Mommy Makeover! Diastasis Recti from Pregnancy... Tummy Tuck and BL+BA with 415ccs

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I'm really loving Just reading other...

I'm really loving realself. Just reading other women's story like mine or even not like mine is so inspiring. I first think all the women on here who share their story need a round of real though. If it wasn't for this website not sure if I would go through with surgery.

After I was pregnant and had my most amazing baby I knew something wasn't right with my stomach area. I felt a lot of discomfort and a month after I had my baby I went to see my Doctor. I learned I had Diastatic recti. I was like Diastasis What? I never heard of it and I never imagined it happening to me. I have always been a fit person. Definitely not an athlete but fit and my weight has never fluctuated...always been maybe 5lbs more here and there but I always go back to "my weight". I'm 5'4, 119 lbs 34B. Right before I was pregnant I wanted to be the healthiest and the best shape I could so that I could bounce back after pregnancy and I was. I was in the best shape of my life. I knew my body would change "somewhat" after pregnancy but I never imagined it could be this bad. My belly was very large towards the end of my pregnancy and although I ate healthy and didn't gain a lot of weight my belly just kept growing. At 40 weeks I was so stretched out and uncomfortable. I also had a c section. My pregnancy changed my body completely. I was left with diastatic recti, a hernia that I later found out was causing the discomfort and stretched out skin, stretch marks.I don't want to sound superficial but its been a hard thing for me to look in the mirror and accept this new body. Its been 4 years since my last pregnancy and I still not happy and although I knew surgery was possible I never thought I'd be one to have a "cosmetic surgery". I never clearly understood why anyone would take a risk like that in order to look good...until I got slapped in the face with my Now I totally get it and 100% confident if you don't like something...fix it :) Iv'e learned its more than just looking better, its feeling better inside and out...defitnetley been an emotional roller coaster ride for me

After I found out I had diastase recti from my doctor. He told me it was a common thing and nothing I could do unless I wanted to have a tummy tuck. So I decided okay I will live with this and I researched exercises and started up going to the gym only to discover it was causing me more pain. I then learned I also had a hernia...GRRRRREAT!...what else can happen right. Well after breastfeeding my baby for a year my boobs that were a B cup and went up to a D cup while breast feeding...yes I felt like a cow...I produced so much milk I didn't know what to do with it? Add it to my coffee?? Lol...joke of course just to lighten things up. My boobs were great by the way I loved these new boobies and so did my husband...they were great to look at but you couldn't touch if not they would After I stopped breast feeding for a year and my milk supply was coming to an end I was left with deflated breast. What happen to my perky b cup tattoos?????? Oh No this too!!! AHHHHHH!!!! I will post a photo once I get the guts to. I couldn't even look in the I do in a more science project kinda way...I could fix this and then that way.

So Now That I am Finally Ready to take the Plunged and do this...

So after 4 years complentating I have finally decided to do this. I have gone over this in my head and with my husband but then I would change my mind....Nooooo I'm not going to do it. So this year 2016 came and I had an a epiphany or more like breakdown in tears and I thought I need I going to do this or not not? I don't want to wait 5 more years and then decide yes I want to have surgery and do this. I want to enjoy it now!!! While I'm still somewhat young or feeling young lol. When you live in Miami your pretty much in a bathing suit all the time. I have always worn a bikini and since having my kids I've had to wear a tankini because theres no way on earth I would let anyone see my damage!! Really I can't deal. Even in a tankini I have a "pooch" that sticks out. I've gotten really good at sucking it in but I"M DONE SUCKING IT IN! I want to breathe again lol. I also have a hernia so that causes pain for me too and I worry about it when I workout, clean the house or even have an active day I'm not able to do most things because of my hernia and if I do I feel the repercussions of it, its swells and I feel this overwhelming feeling of being tired and just want to lay down.

My husband is my cheerleader and has always been so its whatever I want to do and he wants me to do it because he sees I hide myself when he walks in lol. I also put up a shower curtain in our glass shower because I just really feel...gross. I do I really do. I am my worst critic I know I have good days where I'm like so what no big deal and then days I want to hide and never go to the beach again ad I looovvveee the beach. I also want my kids to enjoy the beach and just to think I have to go in a bathing suit I'm already 50% not going. Soo...this is my year and I have decided to share my story and hopefully it will have a great happy ever after ending!! Others sharing their story has helped me and I want to help others too.

So I have 5 consultations all lined up...I researched for 2 to 3 weeks. I have two favorites just by reading reviews and their websites and of course making sure they are Board Certified and ASAPS and facility accreditation. So here's what I'm getting done its pretty long list: repairing my diastasis recti (which is 4 inches apart), repairing my hernia, tummy tuck to get rid of sagging skin, BA with Silcone and probably BL with a nipple reduction (my nipples totally stretched out when I breast fed) I want my small nipple again!!! lol and I'm thinking 450cc maybe 475cc? not sure I just want to be a D cup and liposuction of my thighs both inner thighs and outer (saddle bags) in the back too and that's about it. Not too bad...right???

I'm worried about the cost even though I pretty much know it will be probably $10,000 to $14,000. I'm ready to pay half and finance the rest. I know I will be approved because I have good income if I do not get approved I will sadly have to dish it all out which I don't want to do but will do if need be.

I'm not afraid of pain, pain is the least of my worries and if you have kids you can totally relate...Pain no problem. What I'm most of afraid of is complications. Have any of you heard about contractures? You body could reject the breast implant due to bacteria on the implant and your body starts attacking it and forms a web like tissue and squeezes your implant and it gets hard and you'll have to get it redone. This is rare but can happen. I'm just afraid of any and all complications I hope to have a smooth surgery.

I want to have my surgery already and I haven't even had my first consultation yet!

My first consultation for a Mommy Makeover is on Monday January 18th, 2016. I can't but spend the day thinking about it all the time. The doctor I'm seeing was my first choice. So I hope to get all my questions answered and feel good about the first meeting. I'm anxious to see what he has to say about my whole situation. I promise to post photos of what I looked like before pregnancy and after pregnancy. Its much easier to post the before but I'm terrified!! Heres right before I got pregnant.

Consultations Accomplished

I have been on three consultations and I have finally decided. What made me choose the PS really went down to the before and after photos both on their websites and on real self. All the PS I saw were certified by the ABPS and in a certified facility. My first consultation was short didn't talk me to me really but answered all my questions, very nice office and great staff. I loved all the before and afters and found a lot of good reviews of him on real self. The second doctor was great too, great staff too. I don't want to mention his name bc I don't have anything negative to say but only to say he was not for me. He was older and talked my ear off...completely different from my first consultation. I was a bit overwhelmed with all the talking it was mostly things I already knew and had researched but it was very pleasant sitting with him. I didn't like his before and after photos he was more on the conservative side with implant sizes. The photos I saw of the women he worked on I felt like their breasts were too small and there were some larger women with small breasts. I expressed this to the doctor and he said he chooses the size the day of the surgery and sees which "fits" me better. I told him I wanted a D cup and discouraged me says a C cup would suffice and he couldn't promise me the size I wanted???? It made me feel a little weird almost embarrassed that I wanted to go a little bigger. I don't want them huge or for them to look fake just to look like the ones I have as my wish pics which are not huge. I showed my first PS the photo he said I can do that not a problem this doctor didn't even look at my wish pic. Anyway, the third appt. I didn't feel it either with the doctor. I just felt like he was super busy and I was a bit iffy on some reviews I read on real self so that discourage me a lot. Also, my husband came with me on all appts. which really helped a lot with deciding. He felt the same way I did which helps to confirm what I was feeling.

Wish PicS

So this is the size I'm looking for and liking. I don't think they look too big or fake. I think they look great. This is was a patient of the same PS I chose. (I asked permission from real self user to use these as my wish pics)

A couple of Months before I got pregnant...

Here's a photo right before I got I miss that body :( I was a small B cup and weighing about 118 lbs which I am happy to report is my current weight now. My hips are a little bigger now. I have been working out and eating healthier (no sugar, bread, pasta or rice) After my surgery I won't be able to exercise so I am trying to be as fit as possible.

I have my surgery date March 3rd 2016

So I chose my surgery date and I'm ready to go. I am going to do a BL+BA with a TT. I have decided not to do the lipo of my inner and outer thighs as of right now. I have a small area that I would like to get rid of fat and not sure if its worth it. I don't want to make it worse or for skin in that area to sag. Its something I will discuss further with my PS.

Here are my Scary photos

I will also take some in a bikini so I can compare to the new me in a bikini. Here's it goes...

Here are my Scary photos

So hard to post these but here goes...

More Wish Pics

I hope I'm being realistic with my "Wish Pics" I'm working really hard to keep in shape and eating clean. I've been doing a lot of praying lately with my surgery a month away. I know the healing process is going to take time. The sleepless nights have begun.

Bikini Before Babies and After Babies

Ok so I wanted to show a before and after of what my body looks like...I was actually able to find the same bikini which I can't believe I've held onto for so long!!!! The before photos my breasts were small but perky I was happy with them never even thought of having a BA. I liked my small ones so it worries me to go too big on my BA even though I want them bigger...that makes perfect sense... I know I have problems. These after photos were taken through my reflection in a mirror and are very forgiving. I'm going to try to have someone take some better photos. My tummy although it doesn't look soo bad it actually has more extra skin than stretch marks if that makes sense. So when I bend over or move theres this hanging skin. I also don't have much fat on my tummy and never really have it all goes to my hips and butt. You can see my hips are slightly larger thats my problem area I'm working on. I can't wait to add my after my surgery photo.

Mammogram Done

I went for my mammogram everything came back good. I learned I have "dense" breast tissue which freaked me out but good to know now and I will be vigilant with my boobies. So I'm technically all cleared for surgery as of now. I still have to do my bloodwork which will be the same day as my preop. I have to choose my size so I have been looking at tons of photos on here and I have decided I am looking between 400 to 425 in the sizers. I was told the surgeon adds 50 to that because you lose 50 under the muscle. I like the look of 400cc since I am small framed but I also like the 425 because its a little more vavavoom lol but I don't want for them to be too big. So I can't wait to try the sizers at my prep so I at least I can get a better feel for what they will look like. My prep is February 22 about a week and half before my surgery...about 17 days from today but who's counting.

I am eating as healthy as possible and going to the gym 4-5 days a week. My goal weight was 119lbs and I'm currently 116lbs. I haven't been that weight since high school lol. All my jeans fit so much better I don't know how I even fit to them before. I wear a size 4 and small on top and I'm 5"3.

I wanted to get some sports bras for after my surgery and I'm not sure what size to buy? A medium or a large? I also saw some really cute bikini tops I wanted to buy it soo bad but not sure what size I would be with 400-450ccs...I'm a 34B now even though I don't look it I know but once you get all that saggy boob in a bra its a b cup, saggy cup :( I'm thinking a medium??

Feeling Positive

So lately I have been feeling so positive about my surgery. I am so excited for the day to come!! I'm 3 weeks away! I have a busy week this week so I know it will fly by and I will be one week closer! I am really excited about my pre op and trying on sizers. I jumped the gun and bought a bikini top non-underwire so it fits huge on me now lol but I am hoping to fill it in. I am thinking of bringing it to my pre op to see if I can fill it in and see what it would look like. I get a better visual with trying clothes and bikinis on. I will be brining in those to my pre op. So any advice for my preop? What to expect? Any advice is so helpful...thank you!

I haven't been to my pre op yet but...

I have been thinking what size to choose so when I do go I am somewhat prepared. Sooooo...I went to VS which is my absolute favorite for bras and bikinis. I tried on 32ddd, 34d, 34dd, 34ddd. I am between band sizes a 32 tends to fit too tight no matter the cup size even though the ladies at VS swear I'm a 32??? the 34 fits just right. So I immediately eliminated the 32 band it was way too tight. The 34ddd was just so bigggg. I can't imagine having boobs that huge!! It will defitnetly be a shocker even to me!!! So, 34ddd is out for sure and I was actually considering this size thank goodness I tried it on! I tried on the 34d and it seems modest... big but not so big something that wouldn't be so noticeable at first. I could get away with it looking natural...something to think about if I want more of a natural look. Then I tried on 34dd (by the way I tried the same style bra all in different sizes) it was a little more vavavoom and I'm going to need to fill that in for sure but I kinda looked "sexier" more "womanly" never really felt womanly on top so I kinda liked it. So I am thinking I want to fill my 34dd bra, lightly lined. I purchased it and plan on bringing it to my pre op to help fill it in with sizers and talk to my PS about it. I was told anything that helps me get closer to the "look" I want and helping chose my size helps a lot. So glad I did this. I also have a bikini I plan on bringing too to my pre op. Size medium. And I don't mean specially 34DD just the cup size but this specific 34dd I know it may be some other size in another brand and I'm okay with that. Hope I'm making sense and not rambling which I tend to do...sorry :) Have any of you tried this? I found it to be so helpful in picking the look I want.

2 weeks away from my Mommy Makeover..."New" Wish Pics

So I have really been debating how big I want to go.... I had look I wanted which was 475ccs now I look at them and I think no way! Too Big! I will post a photo so you can see what I was first thinking. Now I am thinking 375ccs HP which is what my PS recommended to go with HP bc of my small frame. Big boobs are great but I don't want them...I want more of natural look...where people will be like are they real? or not? lol I will be bringing these photos to my pre op So here are some "New" Wish Pics

Tomorrow is my Pre Op!!

Yay! So excited for tomorrow...can't wait to try on the sizers. I'm thinking from 350ccs to 400ccs max. I want to speak to my PS and get his thoughts on the look I'm trying to achieve since I will be getting a BL also I want to make sure I stay in 34 D bra and no bigger (I'm currently a 34B). Anything bigger like 34dd is just way to big for my frame. Here are some more wish pics that I will be showing to my PS. Wish me Luck! Feeling Happy!

Pre Op Done

My pre op was today! I was a little nervous but it all went away once I spoke to my PS. We spoke about the size I showed him my wish pics and he says.....drum roll please....415ccs hp silicone....I was thinking 350ccs to 375cc But he says since I'm having a BL and BA breast tissue will be removed and its going under the muscle so I will be losing ccs. although I questioned the 415ccs he was super nice. I feel super confident after I had some time to think about it. so I'm one week away....this is becoming real :)

So Here's One last Pre Op Photo...

Here's one last before don't know how much I hate taking these "before" photos. So unhappy with my body. I don't even look at myself anymore its hard to so here the last and final one before my Mommy Makeover!

Also, at my pre op I got my Arnika Forte, that I have to take two days before and 5 days after.
The Arnica Cream and The biocorneum Scar Cream that I will start once my PS tells to. I have my prescriptions I'm going to get those filled today, Percocet for pain, Valium to sleep, Antibiotic and Zofran for nausea. I also have Tylenlo Extra Strength.

So this past week I have been organizing and cleaning and now I am mentally preparing myself. I have a super busy week this week so it helps keep my mind from "over thinking" as I call it, overthinking is not a good thing to do You have to learn to say Stop lol. I don't get nervous until right before its like I keep positive right up until and then I break down lol. So I am going to try to keep the positive all the way through....lets see. I have a hair appointment to get my hair retouched and cut and a manicure the day before. These things help me for some reason to feel good. So now its just days...can't believe it.

One More Day! Just Checking in :)

I have done pretty much everything I need to do. I cleaned out my bra drawer yesterday so sad to see them go but happy at the same time. What I am going to do with all these bras???!! I went on a shopping spree last summer and they are all practically new!!! Some I haven't even worn! My drawer is empty I now just have 2 sports bra and a bralette. Can't wait to shop for bras and swimsuits!!

So now its just a waiting game lol. I've been enjoying my time with my family and trying to not make myself nervous although I have to say today since I woke up today I've been nervous. Kind of reminds me when I went in to have my c section I was pretty calm but super nervous inside. So I have everything ready just waiting for my call to see exactly when I have to go in. They told me when I was last there anywhere from 8am to 10am but they said it could change so they are suppose to call me today with all the info. I have been sleeping fine I do wake up a couple of times during the night especially last night but luckily I have been able to fall back asleep quickly. I did wake up last night all of sudden like "where am I" it was the strangest thing I think its mostly nerves. I did some last minute shopping to stock up the fridge for the fam. My husband is going to be there with me which is comforting and he makes it sound like its a breeze and no worries. I am also going to have help at home for a week or as long as I feel I need it so that helps too. I have been listening to my Bob Marley music which I love to relax and chill to so thats on and is defitnetly helping. Kids coming from school soon so that will fill up the rest of my day! Going out to dinner keeping it simple. Let's see how I sleep tonight if at all. I will try to update tomorrow if I am feeling up to it. Hoping that I will be able to. Just praying and hoping all will go well :)

Today is the Day!

On my way! I have to be there at 8:30 exicited! I feel like Im about to live out a fantasy lol! I should be cleared to go home early afternoon....right now Im just exicited and happy! Thank u for all of the well wishes!!! See u on the flip side Realselfers! :)

On the Flipside!!! Day of Surgery

Yesterday I posted an update through my phone and it didn't go through. I wrote it again and again it didn't post I was so frustrated!! So anyway I am here on my computer.

I won't lie after my surgery I felt like I got hit by a truck. I was sent home without taking any pain meds bc they wanted me to eat a full meal. I was a little nauseas but I took the Zoran. I was super loopy but I am a lightweight with pain meds and even wine lol. So I had some chicken soup not a lot but I was surprised at even wanting to eat. as soon as I would get up to walk I again felt nauseas so I even turned pale white. I got back home surgery around 2 pm and about 5:30 I felt much better and I was hungry. I haven't been able to see anything as I am all bandage up. So I won't post any photos bc you can't really see much with my garment/binder. The girls look huge but I know I'm swollen. I haven't see them yet either. My TT feels worse than my BA BL. Pain is bearable as long as I take my meds. I have to go to my appt now so I will post another update as soon as I get back. I've been walking around and that helps a lot.


So I haven't been able to update daily so just to clarify my surgery was Thursday morning and today is Saturday. The first two nights (thursday night and Friday night) I took the Valium to sleep but last night I didn't. I find that the pain killer itself makes me drowsy enough and I sleep fine with that alone. I have been sleeping in a recliner and I am comfortable with that. Since I had surgery I think my body itself is tired and resting really helps. I really haven't done much. Yesterday Friday was my post op and I saw my doctor. He says all is fine and gave me my bra to wear. I saw the girls!!! They look better than I expected, no bruising just swollen.I like the size I know they are swollen at this point indwell be smaller or drop but I am super happy with the size. i will try to take a photo and post it. The BA BL really doesn't hurt its just a little swollen I think that the TT incision is what hurts most. Its not the whole incision just the corner where my drain is at, it stings a little. My TT incision is also super fresh so its very sensitive. The doctor told my c section is more invasive than a tummy tuck but I would have to disagree this feels a lot worse. As to standing straight I haven't done so. I could if I wanted to but doc says not to for 10 days. Yesterday he said I was standing too straight and needed to bend more.

Also I have to say coming out of surgery was probably the worst. I feel like I had bricks on the chest and TT was super sensitive. I didn't even want to move. But for all of you who are wondering how it is it gets better. That same day by 5:30 and by the time meds kicked in I felt better. I have some lower back pain but today is better also. So it gets better not worse so thats good to know. Well thats all I can think of right now. Oh one more thing I would think I wouldn't be hungry but I have so I have been eating just fine and you need to eat with the pain meds and antibiotics if not you will get nauseous. I learned that yesterday I took both at the same time with no food and I felt like puking. Luckily I had the Zofran and that took it away pretty quickly. Also I think I have lost some weight even though I have been eating I look thinner. Well thats all for now any question you may have ask away! Bye!

Today I switched to Tylenol Extra Strength because my percocet just makes me too drowsy and loopy, so I will just take that at night. I noticed this morning I am feeling a lot better. I notice a difference. Thursday night I took my pain med at 10 pm and by 3 am I had to take another one as to last night I took my pain med at 10 pm and sleep the whole night and I didn't wake up with the same pain just mostly sore from sleeping in the recliner in the same position.

About Yesterday

So I was feeling like "superwoman" and I was just taking Tylenol Extra Strength but I didn't have much pain so Skip one dosage and 6 hours laters I felt terrible. I should have never have done that. So ladies don't skip your pain meds just because you are feeling better. Keep on taking them.

Since i was feeling so great I decided to shower it would a my first full shower since my doctor cleared me and said I could was my hair. was nearly impossible...I have a pain pump which is connected to my stomach and the wires are so short I have to hang it on my neck and I can't get it wet. I can take it off and maybe hold it with my hand but taking a shower with a tt and one hand is impossible. So I washed my lady parts (i know i know TMI) and that was all. Also my compression binder had some stains on in and my PS said I could was it and on the mean time wear like a spank so I did that. Just taking off the compression binder was mission impossible I had to sit in between because being hunch over gives my the worst lower back pain. So i took it off 15 mins later lol and put it in the washer. So next I had a spanx compression garment that I had from before since I always had my diastais and pooch like tummy I had one already (BTW this auto correct on this site has to be the most annoying thing ever)Just put on the spanx I was sweating already and had to take breaks in between again bc of the lower back pain of being hunched over. Then once I got it on I still have my drain which is such a pain and hurts if you accidentally move it or pull it. So putting on spanx with a drain is a bad idea. My spanx doesn't have the clips by your chacha ( i don't know what to call it right now without it sounding nasty so sorry doing the best I can do lol) so overtime you need to pee and if you are like me I am constantly peeing and drinking water I have to pull it completely down it does have an opening that I guess you can pull aside but I know if I do that I will get it all wet and dirty...I know I know TMI again. So I have to pull it down overtime and yesterday seemed like I peed a hundred times and pulling it off and on takes like 20 minutes bc of the drain. So as soon as my binder was dry I switched to that. Putting the binder by yourself at least for me is nearly impossible. So i had my husband help me which took like 3x bc it was either way too tight or way too loose. The binder thing is really annoying me too bc it pushes up on my girls and I don't want to be pushing them up and then if I wear it low it pushes down on my incision which is still very fresh and I have the drain again where it pushes on that.

So since I felt like "superwoman" yesterday in combination with not taking pain meds and then trying to shower and putting on the binder by 5 pm I wanted to die. I did way too much and paid for it. I took pain meds after dinner, had an early dinner at 5 and it was like taking nothing so before bed I took them again and felt it a little better. Oh I forgot to mention one of my tatas the left one got really swollen so then I was so worried about her. Around 2 am had to take pain meds bc I was so uncomfortable and my lefty was still hurting and I was worried and still am. Have any of you experienced one more swollen than the other?

Also this binder was way too tight can't even eat or sleep it. My PS told me I could switch to something softer like spanx but the one I have is terrible. Do any of you have one you recommend? I am going to go on Amazon and do some research and see if I could get one by tomorrow ( i love amazon) if not I will send my mother.

Also I felt like such a terrible Mommy. I do everything with my kids and I am very hands on and not being able to spend it with my 5 and 3 year old has been hard. My 5 year old is very curious like what is going on??? lol She has tried looking under my shirt and asking all kinds of questions, too funny. I do sit where they are and watch them play luckily I have a full time babysitter who is staying with me until I can do it on my own I am hoping by day 10??? Once this drain is out I will feel way better.

Another thing today I am sending my husband to Bed Bath and Beyond to get me a shower stool so I can have a proper shower lol. He's going to wash my hair and wash me. I know this is going to turn out to be a 2 hour shower lol. I am thinking I am going to put my pain pump in a zip lock bag and then tape any opening so I don't have to worry about it. Bc I am dying I need my shower in order to feel good about my self and smell good too lol TMI. Any of you gone through this any advice is helpful thank you to those who have taken the time and written to me.

Oh one last thing If I can take a proper shower today I'm going to have my husband take a photo bc I can't hold the camera and take the pain pump out of the way to take a decent photo. I want to show you my results.

I have also been taking my Arnika forte and and putting on my arnica cream. Seems like my girls are more swollen today than yesterday is this normal? Thank you Realselfers!!!!!!

Another Update

Hi So yesterday I finally took my shower with a shower stool my husband helped me and it went smoother than I thought. I washed my hair. I just took my time and was careful the stool is a must for sure and if you have a hand held shower even more.

Before my shower though I actually fell asleep for like 3 hours so that helped have enough energy for my shower. After my shower I dried my hair. I also switched my binder to a spanx and it makes a world of difference!!!! I was so comfy that binder was killing my TT incision. I was so tired again. Had an early dinner and sat on my recliner most of the day until bed time. I guess from resting so much I couldn't fall asleep by 11 pm so I did take a valium and slept all night long.

This morning I took my Tylenol extra strength and my antibiotic. Had my coffee, egg and banana. Feeling way better today. The girls are swollen but my TT incision is drying up. I also had an appt with my PS to take out my pain pump, no pain at all removing it and once less thing to worry about. Now I just have my drain which gets pretty full, I change it maybe 4 times a day. Mostly reddish color. Doc says everyone is different some has yellowish some have reddish. Says I'm walking straighter than most people and said my spanx was perfect to wear. So I just came back from that am I am just going to relax.

So I am going to take some pics and of course my camera batteries died so i am charging them, took some with my phone will download.

Getting Better

Hi So I am feeling better each day. Trying to walk straighter but my TT is so tight its hard and I feel a lot of tension so I am walking with a hunch and my lower back is killing me. I would say the lower back pain and tightness of my TT are the worst of all. My girls are fine swollen but no pain at all at this point. I put my arnica cream on them and I think its helping with the swelling to go down.

Slept in the recliner last and I guess my back and butt are not happy my tail bone was hurting so much last night I couldn't get comfortable and my back was in pain too.

I just want to fast forward so badly lol! The worst at this point is the lower back pain from walking bent so I am trying to straighten out very careful but its hard too and especially with the tightness of my stomach muscles I feel sucked in all the time.

So not much to report just taking it easy...hope to do some laundry today. Very small load and thats about all lol.

A little about yesterday

So I am off pain killers, just taking tylenol 2x a day in the morning and evening, not much pain just tenderness, sensitivity at incisions. I still have my drain not much fluid will start keeping track so I can take it out. Terrified of taking it out, does it hurt?? Just thinking about that worries me.

Anyway I have retired the recliner I think I was having more back pain and butt pain from sleeping in it. I manage to sleep in my own bed last night and it made a world of difference. My husband helped me set it up, me and 20 other pillows lol. Made me laugh bc I would tell my husband go get another pillow from the family room, I think theirs another pillow in the closet, we were both laughing at the amount of pillows, but I could not laugh, I was trying so hard not too, very painful to laugh. I slept much much better no more pain. So I felt better this morning moving around faster.

Taking vitamins and resting as much as possible. Eating protein shakes and fruits and veggies. Staying away from salt.

Going to bed pretty early by 7:30 I'm pretty much done for the day I just watch a little tv and by 9pm I go to sleep.

Can't wait to get better, still not walking straight, today is day 6 so my goal is by day 9, day 10 to at least be straight.

Heres some photos...

What a Difference a Week can Make!!!

I am feeling so much better! It really is amazing to me what a difference a week can make. I didn't think in a week I would be off meds and feeling no pain compared to day 1 when I felt like I got hit by a truck lol. I'm no longer taking Tylenol and I have no pain. Theres little twitches and little pain that strike but nothing crazy. My incision on my TT is doing the best, its drying up and not as swollen, a little itchy though. My incision right under my breast has been itching too. Not sure if its the steri strip that I can can be itchy or if its the incision itself healing. My breast are not as swollen, still swollen, but not as tight and swollen as before. I showed my husband this morning who hasn't seen me (naked) for a couple of days bc by the time he gets home from work I'm already showered and changed and I don't feel like taking anything off lol. He said you look way better so I don't know if he's just being nice to make me feel good but my husband is not very expressive so I'm thinking he sees a difference.

I'm drinking tons of water too, it seems the more I drink water the more thirsty I am?? LOL

I didn't change out my drain for 24 hours and its right at 25. I'm going to wait maybe a day or two just to make sure and I would like it to be under 25. I feel like the drain is really helping with the swelling. I'm not really swollen and I think its due to the drain.

I'm walking way better especially in the morning. This morning I woke up and was walking around and I noticed oh my god am I walking too straight?? I would say I'm at 90% but as the day goes on towards the evening I'm probably more hunched over 80%. Its mostly the tightness, theres no pain. I just don't want to force it so I am being careful. But again once I can be "normal" and not walk like an old lady then I will feel better. My oldest daughter asked me yesterday if I was getting old. She said Mommy I don't want you to be old. It broke my heart, amazing how kids notice everything. I told her I hurt my knee at the gym and I was just being careful that I wasn't "getting old" that I was perfectly fine. Love her so much!

I slept with two less pillows last night lol!. Do any of you know how long do we need to sleep in an upright position? I need to ask my doc when I see him.

Well I'm looking towards the summer and hoping I can wear a bikini???? Can I actually wear one lol? So I am so happy for that day to come. My belly button is quite cute. It kinds looks like the one I had before just smaller which I like. Thats healing well too its just had dried blood still.

I will post photos later today to mark my one week! Hooray!!

How long did you ladies wait to wash your hair without help?

Hi Ladies...I just have a question. My husband has helped me wash my hair but I want to start doing it myself. I ask my PS and he says I can but I'm terrified to over do it. How long did you ladies wait to wash your on your own after BA BL? Any Tips?


Here's a photo of a new bralette I bought, so comfy and cute! The girls are looking better!

No More Back Pain Horray!

I'm sleeping better not completely flat but not as many pillows as before. I use three behind my head and one under knees. Sleeping all through the night no more butt and backspin lol. I do have the "morning boob" as they call it. They feel very tight, stiff and swollen in the morning but as the day goes by they get better. They are still very high wish they would get softer and drop a little. It's so hard to wear anything with them this high. I haven't notice any changes at all with my girls :( I do put the arnica cream 3x a day I think it helps. One boob is bigger(more swollen) than the other but I hear this is normal???

AS to my TT incision is healing very well and no pain except for where the drain comes out of. For the last two days I have been having this throbbing pain right where the drain comes out of, its soooooo tender and sensitive. Doesn't look infected but its now the worst feeling ever. I'm still a little over 25 for 24 hours. I was below it then now I'm over??? The drain fluid is a light yellow color. So Monday morning I'm calling my PS office to make sure this throbbing and drain fluid color is normal. I can't wait to get this drain out. I know I will feel so much better. Also my BB is doing great, its so tiny and cute and really healing well. Just a little of dried blood but I won't dare to touch it.

NO more back pain when I walk. I'm walking straighter, a little stiff in the morning but then I get better and by 5 pm I start feeling tired and not walking as straight. I do notice each day a difference for the better so that keeps me positive but its the drain now that concerns me. I also notice I can't eat big meals lol. My stomach is so tight I feel so full. I am probably eating half of what I normally would but I am eating more frequently. I just eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of one big meal for lunch or dinner.

Not positing any photos no real changes. I will post a photo once drain is out and then weekly.

Just keeping positive and imagining myself walking down the beach in a new bikini LOL. Makes me laugh but really had some major body issues so hoping to feel more happy. We already have two vacations planned in June and July and I'm so worried that I will still look the same??

So thats it ladies, so glad to see my real self friends doing well too. Really makes me happy to see all of your posts and progress :)

Just a night update

Just a little update...Today is Sunday and I did absolutely nothing and I notice the girls are less swollen and looking better. My drain is still throbbing and tomorrow morning I will check if its under 25...lets pray so I can get this thing out! Feeling better...walking straighter but not more back pain...really think it was due to walking hunched and then sleeping in the recliner position didn't help. I feel little twitches on my tummy and breasts but nothing painful. I'm hoping at 2 weeks the girls will be looking better too.

I 've been eating healthy, coconut water, protein shakes, fruits veggies and no sodium. Also going outside in my backyard and soak up some much needed Vitamin D. I think I have a bit of cabin fever. So tired right now so I will try to take photos tomorrow. I know I've been real lazy about taking photos and sometimes right after I shower and change into I remember and I'm like no way I'm not taking this off lol and I want to take the photos because I want to be able to look back and compare the small changes that you sometimes don't notice over time.

Well Ladies have a great night!

Update - Drain

So as you know everyday is getting better. I really have no pain at all except for the drain. I didn't get around to calling my PS office about my concerns about my drain. So much going on this week with the kids in school. What school crams in all in the same week, school photos, st patricks day event, easter egg hunt, and hat parade!!! Really! (venting) So I called my PS office told them that I've had less than 25cc for 4 days and less than 25cc for 2 days. I told then how it was throbbing and super sensitive and tender. I was going to make the appt for tomorrow Wednesday and they told me to come immediately without an appt. They say my incision/body is probably wanting to heal and close and "the foreign object" is not allowing it. They said there should be a little discomfort but no throbbing. Throbbing is a sign of infection they say so wonderful. I am going in about 2 hours. I'm totally terrified bc its soooooooo tender and its really not allowing me to move and walk like Id like to bc every time I move it hurts like a beep. So I know everyone is different and has different experiences so this is mine. I'm thinking of taking a pain killer before bc it hurts that much. I really hate the pain killers bc I feel so loopy but maybe loopy is good now??? I know people say it doesn't hurt coming out but I'm not sure that will be my experience. I noticed this morning the skin was red, inflamed, and hurts like a Mother. Please excuse my french I'm really never one to curse but if I hurt myself by accident or feel pain I literally have to put my hand over my mouth bc I will curse, it freaks my husband out not bc I'm a saint but bc I never curse lol. Anyway so I am hoping not to curse out the person taking my drain out. I hope its also not "infected" and maybe just a little irritated and thats an understatement.

I hope once this drain is out I don't start experiencing some other new issue lol. I hope this is it. As to my girls they are lovely and one still more swollen than the other. The other is squarish looking, they are difitneley not any where looking normal. They have dropped slightly and I do mean slightly. I hope once this drain is out I could feel better and start taking more photos. Its just such a mission with the spanx and the draining, holding the drain, even in the shower I have to wear something around my neck and clip it there. SOOOO I'm sorry if this post is just me complaining, I really don't like to, but I think I'm entitled to today. Hopefully happier posts after this one.

Wish me luck ladies bc I'm going to need it.

Took my Drain out and Nipple Sensation

OMG I got the drain out! I feel so much better I'm so happy! I took my pain killer and felt it kick in right before so I know that totally helped me with the pain. I did curse just once lol. It did hurt coming out not so much on the inside but as it slide out the opening thats where it hurt. That side of my TT incision is all red and swollen where as the rest of my incision is not, it doesn't even hurt at all. I also got a new Compression garment which I'm loving tight but comfy. I have another appt. next week just to make sure all is well.

I also wanted to touch on a subject that I see a lot of people asking and are worried about on here. Nipple Sensation (LOL) I see a lot of real selfers really concerned about losing nipple sensation if they have a BA or BL. It was never a concern of mine if I lost it??? I' mean its not so important to me but I know everyone is different. I had both a BA + BL and I haven't lost sensation. In fact they are both super sensitive right now and after my surgery. Kinda like when you first start breast feeding and your nipples get tender and sensitive, thank god for the Lanolin cream! Lol Anyway, just want to put it out there bc it's not something that has affected me but I hear it has to others.

So anyway, I'm feeling so much better!

Update and Compression Garment

Hi All! I am feeling soooooo much better you don't even know. :) I'm walking straighter almost 100% maybe 95% When I first wake up I'm a little sore and hunched but as I warm up (thats what i call it lol) I walk straighter. I'm pretty convinced my drain was overdue, thank goodness no infection. I don't even feel a thing just slightly sore in that area but not the pain I was experiencing.

I bought a compression garment at my PS office that was recommended I buy of course. I was hesitant bc my spanx is so comfy. But I was told my spanx was not enough support. I was also hesitant in buying it bc I hate those compression garments you can't even breathe in, theres no way I could wear one 24 hours so tight. But I have to say this was an excellent purchase! It's an Xsmall and its not uncomfortable at all I even slept all night with it no problem at all. It actually makes me want to walk straighter and gives me a sense of security like my incision area is protected. Keeps my tummy area compressed but not too overwhelming. I also bought before hand one of these but the panty version (in a small and is tighter than my xsmall mid thigh version???)and I can't sleep with it bc it cuts into my upper thigh area kinda like that feeling when a swimsuit bottom is too tight or small and cuts you there...hope that makes sense. Anyway I'm keeping the panty one for the future and to change in-between but I totally recommend the one that goes mid thigh not tight at all and doesn't ride up. The brand is Marena and the website is

The girls are looking better, no dramatic change, my incisions are a little itchy especially the one under my boob hope thats normal can't really see anything with the steri strip.

Will keep you posted!! Will post photos soon!

Update on Today and Breast Support Bra

Hi All! I just sat down for a much needed break. My babysitter officially leaves this Friday. So during the day when the kids are in school she helps with the house work/cooking. So today since I'm feeling better we were able to tackle a lot. Feels good to have my house in order. I would say everything has been in order more or less except for my bedroom, it looked like a tornado passed through. So I was able to wash, hang clothes, put piles of things back where they belong. Kids playroom was a disaster but I wasn't going to worry about it or I really couldn't worry about it as they say "I've had bigger fish to fry". I should make my kids do it but its just so much faster this way lol. I also have two small dogs so its a lot of stuff to be on top of. So we got around to a lot of cleaning and organizing today. Now I'm done for the day I don't want to over do it and tomorrow we will do a little more. The kids will be back from school so I like relax before they get home bc you know how that is. Next week is spring break for my kids so I will be home with them "all day" so lets see how that goes. My babysitter will be coming back on Wednesday bc I have my doctor appt. that day.

Also wanted to post some photos of my surgical bras, they are also from Marena. One I got at my PS office and the other I bought online. They are super comfy and as right now I can't imagine wearing anything else. I don't like to even wear a sports bra just yet this is just so much easier to get into and it doesn't bother me to sleep...I this its more mental than anything else lol.

Happy Two Weeks to ME!

Hi Well as I always start out everyday is better. Week 2 is a big difference, if only I would of felt this way on day 1 lol. I think if you reach week 2 then the worst is pretty much over hopefully. Just hoping all will turn out well and keeping positive. I'm walking straighter maybe 95% to 98%. Sleeping on my back with two pillows behind my head no more pillows under knees, don't really need it anymore. I think sleeping straighter has also helped me slowly stretch and get straighter when I walk.

Where my drain was at is healing better still redness and sore from the drain on that side but nothing compared to the throbbing pain before. My TT incision is healing very well drying up not as puckered up as before getting better.

Just waiting for the girls to look some what normal. Not there yet. Still have my steri strips they haven't fallen off yet....they should on their own between week 3 and 6. Hoping by the time they fall off they look good. Too scared to look now lol. My skin has also been super dry since my surgery. So i have been using Bio Oil around my breast no where near incisions and on my tummy and I thinks its helped bc I noticed some peeling and flaking of skin with no redness. Hoping by week 3 to notice more of a change overall. Really hard to wear anything. I'm wearing loose fitting t-shirts lol if I wear anything tighter it is very obvious I got them done and I really haven't told anyone yet except for some of my close family...Mom, Sister and husband Lol. Not that I'm going to keep it secret forever bc eventually people who know me will notice but I just don't want to talk about it just yet especially since they are very high and not normal looking just yet. Also I notice my feeling of my breast not so numb, tender and I get some sharp pains here and there hope thats all normal. Freaks me out sometimes.

Posting some photos, I havent really posted much bc not much change in them but will post just so you can see.

17 Days Post OP

Well I would have to say yesterday and today was the first time I actually did "normal" things or at least felt normal. I watered some plants with the hose outside, watched my kids play in the pool. Made lunch, made dinner yesterday. Put the kids to bed. Picked up, did laundry, I was exhausted at the end of the day. I noticed my energy level is better but has not fully come back yet. I have to sit and rest in between. Its been a little over 2 weeks since I've been to the gym and I so sad not being able to go. I know theres no way I could go at this point but I do miss it. Can't wait to be 100% normal again. Everything healing fine so far.

Photo Update - 18 days (almost 3 weeks)

So I wasn't going to post a photo until my 3 weeks mark but since I had my phone with me in the bathroom after I showered I took a photo. Sometimes its hard to take a photo because first I forget and then I have to hide. I don't want my little ones to see me like this and you know kids they will follow you every where. I have to lock the bathroom door now something I have never done before, they always walk in like 10 times Lol. Anyway heres a full photo of my BL and TT. I have a small vertical TT incision that I'm hoping will fade with time. PS says it will. Looks puffy still. I had the vertical scar bc my PS says I have longer torso and not enough excess skin so thats actually the area my BB used to be. I freaks me out but hoping all will heal well. It also hides under my bikini so I am happy with that. I used to wear teeny tiny bikinis but since I have kids seems impossible to do so without flashing people. My kids are always tugging on my bathing suit. Anyway just for reference I wear the Victoria secret bikini bottom size small and even the cheeky bottom (I go one size up with the cheeky bottom medium) and it hides under that so its pretty low.

Posting a before and after just to make myself feel better. Much happier with after than the before.

3 Weeks Post Op Today!

I had my follow up appt yesterday. PS says all is well, no seroma. I have to go back next week for another follow up. Not taking any meds and really no pain at all just stiffness and tightness in TT area. I wore jeans and blouse and drove myself to my appt. Second time driving since surgery...I know I'm an old lady! It felt good to be out and be "normal". Ran some errands with kids after and felt good. I do notice when I'm at home I don't do much walking which keeps me kind of tense and tight in my tummy area, mostly my muscles are super tight. After 5 minutes of shopping I noticed to be just fine not so worried, where at home I'm little more stiff and careful or at least more "aware". Amazing how just a little shopping can make you forget you had surgery Lol. It was much needed to be out and I think the more I get back to doing normal things the faster I will feel normal again.

I did notice I had more swelling than usual on my breasts and tummy area at night so maybe thats the downside. I still use my arnica cream day and night. I also slept terribly last night, not sure why, I had a lot of lower back pain and I think its because I've been sleeping mostly on my back. I tried a couple of times to sleep on my side but I was so uncomfortable and very stiff. I'm still not relaxed totally when I sleep, mostly due to my TT but also the girls don't help either so I end up worry about both of them in the middle of the night.

The day before yesterday I also did some retail therapy. Luckily I live 5 minutes away from an outdoor mall. I took my kids for lunch and some much needed fresh air for all of us (we are on spring break). And I stopped at my favorite store Victoria Secret. I didn't get sized because my breast are still too high and its too soon anyway to shop for bras although they had some really cute ones. I did go by the the swim area and grabbed a couple of bikinis that were on sale and were too good to pass up. I didn't try them on kind of impossible with two kids but I figured I was a medium and not a small and not a large. I wore a small before so now those look just too tiny lol. All the tops were wireless and size medium. I tried them on at home and they look good, not great just yet but I will keep them for now. I have 90 days to return and after 90 days they give you a store credit so I will keep my receipts just in case.

Will post photos of bikinis I purchased :)

Real Talk

So I have to say the last 3 weeks looking back have been challenging and taken a lot of patience and the hardest thing has been not doing too much. I'm very happy with my decision to do my surgery and glad that I did. But now after three weeks as I go into my everyday day to day things its a different challenge. I like to stay positive and post photos in bikini tops which helps me feel better about myself and how much I've wanted this and I do but there are still things that I'm not my "normal" self and that's been the hardest part for me. I'm a very active person and I've had to slow down a lot. I have two kids and I'm always running around school, gym, park, errands, ballet, gymnastics and I haven't been the last 3 weeks. That's been the hardest thing not to be able to take my kids to their activities. But this week I start that so how am I going to manage?!

Today in the shower I tried to shave my legs which I've done since my surgery and I have missed a couple of spots here and there lol but I thought by now I would be able to do it as before its nearly impossible to do now standing I have to use my bench. I washed and blow dried my hair and I'm still having trouble without feeling tightness and soreness on my TT and chest muscles just doing that.

I had a cough attack today. I want to say I kept it under control. I was drinking water and it went down the wrong pipe. OMG! It was the first time I coughed since my surgery. I could literally feel my abs split apart. It was the weirdest, scariest feeling ever! I don't even want to imagine sneezing.

Also I would say I have been walking 99% straight and keeping my back straight but then I've been tilting my shoulders in. I do it and don't even realize it until I walk past a mirror or my husband will tell me lol. So I have been trying extra hard to push my shoulders back (even as I'm sitting here typing Lol) It feels very exaggerated and the girls look "out there" but when I look in the mirror I look normal. I guess I'm not used to it. I've focused so much on walking straighter didn't realize I was pushing my shoulders in when I walk. I think its a combo of the BA and TT at once. Its a lot to manage. I feel like I'm walking like a robot sometimes. Has this happen to any of you with the shoulders?

I went to the Market with my kids I normally carry them onto the cart, now I can't do that so they are climbing the cart as I try to help them. Then at the market I have to do food shopping, watch my kids, careful bending down, walk straight, push shoulders back....AHHHH! I know this sounds like I'm over exaggerating but I'm not, thats how I really feel. I hope its normal to feel this way and hope this stage passes quickly.

Also I live in a neighborhood where we are mostly parents with young kids and we all do activities and go to the same school and I've been hiding out for 2 weeks Lol. This week I've been out but not as much as I normally do. And I haven't seen any of them for 3 weeks! My neighbors have invited me and the kids to events, activities and I've had to send my mother with them. Thank goodness for grandma! I haven't told any neighbors about my surgery and I don't think I want to. The first week was fine but the second week each day a neighbor came to knock on the door. My husband would tell them she's not here or she's showering Lol. I think they thought he did something to me Lol.

Also its Easter Sunday this weekend and we have plans with family. Just the thought of it is overwhelming. Hoping to get over this hump. This next week will be challenging hoping to make it through.

Ok (breathe in breathe out) I feel better now, just keeping it real ;)

Quick Update

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

Well this weekend was a busy one and I felt it for sure. I did it for my kids otherwise I would of given up earlier. Did a lot, too much. Mostly on my feet all weekend and I was exhausted and more swollen.

This past week (spring break) my kids stayed home, we've always gone some where and done something but bc of my condition of course theres not much we could do so we stayed home. The beginning of my spring break (18 days post op) was really hard although I thought in my mind I could handle it and I did but towards the end of the week I felt the difference.

I was worried about this week but i think it will be better (fingers crossed Lol). I dropped my kids off at school (sigh) and it gives me a chance to do some things at home and relax before I have to pick them up at 2 pm. Last week being with them my own the whole day start to finish was a lot. I hope to feel better this week.

I think my breasts have slightly dropped a little bit. But I did experience some sharp pains on one of my breast (my righty) and I think I know why. I'm a righty so I tend to do a lot of things with my right hand and since last week I did so much I had this sharp pain on the inside crease of my breast and it wouldn't go away. I decide not to use my arm as much and since then the pains have gone away. It comes and goes but not like before. Also I'm regaining more "feeling and less "numbness" so I think nerves are doing their thing and sometimes that can be painful. Also on my right side I could feel my muscle "tight" kinda like when you pull a muscle feeling and it went all the way to the middle of my back on that side. I hope all of this is "normal" and I will talk to my PS about it. My steri strips are still on and haven't fallen so I can't see my scars, wondering whats under there.

My TT incision scab is falling off in some places. The drain site area is still healing but the other side is better. I still can't lay flat down on my bed on my own I need help. I just don't have the ab strength to do it and to get up either. If I'm propped up a bit then I can get up on my own. Also I think I'm starting to regain more feeling all over so as before I didn't really feel anything now I'm beginning to feel sharp pains (nothing crazy), pulling, tightness, hoping all of this is normal. Again something I will talk to my PS about.

Hope everyone is doing better too! Will post photos soon!

One Month - 4 Weeks Post Op

So today makes officially 1 Month! Happy 1 Month to me!

I saw my PS yesterday I spoke to him all about all my concerns and of course its all "normal". Not much swelling in TT area, no seroma thank goodness! PS says I'm still healing though and to take it easy. To resume my everyday to day things but nothing else. The girls haven't changed much, took a photo I will post. Still waiting for them to drop a little just a little please! But nothing! Starting to feel all kinds of nerves twitching and muscle spasms all over, again all this is "normal". I have what i feel as a pulled muscle feeling on my back by my shoulder blade, its the most painful thing right now. And when thats feeling fine then I have a throbbing pain in one boob but that throbbing is actually better than when it first started. Again PS says all is normal. My scab on TT is falling off on its own. My steri strips on my breast are starting to come off on the edges I was able to take a little peek and saw a little bit of my scar which doesn't look as bad as my TT scar, I would say my TT scar looks worse, but again it was a little corner so maybe when I see it all I won't feel the same way.

Also did some retail therapy today Lol. Bought a couple of cute tops. It feels so nice to be able to wear tops and actually have cleavage! My sad little boobies before were in need of a lot of help! I also gave in and got sized at a VS store. I wanted to wait bc I haven't dropped and they are a little stiff but I was just so curious lately thinking what size I was. DRUM ROLL PLEASE.....32DD. It was hard to find a 32DD in the store and its a huge store. She said its better to buy online so great now I have a size thats hard to find. But with that being said I did try on a several (like 10 Lol) of 32DD and 34D. None fit right. I know I'm still not there yet with dropping and fluffing so I knew I wasn't going to be successful but I thought I'd get sized now and then once I drop to see the difference if any?? The 32dd fit tight and half my breast was popping out and the 34D covered more but it just didn't fit right at all either. So I guess I just have to wait at this point. I wanted to get a wireless bra in black bc I it hard to wear much without my surgical bra popping out but I guess I'm going to have to stick with it for a couple of more weeks. I don't like wearing sports bra just yet. Although they fit well I think I'm being compressed too much and I start to feel that throbbing pain I get. The sports bras I have are not too tight and a size medium but whenever I switch to those I have to switch back.

This week has been much better than the last week. It really helps that the kids are in school. I would say my energy level is much better too. I could do a lot more this week and not feel so exhausted like before. I would say last week was also more "stressful" this week not so "stressful" but physically I can do more if that makes any sense. Stress is no good so don't stress out ladies!

Well that's all for now I wish I had something more exciting to report but not much else. Hopefully I will start seeing changes soon!

5 Weeks Post Op

Hi All! Every week does getter better not experiencing the sharp boob pain anymore thank goodness. I think the swelling has gone down a little in the boob department and maybe slightly changed. I tried on the 34D bra I bought for my Pre Op appt and it fit! I was so happy because a 1 1/2 weeks ago no 34D fit but I was still very high. I'm happy with the size...they are a little on the big side right now, hoping they get slightly smaller maybe once the dropping happens I will feel better. I have the side boob thing that I think I've never had side boob and I get some people like the side boob but mine get in the way now and I defitnetley have to get used to it. I tired on my tops that I wore before to see what they look like and I'm freaking out a bit because the girls look huge and I'm happy but its very obvious I got them done not sure what to do. I've been wearing loose t shirts but eventually I would like to wear my tank tops and cute tops but now I have major boobage and not sure how to handle them Lol. My girls are taking their time to drop but I also had a BL so that makes the healing process take longer.

As to my TT everything is good as well. Again each week I feel a difference and getting better. Its a slow process too. This past weekend when I woke up in the morning I was fine then an hour or two into my day I had this awful sensation in my tummy. I felt like my BB was going to pop off. It was just like a sensation of my tummy pushing it was very weird and later in the day I realized my tummy was swollen. I haven't had any swelling in my tummy area but now I do. I guess this is what people call "swell hell". I was like that all week and finally it began to subside. Not sure if because I'm doing more now and I'm more active. The swelling part sucks but i guess its all normal in the healing process. I still have lots of tightness with my muscles too so its takes an effort to walk 100% straight but I can get out of bed and sleep flat on my back with no pillows hooray!! The worst part for me is if I've been sitting too long to get in an upright position right away is the hardest. Also I get so full so fast when I eat and then after I eat I can barely walk normal I have to sit. I've actually lost more weight bc I'm just not eating like before and also I'm not working out so I think maybe I've lost muscle too which sucks but nothing I can do at this point I have to just heal. I'm weighing 110 lbs and its freaking me out bc I haven't been 110 lbs since I was a teenager. The great thing about it since I now have "boobs" I don't like as thin as where before I had no boobs and weighing 110 lbs I looked like a stick figure. So the boobs help if you are very thin to not look so thin if that makes sense.

My photos didn't post last week will post them now again and this weeks in a different post.

Week 1 and Week 4

Here are the photos Week 1 and Week 4. Getting better but not quite there yet...patience.

Photos in Tops and Bras Week 5

Here are photos at Week 5

Post Op Photo 4 weeks

Heres a photo at 4 weeks of my BL + Ba and TT scar. Scar is healing really well. Steri strips beginning to fall off, scar not as bad as I thought. BB scab stick there too afraid to mess with it. Still swollen both on breast and TT. Waiting for the girls to drop!!!

5 weeks - 36 Days Post Op - Starting scar treatment

Heres a photo I took yesterday. I called my PS office and they told me I could start the scar treatment. Steri strips falling off around breasts and I am trimming it where ever they are coming loose around the edges. Scars on breast don't look so bad, so far so good but I haven't seen the T section of my scar that worries me the most. Also included a photo of my "side boob", hoping side boob subsides a little, still haven't fully dropped and the side boob is a little over whelming right now (not complaining) beginning to enjoy them more each day! Hoping to drop by 8 weeks - 2 Months Post OP (fingers crossed). Pain and throbbing on breast have completely gone away, more just tightness and a bit of soreness.

Feeling more like myself each day! I just realized yesterday I was walking 100% straight. Thank goodness!!! Husband noticed too. Still have a lot of tightness on stomach muscles when I eat and lay down flat on my back to sleep but nothing painful just tightness. And still swollen in TT area. Weighing 110 lbs right now. Did some retail therapy yesterday everything fits so much better now. Still a size 4 but just a little looser not as tight as before.

41 Days Post Op

Just little update...Steri strips are completely off. Scars don't looks as bad as I thought. They are completely healed. I started the scar treatment on TT incision...seems like the cream is making the scar red...not sure if this is normal but worries me. I'm able to do more and I'm feeling more like myself this last week. Still a lot of tightness but no pain. Still swollen and numb in tummy area can't wait for swelling to go away so i can see my results. My breasts haven't fully dropped yet hoping they will soon :( I'm 5 weeks so hoping by 2 months (8 weeks) to see a difference. I'm enjoying them a lot more though. I was hiding in big t shirts bc they were still very high but now I'm wearing tank tops and other clothes and feeling very happy. I have a lot of cleavage fullness on top I know this will go away eventually so I might as well enjoy them this way Lol. Very happy I've done this. Also, did some bra shopping...I couldn't help it...Love my new bras (I now have 4 bras to choose from Lol) I still wear my surgical bra and compression garment all day and to sleep. I'm pretty use to it and it doesn't bother me I actually feel better wearing it. My PS says to wear for at least 6 weeks or until all of the swelling has gone away so lets see how long I have this swelling for.

8 Weeks (tomorrow)

So I haven't updated since my 6 week post. I wish I could post a photo of some dramatic change but its been very minor changes. My boobs haven't dropped and are still high. I have been taking photos so I can compare but the changes are so minor I haven't posted :( I'm trying to be as patient as possible and trying not to focus too much on them since theres not much I can do about anything at this point. I see my PS at my two month mark which is in about a week and a half so I will address my concerns with him. I'm not feeling any pain or anything they just haven't "dropped" or "fluffed" :( My righty is the most stubborn and still higher than the other. They weren't perfect before and I did have one slightly smaller than the other and I addressed this with my PS before my surgery about getting them to look the same he said he would correct that. But I still notice one is larger than the other and if you look at my before photo you can see it. Its not a huge difference but I can see it. I would love to be close to perfection, right?? After going through all this I would hope to be close to it. I know its still early on and I notice its going to be a slow process with mine since they aren't changing as much as I would like. I am happy with them and know I will be more happy once they start looking a bit normal and round, right now still looking high and long :( They look great under clothes and dresses and I am enjoying them since they are high I have a lot of cleavage!! Hoping and praying for good results. The scarring I am very happy about, its not perfect but better than what I expected and I know with time my scars will look better. I did stop using the biocoreum scar treatment daily because it was irritating my scar on my TT. So I use it about every other day or 2 days depending how it looks. This is something I will talk to my PS about too. Also my chest muscles still feel very tight and sore. I still have a hard time extending my arms all the way up when reaching up for something, not sure if this is just me or other people still feel this too after BA? Makes me worry a bit its just me. Also still have morning boob and I did notice one areola is a bit puffed up than the other.

AS to my TT, all is well. My muscles still very tight too. No pain, numb and still swelling. Now I wake up with not much swelling and towards the middle of the day it gets worse by the end of the day I feel pretty swollen. Can't wait for the swelling to stop. I wear my compression garment pretty much 24 hours a day. I have 3 so I can wash and switch into a clean one after I bathe. My scar is very visible and not what Id like it to look like but I know its going to take time to fade. I tried on all my bikini bottoms and thank goodness they all cover my scar so I'm not too worried about it right now.

I'm still taking it easy, being careful when I lay completely flat on my bed bc of my TT and getting up is still tricky. My mind is so ready to go to the gym again. I will talk to my PS about this. BUT I don't know if my body is ready Lol. Its the tightness and swelling of my tummy tuck that concerns me the most. I don't plan on doing anything crazy either. I was thinking first week if I can make it on the elliptical for 30 mins then I'm happy. Then maybe the next week go into squats and other exercises. I'm a bit terrified about going to the gym too. Not sure if any of you have felt this way. But I don't plan on doing any chest and no ab workouts at all. But sometimes a lot of exercises combine both and I have no idea what I'm going to tell my trainer Lol. I probably can't do more than half of the things I would of done before. Its a bit of a double whammy bc I have to worry about my chest and abs and a lot of exercises incorporate both.

So thats it for my update I will post once I see my PS at my 2 month mark!

8 Weeks Post Op Photo

So here is my 8 Weeks Post Op Photo. My righty is slightly rounder but my lefty is oddly shaped and a bit higher yet the bottom of my left is lower and overall bigger. My right breast before surgery was always a bit bigger and saggier but now it seems like my left is bigger and saggier. I hope I'm making sense its all so annoying to describe lol. Anyway I just feel like one boob is bigger than the other and the one that is bigger was always smaller before. Honestly this has been such a roller coaster ride and I know more changes are to come (I hope!) As long as my left rounds out and they are both healthy I'm fine with it. My left, the oddly shaped one the areola is also a bit puffy where the right areola and nipple are normal so maybe I have some swelling still on the left??? I have been so consumed with my breasts, and the progress and lack there of that I feel l just want to move one with my life but can't Lol. I have to literally stop myself and say "ok stop, think positive and enjoy them". AS to my scars on my breasts I'm really happy with its barely visible, yet my TT scar is going through a red and slightly puffed up in some areas which worries me but I know its early on. I'm actually very swollen in my tummy area too and i know you can't tell in this photo but I know once the swelling stops I will look a little more flatter. Overall I'm happy than I was before and I'm so happy I did this but I feel like everyday I worry about something new and then I'm happy and enjoying them and next I'm worried again so on and so on.

Ok I vented I really did, I feel better now. Ok now I'm off to take my kids a bath and make must go on Lol!

2 Month Post Op Appt

I had my appt with my PS today. He said I need to give my breasts more time to fully drop. He recommended I do a breast massage on the bottom of my breast. Its like squeezing the bottom of your breast with two fingers on the opposite breast as your arm. He recommended I do 20 to 30 squeezes. I completed my "exercises" for today. They kinda felt a bit firm on the bottom as where the top is much softer. He squeezed them himself so I don't know if he noticed some wrong but didn't say anything. Just said it was too early and to give it time and to do my exercises daily until my next appt. which is at my 6 month mark! It has me a bit freaked out and I'm just hoping for the best. He cleared me to go back to the gym and so I will start tomorrow! I have been wanting to go to the gym for a long time now so I feel ready. I don't plan on doing anything crazy either. I plan to do my elliptical for 30 mins and maybe squats and leg exercises. As to my TT everything is fine, still a bit of swelling and he says that month 4 and 5 are the ugly phase of the scar and by 6 to 7 I should notice it getting lighter. My stomach muscles are still very tight so I'm hoping going to the gym will help me loosen up a bit and feel more like myself little by little.

First Day Back to the Gym

So I went back to the gym today. I did my 30 mins on the elliptical I totally paced myself. I had no pain or out of breath or anything. I did feel my muscles tighten on my core but nothing crazy. Today was squat day so did a lot of those but was happy to since it doesn't really involve chest muscles or my abs. I did swell up around 5 pm, I normally go to the gym 9 am. I feel tired but a good tired not a crazy tired. I think going to the gym will benefit my recovery now. I have been so stiff and tight with my abs from right under my breasts to about where my scar is. That after my workout I felt more flexible and able to stand a bit straighter. Something I noticed today at the gym is my butt. Where did it go????? I noticed when I stand I tuck my butt in and I look like I lost my butt, like I have no butt. Ive always had some cushion lol. I looked up on here and there are other women too who feel this way after a tt. Most PS say that TT has nothing to do with the butt and I get that but it does bc my stomach is so tight and I want to stand straight and its hard to so I compensate and tuck my butt in which helps me stand straighter up top. It works but then you look concaved in the butt area. So after my workout I felt more flexible in the stomach area and I was able to "untuck" my butt a bit.

I had a successful day at the gym but by no means am I doing or feeling like I was before my surgery. I still feel like a 90 year old woman and I know its going to take time to get where I want to be. But the gym is really helping. I did have some boob pain nothing crazy but I think its do to my massages. Also did some arms and felt some of my muscles tighten in the breasts freaked me out a bit. But I will be back at it tomorrow because I really felt like it was therapy. I felt better afterward and not worse so I think thats a good enough sign.

2nd Day at the Gym

Woke up a bit sore today for yesterdays workout but nothing major. I went back today and I attempted to do tricep dips and I felt like my chest was going to burst immediately had to I had to do a bunch of alternative exercises instead but I don't mind really. I don't really need to do abs well because thats pretty much been done for me lol and I don't care for chest exercises either. So I concentrated on arms and butt exercises. Feeling a bit more sore today but nothing I've never felt before. I'm continuing my massages, I hope to see some changes soon. They are still high and a bit firm.

3 Month Update

So its been a little over 3 monthsHi All! So I haven't been updating, I've been so busy and I finally "let it go" with the obsessing over my boobs mostly. Plus going back to the gym and doing everything I was doing before there was really no time to obsess lol. Anyway, going to the gym has helped me so much especially with my TT. I had such tightness it was hard to feel normal. I still swell at the end of the day but nothing crazy like before. I have been eating really clean and I know that makes a huge difference. As soon as I start eating pizza, and foods high in sodium my swelling gets worse. So I pretty much eat really healthy and its helped tremendously! As to my TT scar its getting lighter so that a good sign. AS to my obsession (my boobs) will its definitely been a slow process. I realize I had a breast lift so I am not going to experience the same "dropping" as those who didn't. Took me a while to realize that. I definitely had a lift because they are super perky and I really don't need a bra but of course I wear one because I want to support them. They are softer, didn't think they would ever get soft. I still do my massages and I think its helped. I am really enjoying them I can't imagine having gone bigger. 415ccs was a great choice. I wouldn't want them smaller bc I would have had boob greed for sure and not any bigger because they just would look fake and I didn't want that. My breast scars have healed so well I haven't really used scar cream on them and it amazes me how well that scar is compared to my TT scar. Anyway I am finally enjoying them and have bought many many bikinis, which is why I am glad I didn't go bigger, its hard to find tops to fit and support me and cover. Funny now I want to cover them lol especially around family. I still have one that hasn't dropped like the other. My right has dropped but my left is a bit higher, its dropped but still a little higher. Not sure if they will ever be the exactly the same. I wish they would be symmetrical but I don't think that going to happen. Before my lift I always had one slightly larger than the other and it looks like they will still be like that.

I have finally been wearing normal bras, no underwire for now. But even last month wearing a bra was a bit uncomfortable. Small pains here and there. Not able to wear tight sports bras either they are just too tight. I wear more of a soft lightweight sports bra.

Overall really happy with doing this. I sometimes think back to the day I came home of surgery and I've come a long way. I'm still very careful, its my nature lol.

Here's a photo in my bikini, having a pool day with my kids as I type this on my phone. Wishing all of you happy healing.

3 Month update photo

Finally! had trouble downloading photo through my phone, not sure why this happens on my phone all the time!!

10 Month Update

I decided to post an update since I hadn't realized my last post was at 3 Months!! I was going to stop posting since I didn't see much to post about but since my 3 Months there have been changes. I thought maybe for anyone who might be wondering yes there are changes still to come!

Since my 3 Month Update my breast have changed a lot. They are now both dropped. And my left has finally caught up with my right. I didn't start massaging immediately like some. My PS recommended it at 2 months. I didn't realize then how much softer they would get. The difference between my 3 Month and now is night and day. They are now much much softer and more natural looking. I still massage them twice a week or more sometimes and I think it has helped a lot in my case. I feel like my breasts took a "slower" process to drop and soften which worried me but we all heal differently. Also my breast are not as "perfect" looking as I thought they would be. I realize now that I didn't start off with perfect breasts so I am trying to have realistic expectations. They don't both look exactly the same. I know asymmetry is normal so I try not to obsess over it bc I 'm really good at obsessing over my breasts. They are better now than what I had before so as long as I am healthy and recovering nicely honestly I am super happy.

I am very happy with my breast size. I wear a 34D and it fits perfectly. It's the size I wanted to end up with and my PS was on point with that. I was thinking 415 ccs would be too much as he recommended and wanted 345 ccs but I am glad I went with what he said even though he did have to repeat and convince me that I would be disappointed if I went smaller when I showed him my wish pics and my 34D wish size. So in that case Dr. Hochstein was on point and I would say that's something he's really good at knowing the size to go with. I don't know if I would go bigger I feel like I can get away with them looking natural and had I gone bigger they would not look natural especially in a bikini and that was my biggest concern since I live in a bikini most of the time. I would also say I have more upper pole fullness than most but that's mostly due to the "lift" I had too. Although they have dropped more there's still upper pole fullness and I really like having that. I've seen some photos of RS wanting more upper pole fullness and I completely agree with them. For some they have dropped where you can't see any fullness on top and I see why they would want to go bigger bc had I not had any fullness on top I think I would want to go with a bigger size. They look perky and full and I'm really happy with the way they look. I had this fear too that they would drop too much and bottom out but that's not the case. I do have some friends who have recently had BA and in my opinion one of them went too small and now she wants them bigger and it hasn't even been a year!! And then I have another friend who got 500 ccs and her before size was the same as me and we both have same body types and they are just huge and very fake looking but she likes the "fake" look they are just in your face and when I recently saw her in a bikini it was just sooooo obvious and I just personally couldn't but she's super happy with them so it doesn't matter what I think lol or anyone else it's what makes you happy.

My nipples are still a bit sensitive but not to the touch as before now it requires a little more effort lol which I don't mind since the only person that really touches them is my husband lol. I do want to add that my husband still is not used to them. He is enjoying them that's for sure but when I wear something cleavagey he can't spot staring lol! I never had this so called "problem" before where he would look at my breast so much lol but I'm glad he's enjoying them. And to be 100% honest here our sex life is more active now lol. I won't get into details but we are definitely enjoying ourselves a lot more now so there's hope ladies!! It's tough to take time out especially with little kids around but we make it happen now. I don't have the same breast nerve pain as before when I would wear a sports bra. I now wear sports bra to the gym and feel no pain and tightness as before. I did feel a "tightnesss" in my muscle with my left breast too when moving my arm and doing things that has now subsided and not as tight. I think my left side needed more time for some reason. I always felt more tightness on that side but much better now.

The gym has helped me too get back to feeling normal especially with my TT. I still have some swelling especially when I do a lot at the gym. I pretty much do everything at the gym with exercises at this point. I just try not too over do it with push ups or crunches since I really don't have to do crunches bc I already have abs and a flat tummy. I still have tightness in my abs not as much as before but it's still there. I especially feel very full if I eat too much. If I eat more than usual especially on Taco Tuesdays lol I feel a very full feeling almost like when your are pregnant and eat too much lol. I have kept weight off bc of this bc I just hate this full and tight feeling so I avoid it and eat smaller meals. I know now what is too much to eat. I have also gained little more weight since the surgery bc I think I was flabbier before and I know have more muscle now which makes you weigh more. My tummy tuck scar is getting better but its still there. I think it will have to take another year to probably be where I feel a little more comfortable with having a huge scar. I am happy that the placement is good, it hides under all my bikinis. I do have a vertical scar where my belly button once was. My PS said he would do a revision on it bc he wasn't happy with it and thought he could almost eliminate most of the vertical scar. But its something I have debated in my head a thousands times. I just really don't want to go under again. I know its just superficial and just skin but it totally gives me so much anxiety. It hides under my bikini bottom so I could live with it I know it could be better but I just don't know if I can go through with it at this point.

Well I think I've covered everything. I could ramble on and on but I will stop now. Hope my post helps anyone out!! I will keep you posted in the next couple of months!

Photo Update

Hi Here's a photo for those of you asking. This was taken right after my gym workout so excuse my yoga pants markings on my tummy. I'm swollen a little bit too from my workout. I wake up flat and after the gym I swell a bit. I will take a better photo. This has very poor lighting. I can't seem to get it right. Some of my tummy tuck scar has faded completely where you only see a white line and other parts are purplish still. Hoping by next year will be better. But I have to admit I prefer this anyway over what I had before. I do have a better on of my belly button and tummy that I will try posting too.

Valentine's Update

So I am finally able to post my photos better. I've been having some issues downloading photos from my phone and I finally got a new phone and now its finally downloading as it should!! No more technical diffulculties LOL

Here are some photos I took of my belly button scar. I feel like its noticeable and worry about people "gawking at it" but I think it's all in my head LOL. Its fading. I have a barely noticeable scar all around but right at the bottom its a little thicker and darker than the rest. Sorry for the pale pastiness, I'm in much need of a tan!!

The other photos are some bralettes I purchased at VS. I have been so hesitant in even trying these on because I was thinking it wouldn't provide much support or it wouldn't fit quite right but I was surprised to find I love the coverage, not too much bra. I like more a natural look so I am super happy with these bralettes :)

I also wanted to mention I haven't given Dr. H a full review but will be doing soon at my one year mark. I wanted to wait through all of my recovery and results to write a more honest review. Plus I feel like I was very slow at healing especially with the "girls" it took some time. Had I written a review about him and the "girls" I would of written the truth at the time which would of been "not happy yet with how they look" which I don't think would of been fair to him. So I will be writing it at my One Year on March 3rd. Can't believe almost a year since my surgery!!!

Before and After Photo

Thought I'd post this since I was wanting to compare my results myself and look at the difference. Can't believe my tummy was so bad!!! I remember how terrible I felt about it so happy now!!

A little over a year...

So I am finally done with all my follow ups so I just wanted to write my overall thoughts and experience. I do not regret doing my surgery at all. I am so happy I did. I am happy all went well with no major issues. Would I love to have perfection after paying what I did yes. I know I wasn't exactly perfect when I came to him so he got me as close to perfect as possible. My only complaint is my TT scar ended being a lot larger across my stomach than I thought. The scar has stretched a bit on the ends. I also have a vertical scar where my belly button was that hasn't healed as nicely as I would of liked. But as time goes by I feel like its getting better, little by little. My vertical scar also hides under my bikini so its not much of a big deal but I wish it wasn't there, you know I already have a scar around my stomach and to have another vertical scar is not the greatest. I will say Dr. H did recommend after my surgery to go under again and fix it up but I just couldn't imagine going under again especially for something superficial like just skin. My breasts are way better than before I wish they were more identical to each other but again I know they weren't like that to begin with. I wear my 34D lace bra and I fill it up and that makes it all worth it lol.

Dr. H and his staff was pleasant no major issues. I will mention Amanda because she was the only one who stood out from the rest in my whole experience. She was compassionate, understanding and patient and also answered all my questions. I would say this to be an excellent plastic surgeon you have to be excellent in all aspects. The PS and his staff are a reflection of that. I know sometimes a persons personality can not be changed they are who they are. But in dealing with patients and surgeries I think it is most important to show compassion and not feel rushed in you doctor visits. Even if it's not in your personality to show compassion (in other words bedside manner) you do it because it's part of your job. You do everything to make a patient feel like you care and that you are going to do everything and the best you can for them like they are your only patient because it's very transparent and shows. I know you elect to have this surgery but it's a very scary thing for most and I would say that little extra bit of compassion makes a whole different experience.

So I don't plan on adding any more photos unless someone requests. And I am grateful for this website because without it I don't think I would have ever gone through it. This website is what started my journey and I'm happy that I was able to have Realself during the whole process. Xoxo
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far so good...I am waiting to write a review once all is done :) Hi So It's been a little over a year since my surgery. I waited to write a review on Dr. Hochstein until the end. Dr. Hochstein and his staff was always pleasant. I am happy with my results.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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