27 Yr Old Mom mommy makeover - Miami, FL

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3 children ibeen big all my life up too 280 pds...

3 children ibeen big all my life up too 280 pds then went down to 160 working out eating healthy then i gained now im at 176 trying to hit 160 before surgery looking into the mommy makeover but still not sure if dr sergio alvarez or dr stephanie stover which would be the best dr for that mommy makeover

Still dont know what dr?

Still dont know what dr? Im unsure if dr alvarez or dr stover for a mommy makeover tummy tuck with muscle repair an breast lift with silicone implant a hard choice but need to pick one already ...????

Date set

So im scheduele for end of august with dr alvarez for a mommy makeover an an im super nervous now

27 Yrs Old Havent Done It Yet Dont Know What to Expect

Im having a mommy makeover with dr sergio alvarez with imagenes in aug 31 , tummy tuck with muscle repair since ive lost alot of weight an breast lift an silicone implants since i lost volume an all my boobs lol nervous dont know what to expect or if to book a hotel or a recovery house ????can someone help me out what do i need to take


22 more days an i still havent baught anything dont know what i need or who to ask thats why i come to the RS

Journey so far 16 days post op

Ihad surgery on aug 10 with alvarez good experience my tt incision is very low he did my lift iwanted 450 ccs got 375ccs dont know why even thou itold him 450 but imean he knows best hes the dr overall good only bad thing was very bad experience at the recovery house i stayed at called curvy angels recovery home think i would of been better off at a hotel by myself an would of saved alot of money ... well neways still very swollen will post a pic up soon thanks

Sad days

Im not happy at all ifeel like my tummy tuck he didnt removed all the lose skin below my belly button to pubic area i still have alot i want to just cry feel like i wasted money for nothing an my boobs i feel like he could of gone with 450 ccs like i told him too the 375 ccs istill see em kinda lose even thou i had a lift im just very sad sorry had to vent here at RS

I regret surgery

So many yrs been obese i lost all the weight had excess skin so whats next tummy tuck? Yes your right i had it on aug 10 with dr sergio alvarez i was happy at first but then 2 wks post op im not im out more then 2 months ago i noticed a pouch since i was out of surgery an now its more noticible that the swelling is down specially below my belly button towards my vagina my stomach still looks hanging so i went to a PS in my area since i flew to miami well its not seroma an the lil fluid i have it will re absord by using faja an by itself he said its lose skin i cried so many yrs been obese with the reminder of the skin it just made me remember how i used to be so i wanted that memory gone an to still see i have lose skin an its very noticible its heart breaking i just wanted that memory gone but i guess i will never be happy an always have that memory staring back at me in the mirror i wish i could of never got surgery or chosen a better dr who would of removed the lose skin

Questions ladies

So i went to a p.s in my area an he said its lil seroma body will reabsorb but its mainly lose skin dr alvarez left me beyond sad i look in the mirror everytime i pass by it an want to cry ...
My question is ladies who had implants does your card say silicone or saline i paid for silicone but it says (saline) im confused now if its not one thing its another
Doral Plastic Surgeon

Told him what i wanted did the opposite left me with too much loose skin need now a tt revision the size implant i wanted he put in was what he wanted or what he had never took in my considerations no bedside manner never heard from dr alvarez i contact imagenes never got a call or text back very upsetting with this experience i do reccomend the procedure just not with him or imagenes they wont take your considerations at all

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