52 Yr TT/BL /BA/ Lipo It's Now or Never!!!! Let's Do This Dr Ortega !!! - Miami, FL

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I'm taking the next step in my " poor body image "...

I'm taking the next step in my " poor body image " journey. I have been obsessed with this site ever since I learned of it! What a great way to see others journeys for hope and encouragement! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU!
So here I go! I have lived half my life over weight. Basically since my first pregnancy 26 years ago!!! I have 3 beautiful girls and have seen how powerful our own self image impacts everything in our lives and has that butterfly effect on our girls! I wish I had realized this many years ago!!! In the past 2-3 years I have become more focused on health and fitness and have lost 56 lbs. I still have more to go but have been at a plateau for over a year now . I continue to workout 2-3 days a week and watch calorie intake on my fitness pal. Even with all the weight loss I do not feel sexy/ beautiful/ you know what I mean! I hate seeing the "apron" effect and not seeing any improvment on abdomen. I want to know I can do mountain climbers and not hear my sagging belly slapping my quads!!!! Yeah I thought I had a crowd cheering me on the first time I heard it!!!! Lol! It's amazing how many times this" thing"/ flab gets in the way!!! It's done its job ( 3 children) and now it's time to go!!!! So anyway while I'm there I might as well get the girls fixed too!!! I don't want to be 25 or 30 again ! I just want to look it! HA!!! But seriously I'm getting a little nervous about doing it , especially since I scheduled the date!!!! I'm looking for advise on many things especially on recovery house in Miami ! I'll post photos when I get closer to date of surgery! Thank you !!!


Ok starting all the doubting !!!!! "What am I doing?" "It's so much money" , " wow I can update my kitchen" , "what would my mom say? " heck more importantly , " what will my dad (who lives with me ) say? "Do I tell anyone? "Am I being vain and greedy and selfish ?" ..... On and on.... Anyone been there? Need some support RS friends!!!

Need recovery house suggestions!!!!!

I thought I had a recovery house but she is full !!!!! YIKES!!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!!

COUNT DOWN BEGINS!!!! 22 days!!!!

Only 22 days left! Went to primary care physician today !!!! Labs tomorrow morning!!!! Already had mamo and colonoscopy both checked out just fine! Again feeling so many emotions!!!! Be glad when this roller coaster gets on the flat track!!!! Not sure what I need. Was told everything is provided? Do I really believe that? Thanks girls for being our warriors!!!!!


Now it's waiting time ! Still feel so many emotions right now! I have some good support from a couple friends I shared with. But still anxious ! I'm taking that step of faith and "believe" this will be on my top 5 best decisions I have ever made!!!!


I can't believe it's just nine short days before the "flat side" !!!!! I'm so excited and nervous about this whole journey !!!! I have only told a couple people about what I'm doing . Figured it would save me a lot of grief in the long run ;)
I have only told my husband "just enough" since he has great "white coat" anxiety ;)
I feel like I'm beginning to "nest" like I did years ago when I was about to give birth!! Lol

Just got confirmation of surgery day!!!!

All medical test results have been done and my PCP has delivered an A-OK!!!!! Seems surreal!!!!


I feel like this is just some strange dream I'm in!!! I'm totally out of my comfort zone! I'm traveling alone not being totally honest with my family ( only to save me and them grief) , in a place I've never been before ( usually my husband is with me) but IM NOT ALONE!!!! I have met with my wonderful caregivers straight from the airport! I went to spectrum did all the necessary things there. Finally got to meet and have consult with Dr Ortega! He sealed the deal!!!!! I feel so confident in his care!!! He is a ROCK STAR! This is a life changing event for me!!!! I have met my surgery buddy and her mom . We are staying in a home in which we have rented rooms. What an experience !!!! Lol you can't let FEAR hold you back from your dreams!!!! Life is what you make it!!!! Tomorrow is my arrival to "the flat side" !!!!! Prayers always appreciated!!!!


Still can't believe I did it!!!!! Dr. Ortega is a rock star!!!!! This journey has been amazing!!! Everything has gone great!!!! I am in pretty good physical shape so I believe that is the key to a good recovery!!! This is day 3 and I have been walking every hour and drinking water and being fed and catered to by my wonderful caregiver!!!!! Can't wait to be able to stand straight!!!! Going for massage in an hour!!!! Happy healing!!!
Really hate posting pics but I guess it might help someone later...


Still having discomfort especially when I get up in the morning or after sitting for short periods of time ! I am in my CG the one they sell there at spectrum . I really think it's too tight but they keep telling me it's not ! I am keeping my mobility up and drinking water and eating my pineapple !!!! I am pretty much on Advil at this point. Still practicing walking like an old lady!!!!!! Damn I want to stand up better! It will slowly get there! Just frustrating ! Worried about these drains. I'm still producing 25cc twice a day. Definitely do not want these drains to come out too soon!!!! Lymphatic massages are painful but I do feel much better after! Here are some better pic s
Boobs are still dropping / I'll post soon happy healing girls!


Went for my last follow-up appointment and lymphatic massage yesterday . Feeling great! Everything looks good. I have a BELLY BUTTON again!!!!!! Told to get ab board and magical scar cream! Still having drainage , but I'm ok with going on with them . I will remove them next week. Drainage is low not quite ready to remove ;( . Really love ab board makes me feel bullet proof lol. Boobs need to continue dropping , they are moving everyday , keeping massage and wall presses going 5 x day to prevent them settling to high Results 3 months and counting!!!!! Home bound in the morning!!!! Found a great way to deal with my drains ....always consult with your physician before trying :)


Still can't BELIEVE I DID IT!!!!! First thing I remember hearing after I woke in recovery was "breath " and I took deep breaths and said "I DID IT!!!!" " I CAN't BELIEVE I DID IT" !!!!! I'm still echoing those words!!!! I guess because I'm still wearing all my armor and still have my drains!!!! I am completely ok with it!!!!! I'm so excited with my results and can't wait to start wearing some cute new clothes ! What a journey this has been!!!! I'll post pics soon!!!!!


Finally got my drains out this weekend!!!!! Been out and about all along but now without drains is fantastic!!!!!!! My boobs feel weird at times afraid I'm going to pop one out of place!!!! Lol so always feeling them and looking at them!!! Lol maybe I'm liking them too much ! Hehe! I'm feeling so good every day!!!!! Damn why didn't I think of this years ago!!!! I guess my time is now!!!! "To every thing there is a season"! Happy healing girls!!!!!


Time sure does fly when your having fun!!!! Not so sure about the fun part! But I'm so thankful for my recovery so far !!!! I'm still sore of course and my boobs need to continue dropping and fluffing. I AM THRILLED WITH MY RESULTS SO FAR AND DR TOLD ME 3 MONTHS FOR THE BEST RESULTS!!!!! So MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Here are some photos finally. Still not sure about the lift decision, but I'll reevaluate at 3 months!!!!! STILL CANT BELIEVE I DID IT!!!!! Lol


Again , I still can't believe I did it!!!! I must say this week I hit some low time! I guess the recovery kind of hit me. Even though I have done very well , It became very frustrating in the fact that I can't do the things I want and need to do! Between that and still dealing with discomfort of my boobs and abs it came down on me the last two days! " what the hell did I do to myself" seemed to ring pretty loud the last couple of days ! Again I keep telling myself "it's all a part of the process" !!!!! I will just be glad when I'm through this "process" !!! Happy healing girls!

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