38 Yr Old 4 Kids Later Ready to Live my 40's Like my 20's! Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift and Aug and Lipo Can't Wait!!!! - Miami, FL

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So 4 kids later 1 of them a c- section, those that...

So 4 kids later 1 of them a c- section, those that have had a c-section know what that does to your stomach..... Absolutely nothing but torture you! I've finally decided to get my body back to where I want it. It's torturous to hear people tell me how young I look when I feel like my face doesn't match my body. Luckily I have a wonderful husband who loves my body no matter what but understands that I'm not happy with it.
I feel like I've read all of these journeys and am so appreciative of everyone's input that why not post mine. So after 7 yrs of searching for the right doctor from New York to the Dominican Republic to Miami I've finally chosen Dr Careaga from Miami Fl. I actually had chosen another doctor from Miami all on his reviews but dropped him like a bad habit when he never called me for a consult just his secretary and then after his secretary called me several times asking when I was going to pay up after this did more searching and found some reviews that just didn't sons to safe so even though I lost my deposit I rather lose that then my life.
So far Dr Careaga has impressed me he personally called me to speak with me about my options and what he thought was very nice and very thorough. He was the only doctor out of the 25 doctors that I've seen that said he wanted me to get a mammogram so I had a comparison when it was time for me to have regular mammograms and the only doctor that after reviewing my medical history said I had to get an echo. That made me feel like he was concerned about your health before anything else. On top of that the fact that he is the only plastic surgeon in Miami certified by the Joint Comission which is very hard to do and highly accredited, if you pass their inspection it is impressive! I work in the medical field and we are certified by the Joint Comission and let me just say that if they come and you are not on point you are immediately fired that's how serious it is! I also love that he is double board certified in plastic surgery there are not to many plastic surgeons that are. Also the fact that he and his staff has answered every question possible that I can throw their way quickly and with no issue just makes me feel safe,comfortable and so less nervous.
So I'll keep you posted on my journey I would love to hear your suggestions on scar treatment and how to make recovery easier. Good luck everyone! And I'll post my before pictures soon.

Pictures and questions

Thanks so much for the comments and for going on this journey with me! I will be putting pictures up soon, just haven't had time because of my work schedule but promise they will be up tomorrow. So I'm trying to prepare my things for surgery and am starting to buy things my question is has anyone bought their compression garments before the surgery? or do you have to wait until after for the sizing? I ask because they seem to be soooo much cheaper if you don't buy them from the doctor's office. Also anyone I was looking at this website called Makemeheal.com and they have these vitamins called Make Me Heal Plastic Surgery Healing Supplements & Vitamins Kit (Pre & Post-Op Formulas) The reviews sound great and was planning on getting them has anyone ever tried these? Also wanted to buy silicone scar treatment sheets and ointment, anyone have any ideas to share on these as well I love to hear what everyone thinks. Thanks Everyone

So as promised here are some pictures flinching as I post!

So I asked my 15 yr old daughter to take some pictures for me. The answer I got was "sure but I hope these are not for papa cause they are really not sexy!" Gotta love a teenager lol! But she is right these are really scary.

I can't believe only 18 more days until surgery!!!! Starting to get nervous and I don't know what to pack!

So 18 more days to go I think I won't believe it until I'm on the plane and on my way to Miami. I spoke to my mom yesterday and she said I've got your recliner ready and I found a lady to do massages in the house so you don't have to go out! Love my mom!! I've been trying to pack my bag but I just can't seem to wrap my head around that so so far I have all my meds in the bag and that's it... I just don't know what clothes to pack or pj's and as for supplies I want to take everything and anything I've ever heard of on realself but know I won't need all that stuff! Any suggestions? It's funny I'm also bringing my aunt with me to help as well and she is already packed!!! Help fellow realselfers what do I pack?

So I just got my care package!

So I just got my care package that I ordered made myou stomach nervous lol. I can't believe it's so close only 14 more days to go! My sister n law just got her tummy tuck on Tuesday and she said she feel fine but she is also like 13 years younger then me and I must say when I was 20something nothing hurt me either!

These are the things that came from makemeheal.com

@neelife so this is everything I'm on day 3 of vitamins and I must say I like them so far because I don't get that jittery/queasy feeling I get from some vitamins. I thought the prices where good too.The coldpacks I brought from eBay. Let me know what you think????

A few more things from eBay

So is anyone's husband acting weird?

My hubby has been very encouraging in this whole process but now that I'm 3 days away to leaving he's acting a little weird, like I'm going to get this new hot body and leave him. I find it a little funny and a little ???? sad. I mean we've known each other since we were 12 and he's always been and still is the love of my life. I hope he gets over it when I feel good enough to rape him ???? He is always so strong so I guess it's a hard to see him insecure. Is anyone else going through this?

I'm in Miami!!!!!

So girls I'm here in Miami I meet with Dr Careaga tomorrow and I can't wait! Then it's just 2 more days to and I will be on the perky boobs and flat side!

Met with Dr Careaga today!

So I met Dr. Careaga today and I'm 100% sure I made the right decision so far. He was attentive answered my questions and made me feel safe. I even asked him about going bigger and he totally was looking out for me and said no way because I was too small for such a big size. I know that but other doctors I've gone to are all for it just for the money. I left feeling confident and secure in my choice of physician. My aunt went with me and sat in the waiting room and said that she loved that the office was clean the staff was so attentive and polite and that the patients that were there were all so happy with the service they've received with Dr. Careaga. She was so impressed she now wants to get her breast revision with him! So tomorrow is Mani/Pedi, South Beach and relaxation and getting my mind straight for Friday! Oh and I'll be taking a few final before pictures on the beach just to remember the old me....lol

its 12Am and I can't sleep and surgery is at 7AM

sitting in bed trying not to think and oh boy is that hard I went to the beach so should be exhausted but my mind is all
Over the place!

Oh Boy today I go to the lovely boobies and flat side!!!

Girls thank you sooo much for all of the support! Surgery is at 7:30am I'm just sitting here with my dad who is keeping me hysterically entertained! I let everyone know how it turned out!!!!


Surgery went great I'll give you all the details tomorrow because I can't keep my eyes open! And thank you all for the well wishes!

1 day Post op

So I was able to sleep though the night which was awesome! The pain is bearable I was even able to walk around. I'm hoping Dr says I can take a shower! As for Dr. Careaga he is a dream I love him, his bedside manner is wonderful his demeanor is so calm that he just makes you feel safe. I am going to recommend him to everyone! His anesthesiologist is fantastic to he gave just the right amount of anesthesia because I woke up quickly without drowsiness or feeling sick to my stomach which was fantastic. The only thing I will say is that coughing is a bitch! Excuse my language but it hurts so bad.

I love it!!!

Now I'm definitely 150% sure that Dr. Careaga is the man! He did a fabulous job. I highly recommend him!

1st Massage

I had my 1st massage at 1day post op and let me just say ahhhhh! It felt wonderful and she even comes to my house which is even better! She said the surgery looked great and that she didn't even feel any lumps. The next thing I can't wait for is drain removal and a shower

3 days post op....

Today I was 3 days post op and it was the worst day! I'm itchy my thighs look like 2 hams from the swelling and the fact that I can't have a BM is making me crazy because on a normal day I go at least 3 times! If my mom asks me 1 more do I want an enema I'm going to scream

4 days post op went to see Dr

So after that horrible 3rd day and finally after my wonderful BM lol day 4 has been fabulous less pain even with a vigerous massage which by the way ladies if you live in or are coming to do surgery here and speak Spanish I have a wonderful lady her name is Elizabeth and she is fantastic and gave me a really great deal for 11 45min lymphatic massages! And she goes to your house! As for my Dr visit Dr Careaga said he would remove drains on Thursday whoop whoop I really hate thos things! He said everything looked excellent, And he said I could take a shower I took one as soon as I got back to my mom's ahhhhh heaven!

Emotions gone wild!!!

I couldn't sleep last night due to a thunderstorm and I guess I went into emotional over load and have been crying ever since! I'm hating being away from my kids and hubby, I hate this binder, I hate this compression bra, I hate the housecoat I've been wearing and I hate the recliner! Yup, I think that's everything..... Thanks for letting me share girls.

6 days post op pics

So ladies just finished massage and waiting for my binder to dry so I figured I'd take some pictures. I'm really pleased with the results.

Whoop Whoop!!!!

First had to drive myself to my Dr appointment had no issues and was happy to be driving again. 2nd, Drains have been removed I'm so happy 1 of them hurt like hell to take out but I didn't care just wanted them out. Dr and staff were very impressed by my recovery and I really think it's been the pre and post vitamins and the massages and of course Dr.Careaga that helped with the fast healing! Today is a good day!

12 days post op update and pictures!

Hi ladies! Hope everyone is doing well. Si yesterday had a visit with Dr Careaga and had a little fluid build up on left side if tummy I noticed it the night before but didn't worry because I was going to see him the next day anyway and it didn't hurt. He immediately drained it with no pain at all. My poor aunt almost passed out though when she saw the huge horse needle lol! Besides that he said everything else was beautiful and stitches will be coming out next week! Can't wait because they itch insanely! I was able to ask all my questions most importantly when can I have sex! Haven't seen hubby in 3 weeks I'm a little thirsty lol. I've also posted pictures up 1 is in the bathing suit I'm the before pictures wow what a difference! Have a wonderful rest of the day I'm off to enjoy some South Beach before I head back to freezing cold NY on Saturday brrrr

Let's talk about Fajas/Compression Garments

OMG! These freaking Fajas/CGs are insane! Just pulling these things up are going to make my arms look fantastic this summer! Lol Trying to find one you're comfortable with is a mission and let's not even talk about going to the bathroom that's a nightmare for me my booty is very Latin(big) that little hole on the bottom just doesn't allow any space for a BM! Sorry TMI..and if it has a zipper wowzers if you zip your privates! Which I did :-$ grrrr. So finally I've found the cadillac of fajas it's by Disenos D Prada. A little tricky to put on sales girl had to show me but once she showed me how to do it it was a piece of cake. This faja is sooo comfortable and so soft on the inside. The bottom is still short for me but being it's easy to put it on and take off I don't mind. I'm going to buy a few more of these a little expensive but so worth it.

My last day in Miami! Damn back to the freezing cold Brrrr!

So on Friday was my last visit with Dr Careaga and my last day in very warm Miami a little sad but was missing my hubby and kids like crazy so couldn't wait! So for my last visit had to get drained again, seems like that left boob was so tight and swollen it was holding a lot of fluid and when my massage therapist began taking care of the tightness it released all the fluid. He only drained a little under my breast and on left side. He said there was nothing I could do to avoid it but was concerned about me being able to get it drained if it happened again in NY. Luckily I work in internal medicine and my doctors wouldn't mind doing it at all. I will continue sending pictures and questions thru email so he can monitor my process. Again I am truly so happy to have found him as a Doctor his work was excellent and excelled my expectations and his bedside manner was superb! Next I saw Elizabet my fabulous massage therapist without her helping me heal Dr Carnage's fantastic work I don't think I would have healed so quickly.
So got back to NY on Saturday and has anyone had an issue of going from warm to cold as well as flying just making your scar extra extra sensitive? While on the plane my boobs where just achy then when I got off the plane and the cold hit my breast and tummy tuck scar tightening everything OUCH! I then tried to take a nap on my bed let's just say that was not happening! OMG! When will I be able to sleep in my bed? How long did everyone stay in the recliner? The only good thing was that my girls missed me so much they slept downstairs with me in the living room so I wouldn't be alone :-) aren't they sweet! Hubby was not to happy about the recliner either he says I'm to far for him to enjoy the new me. Lol I put up some pictures of my 2 healers;-)

So an update on supplies

I bought a lot of supplies, when I say a lot, I mean I spent a butt load of money because I read too much and like to be overly prepared. I'm glad to say I used everything I purchased and only had one loss which worked out for my aunt so not a complete loss. So I wanted to list my top ten post op supplies that are saving me right now.
1. Fajas/Compression Garments: This was one of my biggest investments because you have to find the right one for your body. If you don't buy correctly you can have an issue like had where I felt like my privates lost all feeling and I zipped my privates ouch! No Bueno! I did find D'Prada which are my favorite at the moment they are so soft and comfortable. I also ordered some from Leonisa they were affordably-priced with discount and free shipping! I'll let you know how those go, but I need this item for support still feel like my stomach will fall out if not held in place!
2. Recliner: Didn't have to buy a new one thank goodness but on day 19 post op still can't sleep in my bed!
3. Post op vitamins: Just make me feel better
4. Medihoney: As far as wound healing goes this stuff is fantastic I've been using it on my tummy tuck scar so it can heal faster as well as two small holes one under each breast that was draining a little still. After 3 days holes have closed up and stopped draining and tummy tuck scar is flat and healing quickly, nicely and not itchy! Great stuff!
5. Unrefined Coconut Oil: Love Love Love this for massage for itchiness and to calm my pain from breast sensitivity. Keep a huge jar next to my recliner!
6. Post Surgical Bras: just holds well right now until I figure out what size I am
7. Yoga pants: Just easy and work with anything
8. Micropore tape: apply silicone gel then tape works great and way cheaper than silicone scar sheets
9. My tablet: my lifesaver when I couldn't move! And my lifesaver post op for realself, and for any information I need regarding anything to do with this mommy makeover!
10. Last but definitely my most favorite! Massages so relaxing so helpful so fantastic I wish I could have them all the time but unfortunately a little expensive I was able to do 12 following surgery but now it's going to be once if I'm lucky twice a month.
So that's my list one thing I did get is La Mer concentrate which I heard works fantastic with scaring expensive but was able to get on eBay as soon as I see how that works I'll give you an update! Love This website!

Post op supplies

20 days Post op pictures

So I'm 20 days post op most of my scabbing has fallen off and I've been using ALOT! of coconut oil for itching, La Mer concentrate which is fantastic worth the money and Scaraway. I'm also waiting on a compound that Dr Careaga prescribed it's like a bleaching hydrocortison and something else cream. I'm hoping it stops the itching.

I have to tell you girls something!!!!!

Yesterday I tried out 3 products that I just had to share with you!
1. Scar FX silicone sheeting gelzone wrap.
It's a silicone sheet attached to a binder that velcros close! This thing is fantastic it you wrap it around as tight as you like it provides extra support for back and stomach and silicone sheet lies nice and flat on your tummy tuck scar and where you had lipo. Fit petfectly under my faja
2. Leonisa.com got a faja that only cost me $55 was soft, comfortable smooth and strong on the hold. I've paid over a hundred for others that didn't even come close. If you use this link you get 10% off!
3. These water proof bandaids and medihoney. I have 2 small holes on each breast in the crease that stretches so it's taking longer to close but since using medihoney it's healing faster and becoming smaller. Plus micropore tape was so hard to stick on!
So I hope you girls enjoy these as well let me know if you used any and if you liked.

1 month post op!!! and questions..

Hi ladies so today is my 1month post op anniversary! So far still loving my results but still some swelling not alot I'm guessing that's from going back to work. I'm still a little uncomfortable in my bed and would love to sleep on my tummy and my 2 little holes under each breast are way smaller but still not fully closed. So poor hubby is still on booby restriction! lol Also I so want to start exercising again! Other then those small things I'm in love with my new body. My questions are. I've been using and abdominal board underneath my faja/cg, is anyone else using one of these and do you think it helps? Also does anyone put a marble in their bellybutton so it stays an inie? Happy Healing Ladies!

So feeling a little down......

So feeling a little down today because it's taking forever for these holes under each breast to heal. They're getting smaller but slowly and the bandages are killing my skin its red, raw, itchy and sore. Then I've had to put the breaks on hubby because I'm 5'1 128lbs and he is 6'1 265lbs we've always been very active in the bedroom and I'm scared he's going to open up my holes under my breast then I would have to go through that healing process again oh no! Also after putting on ointment scar cream and cg/faja I don't feel so sexy on top of that I'm not going to lie recovering, going back to work and taking care of a family I'm exhausted! I can't wait to be normal again! Wusaaa Just needed to vent. On the bright side went to the mall for some retail therapy and found this little gem at Victoria Secrets now I can't wait for the summer!

Having a really bad day :-(

So tomorrow I'll make 6 weeks post op and I'm really having a bad day today first went for massage and had to get drained the massage therapist says my cg needs to be tighter in the center part above my bellybutton but because of my ribs that is impossible so now she wants me to put a folded up rag there so there is more pressure! Just what I need more tightness. Then another knot came out on my right breast and reopened the hole I just got closed and almost healed ugh to end it all and open up the water works I was prescribed a compound med with 3 different medicines for my scar and I had a really bad allergic reaction that went to the top of my thighs! I'm so glad I didn't put it on my breast! But when I got home and took my clothes off and saw that it was the last straw I started crying I was done for the rest of the day! I just want to heal already!

Today is a good day! Also 6 wk post op pictures

So first I want to thank all of you for your support and well wishes on my sucky day I truly appreciate all of you wonderful ladies :-) As for my day first all the knots came out of the little holes I had on my breast so now they can close and Duoderm is working great stays on and no allergic reaction! 2nd my tt scar allergic rash went away and didn't leave a mark yippee! Then finally I was putting some laundry away and found two dresses that I bought a week before the surgery, they were on sale and I would never wear them pre surgery but maybe after hmmmmm
Well I learned that I really have to learn patience in this healing process because when I looked in the mirror Wow! I really really really love my new body! Hubby even said I'm going to have to check your outfits before you go out this summer! Hahaha I might enjoy that hubby isn't usually a jealous guy ;-) Happy Healing Ladies!

9 Weeks Post Op Questions and Pictures

Hi Girls hope everyone is doing well and healing happily! I haven't updated in a while because I have been feeling blah lately about this whole healing process it feels like it has been just so slow! It's like everytime a hole closed another stitch would pop out and cause another hole which just had me depressed. I'm down to two holes so I'm feeling a little better and thinking that I should be all healed up for the summer. Another thing is over my bellybutton there is a swell the doctor says it's swelling but I'm worried it's from the Seroma I heard that if all the fluid isn't removed it can get hard and stay there is anyone else having this issue? My hubby says I'm being too critical and that even when I was a teenager and really slim and athletic I never had a flat belly I had muscle. I don't know. Another question is I feel like my scars where looking lighter and now they seem redder and darker I've been religious about putting coconut oil, bio oil and scar cream. Someone told me that does happen that they get worse before they finally get better but grrrr it's frustrating is anyone else going through this? Other than that I started doing t25 only modified but I don't feel like I'm dying when I do it. I had to get my cg/faja tailored because I couldn't find anything smaller and I still have days when I need support. Here's a question does anyone feel like you have to hold your stomach in when you don't have on a spank or cg? Not to hold it in because you feel fat but because it just feels better? Well because of the blahs I did do what makes me feel better Victoria Secrets!!! New Bikinis!!!

So as you all know I've been freaking out about.....

So as you all know I've been freaking out about the swelling above my bellybutton so last night we were invited to a fight party so I wore my cg all day to control swelling because hubby's request was are you wearing a cute outfit to show off your hotness? OMG the pressure! Lol So anyway I did and can I say I really am to critical of myself hubby couldn't keep his hands off me and girls way younger than me wouldn't talk to me or let thier men talk to me Hahaha talk about a confidence booster because they were all in thier 20's with no kids and here I am 38 with 4 kids and feeling way more awesome than you!

14 wks post op lingerie, crop tops, bikinis and pics!

Hello beautiful ladies! I haven't been able to update but have been keeping up with everyone's reviews and glad to see everyone is doing well. So first the blah stuff. My last 2 holes from my spitting stitches finally closed but I ran out of Duoderm and used wound stuture strips and think I pulled it too tight, so now I think I have a dent under my right nipple, also because of all those unexpected holes I'm worried about scaring. I have been religious about scar care but I don't know... Hubby keeps assuring me everything looks beautiful but damn that critical devil that comes out of me! I still have swelling above my bellybutton and I still feel the need to hold my stomach in because of the tightness of the muscle repair, does anyone else still have this sensation? Because of those 2 things I wear a sport waist clincher during the week but not on the weekends. My TT scar has been great no issues but I do have some stretch marks on top of thighs and on the sides on my hips, as for my boobs I love the size and feel but sometimes I wish they were higher. I know just crazy me! Lol now the good stuff. So one of the top ten reasons on my list for surgery was LINGERIE!!!!! I love how it looks and how it makes you feel but, when you're trying to hide the pouch and make sure that it holds up the girls it just kinda kills the feeling. Well not anymore now I'm this sexy, confident woman with no pouch to hide and the girls standing at attention and hubby begging for more! Lol Shopping is so much more fun now that everything fits so nicely the only drawback keeping my 15 year old out of my closet grr! Also loving crop tops, and workout gear no more baggy shirt and leggings now it's sports bra and yoga pants. Final note yesterday was my first bikini outing it was so great to not be tugging and pulling to hide parts and to just confidently strut my stuff I just wanted to break out in song "I feel pretty oh so pretty!" Happy Healing Ladies!!!!

23 was post op and still having good days and bad days!

Hi all my wonderful ladies! Work has been keeping me busy so haven't been able to post. I've been doing well but still having swelling especially above bellybutton so I had an ultrasound and that came out clear but PS that is following me here not original PS now wants to do a CT scan or MRI to make sure none of the stitches in my muscle repair popped out definitely didn't want to hear that because if they did that means surgery again to repair all of that. Other than that I'm having good days and bad sometimes flat sometimes swollen but still happy with results. I put up some pictures let me know what you think.

Some more pictures I wanted to add on but made a booboo lol

Nervous about tomorrow!

So tomorrow is my MRI with aspiration to remove liquid and to make sure my stitches didn't come out in my muscle repair. I'm so nervous I'm hoping after they get the liquid the rest is swelling and not that my stitches came out because that means I have to be reopened And muscles repaired again and I don't want to do that again. Also I feel it's swelling because the past 3 days I've woken up flat and then being on my feet 12 hours have had major swelling so I'm hoping it's just that.

7 months post op and feeling blah!

Hi my beautiful realselfers! I've been Mia because my job sucks ass and our beautiful dog passed away suddenly so I've been on reading and commenting but haven't updated my review. I've got to say this whole process has been kind of a mind fuck excuse my language! The thing is I've had to get drained a few times in the area between my belly button and breast and it has sucked! As a matter of fact I think the fluid is back let me know what you think in the picture where I'm pointing to my belly. Also I've gained 15 lbs in my thighs from my stressful job and I'm like maybe I should get liposuction on my thighs and a Brazilian Butt Lift wtf! My mind is playing tricks on me! Meanwhile hubby is like Noooooooo hahaha

So an update on the bulge

So I got rechecked because the bulge got bigger and there is fluid again!!! Grrrr so now the doctor is looking in another option instead of draining it because he feels that by 8mos this problem should have resolved. So what he's thinking about is lipo sculpture because he feels the laser will drain the area, seal wherever the fluid is coming from and since it'll be a wound again hopefully it'll seal and finally heal correctly the added bonus is that he was like he'll do a little more lipo on my tummy and back so I'm even more sculpted. I like the sound of that he said not too much though because I don't have that much fat lol OK I like that too! So now I'm just waiting to here back from him because he wants to go over this with another surgeon because he says where the seroma is and for how long its been going on its unusual but because the last time it was drained cultures and labs where done and the fluid came back clear for infection and bacteria he feels this would be the best method so now the waiting game. Other than that cross fit is going well and muscle repair is holding well which further confirmed to my doctor that it wasn't my muscle repair coming loose thank goodness! I hope all you lovey ladies are doing well and healing happily!!

Tomorrow's the Day to Hopefully End this Seroma!

Hi Realselfers! I haven't posted in a while because of kids,work, and life in general, but i hsve been reading your reviews and sending out healing wishes to all! So tomorrow morning I will be having my procedure done to hopefully fix this seroma. I'm nervous and dreading having to wear my faja/garment again! I hate that thing lol I'll post pictures as soon as I can. As for the rest of me my boobs are great still loving those and tummy tuck scar is flat but still dark hopefully it'll get lighter as the years go by. I've been doing Cross fit 3 times a week and that's been great but it sucks I'll have to give it up for a month because of the procedure. So let me get to bed need to be st the clinic by 6AM. Wish me luck!!

Fingers Crossed the Doctor said she thinks it was successful!!!!

First of alI I was very lucky to find a doctor willing take care of me being that a lot of doctors won't touch another doctors work. That being said the doctor was awesome she made sure to get in there and repair the seroma and just because she did lipo on my front bra roll and a little more on my waist,sides and back for free!! She said she did it because I've spent so much money so far might as well perfect it! I'm swollen as hell right now and I've gotta say and I must say I'm in more pain the first Surgery! Doc said its because where seroma was she had to get close to the ribs ouch. Here's a few pics and I'll post more as the swelling goes done.

OMG!! I think it worked!! No more seroma!! Whoop Whoop!!

First off lipo hurts way more then regular TT,BL,and BA! When I had my first surgery I was driving and doing my own thing by the 3rd day with this I'm like ouch! This hurts my skin hurts and my ribs hurt and because of the bruising even hubby has been more attentive! Lol I guess he doesn't want anyone blaming him for those bruises! First off Dr H Al-Husaini from Sono Bello in Westchester NY is awesome not only did she take on my seroma no questions asked she killed it! She fixed it made me more curvy and was just awesome when other doctors where trying to get me to do more expensive invasive procedures. I'm finally done and looking the way I want to look!

So an update 1 wk post op destroy seroma!

Well my realselfers I really do think it worked! I've been religious with my compression garment which my poor hubby really hates as do I but it's been on 24/7 except for a shower which I absolutely love because it's not on! The area feels hard and flat which it never felt before. Now the bad part OMG! Lipo hurts way more then regular surgery! Ladies I had a TT,muscle repair, breast lift and augmentation and by the 6th day was totally fine! But this lipo totally kicked my ass! I'm going on a week post op with post op vitamins and lymphatic massages and I'm still in pain....I'm glad I didn't do lipo first or I would have never done a mommy makeover! Lol

Doing a Happy Dance!!!!!

So yesterday when I woke up my body felt different, not sore,stiff or tight. Then I look in the mirror and sighed the night before it looked like was getting a seroma on my lower belly and all I could think was not again! So I massaged,drank tons of water and put on my tightest garment! This morning seroma is gone my other seroma is still flat and my swelling is way down. I was still doubting lol I get home look in the mirror and it was the same can the seroma and swell days finally be over!?!?! So you know what had to take pictures just in case I wake up and it was just a dream ;-) Happy Healing Beautiful Ladies!

A year later!!

Hi my courageous women!! I've been busy but still reading all your journeys and feeling so proud of all of you!! So I've completed a year and I must say this journey has been one hell of a roller coaster no one warned me about. I've gone through ups and downs still loving my surgeon as well as my other surgeons asking the way. So since I last posted my 2nd procedure to fix a seroma was great the only thing one of the wounds didn't heal like the doc wanted to and let me with a scar but I don't care because it was so much better then a beer gut after a tummy tuck!! I'll start with the downs of this surgery, the length of healing, the insecurity, the pain,the swelling and finally for a lot of us as per friends in the same situation the hubbies and their insecurities! Once that is settled the good is this beautiful body,new awesome clothes, this crazy confidence, and when hubby get his shit together lol awesome sex!! I don't regret my decision I love my body and I'm happy I made this decision.

Velashape III

Hi ladies I hope everyone is doing fabulous!! I wanted to tell you girls about Velashape III and get your opinions. So I was on Groupon love that site and saw a deal for Velashape III I had been reading about it helping tighten your skin a cellulite and thought why not! So I've gotten 3 sessions so far and want to see what you ladies think? I do see a difference skin is tighter and better looking. I have 3 more sessions to go.

Before finally deciding on a Doctor I literally had consulted 25 different doctors from New York, Dominican Republic and Miami and had even given a down payment to another Doctor which I lost because I just wasn't getting a good feeling. Then I found my perfect match Dr.Careaga! As soon as I spoke to him I knew he was the one! His attention to detail concerning your health is just top notch. When I finally met him in person his bedside manner was awesome I felt safe and in good hands. As for his hands they work miracles he truly knows how to sculpt a woman! My mom and my aunt were so impressed they are getting procedures done by him and my girlfriends see my pictures and say they are next! His anesthesiologist is superb I woke up with no grogginess or nauseousness and was clearheaded and conscience. The staff is fabulous polite and so nice and the office is clean and well taken care of. For me this was a one time deal and It had to be perfect because I only had this time off and leaving my family again for another month due to mistake was not an option. Dr. Careaga was the right decision everything is perfect! Keep up the fantastic work Dr. Careaga!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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