33 Years Old and Scheduled Mommy Make over W Dr Miami! - Miami, FL

I'm so excited to start this journey . I have been...

I'm so excited to start this journey . I have been wanting to fix me up for awhile , went in for consultation and staff was very helpful and nice . Dr came in and explained what he sees I needed done . Very nice to have met him, I'm very excited . Already booked my surgery date ! Won't be right AwAy since he's so booked but that just works perfectly for me.

Well it's only been a few days I joined

This site, is it me or am I just crazy? Allll I think about is my surgery , I'm so nervous for recovery. I will be having tt, bbl and a breat lift w aug. it's going to be a ride but after all it's what I've always wanted to do. Iv kept it a secret from friends and fam because someone always wants to pump you with fear or talk you out of it . So I'm expressing my self on here lol I have a while to go for my surgery buuuut will be coming frequently to vent :) thanks for listening xo

Just a few pics of me

Boobs need lifting, tummy needs tucking and butt needs projection . Not to mention the back n bra fat area. Can't wait !

At the consultation

Few weeks back! So exciting ????

Wish pic ...

Wish pics

Ladies choose your doctor wisely

As nervous as I am about my surgery and not help but think the worst , I definitely know that when your doing this type of enhancements to your body it should be from someone who knows what he's doing. Be careful , do your research and don't go by the cheapest price . You can't be cheap with your body nor your life !

Can't stop thinking....

So many questions run through my head ... Will I wake up? How bad the pain will be ? How will my body react to all the surgeries at once? How will I heal ? How long before I feel myself again? Will I be prepared enough ? Driving myself nuts! But In the midst of it all I am looking forward with a positive attitude and keep focusing and reminding myself how much it will be worth it in the end . can not wait til I move past the journey of surgery and healing to get to my happy place . Sighs Ok I'll stop rambling now . Toddles ????

To my bets on rs...

Does reading all the reviews prepare u at all mentally for the pain you are to face at all? I'm curious to know ....

Well hopefully all goes as planned

I planned my surgery out 2 years so I can have my final child . I scheduled my surgery back in April with hopes this would happen soon - this year being the final year to try. Today I'm still 4 to 5 days before my period and decided to test . I see a faint positive, i will retest Thursday to confirm. Please send your prayers for happy healthy 9 months with my last baby, before momma works on her self :)

Recovery house

So I am definitely considering a recovery house for the first week . My husband nor mother would know what to do for me the first week . The thought of being away from them the first week is sad but I feel necessary to gain my strength and go home after drains are out (first day post op) . I feel it's worth the money, meals and 24 hour bedside assistance surrounded by experienced people that deal w this process in helping others recover quickly . So I'm considering Miami escape , prices do not seem bad at all.

A little disappointed in this site

I thought there would be more interaction and comments when iv written concerns or thought. Almost feels like I'm just writing in a blog for myself to vent. Anyway I just hope once my time comes I feel a little more support or I'll just stop coming here to express my personal things thoughts and feelings ...

Seems like forever to go..

::sigh:: I know time moves pretty fast , but it's making me so anxious knowing still have lots to go before my day comes . It's giving me too much time to think lol. I don't want it to be too painful - I hope - and hopefully I bounce back quickly after. Love reading everyone's flat side , hearing different perspectives on each individual thoughts about recovery. All seem to boil down to feeling very sore like you had a very rigorous workout. I'm hoping this is true lol anyway , just ranting my thoughts. Hope everyone has happy healing , and for those waiting happy thoughts :) toddles

I promise

That on my flat side post I will give a detailed explanation of what I'm feeling. I think if anyone is like me , this is what I look for when I read people's story/journey. The good the bad the ugly that's for sure . I'm definitely going to atleast help that one person anxiously waiting , to have a better idea on what to expect. Yes everyone is diff but these posts help others so much.

Wish pic!!!!!

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Miami and his staff are super friendly & helpful !

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