38, and Getting my BODY Back- Tummy Tuck W/ Lipo, MR, and Breast Reduction/Lift

OMGEEE!!! I finally DID it! I FINALLY PUT A...

OMGEEE!!! I finally DID it! I FINALLY PUT A DEPOSIT ON MY MOMMY MAKE OVER!! This was a very strongly mind battling thing for me for about 8 or more years. Not to mention, I had baby fever up until this year. Keep in mind, my oldest is 20 and my youngest is 18. LOL! I just turned 38 and decided to get over that baby fever and start on with my new and improve life. I gained and lost weight after having both kids. However, that kangaroo pouch (stomach) just didn’t seem to want to go away. I wasn’t tripping about it because I was a fun size after having both boys so it didn’t bother me. It wasn’t until I moved from one state to another and got out of a miserable relationship, I became happy and went on an eating spree and put on 100 pds in one year. I went from 170 to 310 pds. For about 7 years I stayed in between 290 – 310pds. 2 years ago, I was disgusted not only with my weight but my body. Although the pounds didn’t show to everyone because of my height, I knew what I was and what I was used to. So I decided to do something about it and that was working out and eating right. I ended up losing about 80 pds and still losing. However, my stomach and boobs is just not working for me. SOOOO one night I was searching for some good plastic surgeons in Georgia and happened to stumble upon realself and I was in something like Heaven. And just reading some of the ladies life experience, journey and seeing before and after pics of their body and the doctor who did the surgery I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing and the prices that they paid blew my mind. However, it was one Doctor that just kept blowing my mind with his results and reviews. I was given many doctors to look up and I did. I read reviews, I looked at before and after pictures and most importantly for me (I am not racist) I needed to see a doctor that can work on African American ladies and this doctor just kept popping up. Well I finally made up my mind and put my deposit down today for Dr. Mel Ortega at Imagnes Plastic Surgery and the special I receive for the Mommy Makeover was a no brainer. Here were I live for the same procedures (and not so good results) they want close to $15,000. I am very excited but still nervous so I am going to on realself for motivation. Luckily for me, I am original from Miami and all my friends and family are there so I wouldn’t need to spend money on hotels, etc… I am just so excited I found this site.

Imagenes Plastic Surgery vs Spectrum - Dr. Ortega

I need some advice. Okay, I spoke with Liz at Spectrum and before I decided to put a deposit at Imagenes, I told her that they are giving me the Mommy Makeover for $6000 at Imagenes with the same Doctor (Dr. Ortega) can she give me the same price at Spectrum. She told me "no love, $7300 is the price." I said okay, thank you! I called Imagenes and put my deposit down and told Liz, Dr. Ortega will be doing my surgery at Imagenes for $6000. She just emailed me and said, if they gave me the same price, would I do it there? I know he is full-time at Spectrum and on call at Imagenes. However, the surgical coordinator at Imagenes has been nothing but professional and nice. So I don't know what to do at this point. How is both facilities and each facilities cons and pros? One of the pros for me at Spectrum is that he is there full-time.

My wish tummy pics

Customer Services is dead!

I mean what is going on with customer services today. I am trying to pay on my balance and have sent authorize form, call the account department to take the payment and it's like they don't want my money. I had to call them 3 times to take the payment. I mean I have read reviews about Spectrum and their customer service but I feel like I'm pushing something that shouldn't be push. I don't know. I'm thinking twice about this.

Recovery House

Soon I have been reading a ton of posts on RS and mainly about the recovery house. I'm originally from Miami, but live in Atlanta. So I'm driving down to have my sx. My entire family is in Miami and I know the can help me, but do you guys think it's best to go to the recovery house after my SX?

More wish pics

More wish pics

More wish pics

Dr. Mel Ortega

Haven't met him yet, but his work looks remarkable and I have been researching him alot. Um, I'm just going to leave it like that about the staff...

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