone call.. email is great news . Phone call is bad news ; ( just waiting now... bring on the good news.

Omg!!!!! ;)))

So I am cleared for surgery...
I'm lost for words.. I'm extremely excited but now I have my other half telling me he is scared that he might loose me over this surgery.. I can not win from loosing...

Plus Evelyn said that Dr. Ortega said he will be limited with my liposuction on my back due to my iron being low .. what does that mean limited???

Need help finding a hotel

Alright my realself sisters I need help anyone that's been to spectrum can you please help me find a reasonable hotel nearby... I cannot stay in a recovery house I'm going to have my other half with me and I need to find a hotel that is safe... Liz my coordinator told me to go to Best Western... The price of coming out close to $300 a night I can not pay that that is way too much I'm looking for a reasonable price

Surgery is in a week

Ok serious question all BS aside...
Was anybody scared before their surgery... Imagine everybody goes through it, and I imagine that you're close loved ones are worried about you too..
How did you feel the day of your surgery?

What did you take with you for your mommy makeover? lady's , I am shopping right now and making a list and checking it twice... what do you suggest for me to buy for my surgery.. from like local stores.. not online... I really want to get prepared. Please help

Pe op pictures... I hate my body it needs work

Went from 260lb to 145lb
Body has been threw it all..
Hoping for a flat stomach and double d breast...
I hope I can get the body I'm hoping for I have my back side and my uneven breast.

Breast implant/lift TT and liposuction of the flanks

Okay so I spoke to Cary at Spectrum she stated that it is all included so fingers crossed I'm not loosing my mind.

Time is coming..

Soooo it's been so weird ever since I have been talking to you ladies on here about my price of the surgery and it being 5900. I get a call from Liz this morning stating that Dr. Ortega seen my pictures(he supposedly seen them when I first started at Spectrum) well she stated that I need a extended tummy tuck not a full and she was like that will be a a extra 400.00... I was like okay where the hell did this come from... I should of been told from day one.. and when I said okay fine.. then she like DON'T tell anyone your price because I got a good deal aND everyone else is paying a lot do to tax time... so needless to say I feel like they are on this site.. how do they know what I was just talking about last night .. idk.. kinda fishy. But surgery is now 6300. Oh. Well tell me 3 days before I have surgery...

4 hours and 20 mins to get to Miami

Okayyy... who was scared ???
I'm terrified I keep telling myself I will be okay... obviously when you go threw a major surgery you are scared. It's sinking in on me now.. how did you calm yourself down??? Do I ask for something today at my consultation?? Give me tips.. I'm so excited. I pray that I wake up and has a smooth recovery..

Hellooo Miami

So I'm here ...appointment is not until 1:00 p.m so it the waiting game... ahhhhh Tomorrow is surgery..

Omg!!!! The big day

Okay so I seen Dr. Ortega
He is amazing... I explain to him that I want double Ds he said HELL NO.. haha I laughed so hard he said "why do you want double d ? wanna be a hooka" so he said stick to D they will be nice. He was really kind and explain to me what he will do for me where my scar will be and how low which was pretty amazing he said you will be able to see your vagina again and winked at me lmao... and then I was just standing naked while he was joking and laughing with me and then he stopped and said Damn you can cover up now I been done .. and laughed and said its not time to let them hang around... so all in all I'm still scared but he put me at ease.....

So tomorrow at 930.. they didn't give me my script for medication ; ( so I have to go threw hell tomorrow to get them filled.. in 30 mins!!!! Because they open at 9 a.m guys it is here!!

Worst pain ever

Ok today's my follow up appointment with Dr Ortega at 9:30 this is the worst pain I've ever experienced it's hard to sleep hard to get in the car and its hard to walk... lady's when will I be able to feel relief... in the payment that he gave me really not strong enough for me I can feel everything.... I hope this gets better..

Pain pain..

Here is before and after so far.... I have a 4 hour drive ahead of me in a car with seat heaters on and wrapped up can't wait to get home...

Breast band

So Dr. Ortega asked me to purchase a breast band.. how long do I wear it? And what will it do? Who on here has experience with it? Please help breast are killing me they are so high.


How long will it take for my books to drop... they are so high they look like little torpedoes.. I have a band on (very painful!!!) Any advice what I can do for them ? I have been icing them but I just don't know anymore..

My drain on my left is leaking bad.. spectrum won't anwser... from the day of surgery not that much has been coming out if it anyway. But little worried I have been cleaning it with peroxide and changing the pads on man is more worried than me he is kinda freaked out... Dr. Ortega wants me to keep the drains in for 18 days but if stuff is barely coming out I should keep them in.. he said he goes by days not what's draining out. I don't know... if nothing is coming out by Friday I'm making a trip to the office...

Any advice with my boobies.. please I will take it very painful

Little update and boob question***

I feel whole lot better today I haven't pooped yet... I wish I can I've been taking stool softener like candy hopefully soon... I'm still walking around everywhere and my man is helping me get up from the couch I can't get up by myself he's been helping me with everything he's pretty amazing I don't know what I would do without him.....*** Spectrum finally called me back today Layla stated that my drain is leaking on the left side is perfectly fine (it is normal) that's why there's pad their and I need to just stay on it and clean it with just water and soap.....she said if I'm under 25(in my drains) a day I can get them removed Friday if not I have to keep them for another 2 weeks... pray that I can get them removed soon because I believe the pain won't be so bad once they are removed... my wonderful man cleaned me today and we noticed that my tummy tuck scar goes all the way around my sides which I am not complaining at all I'm pretty excited to see what the end results are my vagina area is very swollen it hurts really bad... I can not breathe without my compression garment...

Now on a serious question.. ladies BOOBIES
When will the slightly drop? They are extremely high I've been wearing the band seems like its not helping what else can I do will I see results in a couple more days I have been trying to read other people's stories on realself but there really isn't any I've been on YouTube watching videos all of the girls on there you see results within 5 days and I don't understand why mine aren't moving the breast implant is really high and my boobs are really saggy this is normal what can I do? When I went to my second day follow up with Dr ortega he did say its normal and it will take time for them to drop... so idk.... let's talk about it... give me advice and hope. They look deformed : ((
***** I will post pictures tonight when he changes me *****


I'm not thrilled with my breast I'm honestly not happy at all!!!! Look at them they look horriable.... what's is going on????? Everyone that has had a breast job has not had this problem I have never seen then like this!

Praise the lord!!!!!

I poooped!!!! Omg best feeling in the world.
So on another note Layla the nurse and Liz the coordinator and Dr. Ortega all called me today... they all said that it is normal... it's because my muscles is pushing them up.. to wear the band extremely tight and they will push down... so that gave me a lot of hope.. so now I can sleep at ease.

Real talk! drains!!

Ok , so yesterday I called spectrum and also emailed the nurse... Nobody got back to me today I was supposed to go there to have them remove my drains... but they wanted to call me first before I just showed up it is a four and a half hour drive... I wake up this morning I'm not draining nothing my Drain bulbs are empty... I go to clean my drains this morning my husband was helping me... And my left drain is extremely loose it can come out anytime now, I called Spectrum again no answer called their emergency phone left a message.. Nobody here will touch my drains... So I'm left with one option I'm going to take my drains out myself I see that I has a stitch holding the drain in all I have to do is cut and pull husbands going to help me I have no other choice that.. I go back to work March 1st. And these drains are painful when I wear pants.. who has pulled there drains out themselves???

Welcome the new me..

Sooooo... my drains are out!!! Did it all by myself
So Idk if I have a extreme Faja but OMG it hurts.. I can not wear it. It's a faja/waist trainer.. so right now I'm wearing a full body compression garment my binder and then Spanx... pretty compresed. I hope that will make up for the faja.. now I need to go get one. : (
I wore my faja before surgery it was a piece of cake .. the pain from it omg!! I will post pictures.


I'll be 11 days post op tomorrow can I not have a cup of coffee?? I've been reading online that everybody saying no caffeine I don't drink soda but I do like to have a cup of coffee here and there

Almost two weeks...

I feel like surgery never happen.. I'm kinda back to normal.. I'm still stiff and can't do everything on my own... I'm careful lol wish my books will drop and the swelling will go down.. I looked like a butter ball..

Need help!!

Ann Chery Faja/girdle is what I have and holy moly... I can barely get it out it hurts so much!!! So I have been wearing my binder and a compression suit.. is that okay or do I need to buy anot her faja?? It's tight but manageable I don't know what to do I don't want it to affected my reaults. Can someone give me advice ?

My faja

Should I invest in another one?


Okayyy... please don't come on here and say that my breast look like shit... I know this that's why I'm on here depressed.. don't be the gas to my fire...

I have contacted Spectrum.. they say that my breast are normall... no its not.. why that everyone that seen Dr Ortega hasn't had this issue everybody's boobs look amazing when they come out of surgery swollen and high but amazing don't.... my boobs have always been an event but now this is very depressing looking in the mirror I am NOT happy... I'm very happy with my tummy tuck but breast have me very depressed... I have been massaging them have been icing then you name it I've done it I wear the band 24 7.... I'm just not happy..


So I just received a call from Dr. ORTEGA himself. He gave me his personal number and email.. he stared that I need to be doing displacement exercises 10x a day. I told him I have been he said continue for a week and then email him pictures.. this is just stressful. They are not budging and honestly I really don't have the extra cash to pay the office for surgery again!! I pray that they fall into place. I told him all I want to do is cry....

3 weeks today...

So let me tell you!! I have got so many complaints about my body and it makes me feel so good.. they say I have a shape on me it's been like NEVER since I heard that.. I feel great and my boobs are dropping a little bit.. ***remember if you look at my profile my breast were uneven to extreme so they will look funny post op one will look like I need a lift but I dont! Implant is just pressing down.. I post a few pictures to show you my progress so far!! This is the best thing ever. I finally changed my surgical bra to a sports bra I hope that's okay ? Other that I will start my scar therapy this coming week.. all feels is wonderful. I do have trouble sleeping but I take sleeping pills to help with that ..

1 month out!!

Sooo... Dr. ORTEGA called me he said books are looking normal and they will dropp... well as month out and still no improvement!!!! I'm just stressed out and disgusted with them.. what do I do? Lady's that have been threw this what's the next step.? This is ridiculous.. he stated that it's normal and due to my boobs being uneven before surgery they have a lot of dropping to do. it don't feel or look normal.. anyways.. my stomach is healing amazingly love my tummy..

Ahhh 7 weeks Friday

Wow... I'm here not happy with my results but everyone I have talked to said it is normal.. just within time.. I do have a bad pain when I'm not wearing my Faja and binder it's weird to describe it's on my top of my tummy above my belly button weird idk.. but anyways boobs look amazing with a sport bra on out of it yuck!! I have up to date pictures for yall.. I love everyone who has been checking on me thank you... when can someone like me stop wearing binder and faja forever ? Anyways what do you think?? Be honest

Not happy... at 8 weeks

So I'm sitting at 8 weeks post-op from surgery.... And I am not happy my boobs still look deformed..... has anybody went through this? I'm going to email dr. Ortega right now and send him pictures

10 weeks and not happy

Sooooo... my boobs still haven't dropped my left one has a bit my right one looks horrible deformed I got in contact with dr. Ortega email pictures in explain my situation on what's going on and I posted a picture of what he said to me I never asked for a revision I don't want a revision I don't want to spend the money I paid this much for it all to be right... it's to the point when I wear the band my breath is untouched the implant won't even move down I'm giving up I can't even wear a sports bra without you telling the boobs aren't even horrible I posted a picture for you guys to see let me know if anybody else is going through this
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