28yr Old Mother of 5. I Have Had 5 Csections. I Want my Old Body Back - Miami, FL

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I am a young mother 28 of 5 children. I want my...

I am a young mother 28 of 5 children. I want my old body back so badly. I had 5 c-sections and breast feed all of my children. My face doesn't match my body. Which really doesn't matter so to speak but it does for me. I hate getting up every day getting dressed looking at myself naked. My body looks horrid. My stomach looks like I was attacked by cats. they had a party with clawing my stomach.. if that tells you all anything, nicely put it looks like corduroys. Its ugly. My breast sag. I just am disgusted with it. I have had all my kids. I don't want or need anymore. I want to feel sexy with and without clothes.

My body as of now. I want to be beautiful again.

As of 1/2016


I am finally going to have my procedure done! I am so very excited and nervous.. I will be going to spectrum aesthetics Friday 4/15/16. For my pre-op and surgery will be done on 4/16/16 I am so happy! Nervous But happy! Tummy tuck, breast lift w/implants. I didn't want implants because naturally I have big breast but after 5 kids breast feed things have changed and they don't look how they should. I will be sure to post before and afters and keep everyone posted!

Mommy makeover

5days post op left breast

Breast hurt the most just hope they heal good and my scar is very visible. Anyone know of anything to help reduce appeareance of scars

5days post op

Right breast up close

Left breast 5 days post op

5day post op

Today is Day 5 my stomach is extremely tight I can't stand up straight how long does this last? I don't like this feeling not being able to stand up straight. I've also changed my dressing and took a new photo.

8days since surgery

8 days since surgery. I haven't had any swelling really other then in my breast. Which has gone away but my breast still hurt and one is leaking a little. I hate my breast and the way they look. As for my stomach it looks amazing compared to before. The scar is horrible. I'll upload more it it later or in a few days.

Scar on belly and hips

My scar. My stomach. About to shower ugly but better then it was before I guess

Tummy scar

Incision / scar I hope it looks better

My right breast

My right breast has done nothing but got worse! I am very nervous. I am very upset! I've told the people once I noticed it and sent photos. They said it was an infection. I've been taking medication since then which was 5 days ago. It's getting worse! I have an appointment with my regular physician tomorrow.

The same breast coming open even more!

Disgusting. I'm pissed. I'm stuck in the hospital with an infection. Not sure what kind it is they don't know.


My breast still look horrible. Not sure what's going on! I'm upset. I've been to the ER was hospitalized for 2days. Sent home and I still look like this.

My breast as of today 4/9/16

I wish I wouldn't do my breast done...

Trying on bikini... First time since I was 16.

3 weeks post op as of today. Had tummy tuck and breast lift. No implants! Trying on swim suit. I haven't worn a two piece since I was 16. Still don't think I'll wear one until I can get some of these stretch marks to fade on my tummy

3 weeks post op. Tummy tuck and breast lift. No implants

Front view

3 weeks post op

3 weeks post op. Tummy tuck and breast lift only- no implants!

Not sure some days

This buldge

Side views

Incisions healing dark and ugly but anything better then the hanging flappy patty belly

The flat side is awesome!

Ready to workout soon. 5 weeks post op

Feeling better then ever!

Feeling better then ever bulge is gone! Saggy baggy boobs gone! Just healing and trying to enjoy the new me????

2 months post op

Update of my tummy tuck and breast lift! Two months post op!
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Dr. Valls/ Fisher. I will be seeing Dr.Valls at vanity cosmetics. I am trying to see Dr.Fisher. Valls. Anyone have any results?

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