33 Years Old and Scheduled Mommy Make over W Dr Miami! - Miami, FL

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I'm so excited to start this journey . I have been...

I'm so excited to start this journey . I have been wanting to fix me up for awhile , went in for consultation and staff was very helpful and nice . Dr came in and explained what he sees I needed done . Very nice to have met him, I'm very excited . Already booked my surgery date ! Won't be right AwAy since he's so booked but that just works perfectly for me.

Well it's only been a few days I joined

This site, is it me or am I just crazy? Allll I think about is my surgery , I'm so nervous for recovery. I will be having tt, bbl and a breat lift w aug. it's going to be a ride but after all it's what I've always wanted to do. Iv kept it a secret from friends and fam because someone always wants to pump you with fear or talk you out of it . So I'm expressing my self on here lol I have a while to go for my surgery buuuut will be coming frequently to vent :) thanks for listening xo

Just a few pics of me

Boobs need lifting, tummy needs tucking and butt needs projection . Not to mention the back n bra fat area. Can't wait !

At the consultation

Few weeks back! So exciting ????

Wish pic ...

Wish pics

Ladies choose your doctor wisely

As nervous as I am about my surgery and not help but think the worst , I definitely know that when your doing this type of enhancements to your body it should be from someone who knows what he's doing. Be careful , do your research and don't go by the cheapest price . You can't be cheap with your body nor your life !

Can't stop thinking....

So many questions run through my head ... Will I wake up? How bad the pain will be ? How will my body react to all the surgeries at once? How will I heal ? How long before I feel myself again? Will I be prepared enough ? Driving myself nuts! But In the midst of it all I am looking forward with a positive attitude and keep focusing and reminding myself how much it will be worth it in the end . can not wait til I move past the journey of surgery and healing to get to my happy place . Sighs Ok I'll stop rambling now . Toddles ????

To my bets on rs...

Does reading all the reviews prepare u at all mentally for the pain you are to face at all? I'm curious to know ....

Well hopefully all goes as planned

I planned my surgery out 2 years so I can have my final child . I scheduled my surgery back in April with hopes this would happen soon - this year being the final year to try. Today I'm still 4 to 5 days before my period and decided to test . I see a faint positive, i will retest Thursday to confirm. Please send your prayers for happy healthy 9 months with my last baby, before momma works on her self :)

Recovery house

So I am definitely considering a recovery house for the first week . My husband nor mother would know what to do for me the first week . The thought of being away from them the first week is sad but I feel necessary to gain my strength and go home after drains are out (first day post op) . I feel it's worth the money, meals and 24 hour bedside assistance surrounded by experienced people that deal w this process in helping others recover quickly . So I'm considering Miami escape , prices do not seem bad at all.

A little disappointed in this site

I thought there would be more interaction and comments when iv written concerns or thought. Almost feels like I'm just writing in a blog for myself to vent. Anyway I just hope once my time comes I feel a little more support or I'll just stop coming here to express my personal things thoughts and feelings ...

Seems like forever to go..

::sigh:: I know time moves pretty fast , but it's making me so anxious knowing still have lots to go before my day comes . It's giving me too much time to think lol. I don't want it to be too painful - I hope - and hopefully I bounce back quickly after. Love reading everyone's flat side , hearing different perspectives on each individual thoughts about recovery. All seem to boil down to feeling very sore like you had a very rigorous workout. I'm hoping this is true lol anyway , just ranting my thoughts. Hope everyone has happy healing , and for those waiting happy thoughts :) toddles

I promise

That on my flat side post I will give a detailed explanation of what I'm feeling. I think if anyone is like me , this is what I look for when I read people's story/journey. The good the bad the ugly that's for sure . I'm definitely going to atleast help that one person anxiously waiting , to have a better idea on what to expect. Yes everyone is diff but these posts help others so much.

Wish pic!!!!!


1 year and 6 months to go

Sounds so far away , yet the way time has been moving not too far at all. Sitting here waiting for my youngest to finish her ballet class and just randomly thinking about my future surgery. It's funny how it just pops up in my head out of the blue . I have been reading many updates on woman whom just have had their surgeries . Wishing those ladies the best recovery and smooth transition into the new yous:) I hope that all this time I have to prepare mentally will indeed do just that. Well ladies just wanted to post and wish every one a merry Christmas , and happy new year !!

New year !

I'm so excited to see what this new year brings :)
I started Crossfit again after falling off for quite some time. Now my goal is to get as healthy and fit as I can so when my day approaches I can be strong enough , capable enough, and my body ready enough for recovery! 1 year 5 months to goooo - let's get it????????

Should I or shouldn't I

Go with the bbl?! I was actually debating last night if that's something I should still go thru with. I have a little butt that with exercise doesn't look bad , I assume after all the excess skin is removed and extra fat sucked off my upper and lower back it would pop out more , why pay that extra load of money if I'm sure I would still look great after just having the mommy makeover ... I still have a ways to
Go to make my decision- but I would love to hear what anyone thinks ?! Hmmm

Sticking to just the mommy makeover

With full upper and lower back , bra rolls and flanks Lipo and shaping around my butt. But no BBL . I feel I'll look great after the mommy makeover , don't want to waste money I don't have to waste. Ok just wanted to vent my decision lol.

BBL back on

Asked about it Timmy coordinator she explained he won't touch my hips or butt at all if no BBL , since I do need a touch up, I just left it alone . Might as well go big or go home . Now waiting game ugh ::eye rolling::

Considering another rh

Or if I should even get a recovery hs. But if I decide to get one I have dolls recovery get away in mind . Being that my original choice now doesn't seem to offer the same services , well everything happens for a reason, we shall see ... 1 year and 3 months to go !

One year and one month left !

I know how fast a year flies by so I'm a bit anxious just thinking about this step I will be taking in my life . I am so scared , not becauSe I won't wake up - but more when u do wake up how will I handle that pain. It's terrifying ...

11 months to GO

I can't believe it, its come down to months - less then a year . I know how time just flies on by , before I know it my time will be here. Nervous ? Yes! I want to be just as strong as those woman who just heal so well, and get things back to
Normal quickly. I'm still watching following and learning from everyone's experiences on here. Just wanted to update and share my thoughts and send a happy healing to those ladies out of surgery already!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Miami and his staff are super friendly & helpful !

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