36 Yr, 5'5 , 155lbs athletic Mom, Sceduled for Lift/augmentation gummy bears unders, exstended TT & lipo w/t Ortega !

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Hello Dolls! I'm scheduled to have surgery with dr...

Hello Dolls! I'm scheduled to have surgery with dr. Mel Ortega on the 10th of March. I am getting a breast lift / saline implants and an extended tummy tuck. I'm very excited and nervous. So far I have had contact with my coordinator Candace through phone calls and via text. Candace is nice and gets back to me soon. So so far so good. I'm trying to lose 10 pounds before the actual surgery. Does anyone have any good ideas about how to lose weight if you have 7 weeks to do it?

Dream body = sheding 10-15 pd! I can do it!

Today in stay at home mom world, I have to run the kids around school and parent conference. So I may not have time to work out. But I will work out every other day of the week. So thats 6 works per week. I think thats good. No carbs! Last night I had baked fish and shrimp for dinner with collard greens. I'm going put fruit in my water! Thanks for the idea!

Pre surgery! Yuck!

Posting these pictures to remind myself to work it 5x per week, before surgery. I can't wait for my new body!

The struggle is real

I had a great work out this morning. I'm really obsessed with RT. I think I will pull back from working and reading o hers post. I'm losing to much sleep. I will just trust God. I'm going o keep grinding away at the gym and eating exsta clean. I'm down 1.5 pds. Also d inging a gl of water each day! The water has apple, ginger and cinnamon sticks. Also tumiric water. Let the flushing out begin!

Can't wait to be a doll.

I did a morning intervals training session for 70min. I did a spinning session for 70min. I'm at 162!

So many Boobs How does ones choose?

I have been searching for the perfect rack . lol. It feels strange. I asked my hubby to help me look. Shopping for boobs is hard work. I do not enjoy porn, so when other stuff pops up it get on my nerves. I want a big juice pair, however I do not want them to hang, or look fake. Hum. I was thinking 500cc. Hum. Anyone else having trouble deciding what kind of boobs to go with? I hear that the biggest regret is going too small. Below are some I like.

Before Ortega

I lost 3:pounds A lot of hard work. I have been concentrating on burning more calories than I take in. As a stay at home mom I'm constantly preparing food for everyone else in the family so you can really be hard not. Pretty much the same thing that I'm eating. I cut out all pasta and most of all the bread. But I still give the kids crackers and a few other carbohydrates. Mostly I change my workout at the gym and used to be just kind of focused on lifting weights and, trying to reshape my body. No I have to take it on during an hour and a half of cardio a day. I already have a lot of muscle build up in my legs. So I'm trying to do a lot of interval cardio sessions. & I would lift weights once a week just to maintain my toned legs and arms.

Weight loss tips?

Anyone have any weight loss tips or tricks? I want to lose 15 pds before March.

2016 MMO Surgery by Ortega,36, 3 Kids, Traveling to Miami, Any Advice?

Hello everyone, I've decided to get a mommy makeover after I have to three children, I have worked out and cut calories and obviously can't change my belly on my breast. I've always pushed myself really hard in the gym just tried to change my body. And it's just so frustrating when you don't see the results that you want. I've had liposuction already and my flanks waste and abdominal region. My plastic surgeon was only able to remove hundreds ECs. So after that Surgery I was really kind of upset because I was charged $4,500 and the results were not like I have been promised. I think I should have done more research and realize that what I needed was a tummy tuck not light bulb. So now the second time around I've done a lot of research and realize that what I want my body to look like I want it to is a full tummy tuck and breast lift and breast augmentation. So anyways I was looking for reviews of dr. Ortega's work recently for mommy makeovers and haven't really seen much so well that's kind of annoying, I've seen some password that looks good and so and some current work but just not as much as I'd like to see. I will definitely blogging my journey so other people can see his work. This is kind of exciting and scary at the same time. Haven't really told very people about if Surgery simply because I don't want to have to explain and defend my rationale for choosing to have surgery. And then sometimes people just look at you and think all that such a waste of money,. Does anyone have any tips or advice for having surgery at Spectrum? Has anyone used Dr Ortega before?

Getting closer to my goal of 145!

I'm at 158pds! 13 pds to go before surgery! I've been killing it at the gym. Putting 90 minute intervalt cardio sessions! Also taking iron 65mg 2x per day, to make sure my iron is up.

Lost 3 more pounds!

Coming in St 155! Yes that 10 pds shed in January! One more month going to shed 10 more! Got a swim suit, Fom target. I will probably return it. Its going to be to big in month! Hard work and dedication = Beautiful results!

Who to tell about MMO/ before swim suit pic 155lbs

I think I've decided to get high profile round silicone breast s. I really like the way they look. Sometimes I just feel so so exciting about my mommy makeover I just want to talk to everybody about it in real life. I talk to my husband about it constantly. But I don't really talk about it to friends or acquaintances. Because I find that a lot of people are very fearful of cosmetic surgery. Somebody negative ideas about it and so many negative things to say. But it is kind of fun when you know that you're going to do something that people do not approve of come up and you're going to do it anyway. I mean I'm going to get a mommy makeover I'm going to get snacks and people are just going to be looking at me trying to figure out what's different and I'm not going to tell them. I'll just tell them I've been working out really hard of the jokei it paid off.

Wish Boobs

Taking no chances with iron and vitamin C!

I have never really had low iron, I don't really eat red meat, but I do eat a lot of different kinds of beans and leafy greens. Since so many ladies have had trouble with small iron I decided to take a lot of iron a month in advance so I don't have any problems. So currently I'm taking iron twice a day at 65 mg. I also got that nasty liquid fluoride the other day from the Vitamin Shoppe. I really don't want to take it but I think I just just start taking it once a day. Because this surgery is major. We bought our plane tickets my husband has taken time off work so he can go with me we found childcare amongst our family for the three children. So my surgery date is basically set in stone. So that means I have to do everything I can to make sure my iron is hotter than a mug. I'm also still killing myself at the gym 2 hours of cardio a day. Since I'm a stay at home mom with my 3 & 5 year old, I work out for 2 hours each morning while they are at preschool.! And then I work out on Saturdays and Sundays now too with my husband.! Some people at the gym are like all you're going to fade away all this and that but I'm still not really at my goal weight! And the only way I'm going to get to 1:40 and 1:45 before March 10th is to simply kill it at the gym! Last week I had to make cakes for friends mother's funeral, and let me tell you it was really hard not to eat all the delicious food at the funeral. But I did allow myself a little bit and then I just went to the gym afterwards and killed it! After all we are paying all this money to look amazing so I have decided to do all that I can to help the surgeon along. I live in Minnesota and we are getting five to six inches of snow today, but that's okay cuz I already have my 2 hour workout this morning. Tomorrow though is a whole different day. I'm hoping the snow plows will have come in and cloud everything up.

How does the lab contact you?

Yesterday I call I texted my coordinator Candace and asked her when the lab was going to be sending me information for my blood work. And do you think I got a good response from her know. She basically told me she didn't know and then if I had any questions I should call the lab directly. Well I called the lab a couple times and got no answer. Sometimes these coordinators just really really get on my nerves. I have found more useful information on this website that I ever got from the mouth of my coordinator. I don't know what I would do without about the real self community. So is there anyone out there has already gone to the process of labs with spectrum? Do they just email you some forms and then you make a doctors appointment or how does it work? Is it included in the price ? Or are you supposed to make a doctors appointment at your regular doctor?

I'm checking my blood work.

Going enter a normal doctor today just to get my blood checked. I've been taking iron and everything I just really wanna know where I'm at. This would also know where I'm at. My surgery is not until March 10th. But this will give me some peace of mind.

HGB levle aka iron levels

Yes got my blood tested today, unofficially, at my clinics lab. I'm at 12.2g/dl !
Yes now I just need to maintain it! That put my mind at ease!


So I went to Target today and bought a large swimsuit I actually think it's too big. Celeste surprising thank goodness it's hard. I will just be taking it back. I've been trying to lose as much weight as possible before the surgery so. Maybe I might get some white boy in between my thighs. We'll see.

Dear spectrum blood lab I want to shake you

Today they were see supposed to send paper work gor my blood lab.I called as and they said someone would be contacting me today or tomorrow. Why the h*** do they take so long? You we would think with all the money we are forking over they could move faster! Don't they know this is major decision? Lord help me not to cuss somebody out tommow.

Got my blood work request!

I have a quick question, does anyone know if you have to go to lab crops to get your bloodwork done? That was on the letter of request that I got from Spectrum. For the nearest location is like an hour from where I live and I really don't want to go there. Does anyone know if you can go to your normal clinic and have it still be covered by Spectrum? I emailed the labs person and called them but I guess they were busy this afternoon. So I'm just kind of waiting until the morning. I'm feeling really good about my surgery and general, I know that I'm going to get the results that I love and deserve. And I know that my recovery is going to be smooth sailing. I'm just going to declare it in the name of Jesus everything is going to go smoothly I'm going to love my beautiful new body! Amen amen amen amen!

Red meat galor !

I feel like a vampire. Whenever I go to the grocery store now I'm always looking at the red meat trying to decide what to get. I have eaten more red meat in the last couple of weeks and I think I have in a year. I usually make a chicken ground turkey or fish or shrimp and stuff for the family. I have three sons and a husband and they like red meat a lot. But I just really never make it because it's supposed to not be good for you. But I guess now I'll probably make it once a week just so everyone can have good iron levels hahahaha!

Did my blood work !

This morning I went to labcrops to do all my blood work. Spectrum emailed me the lab request form. Imprinted it and brought it to the labcrop office. I didn't make an appointment. Because they were all booked up. However when I got there I only had to wait 15 minutes to be seen. Since I'm under 40 that's all I had to do. Spectrum pays for it because they have a contract with Labcorp,. Not all states have lab crap Offices so sometimes people have to go to their normal clinic and then they have to pay for the lab work out of pocket. I didn't have to do this. So now I just have to wait a few days for my results to come in yay! My coordinator is Candace and she has been pretty helpful, with answering questions through text and a pretty time efficient way. I don't really call her on the phone right after I usually just send her a text and she usually gets back to me pretty soon. But I've also use the realself community to research and figure a lot of things out on my own. Thank God for realself what would a girl do without you dolls?

The lab work is good!

I got a phone call this morning from Evenly saying that I was good to go for surgery on March 10th! My blood work was 12.4. No infections are anything else off! Suggest taking iron pills 3 times a day for the past month and a half has really paid off. So that was really good! I'm just so grateful for all of the good communication I have been receiving from Spectrum! My coordinator whose name is Candace respond to all my text messages and she even calls me to clear things up if she feels the need. So I'm really grateful for everything moving smoothly and in the right direction. Now I just have to figure out how I want to transfer the money or if I just want to pay when I get down there. What are other people doing? I was going to just pay for it using my bank card over the phone. Oh my gosh I have to think more on that one.

18 Days to go!

I'm feeling extremely grateful for all the information as support I received on this website. There are so many things I feel well prepared to do because of all of the other blogs that I've read. I feel very prepared. And also just very grateful for walking alongside of some of you ladies as you go through your Surgery. Even though we are all in different places, and different stages in our lives, we all share the desire to transform. So I'm just feeling super grateful. I got to me OK from evenly Sanchez from the lab that Spectrum . Had to give her a letter from my doctor because I have asthma. But now that I've got the green light it's finally feeling real. My husband booked our flight like a month ago, we will also be staying in an Airbnb house with a wonderful lady. I will probably rent a car. Will be in Miami for a total of 8 days. Are three boys will be staying with their grandparents. We didn't want to bring them along because it was just been too much work and hassles. Plus my kids are 11, 5, and 3 have they really don't need to know that mommy's getting up makeover. Because then there would be telling everybody at school and preschool and my in-laws. So we just time that we're going on a trip. It will be the longest we've ever been away from them. So I try not to really think about that that makes me a little sad. Our first trip together without kids and I'm going to be in pain the majority of the time. Will have to go somewhere again next summer just for fun. I have still been working out 5 to 6 days a week, trying to get my body in the very best shape and preparations for surgery. I think I've been doing pretty good job. So I'm expecting wonderful results. I think I have the blueprint for for good results.

MMT: healing vitamins

Ginger, used for reducing swelling. Turmeric, used for reducing swelling. Prenatal vitamin, used for general health. Papaya enzyme, used for protein digestion. Bromelain,used for protein digestion. Arnica (tablets)30 C: used for pain relief muscle stiffness swelling from injuries and bruising.Arnica gel(topical) used for muscle pain, stiffness, swelling from injuries and bruising. Medihoney, used for surgical wound and burn dressings, promotes healing of wounds. Surgical tape, MAPI TAC. Laxative used for constipation. Prune juice, used for constipation clear X powdered laxative used for constipation.

Poop juice= no constipation after surgery!

I thought I would share this with people. After surgery all of the different medications that they give us constipation. The solution? Poop juice!
Recipe: cup of prune juice mixed with
a whopping table spoon of powdered stool softener ( I got clearlax from Walmart) . Now use this juice to swallow a pill stool softener. Take 2-3 times a day, while on pain medications.

Scar treatment from Walgreens!

Hey whats up ladies today I was at Walgreens and I found some hundred percent Silicone gel for scars. I think it was like $15.99. I also found some silicon strips which were under 20 is well. So I just thought I'd pass that along.

Surgery is 11 days away!

So my surgery is 11 days away, I was feeling pretty prepared. But then again on the other hand I feeling like I need to clean my house from top to bottom. I also want to paint a wall downstairs and our family room. I'm also feeling a little sad that I have to be away from my kids for so long. Mostly I'm just worried about their routines being interrupted. They're going to be staying with my husband's parents and then with my parents while we're gone. I have a3 year old and a5 year old who I bring to preschool and activities, the kids club at our gym on a daily basis. So my kiddos are used to being busy and mentally stimulated. And when they're going to stay with their grandparents I know that they're going to be watching TV 24/7. At our house the kids only get to watch TV on the weekend maybe. We also have an 11 year old, and we usually only let him watch educational films. So I don't know what the kids are going to do, I just hope that the in-laws take them out and they're not just sitting in the house all the time. This will be the longest we've been away from our kids in their entire lives.

Wish pics

What vitimans are safe?

Hey, everybody what vitimans did you take a week before surgery?
What did you take after? I have surgery next Thursday! Omg! It snuck up on me! Below is a picture of vitamins I thought would be good to take prior to surgery tell me if I'm wrong please

One week until surgery!

I'm really excited! I've been doing a lot of gratitude exercises and positive affirmations, specifically reaffirming I'm going to have great results! And then I'm going to heal quickly and well! I've been eating really clean and exercising 6 days a week. I'm going to try to drink a lot of water and get a lot of sleep these last few days before surgery. I'm all packed, but I do have to work on getting a house prepared, finishing some chores I'm just cleaning type stuff. My kids are super excited to spend time with both sets of grandparents while we're gone.

My stomach one week before surgery

Wish pictures

Alovera plant

So alovera is a natural laxsitive. You chop off the end and eat the hell inside. It's nast but it works! I had to take it because of the irion I been takingb2x per day.

Let's talk boobs! Pros and cons?

Ladies I need your advice on boobs! I am very saggy c cup now and I'm pretty good with my side. But i want to go to full D cup. I want to have nice perky full tatas! I want cleavage. I want nice boobs. I dont want the fake look yet I want full plump boobs.
So I was thinking about getting 450 - 500 CCS gummy bears high profile. Has anyone got these?
Then again I was thinking that since I already have breast tissue 450-500, might be too big.
I see a lot of people complain about the size of their breasts either they are unhappy because they're too small or the shape. I think I rather err on the big side than the small size.
What's the difference between silicon and gummy bears? I thought gummy bears were just another name for silicon. No?
Because I need to come up with a plan and type it up, & bring it with me or something. I plan to bring my wish pictures with me. Also plan to school my husband and bring him with me so he can advocate for me in case I get too nervous or forget. Advise dear sisters?

Hey girls! Hey!

Hello my beautiful ladies! So this weekend my family was at a basketball tournament for our oldest son for the whole weekend! I was super busy and super distracted which was really good because I didn't have time to think about or worry or stress about my upcoming surgery! Now we are finally home and I'm starting to look through people's comments and thought people realself again,. Have really been weighing myself but I haven't measured myself and my belly button around waist area is now a 31 and before it was a 33 1/2. So I have lost some inches from the troubled spot aka The Fat tummy. So I'm feeling pretty confident about my results because I feel like I really worked my butt off this past month. I feel like my waist is going to be snatched pretty darn good. And I just a feeling pretty good about it we have Oliver travel arrangements set up. I have my suitcase packed. So the only thing I really need to do is print out all my wish pics, my supply list that I need to buy one some on the ground in Miami. Have to pack my kids suitcase. Have to straighten up my house. So kind of a lot of little busy monotonous chores. But I'm really excited! Any tips tricks and advice anyone would like to share would be much appreciated!

Three days until Surgery!

So, I have three days until surgery! I just want to speak to declare victory in the name of Jesus over the surgery! I declare beautiful results! Smooth healthy healing! In the name of Jesus amen. Attached is a picture of my tummy!

3 days until surgery!

God thank you for blessing me with a wonderful Surgery experience! Thank you for blessing me with beautiful results! Thank you for blessing me with the excellent recovery time! Thank you for blessing me with a strong immune system! Thank you for blessing me with a patient and kind intuitive husband to take care of me! Thank you for blessing us with a wonderful experience with our host family in Miami! Thank you for blessing our children with loving grandparents to watch over there while we're away! Thank you for blessing our babies with kindness care and attentiveness while we are away! Thank you for blessing me with the financial ability to afford a surgery! Thank you for blessing my husband and I as on our journey to Miami! Thank you for filling our time there was kind caring people! Thank you for the excellent customer service I will receive from the Spectrum staff! Thank you for the beautiful Surgery Dr Ortega will perform on my body! Thank you for giving me a strong sound mind body and soul! Thank you for healing my body quick! Thank you for blessing all the ladies who I come in contact with on Realself, and healing their body mind and soul! In the name of Jesus I pray amen!


Well I'm not sure I should pay these people like Spectrum. I have read so many reviews that they stop being attentive when you give them their money. So has anyone did the electronic transfer successfully? My husband wants to do it this way. What do you ladies think?

Questions to ask Dr . O at consult

A mommy makeover can be a total game changer in the way you view your body, the clothes you wear, and how you feel. It's also a big deal -- a long surgery with a much longer recovery. You want to make sure you're up on what to expect before surgery day.

Here's a list of questions to ask at your consultation(s). Please add others you can think of in the comments section:

1. Are you board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery? What societies do you belong to?

2. Do you have plastic surgery privileges at a well-respected local hospital?

3. May I see before and after photos?

4. May I talk to your previous patients about the surgery?

5. Where will my procedure be performed?

6. Are the facilities you use nationally accredited?

7. Do you use board certified MD anaesthesiologists?

8. Are you easy to get a hold of after surgery if I have questions or concerns?

9. Will I see you during every visit?

10. Where do you get most of your patients from?

11. How many mommy makeovers do you do?

12. What can I expect during recovery-every detail from swelling and bruising, to when will I have a complete recovery?

13. Who sees me after surgery to change dressings etc.?

14. Have you had a malpractice judgments against you?

15. Am I a good candidate for a mommy makeover?

16. Are there less invasive or even non-surgical techniques that could fulfill (or perhaps partially, but adequately, fulfill) my needs?

17. What procedures are in place to deal with an emergency?

18. What supplies/compression garments will I need post-op? Which of these do you provide?

19. Am I at the optimal weight to get the best results from a mommy makeover, or would losing more weight improve my results?

20. What about scar placement? How low will you make the tummy tuck incision?

21. Do you use pain pumps? Why or why not?

22. Do you plan to do muscle repair on me?

23. What sort of implants do you recommend and why?

24. What size implants would be best for my body and where do you place the implant incisions?

25. Do you recommend a breast lift as well?

26. What will my belly button look like after surgery?

27. Can you get rid of my stretch marks/piercings/tattoos?

28. Are there any supplements you recommend before or after surgery to help me heal?

29. What about anti-nausea meds and antibiotics?

30. How long until I can get back to my normal routine?

All packed

I'm all packed . My father-in-law will be driving us to the airport. My kids have already been dropped off at the grandparents house. My house is not as clean as I would love to leave it. But this is real life and I'm just very very busy lady. So now I just need to finish printing off my list of questions to ask Ortega can't find any paper in my house so looks like I'll just be looking at them on my phone. I printed out all my pictures of my boobs so I think the most important stuff I printed. I got a walker to bring with me to Miami and then I'm like how do you bring a walk or airplane number 1 number 2 I don't really want my father-in-law to see Locker because we didn't tell him why we're going to Miami we just tell them it was a vacation. So he looks like I will not be bringing to mind that Walker

Thank you to all of the lovely ladies have given me such great advice!

So this is my third post of the day. LOL my husband has passed out and his sleep and I need to be sleep too I just wanted to say thank you to all the ladies who have given me great advice prayed for me and just been wonderful listen to me blab on this blog. I really really really really find a site to be so valuable so tomorrow I'll be flying to Miami for my surgery is this following Thursday and it's still really hasn't hit me yet I'm still busy packing making lists and printing Lowry not really actually focus on the actual day of surgery and more focused on getting ready for it I'll keep you guys posted along every step of the way

I'm in Miami!

So I here waiting to get my consultation. I can here other women talking to the doctor. Over all we waited like 15 min then we were taking back to examination room. Staff have been nice. They are in their mid 20s. So I will get marked up and pay my balance. I'm really here.

I'm ready! Chat, and prayerprayerprayerprayer????

Today was a super busy day. We had to get a rental car which took forever. But then I went for my consultation appointment with doctor Ortega at 3 p.m. . The staffing and services good. The women working there were probably in their mid-twenties. They were polite and helpful. I waited for about 15 minutes before I was taken back to the examination room. One of the staff asked me a bunch of health question. The examination room was clean and nicely furnished. My husband waited with me back there, and stayed during the exam. Dr. Ortega looks a lot thinner than he does on those videos. He either had some liposuction or lost some weight. He was friendly, straight to the point, and informative. He examined me. So I had to stand there naked in front of him, my husband and the nurse as we looked at and talked about the imperfections in my body. Yikes! But I was comfortable I chatted away. You could tell Dr. Ortega does this all the time and seeing a naked woman's body wasn't really a big deal. We talked about the procedure and why I needed the extended tummy tuck, why I needed the lollipop lift, the pros and cons each aspect of the procedures. I showed him my wish pics to illustrate the look I wanted to achieve.. He told me he would be putting about 400 are still cc's in each breast. He said more or less I would be in the D cup realm. He also told me that if you overfill your your breast with implants, you will not get a good result from your lift. It would be too much presure on the lift. And I agreed. I want to have a nice perky pretty breast, versus and huge unhealthy breast. I want my breasts to heal properly. I trust the Dr. He also looked at my shoulder blades( 1 is bigger than the other) and my back and saw that I had a very mild case of scoliosis. This is a complete surprise to me.
We are staying in Fort Lauderdale which is an hour outside of Miami. Because when we booked, everything in Miami was way too expensive or full. We're staying in this nice house what is this house lady named Mama Del. The house is very clean and quiet. I'm going to do my gratefulness meditation and prayer before I go to bed . Prayer please!
PS the weather is truly perfect . It's 70 degrees. I'm also going to be taking magnesium citrate saline laxative oral solution( drinking it now, lemon flavor, not bad). I'm going to drink two bottles the night before surgery. Because it will ensure no constipation after surgery. Wish me blessings! God please watch over me tomorrow as I go through surgery. Please watch over all the ladies who are going through this procedure please bless their bodies with healing. And bless their minds with peace. And please spread the blood of Jesus over their families, and caregivers. Please bless the hands of dr. Ortega as he performs surgery find me tomorrow. Guide the hands of dr. Ortega as he can reconstruct my body tomorrow morning. Please give him a sound mind and steady hands. Who is Brother Blood of Jesus over my husband as he fulfill prescriptions pictures of stratified addresses of me and bless me with a positive attitude and healing mindset as I go into this surgery I just thank you for blessing me with a successful surgery and a successful healing process! I thank you for healing all of ladies out there! I declare victory in the name of Jesus!

Feeling better!

Thank you for your prayers! I'm already starting to feel so much better. I have been sleeping, walking around the house. I have eaten yogurts. Very teird.

Post opt appointment

I went to my post-op appointment today. I sat down and waiting room for about 8 minutes in the most calls back. The nurse took my pictures. And then doctor Ortega examaned me. Everything was good. My breasts had a lot of swelling, so he prcribed and antiflamortoy. The hour long car ride was painful. But I'm back now about to take a nap. Here are some full body shots 1 day after surgery.

Random pics

Day 2

I still can't believe I had a MMO. It's so unreal. The pain of the first day had me questioning everything. But I got through it. I'm really happy with my results. I Tod DR.Ortega, "you did a good job" He responded " No I did better than very good!" Lol. He is an artist, very skilled. I showed him my whish pictures and then he picked my size 425 cc. So I'm greatful my experience was so good. I had no issues with the staff.


I can't wait for swelling to go down.

Before after (day 1

Ortega is amazing! I can't wait till I'm further out in my healing.

First shower!

I'm feeling so much better. Just took my first shower, it felt wonderful! I' standing upright! I have no constipation at all. Thanks to my poop juice drink. Today I think we will venture out to the beach. I have been inside for 3 days.

Out and about on day 3!

Today I woke feeling good. I have been pooping regularly, taking meds on schedule, and walking around the house where we are staying. I had a shower! We drove to brunch at Resurant called OB café in fortlauderald. The car ride didn't hurt- I used 2 pillows 1 in front between me and seat belt and one for back support. I was able to eat a tummy latian breakfast, eggs,beans,tortilla, guacamole salsa and sour cream. Then we took a walk around the oceanfront. I felt a little shortness of breath, and some tightness in my core. Of course I took a pain pill before hand. Lol. I had my drains pinned to my compression garment under a loose fitting sun dress. Not the most flattering look, but I was just happy be out and about. I'm still wearing my ugly slip on shoes. Not up to buckling sandals. Havent fone my hair or make up. Just wrspped my head up in a scarf. For compression i have on my surgical compression garment and then I put a waist trainer on over it . The extra support feels really good . I'm also still wearing compression bra they gave me. Here is a picture of how I sleep

4 Days post

I want to start walking

I miss the gym. I am trying to walk little more each day. I started the day standing almost upright, and ended it hunched over. It's like when your body is tierd it just curls in on its self. I still very swollen. I guess I have to be more patience.I went to the beach today and saw everyone wearing bikinis, and I wanted to wear one but my body is still way too swollen.I have to wait:(

Grateful for a a healthy body! Day 5 post opt

I'm so grateful for a healthy body that heals quickly!I'm so grateful for Healthy Mind that's stayed positive ! No regrets! No guilt! Grateful for the blessings I have ! So grateful for the healing going on right now in my body ! so grateful for the strength God has blessed me with! So grateful my children are being well taken care of while I'm here in Miami with my husband. I'm so grateful for all of the patients my husband has had with me during this MMO process! I am so grateful for the house that we are staying with here in Fort Lauderdale an hour outside of Miami, her quiet clean hospitable house that has been our home away from home. I'm so grateful for being able to have this procedure done with dr. Ortega who is treated me very well. I'm so grateful to all the staff at Spectrum have always been kind and professional with me. I'm just so grateful for all the good things I have in my life! God is with me! God is with you ladies! Have faith! It's our mind that must be strong for this MMO journey! STRONG mind and spirit= success!

7 Day post

Getting ready to fly home! I had my last check up with dr. Ortega yesterday. Everything looks good. He took the bandage off my Band-Aid. Reapplied bar tape to my tummy tuck scar which looks really good. Half sleeve my dreams and for another 8 days Kama just to be on the safe side. So although that's not what I wanted to hear I kind of expected that. So we are going to leave them and have my husband take them out in 8 days;)There were a lot of dolls coming to be checked after they had surgery. Not very many people were standing up straight. I have been standing up straight since day 2 so I feel really blessed about that. I don't have very much pain anymore. Just some tightening in my tummy and soreness. I'm still taking 3 ibuprofen and 2 extra strength Tylenol. I had my husband call the airline and tell them we needed a handicap wheelchair support services. I learned from Reading other people's blogs that it's better to have that in place when flying home after a mommy makeover. I don't want to be lifting are trying to holler out my luggage cuz I would just be too much. We're going to sit home all of the extra pillows and crap that we bought here in Miami. Here updated pics.

Home at last!

I'm home! Back to being mommy. I little one look as if they have grown. I'm happy to be home. But I still have the stinking drains in. Good lord they are annoying. I'm going to have to dress frumpy in order to camouflage them. I don't want to tell anyone about the surgery, because some people will not be happy. So I have learned to keep quiet and shine as bright as I can. Please ladies shine as bright as you can too! Don't let the devil steal your joy! Take care of you! Yes take care of you! Love yourself! And be your best ! Look your best! Have no regrets you deserve you MMO!

8 Days post

Today was kinda bleak. The weather is gray and cold. No sun.I miss working out, it gives me pourpose. I really detedt my drains. When I touch my tummy I can feel them in there. Hard to be home, lots of chores and the kids want on the go mommy , they are used to. I have been listening to the power of positive thinking and other positive type videos.. Hopefully the Sun Will come out soon.

MMO emotional puddle poem

Thank you. I will try to walk by faith not by sight.
MMO is not for the weak of heart. No its not for the vain, or shallow, or lazy, crazy .
It's for the warrior woman. The woman who runs, spins, zumbas, and lifts weights, cut cals, rain or shine day after day after day.
It's for the woman who can get cut up, sewn, up and put back together again. Its for the woman who loves her self so much she is willing to invest in herself. Her self.
A dream she has for her own womanly self. She invests in her own restoration.
Like a fool she share her new found dream of body restoration with those around her.
She endures,ridicule from friends and family. How can you afford that? Suddenly everyone wants to tell her how to spend your money. Oh that's such a waste of money some may say, as they"the stay at home" hire a nanny to help them take care of the extra child they are too unprepared to take care of.
Because they can't see her dream. But she does. She alone.
MMO is not for the weak of heart. No its not for the vain, or shallow, lazy, or crazy .
After, the physical pain starts to fade from the broken bruised body,
the mental, pain starts.
I did not cry after MMO surgery. No tears for me. I stood u, nearly all the way on the second day.
I woke up to blinding pain. There were voices speaking spanish, buzzing bright light and cold. I couldn't speak at first. I wanted to go back to sleep. Sleep was warm and safe. The nurses yanked on my sun dress. It was so cold. It hurt to cry. I could not cry. I I waited cold, and alone, as my husband made his way threw Miami traffic.
So no the MMO is not for the faint of Heart.
You may not cough, laugh sneeze. You may not vomit, no matter how much your body tells you too. The fisr cough will feel like fire and knifes ripping your insides apart. You will keep cough drops under your pillow. So you follw all doctor orders. You are strong, healthy and fit. You will your body to heal. It does. Your body is feeling better by the hour and days.
After day 1 you feel, like this was't so bad. I can handle it. After all I never panicked. I stayed calm grounded. My mind was strong.
But after the battle to heal , before leaving Miami in the said 7 days,has been won. After the plane ride, the walking trough the airport, the bathroom trips making sure the drains are clean and secure. After, the car drive with a nose father in law who does not know of your surgery. After reaching home, hugging your children. You have won. You are back in your reality with the restored body.
Then out of no where a sadness, a loneliness, a otherness appears. Whats happening, why are negative thoughts coming into my head? I have 3 boys, 11,5 and 3, who give running tackle hugs. Oche! Mommy is hurt. No mommy is not sick. Please touch mommy softly. Round eyes look back at me, not understand why little boy roughness is suddenly a no no.
Who can you tell? But they won't understand. How do I find words to explain it. I don't want to sound ungrateful. I am to hope. So no. I can't tell them. So I cry alone in me bedroom. My feeling are so bruised. I hurt, but not on my body. No one told me about this. Everyone says "see you on the flat side! Happy healing" No one tells you there will be days when you cry for no reason and you huort. So you tell no one.
Because you never know what they will think. Some are jealous because you did what they could not do. They think you have low self esteem because you wanted to repair your body, after years of, living and birthing. So, after the MMO you do the work, the hard work, of piecing back together again your scattered emotions. You will bloat. You may question your choices. You will cry.
So the MMO is not for they faint of heart. But you knew that. You are strong.
You will run again. You will laugh until your belly hurts again. You will dance again.
You will wear whatever you please, with head held high.
You will relish the look on others faces as they try and guess if you had surgery or not.
The road will be long and sometimes you can't see where its leading, but you will get there. I will become we, me will become us, as we share this journey together.
We will not regret one single step on this journey of restoration.

Day 11 feels like longer

Today was a good day, filled with normal stay at home mom tasks. I was able to drive, running errands, clean, fold clothes, cook meals, help little ones with bath, everything. No pain. Woke up this morning with little stiffness & pain. Took ibuprofen. So life goes on. I'm getting back into it. I keep my boobs under wraps during the day, they are getting a bit softer. I hate sleeing in a compression garment. I'm able to sleep on my back now propped up with a bunch of pillows and wedges. Yeah I don't have to sleep in a sitting position anymore. Also my abdominal muscles to not really hurt anymore. I can even laugh comma still not going to cough. Tomorrow if you can wait go take a little walk around the cul-de-sac that I live in. Or maybe I might go to my gym and walk on the treadmill. But I still have my drains and so I don't know if that's going to work out. The sun has definitely been out.

13 with my drains/ swim suits

Hello beautiful ladies! I I have had migraines and 413 days now. Dr. Ortega has everyone who is an out-of-state patient keep their drains in for 2 weeks. He said I could take my drains out if I am draining less than 75 ccs. I have been training 25 cc's in my lower abdominal strain for this whole week. I've been dreaming about a teaspoon and my upper abdominal drain. The dragons are very annoying. And since I haven't told most people on my life that I went to Miami to have a mommy makeover. Comma it's kind of hard to hide them. But luckily I live in a cold state so I can still wear bulky sweaters. And I put them underneath my waist trainer. First I put on my Surgical compression garment, then I put on a waist trainer over that and I have my train stops between those two. I've been wearing big sweaters leggings aren't big sweatshirt on College and leggings. Since I'm a stay-at-home mom this works. However I really wanted to wear something cute. But my husband thinks I should leave my drains in an extra week just to be on the safe side. So right now I'm kind of undecided as to what to do. I bought some bikini tops and bottoms at Target today and couldn't resist trying them on even though I'm still very very swollen and only 13 days out. I was still so amazed every time I look at my boobs and my tummy I still feel like this sense of awe. It was probably one of the best decisions I made to get a mommy makeover. It's just something about being able to wear a bikini and look good in it that is awesome. And then I'm so excited to get back into the gym to workout and really really lift weights and just kind of like fine-tune. I really great ful for this community of women, I have learned so much, been encouraged, and felt so much Love. Thank you ! :) I hope I can pass on the love and wisdom I have learned from my MMO experience!

My drain came out by its self!

Last night my drain came out. I was wearing two camies with a tight waist trainer over top. I also was wearing my drains hooked to a key lackor underneath my waste trainer. I was wearing like that so I could better hide them under bulky clothes. I was only draining 40 cc every 24 hours in my lower abdomen drain.
I went to sit down and use the bathroom and my drain litterly fell into my lap. I felt nothing. I had no idea it was coming out. So I was kinda shocked. I was planning on keeping them in for one more week, to be on the safe side. I had them in for 14 whole days, like the doctor said. The drain sights are healing good. Does anyone know how to shower with newly opened drain sites?
Also how do deal with fluid build up? I feel a little swelling fluid.

Took the tape off the girls / what's a good compression garment?

I put medihoney around my nipples and bandages them. All incesions have closed up. But I just wanted to make sure they stayed that way. So I'm babying them. Can anyone recommend a good compression garment/ waist trainer?

Healing and dealing

Hey girls!
I'm healing, pretty well. I have no opened wounds, except for the drain holes. They are half closed. I have been showering with dail antibacterial soap and the wounds are doing well. The swelling has been minimal. No one has really noticed, the change. I guess I'm a modest dresser. I'm a mom, I don't really dress to sexy. But that's OK. I like it like that. My little secret for the hubby. But I do want to start back at the gym. Just walking. Very light. I might get in the pool for a little water aerobics. I'm going going into week 3. So I'm going to keep it light at the gym.

Day 18 post opt. Working out again?

At this stage I'm starting to feel more like myself. My energy is normal. I have stopped drinking all caffeinated drinks, since before surgery. I'm eating better. My stomach as well waist trainer is to tight to really eat large portions. So that is good. Still very happy with my results. I don't bother with the scale, all I care about is the shape of my body, and the scale just has nothing to offer. All the swelling and healing my body is undertakening = not a good time to weigh. Sonim happy. At some point we must choose to be happy with what we have. So my improvement with surgery chapter is done. Next time I go on a vacation with my husband, I want to be pain free.
Last Friday I walked out side for an hour and some change. That didn't hurt, it was hard. Today was my first day back at the gym! Lol. I walked on the ol tredmill for an hour. I tried the elliptical, the one where you move arms and legs- that hurt the tummy- and chest , I got off after 5 min. So tommow morning I'll be doing aqua aerobics in the pool at my gym, with the seniors. Cant wait! Going to keep it light. Also I'm starting to get some feeling back in my lower stomach and part of my breasts, so that's awesome. Also Iwas intimate with my husband first time since after surgery! So he was happy. Just had make sure he didn't put any weight on my tummy or breast area. So life is somewhat normal. I'm still recovering but definitely over all the worst of it.

How are your post opt work outs?

Post update 18 compression routine.

hello everyone I want to make a video about my compression routine. I have watched a bunch of YouTube videos and read a bunch of people's blogs and a surgeon that I follow on YouTube recommends that people put foam in between their compression garment and their bodies so they don't get any of the wrinkles and the ripples that the compression garment can make in your skin if it's really really tight. Because the indents that your compression garment gives you,can become permanent as your body is being molded and formed, after surgery. So I have decided to wear a piece of following in between myself and my compression garment. It is a little bulky but since I had a tummy tuck I still appear to be pretty Compact and I wear loose shirts and dresses kind of camouflage it plus my boobs are still pretty huge with the swelling and I don't really want people all in my boob mix. So I've been wearing like looser fitting shirts and dresses. but if there's like a special occasion and I want to wear something more form-fitting then I will not wear the phone but if it's just a regular everyday then I put on my phom. I've also been using silicone scar gel on my tummy tuck scars, I got it at Walgreens. They also have silicone scar treatment sheets there. I have put the moves on my breast and my tummy tuck scar. But I can remember my surgeon telling me thats all l really need. so I'll probably just use silicone gel, going forward. The strips are a handful. I feel like I have less swelling when I wear the foam. The pictures down below are my tongue after I did water aerobics for an hour and a half this morning right around with my kids got them lines took them to preschool came home and I'm not that swollen. So you guys might want to give foam a whirl!

Nipples are regaining feel!

My nipples were initially numb after surgery. But I'm happy to announce that they are regaining feeling. It has been almost 3 weeks since my surgery. My right nipple is regaining feeling much faster than my left my right breast also dropped and fluffed so it's just an overachiever. But I just wanted to open up the dialogue because I think this is kind of like the elephant in the mommy makeover room no one ever really talks about feeling returning to their nipples and we all know that nipples are pretty darn important. So if anybody wants to share their nipples story feel free !

Bloating, thems the break

Well I had a busy day, on my feet mostly. I worked out this evening with my hubby. I did the stair climbing machine for 45 minutes and then I walked for 15 minutes. my husband told me I need to slow down. honestly it felt really good to be on the stair climbing machine actually sweating. Not painful. But the hubby says no spinning class or Zumba or the elliptical machine. So I will listen, to my other half. Tomorrow morning I'm going to do Aqua aerobics in with the seniors, it was fun last time. I'm so used to killing myself at the gym. Now I have to learn to go at a slow and steady pace. I have to listen to my body. Still please with my results. Actually I'm trilled with my new body, even when bloated I still love my body. Ortega is still awesome sauce in my book! Oh I've been taking ibuprofen prior to working out because it helps with bloating and inflammation. I'm also still taking a multi-vitamin iron turmeric ginger, pineapple enzymes & a few others that I can't think of right now. And I must say my healing process has gone pretty smoothly and I'm really grateful for that. Happy healing to all you ladies out there who are healing. And may you have a truly blessed mommy makeover Journey to all those ladies out there who are still wsitin remember God loves you and wants you to take care of yourself. No guilt no shame just self care and love

Doing well

Hello everyone, last week I exercised every da! I did walking for an hour one day Aqua aerobics for an hour one day, and by Friday I was up to doing 15 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes on the stair stepper or 15 minutes walking and 15 minutes riding a bike. So I'm slowly building my stamina back up at the gym but I'm definitely listening to my body. And being very intentional about not rushing back into working out. So next week I'm going to enjoy some more aquarobics with the seniors. And light cardio. My body is feeling really good the only open spots I have are, my drain sites are still tiny bit open and my belly button has a little bit of a fleshy part in the middle that has not completely grown skin over. So I know a lot of people use silicone ear plugs to mold the shape of their belly button however my belly button has not completely healed yet so I'm very hesitant to put anything in it because I don't want to get an infection. So if anybody has any suggestions or recommendations about how to do it partially healed belly button please let me know. I've been also trying to eat really clean and taking a lot of vitamins and drinking water to protect my investment AKA my tummy. Butt I'm feeling really confident about my body and can't wait till I can stop wearing the protective waist trainer and body contouring equipment and phone and all the other stuff. I still feel like I definitely have to wear it because when I don't wear it I start to feel really sore in my tummy and I feel like I will swell up a lot faster if I don't work. This weekend me and my husband went on a retreat where we were sitting down and listening to speakers for long periods of time. + I noticed that the end of the day I was kind of walking curled over and sore. I think sitting now for me is more painful versus walking around and being active I think I feel better when I am more active. I'm not really experiencing too much swelling out of the normal swelling from just having the surgery. But when I touch my tummy it's really flat and I'm I can feel my abdominal wall and I'm not feeling any fluid swishing around. So I'm just taking it one day at a time and just really protecting my body is just being really really grateful that my results came out how I wanted. Having a mommy makeover has really taught me how to be grateful and patient because this is not an instant fixed. That's really taught me to respect and love my body and to take care of it. It's also amazing how truly strong my body is too and my mind and my face is to have undergone the surgery and to have not really gotten too depressed. I have been truly blessed and able to come out of tough patches. So I'm just going to continue to walk by faith and enjoy the Journey.

Me so far

This is me in all my glory. Going to gym. Light cardio, tighten up the soft edges. Good bless you all ! Rember you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!

I did zumba:(.

So I went to the gym and I was feeling good ready for 20 minutes did the stair stepper for 20 minutes rode the bike a spinning bike for 15 minutes. Then I see the Zumba instructor walk by. So I think to myself oh I'll just assume but I'll just do one song and then I'll leave. I love Zumba. I was in there for a half hour. And I felt fine while I was doing it, I was having a great time. I felt like milloin bucks! Not missing a step. Lol. Just a few little aches and pains but I was trying to do it modified not putting my arms up over my head too high. But I did all of the above standing ab work ( like a happy fool). That has probably been the biggest blunder I have done so far since my recovery. Now my abs really hurt and feel like I did a freaking thousand crunches. And this is my 25th day of recovery I think. So please if you're reading this and you're thinking it's a good time to do Zumba. . do not do ! So beware of Zumba it's fun and alluring beats and dance moves will trick you'll having a great time. You smile at how good you look shaking that new you. And then youll coming home and eating dinner and then feeling really bad. don't do it. And I'm all out of percocet and muscle relaxers. So hopefully ibuprofen and Advil will help. Pray for me.lol

Almost 3 weeks post opt!

overall I'm still very happy with my results overall I'm still very happy with my results and would recommend dr. Ortega. But overall I cannot stress it really helps to work out and eat clean prior to surgery because I think basically what the mommy makeover does is enhance the body that you have hidden underneath excess skin and a little fat. I personally feel that that's why I results have been so good it is because I put a lot of work prior to surgery so so I really recommend that for other people. Because if you going to spend all this money you want to be happy with the results so people think that getting a surgery anyway blah blah blah it's really not in some ways it's easy when in other ways it takes a lot of work self discipline. I feel like my mommy makeover I did more for myself because with my clothes on I look just fine. But now I feel confident and I just keep saying my body and prove I'm only 3 weeks out. And I do like to work out and then I'm so it's been really hard to not trying to work out like I normally do but I'm going to stick to very very light cardio no matter how bored I get. I I remain grateful for the success of my surgery and my experience thus far I remain grateful that my body has healed relatively quickly very dark scars. And I just remain grateful for all of the peace and blessings surrounding my life.

1 month post opt- good work outs for MMO mommeis?

Well it's been a month since the surgery! Recovery is up and down journey. But I wouldn't change a thing. I can't tell you how my self confidence has improved! I look forward to working out (cardio) at a slightly more intense rate. I would like tighten up my back waistline. Everything is still healing well- no open wounds. My belly button is still healing, not infected, just not all closed up. My breasts are a nice ful D cup, my left one is still falling and fluffing. Hopefully soon. What I like best is people keep looking at me trying to put their finger on what is different. My breasts are decently bigger, but not porn star big, I'll still be able to dress them up or dress them down. So I'm excited to see how my body will be changing more as swelling goes down. Being on this site has helped me so much! So grateful for all my MMO sisters! You women are fabulous and fearless!
*Has anybody jogged or run with implants?
Swelling tips tricks?
Good compression garment?

What compression garment do you sleep in?

Post MMO sleeping : Getting ready for bed takes FOREVER. The creams, tapes wrappes, pillows! OMG! Lol. I currently sleep in a supportive non wire bra and then I sleep in 2 tannk tops, then body foam with the surgical waist wrap, filled by a waist trainer. And I'm still sleeping in a partially upright position. So all the garments hurt my back and I wake often with a dore neck and back. So I was wondering what are you all doing? Anyone have the right combination? I have to wear something otherwise I'd wake up swollen. I don't feel right sleeping brasless. So any alternative sleeping compress garments you guys want to share would be great.

Current body

Feeling good. Taking care to wear a tight binder. My tummy actually hurts if I don't wear binder. Part of healing. IV been

5 weeks post opt body

Me so far

Feeling bloated? Look at before and afters!

Sometimes how far I have come. I mean really, I spent so much time chasing after a flat tummy and pretending I liked my pancake breasts. Then I decided to really do something about it. Seriously, some days it seems unreal. I had to take some time to look at my before pictures and feel grateful!

Going into my 6th week : before after measurements!

My swelling is getting better, with eating healthy low fat foods and wearing a tight waist trainer. So their is light at the end of the tunnel! It gets better. I measured myself. My before surgery measurments: above belly button 33 inch, After 27 inch! Around belly button, before 34 inch, after 31 inches. Hips 40 before and after. So I stay away from the scale, I haven't weighed myself since before surgery, because I'm not really interested in my weight just my shape. And I love my shape, it gets better each week. So I'm OK with that. I wore a body con dress on Saturday and my butt was hoping! Amazing what a snatched waist can do. But I have to be careful with all them curves, men are like wolves. So ladies get ready to rock those curves! Enjoy the new bodies! Becarful with them!

Before after measurements!

Hey, girls! I'm going into the 6th week and the swelling is getting better. I've been eating healthy and wearing the waist trainer. Also been doing light cardio 5 times per week since post opt week 3. I will probably do light cardio for another 2 weeks, then increase. I will not attempt to lift weights until the fall. The before surgery measurments : upper stomach 33 inches, around navel 34 inches/ waist. After surgery upper stomach 27 inches, around navel/ waist 31, hips 40 inches before and after surgery. So that's a nice difference, I'm expecting more. So that's where I'm at now. My stomach is staying flat longer.

Update: Going into my 6th week.

Hey ladies. Just doing an update. I'm doing pretty good most of my swelling is gone. I'm able to exercise at the gym at a moderate level. My stitches are all healed up and started to fade a little. Still waiting for my left breast to go down and fluff. I still feel that pulling tightness at the end the day. Somtimes my incision itch like crazy. I have been wearing my waist clincher 23 hours a day- only take off for showers. I also wear a supportive bra 23 hour a day, because I payed too much money, not too protect my investment. But I'm happy and satisfied with Dr. Otregas excellent work. I look better each week and the healing process for me was very smooth. This week I'm going to do spinning!
I live in MN. Prince died. I have been listening to a local African American radio station and hearing some of the first hand accounts of Prince's childhood and his love for music and his early training. It's pretty amazing what a small African American World it is here. It feels like people that I didn't even know knew Prince know Prince. An local civle rights activist/ music producer goes to my gym and he was on the radio today talking about how she Prince was when he was an early teen before fame, with a local band touring, he could play just about every instrument- but he refused to sing. Because he was extremely shy. So just imagine how hard he had to work to overcome that shyness to become the huge mega pop star that he was.

Did spinning spinning!

How did spending today and honestly it was wonderful exclamation point teacher was playing Prince the whole class and it was awesome! I'm a a little swollen but it was well worth it ! I cannot stress this enough ladies exercise exercise exercise before you go in for your mommy makeover the plastic surgeon is not a magician. If you exercise and have muscle underneath your fat and your skin you're going to get better results and you're going to heal faster. Please hit the gym really hard prior to your surgery. It will be worth it. There is no specific secrect. Just work hard. Pray hard. Have faith.Expect the best. Good luck and to you all. Read other blogs take notes. Mentally prepare, you will make it!

The evolution of me

The evolution of me during the MMO journey. I'm still feeling tightness and some pain when I don't wear the binder. And I simply can not go without the binder. I wear that mama jamma 24/7. I exercise 5 or 6 times per week , light cardio sessions only. I am loving my results! It was truly the right decision for me. In the locker room people keep asking me questions about my waist trainer as if the waist trainer gave my that tiny waist! Ha ha! It was Dr. Ortega. But I really don't hg Ave time to explain to random strangers in the locker room. So I'm taking a diet pill called garcinia Cambodia, I take it before I eat. It's helpful. All natural. But I'm still not weighing myself. Just measuring my waist. I'm hoping to slim down somemore this summer. I will also start plugging my belly button with that silicone ear plugs stuff. I think my belly button is good but I don't want to keep getting smaller. I've also been massaging my left breast because it has not fall into the same degree as my Wright. ear plugs stuff. I think my belly button is good but I don't want to keep getting smaller. I've also been massaging my left breast because it has that fall into the same degree as my alright. But overall I'm still really please with results. They keep improving each week. That keeps me hopeful. The MMO is a waiting game. Do play to win!

Becarful what you whish for.

Ok I am a happily married woman. I now have a body that I'm real really confident and comfortable with. I worked out really hard in the gym for years. And now it has finally changed those things I could not change into gym.I have always wanted to have,,y66y d a flat tummy and perky breast and of course a nice behind. And I have that now. However, men are more aware of my assets. I have always had men aware, but it has increased. So I personally don't want that kinda attention. So I do watch what a I wear. But at the gym its difficult because it hot and I'm sweating. So ladies becarful with your new hot bodies, men will start popping out of the wood work, with flatery and junk. If you are single, still beware of men who are only interested in the flesh. If you are married prepare yourself for a lot of lust being tossed your way. Really get your "bit%% face glare" ready. Practice. Don't let some thirsty man mess up your marriage. So that was a pep talk for you as much as it was for me. Remember you are more than a body. Don't be deceived. Wishing you all a beautiful MMO journey!

A little update

Life is going. The body is still healing. I have emailed stocks Ortega questions about when I can go back to exercising(zumba) and lifting weights(yaeh) and he says to wait 2-3 months. So Dr. answers his emails promptly. Also my left boob is still settling in, I have been strapping it down at night. It seems to be dropping and looking natural. I'm still happy with my results. Incision line is itching and some of the stitching feels like it poking me though the skin and I'm not really sure what to do about it. Has anybody else have this issue? Peace and blessings to all th beautiful ladies!

Me at 2 months post!

My left breast in settling !

Breasts to hide or show off?

Something strange, I spend time trying bto find tops that fit right. I mean cover my breasts. I'm a mom. I don't feel comfortable walking around all out. But then again i payed all this money - maybe i should show them off??? Then my pants do not fit in the waist. I mean I'm having trouble finding pants with small waist big hip butt theigh fit. Anyone know of a good brand? Right no leggings, & yoga pants, are my best friend. I gave a lot of clothes I need to give away. Good problem to have I guess. But I still wait a tight binder, so I'm in that transitional phase. At the gym I'm mostly wearing sports bra(2) waist trainer and yoga pants. So it some getting used to this new body. I have a little back fat I could do without. I guess I will try and burn it at the gym.

Checking in!

Checking in

3 month anniversary!

So it's been 3 months since my MMO surgery. It's been an interesting journey. My self confidence is really high. I'm enjoying working out and tighten up the lose edges. My thieghs butt and hips are huge. My stomach stays flat for most of the day. If I eat salty foods I bloat up. I still wear my binder24/7, and it helps me tremendously with bloating . It also feels good support wise. Just different waist trainers.

Me at 3 months post opt-162lds

Hi everyone! Doing great still wearing a waist trainer 24/7. The pain is gone - my stomach will get tight and soar if I go for an hour without waist trainer. My breasts are almost settled, no more shooting pain, soft to the touch, left one still a bit higher naked, clothed it's fine. I'm working out 4-5 times a week.spinning, elliptical and stairmaster. Love your self. You are amazing!

Homemade strap for high implant

Hey, this is my homage strap for my one boob that needs to settle. I have on a extra small sports bra, one side cups the boob I want to stay where it is and the other side is pulled up high right at the top of my high boob. So it pushes my high boob down like a strap. Cause ain't nobody got time to buy a strap. Lol hope this helps someone!???????????????????? Look at pictures -

6 months

Hello everybody! I'm 6months post opt. I feel good. Working out normally. Just started to lift weight- no chest or core. I think the biggest challenge gas been finding the right bra. Sports bras are getting played out. I'm about a full 34D or maybe DD in some brands. So I need to go to Victoria secret. But can say there is no pain. My nipples have full feeling back. I wear my waist trainer only to work out and to sleep. Also struggling to find jeans for full hips butt and small waist. Anyone know of good brands? Best bras? Also I have been using silicone strips for my boobs. My wiaist has not been treated with anything yet. The waist scars don't really bother me. I will probably get a tattoo in few years.I'm still working to improve my body at the gym. I have some chunky legs and little back fat to burn. Life is journey! So let's enjoy the ride!

8 months after MMO

Hello dolls! Hope all is well. I'm in a good place with the healing journey. No pain . Minimal swelling. Salt still Swells me up. I went to finally to get sized for a bra at Victoria secret. I'm I sold 34DDD. No idea I was that big. Before surgery I was. 34,saggy, falt c. So I'm happy with the big girls boobs. I don't run anymore. But I never liked to run anyway. I do spinning and wait lifting. I lift for lower body and back only. I'm not doing any chest, don't want to move the implants out of their chest pocket. I can do standing ab work- light. Over Ortega is a very good doctor. I'm very happy with my results. The rest is up to me. My goals are to build a rounder bigger booty. My measurements for lower body 32 waist, 42 1/2 inch hips. So I'm really glad I did the surgery. It has boosted my confidence brother are naked or wearing clothes. so if you're thinking about this surgery I would say if you have the means to do it go ahead and do it especially if you're done having your children. for me it is the ultimate form of self care it's not vanity or selfish just at all. Because I am still the same woman I was before surgery. Surgery is very exciting and can be somewhat traumatic Journey. One little piece of advice I'd give you if you are a Praying person start praying. get to that place of peace and go ahead and have your surgery. however I would not tell very many people. tell your spouse and maybe one or two trusted girlfriends. Never tell anyone at work, because people can be judgmental and jealous. So keep your prize to yourself. Stay encouraged !Be blessed dolls! Pic attached

Pictures of 34DD girls

Remember You can do it! Your stronger than you think. Don't tell everyone about your surgery plans, pray about it instead. Not everyone will be happy fo you. That's why some things are best kept secret. A little smile will do. Keep em guessing as you do you boo! Your worth it!

Just checking in.

hello everyone I was just checking in I remember last year around this time this is when I really started to think about getting a mommy makeover probably about when I call them so they can all my plane reservations and praying and meditating. and I finally had my operation last March. I look at myself in the mirror and I see my new body I still can't believe that I actually have this body. The aches and pains have pretty much all faded away, the bloating that's still real. The scars they're pretty ,????they're fading nicely. The boobs are pretty soft feel like real boobs. I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't have any regrets . I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. My confidence has just went through the roof. And not because I prance around half-naked. Simply because I feel better in my clothes and my skin. So if there's anyone reading this who's contemplating whether or not getting this operation a good idea, or if they really need it just follow your heart, and put God into your plans. As women we take care of everybody else and sometimes we leave ourself out. So be kind to yourself. take care of yourself and It'll make you a better wife mother girlfriend sister friend. Rember your not alone! Be kind to yourself! happy holidays! Peace and blessings to all my sister's out there! I love you guys!

Update. Bra size 34DDD

Hi! I just wanted to update while my stomach is flat. because I'm about to go get some really good food.
Bras are going to be a necessity if you go bigger,something to be aware of when you're spending all this money on boobs you shouldn't sleep in a bra to preserve your resulI Have gummy bears under the muscle comma they feel pretty soft like real human flesh.Still love them. Husband loves them too,???? Still no regrets.

One year update!

Hello beautiful dolls! So its been a physical and emotional rollercoaster ride of a year! My body has healed nicely. I still have he tummy tuck scars. I have tried using silicone tape it just tools off. I have had success using the silicone tape on my breasts. The breast scars are almost gone! My tummy still gets bloated at the end of the day or when I eat salty foods. I do still wear a waist trainer when I work out. I wear a bra 24/7 , only take it off when I shower or adult fun time????. Hum, regrets? I think I would go a little smaller on the boobs, 'm a 34DDD. You can only find bras at the expensive stores????????????. So think about that. Also it took my left boob forever to settle in. But now they are settled and natrul looking. But perky.My tummy tuck scars on my hips itch like crazy some days, the area skin is rough and different textures. I'm using Shea butter. Overall I feel very comfortable, confident and happy with my results! One other thing, you must work out to keep improving your results. I have been working out 4-5 times a week. I also suggest if your getting a MMO you are at least 30! Why ? Because you might want more kids. It not worth the pain and emotional rollercoaster if you just go and mess it up. Just be careful, and wise ! Love you dolls! I hope this helps!

A year and 3 week ???????? post opt!

So times does heal all wounds and settle all boobs! Lol. I still getting used to my new body. I love it. No regrets. I workout -4-6 times a week. You do have to watch what you eat and workout. Fat will build up in other places if your not carful. Everything s been worth it, reaserch everything, and pray about everything, do not tell more than 1-2 people, because most will be jelouse and judmental. God bless you dolls!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ortega is very good, he knows what he is doing, he makes you feel comfortable. I would recommend him for MMO if you are going for a sexy natural look.He is very smart and well seasoned with27+years of experience. I would go to him again if I wanted anything else done. He is easy to talk to.I had no issues with the staff.

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