5'1 110lbs 22Year Old Young Mommy! - Miami, FL

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I'm Just Starting out So I'll Figure Out How To...

I'm Just Starting out So I'll Figure Out How To Upload My Before Pics Soon......
I'm A Young Mommy Needing A Mommy Makeover. I've already Consulted With a Patient Coordinator At CG Cosmetic. Dr Freiman Is My Prospective Surgeon and I'm Excited. The Office Was Real Professional And I Loved The Communication With My Patient Coordinator.
I Know I Will Need A BL/With Implants And Tummy Tuck Since I Have a Hernia After my pregnancies...... As For Size, I Want to be a Full D (High Profile). But Since I'm so small, I don't want to look TOO BUSTY or TOP HEAVY...... Here Are Some Wish Pics.

A Few Pics Of My Own

So I Found Some More Pics Of My "CLEAVAGE". My Boobs Have No Shape And They Sag. So I Fit A 36B/34C Bra Right Now. THEY ARE A BIT SAD LOOKING. BUT I CANT WAIT TO GET THE HIGH PERKY BOOBS I'VE DREAMT OF.

The Tummy Reveal

I Feel Like I Should Let You See My Tummy. Im Quite Embarrassed But It Will Be Tucked Soon. My Tummy Has Stretch Marks And I Have A Big Pudge. My Two Kids Stretched Me Out During Pregnancy. Its Not So Easy To Workout Because With My Hernia, My Stomach Won't Tone As Much. I Wish To Have A Toned FLAT Tummy One Day.

Vitamin Supplements

So I went to my walgreens and purchased some vitamin supplements. Especially one with IRON because I went to a doctor's appointment and two things were low: IRON and CALCIUM. I understand why my calcium is low because im lactose intolerant. So I bought CALTRATE chewable gummies. And for IRON I have a One A Day Supplement and I try to eat more greens everyday. So lets see how much better my health gets.

More Wish Pics!!

I've been looking up many implant cc. I see many women that have 300cc and their boobs looks big! So I decided to reconsider getting 500cc implants. Im so tiny and I don't want to be top heavy. I want a natural looking bust. Plus a lovely RS friend let me snag one of her wish pics! So I'm going to look in between 325cc and 425cc. I do have breast tissue so I will hope I choose a nice size. No surgery date set yet! But once I get all the money, I will!

Momma Got The Moola

So I now have enough money to pay for my surgery! All my work has paid off and I will call CG Cosmetic early in the morning to send my payment and schedule a date! I'm so happy right now!
Ooh I will keep you updated! I'm getting closer to my dreams :)

its Done! Well The Surgery Date Part

Hey Gals! I've Got A Surgery Date For August 14!!! Yay!! And A Pre-Op Appointment For July 31st! So Happy About It! Should I Be Buying Supplies Now? Or Should I Wait Until After My PreOp?
I feel like I had to keep on emailing my Patient Coordinator so she can actually remember that I Made a payment. Which is weird because I feel like she gets too busy and forget me. But anyway, I hope things get better with time.

Just A Few Pics Of My Tummy

These are a few pictures of my stomach. How I'm so little but I still look pregnant. Which sucks! I try ducking it in but that bottom pooch cannot deceive anyone. SO I hide it with my purse or try ducking it as much as I can. I'm tired of sucking in my gut.

Just An Update... Just Because BUT Don't think I'm Crazy!

So I've been on a fit lifestyle for a week now and I am pleased so far. I am doing Insanity Workouts daily (which is kicking my but), Eating clean and healthy about 4-6 meals daily and staying away from too much sugar, salt and MCDONALD's. I bought a nice size dumbbell so I can work on my arms and Squats for my legs. Main reason is, I want to have a fit & toned body and my stomach will be so much easier to get abs after my surgery.
I've already gained TWO POUNDS and my tummy didn't get even bigger because I'm eating healthy.
I don't know if some people think I'm CRAZY but I'm not working out to be skinny-er but to be fit. I'll post a picture of myself in about two weeks to see if i made some improvements! This is week 2 so far....
I don't have much so i might as well tighten it up! And maybe one day I will be a bikini model... we'll see

A Little Change

I love the words of encouragement from you ladies. Thank you! I made a change to my surgery date. It was for August 14th But I called to change it to August 5th! One week closer....!
Even though my patient coordinator is ALWAYS busy in her office, she responds to her emails. One thing Is I feel like I want to be able to reach her on the phone, but if I can't I guess email is the next best thing. I finally called about the 5th time and spoke to her and she said she'll change my surgery date to the 5th.

I'm a persistent little woman! I made sure I sealed that date for my surgery! All is well and my body is so sore from working out, but it will all pay off!

Surgery Date Change Again?

So I initially scheduled my surgery for August 14th, then I changed it to August 5th! Now a friemd of mine is having her college ceremony on August 6th. Should I reschedule my surgery for August 7th? Or show up hunched over with pain meds in my purse? Lol! I know that's a crazy question to ask. But I've already been back and forth with my surgeon office about surgery dates. Help me gals.

Hey Ladies!



I was looking into a faja/ compression garment for post op. I saw that they range from $100-160. I went on ebay and found one for $58 is it a good deal? Since my surgery and preop date are so.close I will order my garment soon. Im looking for a garment that are shorts and braless. If you gals know where I can find a good deal or any store in Miami that may have fajas for a better price?


I've actually requested my vacation at my job. Lets hope It gets approved! I asked for 5weeks vacation and only 2weeks will be paid. But that's fine because I will pay my bills in advance!
I have to be able to carry at least 15lbs at my job so 5weeks is a good time period and I will be able to walk/stand and carry the items!
Let's keep our fingers crossed that I get my vacation approved because from August 4-August 10 I will have full support from my family with my healing process and my kids. So that week would be the best week to have my surgery and most of my recovery.

In between Sizes..... Need Some help

These are the reason why I want to have a bigger size! I did mention that I wanted a D Cupp but didn't want to look TOP HEAVY. Are any of these good wish pics to use?
I was considering 400cc but I may get a bigger cc like 450-500?
I had a talk with my friend and she said that I should get the boobs that I've always wanted! And that I should opt for the bigger size, basically get my money worth. But since I'm so petite, I don't want to look like WALKING BOOBS.
So these are some of wish pics I found on Instagram. And these ladies are petite but with a big bust. They still look porportionate......
I don't want to have to wear a padded bra anymore. I want my boobs to be all the padding I need!
What do you gals think?

A couple of concerns & found a faja

So I emailed my patient coordinator about the compression garment...... No response. So then I emailed Yadira who is her supervisor and she responded very quickly. She sent me a suggestion about which compression garment to get.
One thing I don't really like is that my patient coordinator is always too busy for me. Yadira (who isnt my coordinator) always answers in a timely fashion. Which I appreciate!
I just wish my own coordinator had time for me, but whenever I speak to her she answers every question. But that's if I get ahold of her....
So I found a faja/compression garment from the one she suggested. It was on ebay for $85! I looked into amazon, and make me heal and they ranged from 90+. So I'll save a few bucks and buy from ebay!
That faja is a capris style so I will be sweating my ass off in that garment! Sheesh!


So happy that I have my vacation approved!! Yay! I'm taking off August 4- September 15. I want to make sure I have enough time to heal and enough family support. Plus kids are starting school August 18 So I need to be able to stand up straight when I meet my kids teacher LOL. SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!! THANK YOU GALS FOR ALL OF YOUR WISHES. AND IM ONE STEP CLOSER TO MY POST OP PROCESS....... ALL SMILES!

#Flat Boobs

I have no upper pole anything. Their like two socks lol. I usually wear a padded bra with that bra so it looks more natural. Or one bra is for support and the other bra is for volume.
I'm still waiting for my new boobs! August needs to hurry up.


I have bit out of commission for a bit. I had my daughter's birthday to plan, she's 3YRS old! I had to get all my registration done for school. And I had to get a medical clearance from my doctor.
Ok. I had surgery (drainage of my lung) back in 2010 and my P'S wanted to make sure that my lungs are healthy enough to do surgery and if I could be cleared for anesthesia. Well today my physician cleared me! Yay!! So happy about that. Now the anesthesiologist at CG cosmetic has to double check before my surgery date. I hope they clear me.

Another thing. I've been battling about which surgeon I should go to. Mainly because I've already paid CG cosmetic for my surgery. And I can't possibly get a full refund now. Gosh! But I'm meeting with dr. Ortega to MAKES SURE I'm making the right decision.
Dr freiman told me that he'll give me mod plus profile with 265cc implants. I thought "THAT IS SO TINY". And that's not what I want. He said because I'm getting a lift he doesn't want the incisions to tear. But I spoke to my mother (number 1 supporter) and a close friend. They said that he sounds like he know what he's doing. He's suggesting a size proportionate to my body type, so right now I need a second surgeon's opinion.
I mean I do want a nice set of boobs but I want FULLNESS. I definitely don't want to be tipping over or to look like a letter P!
Ok so tomorrow is my consultation with Dr ortega. I'll let you know how that goes and which surgeon I pick.
Note: this isn't undermining dr freiman and his expertise. I do believe he knows what he's doing, I just need another opinion before I make my final surgery decisions

So...... The Verdict Is!

Ok! So I told you guys that I was going to compare which doctor I should go to! I'm keeping dr. Freiman, he knows exactly what he's doing. He's not exactly kisses and rainbows but he's straight to the point and honest. Which is what a surgeon should be! Ok so I have about 15 days until my pre-op appointment!!!

Now it's the countdown. Just waiting to see what happens then. So comfortable with my final decision.

Not So Sexy!

My belly is wrinkled and with stretch marks. Looks like a wrinkled shirt! My tummy flops over my tight and pants. Gosh less than 3 weeks left!
I stopped insanity workout because I was tired of not seeing results. I basically gave up, but I will workout post surgery!


Oh hecckkkkkkkkkkk no! I'm not sure if I can use profanity on realself.
But someone asked me today if I was pregnant! Are you kidding me? I told her that is so rude! You don't tell someone that, especially if they aren't pregnant dammit.
The other day my daughter was grabbing my tummy and telling me that my tummy is big..... Please save me dr. Freiman! ;)
Only a few more days! Well 17 days until my surgery and no one will have anything to say about my pudge.
SOS...... and no one will have a 2 or 3 cent about my tummy. Can't wait.....

Am I Getting A Bit Obsessed?

I'm on my way to work now and ive been up since about 4am this morning watching "Botched". Its a new tv show on E! network. It when people get revision surgery procedures from two famous plastic surgeons!
I wateched all of the first episodes EARLY THIS MORNING and a new episode will come on tonight at 10pm.
How will I stay awake at work? Hell if I know.
Now im twindling my fingers and counting down the days until my surgery and looking at many pic of BOOBS & TUMMY TUCKS..... Even other procedures.
I need help lol!

Some Supplies

I've already bought some supplies! I didn't purchase anything I didn't feel was necessary.
-compression garment $62
-Antibacterial soap $5
-sponge (for bathing) $1
-white sports bra (set of 2) $12
-comfy socks (set of 6) $7
-2 new large pillows (needed them anyway) $16

Another thing on getting are tea packets. I will be drinking Tea HUNTY and some coconut water. I'll get the big packet from WHOLE FOODS MARKET.

Going to purchase arnica Montana pills from WHOLE FOODS MARKET. It's only $6!!! And a pack of chux because I don't want to soil my sheets when I get out of surgery. That's it!

You guys see my new sheet set? Got it from DD Discount and Ross had traveling neck pillows for $7!! I didn't get it because i don't think i needed it but if you gals are looking for neck pillows try your local Ross. You might find it for the LOW.

Oh yeaaa.......

And gauze pads!! To keep my incisions covered. I bought two packs of 10 gauze pads.

One Digit Now!

9 days until My pre-op appointment and 14 days til my surgery. The days are going by fast, I'm trying to keep myself busy so I don't have to think about it so much!!
I have semi bad news. I am coughing!!! I sneezed 3 times last night! Ahhhjhhh I'm getting worried cause I don't want to be sick....
It's been raining so much in miami and I'm an A.C. kind of girl. A.C. In my car, in my room I just can't stand being hot!!! Lol
I don't want to take anything because it's so close to my surgery. What can I do?

Feeling Better!

Hey yall im feeling better. I cough here and there but I dont have any sneezing or mucus. Ok. So this is good news, im stayong away from the AC. Well im trying to stay away. Haven't purchased any new supplies lately but im taking
-calcium/ vitamin D
Twice a day only because my iron & vitamin d levels have been low.
Ahhh less than two weeks dammit!

Hurry up!

It's Getting Serious! Wrinkled Shirt

Countdown continues! Less than two weeks left dammit lol.
My tummy pics are posted. Those are pics of my tummy relaxed and bent over. I call it wrinkled shirt because if the stretch marks and hernia in my belly button. The stretchmarks surrounds my entire belly. I hope he can get rid of as much wrinkles as possible.
I swear the stretch marks don't really matter as much, I want a flat tummy and cute BB. pre-op is in 6 days!

Excuse my messy room.....

Don't Forget......

Basically, I'm going shopping for school items tomorrow with my kids! While I'm out I will pick up some last minute items for my surgery. ....
-arnica pellets
-bed pads
-coconut water/pineapple juice
That's all for now.

Don't forget to watch BOTCHED TONIGHT AT 10 PM! :)

Hey Ladies!

I have been going through love issues. Basically some guys are assholes!
Ok next!
Now I purchased
-vitamin c pills $4
-bed pads 9 for $9
-coconut water/ 2 for $3
-arnica pellets $6
my cough came back! Im so sad..... im going to drink my vitamin c pills and multivitamins. And drink tea!!!!!! I don't want to get worse..... I hope it doesn't. My preop appointment is Thursday. 2 days away, very excited. I'll see what they say then.

by the way, im not stressing over that man...... gosh

I'm Fighting This Cough......

Yesterday while at whole foods market I bought tea bags! Yes. Some riccola throat lozenges! Oh Yes. And that AC is off until day AFTER my surgery.
I'm not playing any games.
Keep my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly at my pre-op appointment tomorrow! And hopefully by surgery day, that cough is depleted. Counting down......
It felt so good to look at my work schedule starting next week and to see that I'm OFF!
I'm really getting closer and let's hope everything continues to go good....

Let Me Give You This Tea......

So I couldn't make it to my pre-op yesterday because I had to register my son for school and I would've made it too late! So my coordinator rescheduled me for Monday.
I'll be free all day on Monday so it's perfect that I do my pre-op then......
4 more days until surgery! Fingers crossed x

Counting Down!!

Heyyyy. This may be the last weekend I have this wrinkled tummy!!!!
I notice that my cough increases when I'm at home, so it may be dust related! :(
Tomorrow I'm going to disinfect my entire room! I need to be healthy enough for my surgery.
Thanks to psineedthis IM NOT Drinking Tea ANY MORE. I'm just drinking shots of ginger, consuming more garlic with my foods and drinking vitamin C once daily.
I'll see if I get the OK for surgery tomorrow.
Oh and today was my last day at work. Yay! Once I clocked out I felt so much relief!
Posting an update of my pre-op appointment tomorrow!


Ok, so everything went smoothly!
They did my blood work and said my cough wasn't alarming. Yay!
I went in and they took some before pictures! It went very quick since I already saw dr freiman, i will speak to him before my surgery.
My surgery is scheduled for 4pm...... The hell? Kinda late! I wanted to watch pretty little liars by 8pm lol! but it's fine. No complaints here, I'm getting a brand new body tomorrow.
They gave me a packet of instructions!
-No eating or drinking after 12am
- No jewelry, makeup or nail polish
- No piercings (which I have a few of)
-Bring sports bra with open front
-Bring pain medicine

I have everything. I'm wearing a loose fitting dress or outfit. So happy! 4pm, I'm ready!

***** my 4 pain meds were $70. I got them at a doctor's pharmacy in sw 8st. The office rendered me to them.
My pain meds are:
I had to Google them! I don't want to be taking anything strange.

So tomorrow I will do last minute shopping for my kids school supplies. Get some socks and house slippers.
but now I will DUST my room from ceiling to floor.
Yay......... excited!!! So......... excited!!!!!!

Today is the day!

They asked me to come in early so its currently 11am and im on my way there now...... im so excited. Thank you for all the well wishes. Love you girls will update later..... yay!!!

Ok... I'm Here....

Flat side feels so good. I tried to sneak a peek but my incisions started to sting a bit.
I went to pee.... took me 15MINS to go to the bathroom. About 6 mins to use it and 10mins to get back into the bed!!! Lol
I took my muscle relaxant and percocet. I'm trying my best to keep my arms close together so I don't stress the implants.
My tummy looks so flat in my garment they sent me home in. So tomorrow is my day 1 pre-op. Hope everything goes well.
My mouth feels so dry! I didn't have the strength to eat anything on the way home. I just wanted to get into bed!
How many days average will it take for me to feel "normal" again..... My entire belly is in pain! And I'm looking like grandma daisy over here!

So I Sneaked A Peek!

Ok. Last night went well. I just kept on waking up out of nowhere but other than that my pain level is 5.
I feel like the percocet isn't really working..... it eases it a LITTLE but it doesn't work as much as I thought it would.
I tried to pee again this morning and my incision stunned to bad, no matter how slow I went.
I think I'm moving my arms too much because I can't move them upwards with ought feeling a sore pain in my armpit area. But other than that boobs feel good and I'll keep my arm movements to a minimum.
As for my tummy! I just feel that stinging feeling I've been talking about and I can't speak very loud.
So for now I will take things SLOW. I hope my boobs stay the same size! I love them already
Not sure how many cc yet, but I will know after my day 1 appointment this morning.
My kids made my morning and bought me flowers from outside! They are the sweetest.... even though they were riddled with ants! Lol
Will update later.

Good news! day 1 post op

I went to my post op appointment. I got style 15 (mod plus profile) 265cc silicone implant. It's a modest size but I love how they look so far.... I hope they don't shrink down too much.
I met with dr. Ortega ( the other ortega) because dr freiman is off on Wednesday.
He said to bathe tomorrow, just cold blow dry after I'm done bathing. I won't fully bathe because he said to leave the incision tapes on so I will sponge bathe.
So happy.....
He also said to minimize taking percocet because it causes dry mouth and itching..... so try to switch over to Tylenol.
anything else? He said to record how much I'm draining every 24hrs, right now I'm draining 65 but once it goes down to 25 he'll remove the drains.
walking will help speed my recovery, but don't try to stand up to quick......
He approved to start taking the arnica pills and to take the antibiotic pills until they are finished......
alot on the first day. But I took it all in....!
Now it's rest time!

I'm On A Mission

I need to make a BM within the next 24hours! The top of my belly is bloated as hell, like there's a ball or something in there. Omg, I have to poop soon!
Mom is getting prune juice so I can release it all....
I unraveled my garment and it looks like a swollen hell BUT im so happy!!! He made a brande new belly button and moved all my extra skin down.....
I'll take a pic tomorrow because it was a struggle trying to do my little birdbath today! Lol
I also had the audacity to lay down on my back with my legs slightly bended. Ok laying down wasnt the bad part getting back up was. Once I got the assistance to get up my incision started stinging.
Oh hell no, wont do that again. I'd rather sleep at an incline and have a numb butt than to try to lay down again.... I WASNT READY!
Will update later.....

Good Morning!

Day 3 And I'm feeling sooo much better. I stopped taking the percocet and started taking arnica pills.
All I'm taking right now are the antibiotic pills that they prescribed me until they are done.
My butt is still numb.... lol but I can sit up a little better.
The top of my tummy is still extra bloated! Gosh... I'm taking some milk of magnesia (MOM). Maybe i will poop and all of that bloating will go away.
Sneaked some pics...... My body is still leaning a little, I'm working on getting my posture straight!

Day 3 post op

I couldn't upload in the last update. .. but be honest! Take a look at my before pics and these pics today.....

The Past 18 hrs Have Been A Mess!

Hey gals. Remember that bulge in my tummy? Ok, it was bloating from surgery but yesterday I started feeling pain! Bubbly, contracting pain in that area only. I took some MOM and it was just getting even more bloated!
I didn't know what was going on. I finally thought it was gas because NO THING came out downstairs but I kept throwing up liquid. So I took Gas X. THAT AREA GOT EVEN HARDER AND BLOATED AND PAINFUL. I gave in and went to emergency room late last night. My pain level was 8 out of 10 and they gave me morphine for the pain. (Thank you jesus!) And did a cat scan on my tummy. Everything was normal except for the fact the bulge was from constipation as well..... I haven't made a BM in about 6days! So they said to drink fluids because if I keep eating solid foods it will just sit on top of my tummy.
They also prescribed miralax.... it's something they give to patients that are getting a colonoscopy procedure! He said it's strong but it will help me go and the bloating will go down.....
Girls! One thing I learned, stick to one method of de-constipating yourself ( I just made that word up).
So I drank the miralax with gatorade and I'm passing gas already. They advised me to take one packet a day. Hopefully my constipation cease today!

As for my tummy tuck part. It's getting better, I stopped all pain meds. Starting to walk a little more straight. I'm draining 25 or less now which is good! I get my drains removed Monday (Fingers crossed)
Boobs are juicy! I love touching them and looking at them. I will ask at my follow up on Monday if I should start massaging them.
Other than the constipation problem. I love everything about my surgery results!

Mission Accomplished!

Ok.... I Got One Less Problem.... I pooped! I feel so much better! That miralax works wonders. And the bulge area is soft now. IM Taking Another packet of miralax today so I can completely clean out my system.
It took awhile but I accomplished my mission!
Now tomorrow I hopefully get my drains removed!
My boobs are feeling quite hard and heavy in the morning.... I guess I found out what "morning boobs" are lol.
But other than that everything is DANDY!
I'm walking faster now sitting up better. I just can't wait to see what's going on under these tapes! Thank you gals for your support on here! :) will upload new pics tomorrow!

On A Personal Note

I Have One Girlfriend and I feel like she hasn't been "available" for me.
Ok, we spoke in the day of my surgery. Then 2days later she was supposed to come see me but never texted or called me. Then the next day I asked what happened she said , "I don't even know but I'll come today" I ended up telling her to come next week that way I'll be feeling much better.
So yesterday I sent her a text and didn't hear from her all day.
Ok as my only friend I feel like she should be more supportive since I had major surgery. Am I wrong? Or just overreacting?
I need honest opinions. Thank you. And good morning!

Thank You Gals! Post Op Day 6 Update

Thank you so much! I feel so much support from you girls. I will have a talk with my friend and let her see my pint of view and if she cares she'll make a change! Thank you so so much for all your advice.
This morning I went to my 1 week post op and I got my drains removed! Dammit it was painful but I'm so glad they're out. I can stand straight now! Yay!
I've been cleared to do:
-breast massages 3-4x daily
-full baths
-silicone strip treatment
-wear faja garment
he said to wash my scar with soap and water, dry then put neosporin the gauze pads on my drain holes.
Hehehe..... so happy....
I can't work out for 1month and can't do sit ups for at least 2months.
I was a little slouched this morning but then once I put on my faja I stood up straighter! It was a relief to remove the tapes and drains.
He recommended to use a silicone based cream treatment (biocorneum) a week from now. So excited! What else?
That's all I can think of right now..... All I have to work on now is my posture, I'm leaning a little lol......
Thank you again RS friends.


Ok This Is The Not So Pretty Parts Of The Post Op Process...... Scars! IM only applying neosporin right now until tomorrow and will start silicone sheets on my tt scars and Breast scars.
Then after a few weeks I will use the biocorneum cream.
All I've been doing is keeping my incison covered with gauze pads after I apply the neosporin. My BB is still dark but that heal after a couple more weeks
So far I'm still happy about my results.....
In my pics you can still see alot of swelling.
I've been taking the arnica pellets 4x daily and make sure I've been drinking plenty of water.
I keep forgetting that my stomach won't pooch out even if I drink so much.....
My scar isn't straight in the front but it is thin and I don't have dog ears on the flank sides.
Think about it, with continuous scar treatment 1yr post op the scars and swelling will be gone! So happy!
P.S. Excuse my hair down there...... I'm a jungle... sorry!

Thank You Dr Freiman! !!

Listennnnnnnnnn I was in the shower to day and all I can think is "Thank you dr. Freiman! "
my boobs look amazing. They are still juicy, right one has dropped but but left is being stubborn still.
He revived my old Bellybutton. I'm only 1 week post op but I see how it's healing already. My pre kids BB looked like an in-outie it was an innie but looked like an outie..... I know it sounds weird but it almost looks like my pre baby belly button.
I still have swelling but dammit I have a tiny waist. I want the swelling to go down so my BB can line up better in the middle. But I'm damm happy right now.
These pics are a bit exclusive but I want you guys to see what I see! :)

Hey Gals! I Know I Went Missing!

Today was my post op appointment. Basically my boobs are progressing well, right boob is dropping faster than my left boob. Doctor told me to be more aggressive with my massages now. The reason why my right boob is gauze is because my nipple was rejecting a stitch so he had to pull and cut it out. It wasn't painful at all but now I have to apply neosporin for one week and Keep it covered with a gauze pad.
My tummy is doing great! Flat as hell, i just have to wait for the rest of the swelling to go down. I do feel soreness in my muscle region so I massage my tummy every night.
I was cleared to work out! Whoop whoop! But absolutely no SIT UPS! I can't wait. I've been alternating between my faja and waist shaper, but my doctor recommends to wear the faja because it will shape my body better. So I'll only wear the faja and jeep my waist shaper for only when I workout. Anything else??? Hmmmmph not right now. Have any questions? Ask away!!!

Posted more pics

Bikini Update

A couple pics of a swimsuit I made! I look and feel so good! My boobs never looked like this and I would always have to buy the padded $50 tops from Victoria secret. Now I can make my skimpy tops! Plus my tummy was so flat..... still had a tiny bit swelling but I could never look like this before my mommy makeover. ....

updated pics. tried on a bra..

I took a shower. Put on my neosporin on my scars and my silicone strip on my belly button. And thought "maybe I should take pics in my bra! :) Tell me where you've see that bra before? Lol
It's looking like my boobs are a 36C so far! And that's the size I used to wear before but could never fill it in. But I still have to wait two more months to see my true size!


I know I've been gone almost a month but my boobs are looking and healing great. I haven't sized my boobs yet but I'm thinking I'm a full C cup.
I can't reach my arms to high because I feel a little pulling and a sharp pain.
My tummy is still flat but still a bit swollen at the bottom. My bellybutton hasn't gotten lighter yet so I'll wait to wear the bikinis....!
I have an appt this morning with dr freiman but so far I'm happy about my rules and I came a long way from "wrinkled shirt" stomach
I was at work and I decided to take pics in the bathroom :)


Hey girls. I didn't have my password to my email so I don't get notifications like I used to.
I didn't go to my post op appointment with Dr freiman because I have school, work and the kids. By the time he's out of surgery I will have to pick up my kids. So I will try to go next week! I need to know his feedback about my progression.
My tummy is STILL swollen. Any advice ladies? Or maybe it's the junk I eat? I want to do sit ups so bad.... lol but I have to wait til my muscles heal in my tummy.
I'm posting a couple pics of how I look today.... I'm wearing a tie up shirt.
And my belly button looks like it's starting to keloid a little...... I need your suggestions! :)

I Want Abs!!!

Can I start doing sit ups? Or crunches yet? And I also need a link for biocorneum..... I need to order it. Please help gals

update! can't believe it's been 4months

Soooooo I've been using the biocorneum cream for about 3 weeks faithfully. I apply a thin coat, let it dry then I cover it with a protective gauze pad.... I've been trying to get some definition in my tummy lately and I see since I got my TT it's much easier to see results! Before my saggy belly would not have any results just wrinkles.
I still feel a little swelling and the lower part of my tummy but I feel great.
As for my boobs, it feels and looks so natural!!! I usually feel some tingling which causes me to massage them but other than that, I feel hot. I'm always wearing two pieces and NO BRA.

I Want Ass.... I Need Tips On Gaining Weight

I'm Thinking About Doing A Brazilian Butt Lift in 2015..... But I Need to Gain 20lbs! I'm currently 110lbs..... Yes I Know I Can't Afford To Lose Weight But I Need Some Tips On Gaining Weight!
I've been doing squats but it will only lift and tighten my ass. I want more VOLUME in my booty.
I Am Lactose Intolerant So I'm Not Sure How I Would Do With The Ensure or Boost Drinks. PLEASE HELP! I Want A Better Booty!

Hey Ya'll, Kinda UPSET

I'm Going to post an update picture later but so far I'm Happy but Unhappy :(
I developed a keloid on my bellybutton! I'm so sad about it... my scar is relatively dark and Im so sad about it. It's only been 6months but I'm already considering scar revision surgery or keloid removal treatments.
I need doctors that specialize in these types of cases.
UGH its so upsetting to wear something and i still cant wear a 2piece because of that keloid on my BB! I want to get it removed ASAP
Or if you ladies know any ways my keloid can "deflate" lol without sugery...
My tummy is still flat and working on my abs with a Fattening diet LOL
Will upload new pic LATER

The procedure was worth it. Dr freiman knows what he's doing and he's a great surgeon. He'll be honest and straight forward with you. He made me feel comfortable right before surgery. My body feels like a 22yr old body should feel and look. The staff did make sure I was taken care of. Maybe more professionalism would be needed. I wish their surgery room and pre-op rooms were more modern..... but other than that, of you want great results go to CG COSMETIC! :)

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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