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This site has been so helpful in finding a great...

This site has been so helpful in finding a great surgeon. After stalking this site,way before I was ready, it's time to make it happen! Time to do something for me. I'm so excited! Now time to hit the gym HARD!!! I still want to loose another 15-20 pounds, but it's go time. I lost 30 pounds recently so time to go for more. Wish me luck!

Some pics!

I'm in miami!

So I can't believe I'm actually here! I am so excited to finally get this done! I have been cleared flr surgery anf I am supposed to go in for preop this morning and find out more details about the surgery. I can't wait! Tomorrow is the day!

Imy on the flat side! So happy!

So I woke up morning of surgery at 5 am and showered with the antibacterial soap. I arrived at spectrum at 630 because my surgery was scheduled at 7. Went through medical history and filled out and signed all consents. Took a pregnancy test. They called me back around 715 to change and take pictures. My mom was in the room. It was kind of embarrasing to have her see me nude but I figured its the last time my body will look this way. Lol. They told me DR. Ortega was in surgery and would be out shortly to mark me up. I waited another 30 minutes or so and then Dr. Ortega came in. Wow. So much respect for him. Right from the first meeting I felt so comfortable with him. So nice to my mom and explained everything to us in detail. He is very funny and honest too. I didn't feel rushed at all and he asked me what I was looking for as far as results, i tolf hik what i hoped to look like. So when he examined me he explained that if I was interested in implants I might not need to have a brest lift at all. But he said it would have to be a moderate sized implant. I explained I didn't want to go too big and wanted to look somewhat natural. I usually wear a size 38 b and even then my breasts look deflated in it. I usually will wear 2 bras and they look nice and perky. He suggested 500 cc, high profile gummy bear implants. He said I would probably end up being a large C cup to a very small D and said it would look good on my frame. I was so happy to hear I would not need a lift. Although I was prepared for it I was not looking to have a scar like that. Also we talked about my options for reducing the size of my nipple, which is huge! I've always been so insecure about it. So he said he could cut it down and then suture the skin around it. He said only con was that I would never be able to breast feed again, but I'm done having kids so it's worth it. He marked me all up and then promised my mom he would leave me looking great. I waited another 15 minutes and then the anesthesiologist came in and spoke with me a fee minutes. As I we were finishing up, they came in and said room was ready. Kissed my mom and kids good bye and they took me back. As soon as I lied down they strapped on compression machine on my legs and the anesthesiologist starter an IV very quickly. He was telling me a story about his kids and whiting a minute I was out.
Next thing I remember I woke up in recovery with excruciating pain. The nurse told me as I was coming out of anesthesia I went a little crazy and was fighting them a little to get up. She said I sat up abruptly and that's what was causing more pain. They called my mom in from the waiting room to get my clithes. This part went very quickly. Like I woke up then within a couple minutes they started dressing me and put a bed pan under me so I could pee. I wasn't able to so they brought a wheelchair in and next thing I know I was sitting up on the gurney and they were putting me on the chair. I was in ALOT of pain but I was able to move to the chair fairly quickly. My mom came in and they started taking me to the lobby. While I was there I had to wait for my reimbursement since I didn't get the breast lift. They ended up refunding $500. Definitely an unexpected refund and I feel like I'll be happier. Overall I'm happy with my experience. I'll update more after I get some rest.

Some pics!

So my drive to the rental was not bad. Drive was like 10 minutes and not much traffic. Came straight to lie down and take some medicine. I felt a little nauseous but was able to hold it down. My mom gave me what I thought was pain meds. I waited like 30 minutes and still didn't feel much relief. Either way I was able to sleep for a few hours because I needed to pee. And then I had to cough! Oh the pain! Man that hurts. But I was able to get up with my moms help and walked to the bathroom. Sitting down not so hard but wiping is a challenge. Got to take a look at my booties. They look huge but nice and perky. And I was naughty and felt my nipple. They feel so small. I love it!. They actually don't hurt that much. It feels like I did a bunch of chest exercise at the gym. I got to reading the med my mom gave me and it turned out to be my nausea medication! Ugh! No wonder I was still in a lot of pain! And no wonder my nausea went away! Kind of funny. But it was definitely the pharmacy fault because they had written the indication was for pain instead of nausea. Looking back though pain was not too intolerable. I mean it hurts a lot but definitely was able to take it. I'm glad I don't have to depend on the meds. I got up a few times to go to the bathroom and walk around a little bit, all without any meds. My mom was sleeping and I did well getting up on my own. I'm almost walking straight up. Just a slight bent. I honestly feel good. And all after a few hours after surgery. I finally took a pain pill and was able to sleep good for a few hours. But don't think I'll take them too often. It still hurts with it. Just makes me sleepy. So I leave you gals with a few more pictures. I was naughty and removed my garment to get a better look. Man am I swollen, but it looks great already! Boobs look a little too big for my taste. I hope they go down along with the swelling. Have a goodnight dolls!

Now day 6

So I haven't updated for a few days cause I haven't felt like myself. I can't say I regret it, cause I know it will all be worth it in the end. But man, does time go by slow when you are miserable. I was trying not to take too much of the pain meds cause I was afraid of the constipation but I guess it was still too much. Day 5 I was in labor for like 3 hours! Lol. It's weird how all of a sudden I had lots of discomfort and pain. I finally was aware of how bloated I was. I started taking some of the prescribed medication for constipation but I must have started it too late because it didn't help one bit. Ugh! I was so uncomfortable. I sent my sister to the store as soon as she got up to get me some magnesium citrate. That stuff tastes horrible but it's so good in clearing you out. I drank 2/3 of it and within a couple of hours I was finally delivering! Lol! I know TMI! But I honestly didn't think it would happen to me. But so glad that's finally over. I haven't taken any pain medication since yesterday, which is probably why I feel like crap. I'm just stiff and sore all over. And it's true when they say the worst pain is in your back! My lower back is killing me! I've been getting up and can sit down with not much pain or trouble but walking around or standing even for a few minutes hurts like hell. My back is killing me! I really thought this would be the same recovery as from a c-section, but let me tell you, it is not the same! The muscle repair is no joke! I've been trying to control my cough and sneezing now for a couple of days because it really hurts when you do. I feel like I have pretty good tolerance for pain but I feel like I'm gonna pass out every time I do. And I've been somewhat congested, probably from the intubation during surgery. I've been doing my best to clear my throat and do my incentive spirometer but I hope I don't catch a pneumonia or something from not being able to clear my secretions. Overall I'm just disappointed I'm not where I was expecting to be. I had the expectation I'd be out and be able to enjoy miami while I'm here. Instead I've been aty rental just watching netflix. I did go to a baseball game on day 4 with the family. Thankfully we were able to get wheelchair service to my seat. Cause as soon as we got there I realized I wasnt ready. But sitting for the duration of the game was no problem. It felt good to feel somewhat normal. I realize I have to keep it easy. And then tonight we went and had dinner. I'm so self conscious cause I'm walking like a bent over old lady but it does feel good to be out for a little. Like I said before the incision is not so bad. It's my back that hurts the most. But I was able to sit outside and enjoy the thunderstorm and lighting show during dinner. We definitely don't have this where I come from. But now to rest. I hope tomorrow is a better day. I have 3 more days before I fly home. And I have a post op appointment on Monday morning. Hopefully everything is OK and I can go home with no issues.

10 days post op

So it's been 10 days since I've had my surgery. I flew home 2 days ago and thankfully it was a smooth experience because I requested wheelchair service. Must have been the 5 hour fly home but I was extremely swollen these past two days. Drains are still in, Dr. Ortega recommends for them to stay in at least 14 days. I've been draining less and and fluid is lighter in color. I think this is a good thing. They don't bother me or hurt, just annoying. It's been difficult to hide them under clothes lol. Other than that I'm feeling so much betterms. The night I got home which was day 8 I was finally able to sleep on my back. Oh! What a relief! I was nervous lying back but I didn't really feel too much tension and my back needed it. I'm almost now standing completely straight up. I don't really feel too much tension on my incision so I feel pretty much comfortable doing it now. I feel a burning sensation sometimes if I lie on my side or really stretch but other than that, I'm feeling pretty good. It hurts a little when I cought still but not nearly as bad as before. And my belly button is completely dried up. Hopefully, the scab will fall off soon so I can start scar therapy and stretching it a little because it's super tiny. I love it though! Not like the big crater a had before. Dr. Ortega is amazing! Scar looks nice and thin and completely covered by my underwear. I just started wearing a breast band yesterday to help the implants movery to their proper positiom. Still kind of high up but they look pretty good. I still wish I would have gone smaller but hope that when swelling goes down and they are where they are supposed to be they look better. But I still love looking down and actually seeing cleavage. I had forgotten what that looked like. And Dr. Ortega left my nipples super nice and little. This is a big deal for me. I hated my nipples before. They were huge! I'm so grateful he was able to help me with something I was so self conscious about. I didn't even know it was something that could be done. I'm so happy I got this done and that I'm on the road to recovery. Everyday it's a little better and can't wait to see the end result.

3 weeks today!

Wow, what a journey! For some reason time seems to be going so slow. I can't believe it was only 3 weeks ago I had this done. It just seems like it's taking a long time to see final results! Patience is not a virtue I possess! lol. I had been somewhat depressed. It seemed like every other girl was already looking better by their 2 week mark and I just seemed to swell even more and looking bigger than when I started.
I took my own drains out at 13 days. I was draining less than 20 cc's a day. Thankfully it went just like most people said it would. No pain at all. Just an odd feeling as they are coming out. Everything was going good but pretty much that night felt a lot more swelling in my upper Abdomen. It looked like I was pregnant. I started doubting that I took the drains out too soon. My breasts also looked very uneven. My left breast had dropped and was a nice round shape. The right was a mess! It was up to my clavicle, hard and oddly shaped. The lower part of my breasts was saggy and my nipple pointed downwards. I was starting to regret getting them done or not getting a lift. As always , coming on here always makes me feel better because I guess it's pretty normal for the breasts to drop at different rates. I'm usually not the type to get nervous about things like this. It just doesn't help when your family starts to doubt your decision to go out of state to get something like this done. I live in L. A. So there's plenty of plastic surgeons in the area. I just never really saw work that compared to what was coming out of Miami or the Dominican Republic. So week 1.5 to 2 certain family starts saying " I think they messed up" " they shouldn't be looking like this by now" "what if you have complications?". It just makes you doubt your decision. To top it off about 5 days ago my left breast started leaking. Having very white fluid coming out. I'm actually lactating! My breasts aren't red or inflamed so I knew it was not an infection. As soon as I would take my bra off I would have let down like when I used to breast feed my kids. Never had I hear this could happen! I guess I never really heard about a nipple reduction either, I wish I would have so it prepared me for this. I called Dr. Ortega's office on Friday mid day and didn't get a call, also filled out the online post op questionnaire and nothing! I figured, ok its the weekend but still, shouldn't they have someone answering questions for post op patients?!? Ugh! I was mad and sad thinking what if something does go wrong? I hear some doctors won't even touch you. Still it comforted me to know there's no infection. Being in the medical field I at least know that. But what if it's something that needs more surgery?. I tried calling again Monday, front desk gave me a vm. Called again told them I really needed to speak with someone. Only this one person can help. Frustrating!! I finally got up extra early and was able to speak to the nurse Tuesday. And I suspected they say everything is fine. Since they messed with my milk ducts at the time of the reduction it is normal to stimulate hormones in to producing milk. Don't know how normal it is but I'll take their advice and just let it dry up. I was advised to just keep a maxi pad over the breast and to let it drain. Just to change it out frequently to prevent infection. I was told if infection does start I will be prescribed antibiotics. I hope she is right. But just frustrating to have to wait so long for a

3 weeks continued.

An answer. I also started work yesterday at exactly 3 weeks. Thankfully, everything went well. I was pretty busy and had to do lots of walking but felt pretty good the whole night. At the end of the 12 hour shift my tummy felt really tight though. I'm glad that in my scrubs you can't really see too much of a difference because I still think my boobs are huge! I'm glad, I don't think anyone noticed. Now at 3 weeks I can finally see my stomach flattening out and I'm starting to see some shape. I just have to try to be patient and trust that my decision to go out of town was a good decision for me. I really have to try to ignore the negativity. I'm sure everything will work out like it should. Dr. Ortega did a great job and I'm better than I was before. Just have to continue the healing. Hope all you ladies are healing well! And good luck to all the ladies going through with it. It's really worth it!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far so happy with my results! Im so glad I went with Dr. Ortega. I was very surprised to see he is not rushed when he talks to his patients. I could hear him talking to a patient next to me. He took his time and answered all questions. As someone who is around doctors all the time I can tell you that is very unusual for a Doctor to do. Anyway, it's true the office is a mess, the morning I went for my second consult the front desk was empty and no one there to help me out. I literally had to wait like 30 minutes until someone acknowledged me and they blamed it on the girls in the front being late. As I was leaving they were arguing in Spanish over someone in the front allowing a patient that was in surgery to go in without paying in full. It was crazy! But dr. Ortega is worth it. I would do it again in a second.

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