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I am so confused as to which doctor to choose, I...

I am so confused as to which doctor to choose, I think Dr Salzhauer is the one but I'm already freaking out!! I'm hoping to get a TT, BA and tons of Lipo.
Besides being confused about the doctor I am also feeling guilty about spending so much money on myself when there are so many other things my family can spend the money on.

My first consolation was with Dr. Sean Simon and while I really like him I have found more feedback/reviews on Salzhauer. Most of his reviews are amazing and once I reach my goal of 170lbs I will have my first consultation with him. I will continue to research but I hoping to have surgery no later that summer 2015.

I'm still confused!!!

My co-worker and I have been on the SX train for what seems like forever. Honestly I’ve been wanting surgery since I was in my early 20’s, so well over a decade. I knew I wanted to be certain I was done having kids before I really thought about SX but I also knew it would be costly and well I’ve always lived pay check to paycheck. My other huge concern was finding a doctor I trusted to do the surgery. I haven’t met Salzhauer but I have messaged him and he has been super nice and my co-worker is scheduled to have SX with him in September so I’ve gotten tons of feedback from her. I am evening planning on going with her to her pre-op appt. So basically two out of my three concerns are covered but now there is the money issue. This SX is freakin expensive and I have kids and My husband and I need new cars and my oldest is 15 and will want a car next year, plus I really should be saving my pennies to buy a house! All of these money concerns keep making me think I’m just being selfish!!! Ugh!!! In the end I really really REALLY WANT THIS!!!!!
So now I am considering SX in DR. I have seen tons of RS girls travel to DR for SX and they look amazing!!!!!!! Currently Almonte is my favorite DR doctor and I even got a quote from her a couple of weeks ago, basically I would be saving 40% to 50% by traveling to DR. Traveling to DR brings up other complications like being away from the family for 10 to 12 days and leaving my husband with the burden of house and home not to mention traveling while still sore and beat up from surgery will be a b*&%$ and well it’s just plain scary to travel outside the US for SX!!!
Why can’t I just win the lotto!!!!!

The amazing Dr. Salzhauer

So my friend and counterpart is having surgery September 23 with Dr. Salz so I took advantage of the situation and went with her to her pre op appoint last week. Dr. Salz was so nice, he probably thought we were crazy but he didn't kick us out, lol! I know that if I were to be blessed enough to be able able to afford him he would give me the boobies and waist I've been wanting for a decade. I will keep positive thoughts!

Tummy Tuck and boobies here I come!! June 2015!!!!

So that's it! I'm scheduled with the one and only Dr. Salzhauer!! I am so excited I'm pretty much freaking out! I've had the pleasure of seeing his work in person thanks to "NewQueen2014" and he is a true artist. His bedside manner is amazing! I was a ball of nerves, sweating and pacing the consultation room like an idiot but as soon as he started examining me I began to relax. I felt like he didn't see the big misshaped fatty body but rather he could envision what my after body will be. He is so down to earth and patient, NewQueen2014 and I went to two appointments together and I am sure we were driving him crazy with our questions and general weirdness but not once did he seem to be irritated or frustrated. Amazing plastic surgeon and great person! I am so glad my friend and I found him (she found him first so thank you NewQueen2014!) Anymahoo, I'm getting a TT, BA/BL and Lipo (full back, arms, neck, inner thighs, flanks and pumpum...yep I got a fat pumpum! lol)
Also I'd like to mention that Ari was fantastic! She understands I'm broke and made me feel very comfortable with the "lay a way" plan. I've been struggling with spending all this money on myself but I have come up with a budget and she was completely understanding.
Oh yeah and now I really gotta get serious about losing at LEAST 20 lbs!!!! Pray for me ladies!! :)


Here are my starting pics, I've been avoiding posting but now this crap is real so here they are!


Have any of you ladies had 600cc implants? Do you think they're too big?

Question for Salz Dolls...

My surgery is currently scheduled for Jun 24th 2015 but do to my work schedule and hubby's schedule a better day for me would be Aug. 6th 2015. I know this is a long shot but if anyone is scheduled Aug 6th and would like to bump up their surgery to Jun 24th please let me know and we can switch!
I already contacted Ari and sadly they are booked till Feb 2016 for Surgery so I'm really hoping a Salz Doll reads this! :)
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