4 Weeks Post Op - Tummy Tuck, Lipo, Breast Lift, Silicone Implants 26yrs old

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I'm so glad I came across this site and finally am...

I'm so glad I came across this site and finally am ready to share my own story. Pre-baby I weighed 135 lbs. I got pregnant at 17, gave birth one month after I turned 18, then had another baby at age 19 and had my third child at age 20. All three were breast feed for about 3 months. After my third baby I weighed around 160-165 lbs, then through bad eat habits, lack of exercise and birth control, I blew up to 243 lbs. I was very insecure about my weight, I was depressed all the time and felt ugly but didn't have the urge or will power to try to lose weight. I knew someone that recently had Gastric Bypass Surgery and lost so much weight through it that I started looking into it also. I spoke to my insurance company to see if they can cover any part of it, spoke to by primary doctor and family about it and everyone all had the same answer...try to lose weight first on your own, and if it doesn't work, then I can try to get the surgery. I really doubted myself and never imagined that I could ever lose a lot of weight and keep consistent with diet and exercising since I never went on a real diet. I wanted to skip the diet and go on with the surgery, I found 'Weight Loss Agents' online that does the surgery for the lowest cost I found anywhere else (in Mexico), had several conversations with them and was ready to pay a down payment and book a date (this was March 2013). Right before I was ready to pay, I watched a Documentary on Netflix call "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" which CHANGED MY LIFE! I was then ready to begin my weight loss Journey on my own, without surgery and lost 70 pounds in about 6-7 months with clean eating and exercising. 

Having 3 kids back-to-back, all breastfed, and that much weight loss my body can definitely use some repairs. My skin hangs really low from my stomach, my breast are deflated and I literally feel like my body looks like a 90 year old woman even though I'm still in my 20s. So I decided to use the money I planned on using from Weight Loss Surgery for the Mommy Makeover. My husband agrees that it is well earned and is so proud of my progress :). After months of research outside of the US and in, I found Dr. Mel Ortega from Miami Fl. I feel much safer having my surgery in the states, with a board certified plastic surgeon who has more than 25 years of experience, excellent reviews, and well known for his work. I discovered him while googling the lowest rates for this makeover in the US and came across CG cosmetics. I did learn about a bad incident with a girl ending up in a coma after having a procedure with Dr. Freiman so I researched the other doctors and felt that Dr. Ortega is the one. My coordinator is Blanca, she has been so great to deal with and is on top of everything. My down payment was $1000 and I will be putting down another down payment and financing the rest. 

I am leaving to Miami tomorrow night, have a consultation Monday morning and am scheduled for surgery on Tuesday. I am required to stay in Miami for 10 days after surgery but Blanca insisted that I stay for 1 more day just in case, so my return flight is on the 24th of May. I am so excited, I have collected tons of wish pics. The part I am dreading is having to say bye to my husband and 3 kids since I am going alone :(. Which reminds me, I will be staying the 13 nights with one of the nurses Blanca told me about. The nurse will pick me up from the airport, she has a patient room in her home with a bathroom, she will bring me to and from all my appointments, take care of me while I heel and then bring me back to the airport when I leave. She charges $100 a night. Food is included. I will try my best to update my make over journey daily.

The dreaded before tummy pics

Here are my before pics. I am also getting a breast lift and augmentation. Hoping to post before pics of them also.

The ugly truth has been revealed! & I arrived Miami FL

This is so embarrassing but only two more days of this mess lol! As you can see, one breast is about 1 cup smaller than the other. Feel my pain :(

I arrived to Miami today and the nurse I am staying with picked me up from the airport and will take me to my consultation in the morning. I already miss my husband and kids but have been able to video chat with them.

Consult w/Dr. Ortega, Panic!! Wish boobs & prescriptions

My consultation was at 10:30 this morning, I didn't get out of there till a little after 3pm. I was getting very frustrated, the waiting room was overly packed, not enough seats for everyone, there's only 2 girls doing all the paperwork in the back for each patient, I really think they should double their staff if they're always this busy.

I was also a little disappointed meeting with Dr. Ortega. I read so many reviews of how he takes him time with each patient and addresses all there concerns but that was not at all the case with me! We briefly discussed the tummy area first which is the least of my worries even though I want and need that done the most. I am convinced that every PS will make the tummy as flat as possible with low incision. My breast are what I am more concerned and specific about. My PS looked at my breasts and said he will lift and give me 371 size implant and was ready to walk out the door before I could even finish asking all my questions. He said "I'm sorry, I don't mean to rush you, but they are waiting for me in the operating room." I had to stop him and say "Wait, I wanted to show you pictures I collected of how I want my breast to look like." I showed him one or two which he quickly glanced at and said "yes, that's how it'll be". I want to go somewhat larger than what my body is proportionate to. He barely took the time to look at the pics and put his thoughts together on the implant size...how could he possibly know the implant size before he knew the look I was going for? I am completely freaking out because I always hear that women often regret their size and wishing they went bigger, and I don't want to leave with any regrets :(. He didn't even tell me if he's going over or under the muscle or the profile type. I had to ask my coordinator Blanca about it and she said its under the muscle and moderate plus profile. My surgery is tomorrow morning at 6:30, I need to figure the size dilemma ASAP!

I am attaching pics of the size breast that I want, can anyone please tell me if size 371 sounds right? I am a DD now, and want to stay that way. Maybe someone else been through the same? I would love to see the aftermath. Thank you!

By the way, for those wondering, my prescriptions came out to $70 and insurance does not cover.

Day of surgery

I went into a private room with a bed so I can change into surgery clothes, take a pre surgery pill from the precriptions i picked up yesterday and spoke with the anesthesiologist, answering a few questions. I also had to take a urine pregnancy test. I was then hooked to an IV and the anesthesiologist explained what the process will be. I waited for Dr. Ortega to walked in and he marked me and I was finally able to ask the rest of my questions. I called my husband and cried a little, I was scared and told him that I love him. When I got into the operating room I layed on the surgery bed table thing and was put to sleep. When I woke up, two nurses helped dress me and brought me down in a wheelchair where my nurse Kayla waited for me and brought me back to her home. I slept all day pretty much and for out of bed twice to use the bathroom. I feel very nauseous, very tight in the stomach, it hurts so bad to cough, I am in so much pain. Im eating a bowl of veggies and plan on eating extremely clean in hopes that I'll recover faster.

Day after surgery

Im still in so much pain :(. I had a follow up at 9 this morning I thought I would be able to see my stomach but they didn't want to remove the binder just yet so tomorrow i can see it when I finally get to shower. I did get to see my boobs though. Obviously they're very high and stiff which is normal. I was able to get myself out of bed a couple times and use the bathroom alone. The oxycotton I was taken was horrible! It made me really drowsy, made me sweaty I thought I was running a fever, I felt very nautious... i switched my pain meds to Tylenol 500 and feel so much better and alert.

Day 2 PO

Each day I feel a little better but still in so much pain and discomfort. I had my first BM today after eating oatmeal for breakfast. My nurse helped me shower, brushed my hair and got me dressed. She left out the house at 11:15 this morning, it is 9:30pm now and she still isn't back! She texts me from time to time saying she will be here soon :/ yesterday she left me for four hours! I am not one to confront people, it makes me feel awkward but I don't like how she leaves me all day like this. I am more dependent, I'm able to get up and walk around on my own but I thought I'm paying for her companionship and assistance while I'm weak. I texted her around 5:30pm saying I'm really hungry...I actually waited a while to tell her thinking she would be back any minute so I tried holding off, she texted me back saying ok, she ordered me food, and it arrived at 7. I video chatted with my hubby and kids earlier and started crying like a baby. I miss them so much and just thought how much i would rather be fat and saggy with them rather than alone miserable and pain away from them. I took pics right before I showered, I feel like I look pregnant, can't wait for swelling to go down.

Can't sleep - Nurse Kayla Dilemma

It's 6am. I texted my nurse around 9pm asking what time I should take my tylenol and she didn't reply until an hour an a half later (10:30). I replied back to her and said, you told me you will be back soon a long time ago, what happened? She actually replied that nothing happened, I am ok on my own, I have everything I need and she will be back in the morning! I didn't respond after that but imagine how hurt I felt. I'm day 2 after surgery and what am I paying her for? I gave her $1300 for her to take care of me until the 24th. I wish I payed her separately every couple of days because I don't think this is acceptable and I would rather take the money and spend it on better assistance. My husband is furious but I'm the type that doesn't like to confront or argue about the situation since it always leaves bad blood between the people and I still have another 8 days to put up with this. I'm just hoping when she returns she actually stays and makes up for it. I get lonely and depressed being by myself, I don't know how to work her tv, it's all a mess! I know for sure my other meds aren't kept up with because she was keeping track of when to take it but she hasn't been here! I tried to read the bottles and it says take twice a day on almost all of them but I didn't want to take anything alone in case I took one wrong by mistake. When she returns I'll definitely get my meds part figured out because I need to heal ASAP, and will be telling my coordinator Blanca about all this when I leave, I don't think she should be a recommended nurse for patients to stay with. I really hope when she returns everything gets better because I am miserable and feeling really low right now. :(

4 day PO - Nurse Update

My nurse returned yesterday at 11am so she was gone for exactly 24 hours. Shortly after her friend came over and they started talking about how they were out drinking last night and started video chatting with some man they never met on Facebook... The nurse left again last night around 5:45pm and returned back 9am this morning. She then slept in till 12:30noon. I have mixed emotions about her behavior, though I don't need her 24/7, I think it is very unprofessional and decided to call my surgery coordinator Blanca about it. Blanca said thanks for letting me know, I'll have a talk with her about it by not mentioning that I told her. I've been ok on my own, I showered alone today after a 20min walk outside (still with my drains in). I'm trying to be as humble as I can that I was able to get the surgery I wanted, I have somewhere to stay, I'm healing pretty well and I'll be home soon. My boobs are still up pretty high, they feel stiff, not much change. I feel bloated and swollen all around my stomach, I look 5 months pregnant. I stopped taking pain meds completely and have BMs regularly. On hoping by Monday I can have the drains removed and counting down the days that I can return to my beautiful family!!

Day 5 PO

I finished my last med today for antibiotic. Hardly feel any pain. My tummy feels very numb and swollen, I spent the entire day walking. I am hoping to have my drains removed tomorrow since they've been pretty much empty. My boobs still feel tight but look more round on top.

5 Day PO Pic

Day 6 PO - Drains Removed

I had a follow up today and finally got my drains removed!! It wasn't painful at all, I thought it would be. My PS wasn't able to see me this time or at my last follow up as he was in surgery so I spoke to another doctor today. He showed me how to massage my breast and explained how to treat my scars and answered all the questions I had. I also got rid of the binder and am now wearing the body garment which is tight! I have to wear it for 3 months.

Day 7 PO - Compression Garment

Not much has changed. I am still extremely extremely swollen. After removing my drains yesterday I had to ditch my binder and put on this compression garment which is TIGHT!!! It makes breathing, walking, sitting down, getting up a lot harder and painful. My nurse says this garment is what will help give me a better figure as the swelling goes down and swears by this and was told I have to wear it day and night for the next three months. I haven't read that many people post about the garment I didn't know it was going to suck this bad lol. I felt perfectly fine before I felt completely back to normal and once I put this garment on, I feel like I just did surgery again, that's how painful it is to me. Once the swelling goes gown and the garment becomes lose on me, I was instructed to have it sewn a size smaller so it remains tight. Sheesh!! Does any one else have feedback on their compression garment?

Day 8 PO

Just admiring my results so far :) I was told that if the tapes don't fall off on its own by 2 weeks PO then I can remove it myself.

Day 8 PO - Update 1 Week & 1 Day

Hello Ladies! I wanted to update my progress, as expected I am extremely swollen and know I will be dealing with the ups and downs of it for the next few months so I don't worry too much about it. I figure for kicks, I'm going to measure my belly every couple of days after I return home so I can see how much it goes up and down. I've been spending lots of time with my nurse running errands, going shopping, out to eat, sight seeing, visiting her family, meeting her other patients and going to the clinic with them...it definitely beats staying in bed all day and I feel great! I am constantly moving around, walking, going up stairs and I don't get tired easily at all! I can be up and about from 9-10am til 6-7pm and feel normal! So I'm glad because once I return home, my "me" time is over and it'll be all about running everywhere with the kids, cooking, cleaning after a long day of work so I feel ready for it even though I am aware that I shouldn't be bending all kinds of ways by doing house chores and lifting heavy things. So I will definitely be careful! I've been wearing my compression garment 24/7 except to shower obviously, it's a pain but I've gotten use to it. I believe it'll benefit me and my figure in the long run and I feel like its a shield to my new tummy, without it I will feel completely exposed and unprotected. Once I reach my two week post op I can start applying scar gels and will begin my hunt for the perfect one when I return home this weekend. If any of you know any extra good scar creams, please let me know.? I am obsessing over having my scar disappear as much as possible but of course within time. I've been massaging by breast as often as I can, my favorite massage is putting three fingers from each hand on top of the implant and applying pressure downwards. It's like "get down there already!" Lol. I know it'll take 2-3months for them to go down with the swelling completely so I'm hanging in there.

Today I went to the clothing store with my nurse and another patient. I didn't plan to buy anything as I wanted to wait until I am fully recovered but I tried on clothes to kill time. Let me just say, last year around March when I first began my weight loss journey I was size Womens 3x. Also, ever since I had all 3 kids I NEVER put on a regular pair of jeans so I never knew what size pants I was, I always wore sweats or leggings/jeggings size L or XL depending on style and some XL didn't even fit. So once I recover I would love to solve that mystery but anyways, here I am at the clothing store I make a B line to size Large in the women's department since that's the size Ive been wearing for a few months now, I take a couple shirts, I also found a shirt in a size medium I wanted to try on. I go to the fitting room and Oh Em Gee! Surprisingly the clothes were huge on me. It looked like how a 3x would've looked on me right before surgery. I went to look for more clothes but on the way to the women's section I passed by the juniors section and thought I'll take a peek. I took out a dozen shirts all different styles, fancy, tees, tanks, casual and when I tried it on, it all fit like a glove!!! I mean, once all my swelling goes down I'm sure it'll look even better but even fitting into it now is definitely a shocker. I wanted to buy everything I tried on. And to me this isn't normal. Normal for me is not even wanting to go look at the women's clothes and when I do, I get depressed knowing I'll look like a cow in everything and after trying it on, getting even more depressed because I've proven again that I look like a cow. It's unbelievable that part of my life is in the past and once again I can enjoy shopping! Money problems alert lol. Now I don't know if there's much difference in Juniors vs. Women's, I could care less but this is honestly a miracle and life changing going from a Women's 3x to a Juniors Medium within a years time. From hating my body to falling in love with it. From depression and insecure to confident, if anyone is questioning a mommy makeover, have no fear, it's 100% worth it and selfless, every mother in want of one deserves one. I am beyond happy I went through with mine with my husbands support. He's the only one who supported me 100% even though he'll love me the same without it.

A few concerns - I'm really not too picky with my results. I've told my husband that I am fine just like this all bandaged, cut up, and swollen, I'll take today's body over my previous one a million times. However, just thought I'd mention parts of the results that could've been better. These are just thoughts by the way, I really don't mean to sound like I'm complaining because I am super happy with my results either way. First, I feel like I have the typical TT belly button. My BB is a walking trademark and can be pointed out as an obviously made TT BB. It doesn't look at all natural though I know it still needs healing but a lot of TT BB look exactly the same. I still love it, the size, placement is good but could be improven in my opinion. Second, since I'm so round (sideway angle) and look pregnant, I'm curious how flat I will be? I'll do more research on this as all the reviews I've been seeing lately everyone is still in the recovery stage. My nurse and PS says I will be completely flat but that just sounds too heavenly to be true lol. Lastly, I have yet to take a look at my full TT incision, but the part I have seen looks really squiggly and the skin looks bunched up and I think I may have a dog ear because the end of the incision definitely pokes out even my nurse noticed it. That makes me nervous about seeing the rest of the scar. All I can do is hope for the best. Wishing all you ladies a pleasant recovery! :)

Day 10-12 PO

Day 10 - I woke up with a giant bruise on one on my breast, it wasn't painful but did not expect it. I have also been really concerned about my side scar. It looks scary, I am posting a close up so I can document how well it heals. I was scheduled with a 9am appointment with the follow up doctor which is also my final appointment before I return home so I made sure to ask every last question I can possibly think of. Right before my appointment I googled tummy tuck wrinkle scars and found several other experiences where the wrinkled skin was worst than mine but still healed perfectly without the wrinkles so that was relieving! During my appointment I was told that bruising is normal, the incision will puss here and there and I was instructed to apply neosporin daily and cover it with panty liners. To my surprise I was able to see Dr. Mel Ortega, he walked in during my visit and also examined me. Usually at this practice the PS Ortega has his follow up doctor doing the follow ups since he is always in surgery. I wanted his professional opinion on my concerns and was pleased that he took the time to sit down with me and check everything and answer all of my questions. I also gave him a huge hug and thanked him for changing my life, I am very pleased with his work. All of the pics attached I took in the follow up room on day 10 post up. All of my incisions are extremely thin with the exception of one side of my tummy, I believe it will all heal wonderfully and fade nicely. Also my tummy incision can be completely covered by my bikini panty. Whatever you see sticking out the panty is because I pulled my panty down on that area.

Day 11 - I flew home late night. I was worried about walking around the airport hauling my luggage in a rush on feet and also worried about the shaking of the plane being painful or uncomfortable. It all went better then expected! My luggage had wheels so that wasn't an issue and I'm use to walking already. I also had two sweet gentlemen on the plane help me put in and take out my carry on from the overhead bin. My husband surprised me with flowers at the airport and slept naked for the first time after surgery! I only kept my sports bra on. My husband is just as in love with my new body as I am, he is excited to help with my breast massages ;) he washed my compression garment for me which is why I slept without it. It had a few blood stains, definitely needed washing and I let it air dry overnight. The stains did come out. I slept on my bed which felt great! There's no place like home, I love it.

Day 12- I woke up feeling happy with no pain at all. I was easily able to get in and out of bed but with caution. Also wanted to mention that I had sex. We were going to try the night before but I was so out of breathe and so sleepy, I arrived home very late (2 am). Just a few details, we were both extremely careful, I was on top the entire time since it was the only comfortable way and I can control the pace and I got a little emotional. Lots of things going through my head, love was definitely in the air as we have been away for two weeks, the most I've been away from him during our marriage was one night. I was glad we can finally be together again and foresaw our happiness in our future. Prior to my surgery, we always had sex with lights off, ALWAYS since I never felt comfortable with him looking at me. How fun could that be for a man? But this time I finally felt comfortable in broad day light I still have tapes around my incision but felt like a bombshell anyways and know this is how it will always be now going forward. He was also very happy as saw a tremendous change in my confidence and was also just as happy to be with me. My kids were camping half hour away with family, we drove by and surprised them, it was so great seeing them, my husband was very worried that they will attack me and try to jump on me when I saw them for the first time but they were very calm and happy, we spent the entire day outdoors, we went fishing then BBQ and I walked over to the pool with them and tried to stayed in the shade fully dressed. I came home super exhausted, tomorrow is Memorial Day and will spend it outdoors again and then back to work on Tuesday juggling life while not overdoing it while I am still healing.

Day 14-15 PO

Day 14 PO - I hit my two week post up and as instructed I was to remove the tapes if they haven't fallen off on its own. Not one tape fell of on its own so I had to peel it all off. Throughout the peeling process, I saw the tape ripping my scabs off I did it gently so it wasn't painful but there definitely were some open wounds. I got use to my look with the tape on, now I have to get use to my new look with the tape off lol. Something I was not happy about was finding two threads of stitches sticking out, one from each breast and also, my left nipple look like it was separating from my skin!! I called my surgery coordinator, she advised to pull the string from the stitch out as much as I could and cut it off as close to the skin possible and said don't worry about the nipple, it will go back in place. I cut both strings off and trying not to worry about the nipple situation. Most of my incision looks pretty good, I took pictures, but there is one small section in front that won't stop oozing :( I am keeping a panty liner there and changed it 4-5 times already since it was soaked. My coordinator said some oozing is normal but I don't know how much oozing is normal. I took my compression garment off since it was wet from the oozing and washed it and let it air dry overnight but it only got stained again after putting it back on from the continued oozing. I think the tightening from the garment is making the ooze come out more. Has anyone else experienced this? I bought some scar silicone sheet treatment from the pharmacy (pictured) and will begin using once the wounds and scabs all fully heeled. I have been feeling pretty good and back to normal. I am still extremely swollen 24/7 and do feel bigger than I was before surgery, I hear a lot of women saying the same so I guess it's a pretty common feeling. My breast are still really high, and I know they're not dropping anytime soon. I don't feel any pain except when I laugh really hard or sneeze or cough. I think my challenge is trying to rest. As important as it is to take things easy and let your body rest so it can heal, is not as easy as it sounds! I have 3 very active kids, all in after school activities and running around with them hauling there equipment is something I am having to deal with. I don't feel any pain while doing this but I don't have that much help and hope that I am being careful enough not to ruin anything.

Day 15 - the pictures from my incision are all from today. It looks like the swelling of my stomach is hanging over my incision. I wonder how much my stomach will flatten out. I still have some bruising on my breast and my ride side of my tummy incision still looks pretty bad but I don't worry about it too much. Theres mot much more to say but I hope everyone is healing well and good luck to the ladies that are going into surgery soon!

Day 19 PO

Hi Real Self! I'm almost at my three week post op mark and feel great. I arrived home from Miami a week ago which is where I had my surgery and resumed all regular daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, working, laundry, grocery shopping, driving kids arounds to their sports and hauling their equipment, bathing alone (been bathing alone since day 4 PO) I've been getting in and out of bed on my own since day 2 after surgery and sleeping in my own bed since I arrived back home. My bedroom is upstairs so I am constantly going up and down stairs daily. I am constantly on my feet or moving around since week 1st week post up and don't feel as tired as others mentioned that they have after being active. I get a little out of breath here and there but just take a deep sigh and keep on going! I'm am so happy to be feeling normal so soon. I took my kids bike riding yesterday for an hour and I walked the entire time behind them. My swelling is there and I've been dealing with it ok since I knew to expect it. I get stares sometimes and wonder if people are thinking I am pregnant (I certainly look it!) lol. I am getting some oozing through my wounds and saw small separations but I've read that's all normal! I wear my compression garment almost everyday and night but have spend 2 whole days and nights without it since I felt like it was causing my wounds to ooze more. My breast are still pretty high but softer, I've been getting lazy with the massages and hardly do them :/. Not good.

I been having gym withdrawals! I was going 5 days a week faithfully every week, sometimes even twice a day, I did cardio during the day then weight lifting at night since that worked best with my kids schedule. I lifted heavy weights and worked out my entire body and saw a huge transformation with my all my muscle groups and am so anxious to go back to the gym. I wonder how soon I can sneak some few squats in (without weights). Once I go back to the gym I'm really looking forward to being able to work on my core and hopefully build some ab muscles.

I'm expecting to swell like a balloon until the middle of August so I don't think I'll be able to enjoy the beach or pool as much as I would like :( I hear it's best to stay out of the sun anyways after surgery since it causes scars to darken even through clothes. So I haven't even tried on bathing suits yet or new bras since I have no idea what my final result will look like after 3months especially since my body changes every day for better or worse. I feel extremely happy and blessed to have this surgery, sometimes I can't believe I actually did it. This is a dream come true :).


Miami Plastic Surgeon

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