36 Yr. Old 3 Kids Just Want to Be Comfortable in my Own Skin Again - Miami, FL

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Having surgery with mel ortega in October very...

Having surgery with mel ortega in October very nervous since I'm coming from Ohio but overall I'm just super anxious and excited to finally take the next step hotel and plane booked.... Super loving fiance to care for me check I am so lucky to have him and his support thru this whole thing... I hope I can be one of Dr ortegas happy ortega dolls when it's all said and done

Me before surgery

3 months to go so excited

My pre surgery photos

I've always felt sexy up til this past 4 years I guess getting older has definitely taken a toll on me but I want to feel sexy again so come on October

Wish pics

106 days to go yes I'm counting down already

My ultimate wish pic


I was wondering if any of you ladies could help me figure out with the sagging in my breast if I will end up needing a lift also or will implants be sufficient to raise my nipples mid boob I see so many different stories on here but I haven't seen any body with similar breast I feel like a mutant ????


I'm counting dn days I am so excited I tried looking up so many different things and my nips seem so low I hope just having implants will raise them up I was thinking 350 cc would be enough I'm only 5ft tall 147lbs I have a fat ass and big thighs so I don't want to look any fatter just fuller lol

64 more days still so confused on size

I am obsessed.... Yes I spend so much time on this site looking and comparing my breast with everyone else's.. I posted a question on here for doctors 6 out of 7 recommend a lift as well as implants.. My ps did not recommend one also the ps I met here for consultation did not either so I'm gonna do implants no lift and pray that I'm not making a huge mistake... I am so worried about how they will turn out.. But today a good friend of mine who just had hers done said well anything is a improvement and she's right I may not get nipples in the dead center of my boobs like I want but I will definitely get the fullness and size increase I want besides me and my man Are the only ones who will be staring at um lol so as long as I don't end up on a episode of botched I'll be thankful.. 64 days left coming from Ohio to Miami o won't meet my ps til day of surgery so please pray for me dolls

My ultimate wish next to what the doc is up against

My ultimate wish pic and me currently hope to have a tiny waist nice curves still and big boobies.... 50 more days

49 more days

Losing sleep due to excitement... When I do sleep I have sorta weird dreams about being botched afterwards it's freaky but I have to relax and have faith

Perfect size and shape

This is a 6week post op pic of the ideal breast I'm hoping to achieve our before was similar so I really hope I have the same amazing results as she did

Boobs ortega did that look great another wish pic

Wish pics gone wild lol all these boobs I see look so amazing I hope once I get mine I will be looking at mine like I do these ones saying those are nice...

38 more days

All my nervousness has started to die dn now it's all excitement.... Just imagining my body beautiful again a flat belly no roles and beautifully designed breasts omg this wait has been so long I can not wait...

36 more days

Got a call from spectrum today sending emails to print so I can do medical clearance ekg and labs omg it's really happening one step closer to a new me.... So over the moon with excitement

35 more days

So Liz messed my date up so I'm behind a day now but no worries my surgery is set for Oct 22nd now that's a Saturday... Anybody else have surgery on a Saturday with ortega.... I am just curious.. So excited to be getting closer I just can't wait to finally be there and done already omg the excitement of it all...

I want her figure

She's my image of perfection

30 days til Im in miami..32 til surgery since the mix up with liz

30 days omg it's really happening I'm almost there woooooow I am so excited


At LabCorp getting labs done wasn't sure If I had to fast or not so hope everything comes back ok

Medical clearance

Well my primary care physician cleared me for surgery ekg was good and he even agreed to remove my drains if ortega can not.. He also said he will make sure I am taken good care of when I return to Ohio if any problems should occur... Makes me feel so good just knowing this thank God for him


Labs came back perfect pre op nurse said I don't need to take anything at all before surgery... I asked about Bromalian which I bought she said no you don't even need to take that so now I'm curious to know who started this pill the day before surgery and did it help with bruising and swelling.... Please give feedback

Evelyn called and sent email confirming everything is a go....

One step closer omg it's so hard to believe this time next month I'll be on the flat side with big boobs lol..... My stomach just sank when I wrote this time next month.... well I am definitely nervous as hell omg it's happening its really happening

So close

All I have to do now is try to relax.... Easier said than done....

19 days til my surgery

I'm definitely ready..... Have my bag packed and I'm just waiting til the 20th I'll have 2 days in Miami before surgery due to conflict in dates with Liz my coordinator... But that's OK it gives me time to have my hotel room turned into recovery room and everything placed where I'll need it... Plus my man and I can have a nice date night and hopefully hit the beach at least once while we are there.. I'm super excited and hopefully these next 2 weeks go fast....

16 days so in 2weeks I'll be in Miami awaiting my big day

I am so excited.. Extremely worried now with hurricane Mathew and all but I have 16 days til we fly there so hopefully it won't hit hard and will pass quickly... Decided yesterday I'm wasting my time trying to decide on cc size I'm gonna show my ps my goal pics and let him decide what I need to get there I really hope my tummy tuck isn't a horrible experience I've put it off for so long was hoping to just do a mini tuck but when this ps said full was needed I said you know what it's now or NEver and well it's now so please keep me in your payers and I will try to stay positive I will miss my 3 kids so much for those 10 days even my 18 yr old lol he will be at home hopefully taking care of the house and our cats going to school and work and not throwing any kind of parties I have to trust he knows better I've never been away from them for more than 2 days so this is a very hard thing to do... Needless to say my stress is wayyyyyy up but I'm letting go and letting God...

Man hope this storm passes fast and isn't to bad

Seeing this on ig praying for all you dolls dn there now be safe and take care

What did you wear for recovery

So I'm packed and ready to go to Miami for this life changing surgery.. Every one says take maxi dresses I am not a dress girl.. So I'm taking yoga pants and t-shirts I hope I won't have a issue with getting my pants up n dn after surgery anybody else only wear pants or shorts after their mmo I'm also taking a button up shirt to wear the day of easy to put on over my new boobs hopefully..

One week from today

Well it's finally down to the week before my mmo I'm super excited and ready my nerves are definitely feeling it... I go through stages of do I really want to put my body thru this do i really need higher breast... Then I look at my self and say your 36 not 56 you deserve to be happy in your skin you have birthed 3 beautiful children and now it's time to feel sexy again.... And bam just like that I'm anxious to get in the operating room already... Lol mixed emotions are definitely a part of the waiting process I'm actually glad I planned this 6 months ago it has given me time to research back out prepare compare and be 100% sure that this is what I want... And it is... I'm paid in full labs and everything done bags packed and kids are situated with my mom for my 9 days in Miami all that's left is to relax and be patient... Working up til the 19th then I'll be off til Nov 14th hopefully I'll be recovering well and be able to return to work on time... I am thankful for all the ladies on here that have been so helpful with questions and suggestions I don't have alot of support out side of my fiance.... So it's nice to have you all to turn to and vent so thanks again ladies... I will update again once we land in Miami... Please keep me in ur prayers for safe travels and complication free surgery and recovery...

Original day back on

So spectrum called me this morning said there was a cancelation for Friday morning.... Asked if I could still come uuummmm he'll yes I can yeaaahhhhh it's one day closer again lol

It's almost Oct 21st.....strange dreams

One more work day for me then I'm off til November 14th.... Had the weirdest dream last night I was swinging on a rope standing up from this huge tree over looking this amazingly calm field I seen some of my family members there sitting at a table having lunch or something.... Every time the swing went up I'd get butterflies in my stomach it was a scary feeling kinda like being on a roller coaster then as I looked around I was comforted with the view of my surroundings... It was a great dream not sure why just was made me feel like God was sending me a message or something like it's OK to be scared but look around and enjoy everything it's gonna be ok.... Well at least that's what I took from it.. I am extremely nervous but I know God will keep me safe and everything will work out the way it's supposed to... Just wanted to share this....

Surgery went well so sleepy and tight

Dr ortega was extremely sweet he came in and prayed with me wiped away my rears and said girl we are going to make you look good made me feel good and confident

Pics day of

Post opp

Really tight went for post op walked a lot this morning stand up straight after I'm up and moving its not so bad

Before and after 1st day post op

I wanted bigger boobs but 425cc is all he could fit so I'm hoping once they drop n fluff they will look a little better I like how they look now but they are very swollen

Compression socks

How long did you wear compression socks .... And how often did you empty your drains...

Day 3

Day 3 not feeling to bad just super tight and sore... Started my period today which sucks but it's life.... Was able to poop today no issues thank God started feeling a little swollen figured I needed to go so I sat there til I did lol I felt better afterwards so I'm assuming thats why I was puffin up... Not taking any more pain meds just Tylenol antibiotics and muscle relaxer o and Bromalian... Dr ortega put my binder on me today kinda tight but he said it's supposed to be tight ughhh not liking this confined feeling but owell it's gotta be done then I'll keep it tight... Hope all of you are doing well

Day 4 not much has changed

My boobs feel a little softer today and it was easier getting up this morning so I'm very thankful for that I'll go back to doctor on Thursday morning..

Lovin it

Once the swelling goes dn.... I do believe I'll be exactly where I wanted to be..

Finally seen incision and belly button

My belly button looks a lil weird to me I didn't really get to look at it much before it was cleaned and wrapped back up.. I'm happy with my belly so far I'm pretty swollen still but it's flat and tight lol

Flying home

Well I'm heading home now.... Drains are still in not draining at all but with flying that may change idk..... So Monday I'll see my family doc and have them removed... I feel great walking moving sleeping pooping everything went well and smooth so far keep in mind I'm only 8 days out lol but keep me in ur prayers and I hope all you lovely ladies are doing well also

Finally home aaaahhhhhh feels great

After all the walking thru airports plane to plane and not having much water today I'm pretty swollen and tummy is a little sore but over all I feel great being home my kids was so happy I was home also and my cats lol

10 days post op

I feel very good... Actually to good I went shopping today while kids were at school I felt so good I didn't realize until around 2pm that I had been up and at it since 730am and was doing a bit 2 much my body was like slooooooow down woman now my belly button is a little sore and my boobs are achy ughh I got alot done but it's catching up to me now...

Day 11 I removed my drains

Angela from spectrum was very helpful she told me if I'm draining less than 25cc in 24 hours and fluid is clearish it's time so since Saturday I been mostly clear and less than 25 so I did it snipped the stitch and pulled um out. It didn't hurt at all felt a little weird but was definitely not worth being scared over... I feel great my holes didn't bleed and the had already began healing around drains so I put neosporin on a gauze and put them on with a bandaid and put my binder on so that's that now as long as the holes close up quickly and don't give me any problems ill be right on track lol thanks ladies for all the compliments I hope u all are healing well and feeling wonderful

Feeling good about my decision

I don't regret having this surgery at all I wish i would have done it 10 years ago but I am happy I finally did it. I feel completely normal beside the incision under my boobs burns occasionally assuming my skin is stretching while they are dropping or something idk but fuck it is bothersome at times can't sleep flat yet or on my side which sucks but I'll live.. I removed my incision
tape today then showered and put neosporin across my entire incision retaped it and I am gonna leave it on another week although my Insicion is healed shut I feel better giving it another week my drain holes started closing up super fast also I lubed them up with neosporin as well and taped um I hope everything continues to heal up and I have no issues I go back to work I 2 weeks I want to be completely ready and comfortable with my body knowing it's had time to heal properly.. I hope all you beautiful ladies are doing well and enjoying your day

12 days post op

Belly button

Different looking

Belly button

Belly button

Been 2 weeks

I am still tight in my tummy and my boobs are still pretty firm they are changing slowly my nipples have started moving up and are super sensitive also.. I slept on my side last night for a couple hours and my ass was relieved litteraly my butt has been so sore I started donkey kicks and squats today so hopefully my booty will start feeling better 2.....

Can't wait til they soften up

Back to work one week from today...

Very nervous about returning to work but I do feel I am capable I have a very tuff job I am a custodian at a elementary school... So I lift bend and push n pull stuff all day long.. Stopped in yesterday and the staff and students were so happy to see me I am looking forward to returning i just have to remember to take it slow... I feel good over all my boobs hurt worse than belly ever did they are still kinda stiff mostly and my incision is tight kinda hurts after sitting long trying to straighten up is tough lol but I feel wonderful


All sealed up now scar treatment I hope it will lighten up

Loving my boobs

Trying on some dresses today just to see how I fill them out and wow I was so impressed with the fit

Reminding myself thanks to my voices of reasoning here on realself

Not even 3 weeks post op yet and I feel so good I am surprised in the mornings when I look in the mirror still like wow that's me it takes some getting use to but man I am loving it

23 days post op

Feeling great and healing well so far... 3 weeks after surgery I'm wondering what I'll look like in 2 months... Using a waist training belt I bought from CVS as seen on TV its amazing my waist is shrinking and I'm loving it

My waist trainer

It's not only more supportive than the binder it is easily adjustable so if UT is to tight u can losen it during swelling then tighten it when it goes dn without taking it off and it doesn't ride up under ur boobs or slide dn to Ur thighs it stays in place and it's only 20 bucks at most CVS rite aid Walgreens Walmart it's as seen on TV product gives u the best shape

4 weeks

I'm 4 weeks today all my incisions are healed nicely one breast has dropped more than the other but they also are softened up alot more than last week thank God... I can sleep on my sides now partially on my stomach.. I'm back to work I do some lifting there nothing to extreme no pain at all I've had a few stitches work there way out one in each breast incision and one in belly button there is one in my tt incision at end I trimmed it cause it is taking forever to come out and it was irritating me. But that's about it everything seems back to normal.. I'm very thankful for ortegas work he gave me a beautiful body again. Hope all you dolls are healing well and since realself changed I don't really like it I'm probably gonna update one more time after this at 6 weeks then that's it..

Feeling sexy

My man wanted me to post these

Feeling sexy

Playing dress up

Big boobs yesssss

Lovin my boobs

8 week's feeling normal finally

Able to do everything like normal still have some soreness in my belly around belly button and tightness in one boobs but they are dropping nicely and I love them... I got fitted at Victoria secrets I'm a 34DD yesssss I won't lie I wish they was bigger but I still love them I still have a little bit of bunching in my incision but it's definitely flattened out more my boobs are super soft now I can sleep on my belly and my stomach is still tight as heck but I'm getting feeling back in it not just numbness thank God hope u ladies are all OK and healing well also

Loving my body

I love my new body

11 weeks

11 weeks no more binder I started exercising and tanning... No pains no complaints using bio corrium I believe it's called on scar and coco butter daily. I noticed this week a kinda burning sensation deep inside the muscles in my stomach kinda feels like my rib cage area did after lipo does not hurt I'm just aware of it and I'm seeing definition in my belly so yeaaahhhhh me.. Hope everyone is well and good luck to those of you making the journey..

6months now feeling wonderful

Excited to see how my muscles change now with exercise feeling great

6 months already

I am feeling great tummy still numb a little but gradually getting feeling back boobs are in place and I love them.. Hope all you ladies are healing well I'm not on much anymore so forgive me if I take a while to respond if your using spectrum in miami and have questions u can find me on there ig page and direct message me
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Mel ortega.... His coordinators not the best that's for sure as for Dr ortega he was very nice and he did a beautiful job I am so thankful for what he accomplished for me I feel beautiful again

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