33 Yr Old Mom of 2 ,Lipo,TT,BBL. Miami, FL

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September can't get here any sooner?!! Hello...

September can't get here any sooner?!!
Hello everyone???? I'm 33 with 2 kids and I've always been insecure about my body. I just want to be happy,feel comfortable and sexy in my own skin. I don't feel right in anything I wear and I've started to really hate shopping now more than ever! I've gained a few extra pounds and have this pouch due to my c-sections. I have a vision of myself on how I want and should look but the I see myself in the mirror and I want to cry! I just want a nice butt..lol..nothing crazy???? just a nice plumpy, juicy butt with a flat tummy! I want to look good in a summer dress and rock a nice pair of jeans with my round butt...jeje. At times I don't want to go out cause I find nothing to wear and don't feel right in anything! I'm tired of putting my life on hold cause of my insecurities. I started doing some research after I had my 2nd child in 2012 and came across a few Dr's like Duran, J curves, shahine etc and have even scheduled appointments for surgery and canceled..don't get me wrong their work is nice but I wanted to feel good with the doc I chose and I just knew and felt good when I came across Dr.Miami idk it was like love at first sight lol. I told myself this is the man that is going to fix my body! I fell in love with his work and he had tons of pics that left stunned ????. I called to schedule a phone consultation and was quickly scheduled for may 2015. Finally that day came and Dr. Miami and I spoke about the pics I had sent him, what he thought I needed and any concerns I had. I was then scheduled for Sept 2016 ???? at first it felt like forever but now it's only 5 months away and I can't stop thinking, talking and dreaming about It! I just want to get it over and done with. I know I'm going to be in alot of pain but it will all be worth it!

6 days to go!

Good Morning RS! This is getting just too real! Lol.. I have 6 more days to go and I'm so ready! I'm going to be posting a few wish pics and you can also follow me on ig beeautywarrior. I got cleared a few days ago, have my meds and I'm packed! I pray all goes well and I get the results I'm looking for. I'll keep you guys posted :)


Here are a few of my wish pics..

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