37 Yr Old Mommy of 5! Ready to Have the Body I Want! - Miami, FL

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Tomorrow I pay my deposit! I am really excited to...

Tomorrow I pay my deposit! I am really excited to get this procedure done. However, my youngest is only 17 months old right now and shes going to have a hard time with mommy not being able to ppick her up for a while after my surgery! Anyone know how long itll be before I can pick her up again? she weighs about 22 lbs. also, I'm traveling to Florida from California! What do people do when traveling out of state for their procedure? I'm kind of thinking it woud be best to go by myself, but who would take care of me and help me with things while I'm out there?

Deposit paid!

I paid my deposit yesterday and decided to go with Dr. Ortega! He has a lot more reviews so I just felt better about it! I'm really excited to do this! Don't have a date set yet, but it'll probably do it soon! Timing is perfect because my mom was just laid off so she will stay with my babies! Amen!

March 23rd!!!

I have got my date and I really have so many questions. I'm sure my PS can answer them for me but the coordinator lady isn't very good at answering all questions do I'm looking to you guys! First, how long until I can pick up my baby? She's almost 18 months and weighs about 23lbs... And is a real mama's girl! What should I bring? I'm going out of state for this and want to be prepared. What should I do before hand? I'm staying at a recovery house after my surgery. Will I feel up to walking around Miami after this? Should I wait to get a good bra until after? IDK what size I'll be yet!!! I'm going to post before picture just cause I know it has helped me a lot seeing all of your before and afters. So, for you guys, I'll do it!

after surgery bras...

I'm doing a little research on which bras are best for after bl/ba...and does anyone have any input? That isn't like 100 dollars for 1 sports bra!!!


My surgery date is fast approaching and I find myself getting anxious! I'm flying from California to Florida to get my surgery done and am staying in a recovery house for 7 days after. My question is, Howe will I have follow up appointments after I leave Florida? Does anyone know how this works? I am sooooooo excited and it literally keeps me up at night just thinking about it! I had my first baby when I was only 16. I gained so much weight with him and I never got back down to my precious baby weight! Started at 112 delivered at 187! I've been dreaming of this day ever since!

made it to the flat side

I had my surgery yesterday and let me tell you, this is the worst pain I've ever had! I've given birth completely natural, had cesareans... And nothing compares to this! My advice to everyone, take your pain meds on time every time. I will post pictures later. Right now I'm just trying to not cough or even move!


Alright here are some after pix! Do fat I'm happy. It's only been 1 day!

Edit review

How do I edit the Dr I went to? I went with Ortega. Not the one it says I went to. Does anyone know how to do this?

How much longer???

I am wondering how long after surgery did you start being able to stand somewhat up right?


I am sooooooo swollen! My belly is kinda like a water bed... Wth when will this go away? Not to mention I haven't pooped since my surgery on Wednesday!!! Any suggestions???


My skin on my belly and my sides towards my butt are numb! I go back to Dr tomorrow and will ask then, but has anyone else has this? Praying the feeling comes back soon!

last drain out!!!

Finally after 3 weeks I was able to get the last drain out!!! Getting the faja on was A STRUGGLE to say the least! I had them try to put on me at the doctors office and was unsuccessful! I thought it was too small! But was able to get it on myself!!! Everything is healing up nicely. A couple things that bother me though... Hard spots where I had Lipo. Getting smaller, but it's not cool lol. On one end of my incision is a bump that looks like he didn't take out fat from that part. Surgeon says it's fluid... We shall see... The other side on the end is like wrinkled looking. Hopefully these things will correct themselves. Using the scar healing tape now... Here are some up close pictures of my tummy tuck incision

Some areas of concern

Well, my body isn't healing quite as quickly as it could be. I had my one drain in for over 3 weeks and that hole is closing sooooo slowly... Then, the anchor lift incision is coming apart at the t sections of both breasts. I'm told it's not uncommon but still stressful. I'm having to change bandaged daily. My drain holes I change 2 times a day. I'm having a horrible time getting Dr Ortega to answer more than just a few questions in my emails to him at a time which is frustrating. I traveled out of state for this surgery so going in isn't going to work. Good thing I have Kaiser or is be paying up the wazoo! Anyways, I'm glad to be rid of the spare tire and I'm loving my boob's... Other than them not healing well. I've found a good faja that I really like. I got it on Amazon. The brand I think is called Maria E. Perfect compression and it's comfortable. If anyone is wondering. Here are some pictures...

I'm seeing Dr. Ortega

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