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I am currently 3 weeks away from my surgery and as...

I am currently 3 weeks away from my surgery and as I think anyone will be a little mixed of feelings. Nerves, anxiety and panick starts at this time. I am hoping all comes out well and my healing process is not as bad as I been reading. I am in need of a mommy make over as I don't feel comfortable with my body !!

Sick !! ????????

6 days away from surgery and I'm catching a cold! ???? can't believe it... Drinking lots of lemon and honey, vitamin C and Tylenol cold and flu severe... Hope I feel better by Sunday! ???? I don't want my surgery re-scheduled...

4 days pre-op

finally getting rid of this ugly sagging skin and majority of my stretch marks... Also hope to add some curves with my flank lipo on the side !!

48 hours to go !

mixed emotions ! Nerves, anxious, happy, sentimental.... Pray to god all comes out perfect and I have the best surgery with no complications....

Tomorrow @ 10am

So my surgery is at 10am tomorrow...
Praying all goes well !! Ladies please keep me in your prayers tomorrow...

Feb 10 @ 7:30 am

Hello ladies, got a call from the coordinator, asked me to be in at spectrum at 7:30am, should be ready for surgery around 8:30am as may take an hour to prep me... Very nervous I think I won't sleep tonight...

Dr Mel Ortega - waiting !

so I got here at 7:30am. My cousin is in surgery at the moment with him so pls ladies pray for her too... Her surgery should take about 2-2 1/2 and I'll be next.. I have been given my prescriptions, forms to sign. Now it's just waiting !!! I am praying for my cousin and all goes well for us ...

Almost time !!!!

all marked up...

Made it to the flat side !!!! Yaayy

ladies update- I'm on the flat side now!!!! Woohoo.. Can't wait to see myself, I've been in a recliner since yesterday afternoon and the pain was horrible. Today I am very swollen but less pain. Thank you!!! From what I see I love my breasts I got the gummie Bears 300CC couldn't go so big as the doctor reccomended me to go this size for a more natural look.

4 days post op

first bowel movement !!! I feel great... ???????? had a hard time though. My chest is still swollen and tight other than that my tummy tuck is no bother... At times I feel a burning sensation but that's about it.. Can't wait to have the drains out !!!

5 days po

still very swollen I do like my belly button !!!

Dr Mel Ortega

1 week post op with a mommy makeover- love my results!!!! Dr.Ortega is awesome and very direct... My belly button is looking awesome and I can finally say I have no more rolls or gut! I love, love Dr Ortega's work...

3 weeks almost

feeling wonderful!
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