26yr Old Mom of 3 in Need of a Do Over! - Miami, FL

So I've been looking into this procedure for about...

So I've been looking into this procedure for about 4 months now. At first I was unsure of traveling out of town to have a major procedure done but once I looked up costs of plastic surgeons in my area i knew flying out was my only choice. I decided to go with Dr Mel Ortega in Miami, Fl because he does awesome work so I've seen also I was referred to him by a friend who had gotten a bbl performed by him. My pre baby body was not what I want it to look like once the procedure is done but it was better than what I look like now. I don't really have any wish pics as of yet I just want to be happy looking in the mirror at my body again. My husband and I have decided we are done having babies so why not bring my sexy back to enjoy life with him and regain my confidence.

Wish pic

I loveeee her boobs!
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