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I am a young mommy of two wanting a mommy make...

I am a young mommy of two wanting a mommy make over . Tummy tuck, BL with implants and butt lift. I just recently gave a deposit for a place called "juventu cosmetics" with Dr.Aroyao . I am kinda nervous because I haven't found many reviews on him but have seen his tummy tucks in friends , not his boob jobs or butt lift. Wondering if anyone here has heard of him? I went to doctor Craft but he is very pricey and doesn't handle pain management too well which scares me . I'm also not sure of what breast size to get . I'm 5'2 weighing 160 lb , he told me 400 cc would make me look fat. I'll post pictures later .

Finally have a date set!

So I finally have my date set for 10/10/2014!!! I'm doing it on a Friday so that I can relax during the weekend. I work from home so I'm hoping to only have to miss Monday and Tuesday . I was wondering how painful is the recovery from TT and BL with implant ? I'm getting scared that the pain will be bad and last a while I have two kids and one of them is a special needs so I can't afford to be down for too long


Tomorrow I see my PS to make a final decision on what I want done. I really wanted a bbl but he said it would be too much in one surgery . At this point we've only spoken about TT and BL/BA . Anyone here who's doctor did TT, bbl and BL/BA ?

So confused .HELP!!!

So I had given a deposit at a place called juventus cosmetics to later find out the plastic surgeon that was doing my surgery is just a surgeon assistant, I obviosuly don't feel comfortable at all doing my surgery there and now idk how to fight for my deposit. This is very upsetting to me as I have a special needs baby that needs all of me so for them to play with my life loke that I just don't appriciate it. I'm hoping that I can get my money back. Anyways I made an appointment with Dr. Mel Ortega Ive seen his work and I'm in love and love that he has so many reviews ! This makes me feel so much safer! Anyways have any idea on how I can get my deposit back? Also does anyone know about how much doesn Ortega charge for Tt and bl with implant ?

Help! Upcoming mommy makeover

So I've decided to go with Dr.Ortega! I love him and his office. Im schedule for feb 4th for tt, bl and ba. Can anyone share a list of things I will need to help with recovery and tissue repair?

Organizing my thoughts

So it's been a roller coaster ride, from having a surgeon, paying a deposit to finding out the surgeon wasn't even licensed to perform my surgery. Thank god for this website I was able to find Orterga who is amazing! And most important board certified! The clinic I paid the deposit THE FRAUD won't give me my money back its been a nightmare! But thankfully I was able to pay my upcoming surgery in full but nether the less it's so upsetting that someone would play with a humans life like that and lie to my face, if it was for my gut feeling and this site I would of put my life in danger and done my surgery with someone who isn't even operating legally!

On a good note im getting all of my stuff ready for my surgery which is in two werks. I'm doing b12 shots with multi vitamins in it to be as healthy as possible, I am also eating clean. As a special needs mom I am freaking out about being okay! My tummy scares me more than the boobies.

Getting close to the special day!!

The closer the day gets the more excited and nervous I get! I got feb 4th with doctor Ortega which from what I've seen and heard he's awesome!!! I am getting saline 375-400 cc depending on what looks good. I am very nervous to leave my kids that day but I know that he'll be okay and im so glad I get to come home the same day. I've been having horrible thoughts about something going bad but I think its normal before under goog surgery? At least I hope lol Here are some pics of me I'll be posting body pics soon

-14 days

I am getting so anxious, I just want to get it over with! I've wanted this for so long and it's finally going to happen! I have been shopping like crazy! Maybe a mistake but I just can't wait to have the amazing body I've always wanted!

My last pregnancy left me at 235 I worked hard and lost 80lb! I'm still not at an ideal weight but my goal is to loose 20 more after I recover from surgery, I actually want to tone more than loose. I am super excited and I the fact that I can't find any bad reviews on Ortega makes me feel more at ease!
Me and him spoke about 375-400 cc hoping that's the right size for my body . Ill have my hubby take some body pics today!

Wish pics

Before picture! It took all of me to post this! -13 days

Hello ladies, so as the day approaches I wanted to share a before pic of the Tatas I still need a tummy one. I try and avoid looking at my boobs because they r so bad! I hate them and I can't believe my hubby is still attracted to me ! I can't wait. After having two kids and pumping for one who was in the NiCU for a year it really took a toll on the ladies. Here's my before pic.

-9 days! Dr.Ortega mommy makeover

I'm getting close!!! I can't wait!! So I've been on this site for days for hours making sure that I know what I need before and after surgery. Now I am torn between saline and silocone and I can't remember what they quoted me for! Ugh most doctors have recommended saline instead of silicone not sure what would look best, I believe Ortega said saline would be best for me as he can go up in volume depending on how im looking at the time. I am 5'2 and weight 168lb sounds like a lot but I'm actually a pretty small girl. I wear small and medium but my main issue is my arms I hate them! But I want to work out and tone them and Not have to get more surgery done, even though I see a bbl in the future lol.

So far I have a list of what I need for post op:
*juven tissue building
*post surgical girdle
*8 pillows
*bicoderm (scar cream)
*prescription meds
*peas to freeze
*stoop softener
*open pjs
I was debating if I should do arnica supplements but haven't found supporting research that states that it'll make much of a difference.
Am I missing anything that you guys would add to this list?

-3 days and sooo disappointed

I'm 3 days away from my surgery and Ortega staff has not even reach out to me to tell me how to get myself ready for surgery, I called and asked when my pre op would be and they told me there's no pre op. This makes no sense how am I suppose to be ready for surgery? How do I get my prescription? How do I even know when my last meal can be? This is very frustrating! I just need them to call me back or at least answer the phone when I call! Ugh

-1 day before the exciting day!

So I feel way better ! I received a call from the office to appologize and they scheduled my app for tomorrow morning. I have no idea yet when my surgery is but I have everything almost set ! I am trying to avoid thinking of the surgery itself and concentrating on the results. I am super nervous and I just want everything to go smooth.

I will keep everyone posted and I will post before pics tomorrow as they will be taking before pics at the office. I am getting 375-400 cc saline.

before pics

Soon hard for me to put these up! My hubby is so awesome to take these for me and still tell me how beautiful I am! He's just as excited as I am for this surgery and knowing that makes me a lot better about making the decision of having this surgery . Can't wait for my new body. My plan is to work out hard on weights once I'm recovered fully from surgery

Pre op!

My pre op was today it was great! Took pics and signed all the paper work ! I wasn't too nervous now that Im a few hours before my surgery is when I'm starting to get nervous. Pre up was super fast and Christine was just soooo nice and made me feel like everything would be okay! She made me feel excited! My surgery is scheduled for 7:30am so no eating after 10pm tonight! I have to leave my house at 5:45am as they want me there at 6:30am. I wil keep u guys posted as soon as I can!

Morning of!!!

In a few hours I will be a new woman! Keep posted :D

I'm here!!!

I'm having horrible stomach pains! I'm soooo nervous!!!!! But Christine the nurse has made this so much better! She is so easy going that it's almost impossible to feel nervous .


It's done and I'm alive!!!! The process went so smooth, Christine the nurse, the doctor, anesthesiologist made me feel so good ! I felt like I was in perfect hands and everyone knw what they were doing. When the nurse woke me up I was in sooooo much pain ! But they made sure to keep me medicated. The first hours were the toughest but I guess as the day goes by the Percocet starts kicking in and I've been feeling great! Surgery was at 7:30am and it was all on tone, it's 11:00pm now and i feel fine just sore but nothing that can't be manage through pain meds, everyone's so surprised of how good I look and feel. I've been walking a lot as I am terrified of clots. I can't wait to see my body!

So sore :(

Woke up feeling horrible . I feel so sore and im starting to feel the stitches burn which I didn't Yesterday. My back and armpits are what feel the worse , praying these pain meds quick in fast

In love !

It's so good to have this site to talk about my surgery. I feel much better after taking the pain meds.
I still can't sit in the toilet, not because it hurts but because I'm scared lol.
I've been loadin up on pain meds which I think is the best thing todo to avoid being miserable and staying on fluids until I lower my pain meds intake.

Post up

I just love doctor Ortegas team! They made this process so smooth for me I feel that they are taking such good care of me. Pre op was in and out and Christine was just so nice! I wish she was my nurse everywhere I went! I am suuuuper swollen so swollen he asked me to not wear the bra and prescribed me diuretics. I Guess the soup I've been drinking was too high on salt. I go back Monday for another follow up we didn't sven do pics that's how badly swollen I am. I feel so much better without the bra on.

So swollen

No more salt for me!!!!!! Horrible swelling !

3 days post op

The recliner has been my best friend. I was finally able to sit on the toilet today. Yesterday I showered but omg it was sooooo hard I don't think I'll be doing it for another few days. The stitches were burning so bad from my belly button, I also have a cut from the garmet on the bac which I had no idea until my hubby told me. I haven't been wearing bra as per the doctor my swelling was just too much. Today was my second day of laxis and I feel a lot better with the swelling going down.

Yay for bowel movement!

For those mommies who have had c sections and have been constipated after being on so many narcotics can probably understand my excitement! I was terrified of having to use the bathroom but I got my body ready! I was drinking milk of magnesia! And papaya juice! And I had the most relaxed bowel movement I could have ever asked for! I wish I knew these trick for my 2 horrible c sections!

3 days post op

As today goes by im feeling a lot better!

4 days post op

Ps told me not to wear a bra because of the swelling now that the swelling has gone down I can't help but wear a bra my boobs just hurt too much without bra, they feel so heavy. I am happy though wjth how good I am looking! As soon as I et the okay to workout I'll be starting my weight training to tone up and I'll be one hit MILF lol .

5 days post op

I'm feeling much better today but I've been having horrible tingling on my feet and legs. I've been trying to contact my ps but the office isn't answeing the phone . I'm thinking it might be a side effect from the laxis but it makes me feel terrible it's like restless leg syndrome but it goes even up to my back. I was suppose to have another follow up today or wend depending on how I felt but I think I will go today. The garment they gave me is starting to be huge on me and the zippers on the side r killing me! They r burning my skin and I am dying to shower and change garment.

Hello ladies!

My ladies r looking amazing!
Went to see my ps today he says im still super swollen, which is a bummer because swelling just makes me feel worse than I should. He gave me more pain meds and said to go back Friday to remove the drains. Idk why people r in such a hurry to tKe the drains off, I'm in no rush the longer they r in there the better so im in no rush to have them taken out.
I washed my hair today!! Woo hoo!! I sat on a plastic chair in the bathroom and just let the water run down, it was so awesome. I took my garment out to wash it so it's been off for like an hour and I can't wait to put it back on. My belly button is looking perfect! Which had me worried it takes a good surgeon to make the belly button look good! I love love love Ortega! Spectrum cosmetics is def the place to go!!!!! Thank god I made the right decision !

One week post op

I can't believe its been a week already. I feel great! Still very very swollen! My drains come out on Friday I barely have anything coming out from the drains which is good. They drew some blood to check my potassium since they put me on laxis I've felt very weak; I am feeling much better now .
I just want to recover and go shopping!!!

10 days post op

Hello ladies :)

I am on my way to my ps now to get my drains removed! Yay! They aren't draining much so it's time for them to come out! I've been having some discomfort on my upper right side by my rib cage not sure if he lipped there, it feels better when I'm hunched over so it might also be the stretching of the skin pulling. As for walking I am walking almost straight my right side Is more hunched than my left. My boobs seem to be dropping, right one is a lot lower than left one. The swelling has gone down on my breast a lot but my tummy still feels very swollen. Today's the last day for the compression stockings so yay for that! Tomorrows Valentine's Day but I don't think I'll be doing much as my back kills me when I walk too much. Trying to take it as easy as possible and one day at a time.

Bye bye drains!

Finally! Drains are out I didn't think Id feel so much better after they come out but I certaintly do! They gave me the band to help my breast drop and told me not massage them because it can open the incisoon. This is why u can't listen to people's advice and always ask your surgeon because so many people kept telling me to massage them! I guess what was bothering my right side was the drain tube inside my abdominal wall because now that my drains r out I feel way better n the discomfort is gone. I am healing nicely and I can't wait to go shopping!


Pain pain' :(

I'm having this bad pain on my right side by the ribcage. Thought it was my drains but pain is coming back bad. The day after surgery I cough n that same area hurt like death. Any of u ladies had pain around this area?

12 days post op

Hey all! I've been feeling pretty good! Went shopping yesterday wasn't such a great idea , I don't think I'm fully ready to walk the malls but I am so anxious and excited to show off my sexy body! Lol I've been very swollen today my abdomen feels and looks as if I drank 10 gallons of water. Around my drain site I have a huge ball not sure if that's normal but it has me a little worried since its where the drains were. I've been sleeping on my bed but wow is it uncomfortable! I haven't been sleeping much unless I drink a muscle relaxer to help with the soreness and tightness . I have another follow up on wend, I haven't been wearing the bang they gave me too much.

12 days post op

Crazy swelling

Idk if my body again is retaining a lot of fluids im going to start on a no salt diet and fluid diet to see what happens. There's this ball around my drainage Area that looks strange and I am panicking im scared to gain weight but it's impossible that I've gained weight so fast! Specially that I've been eating normal. It has to be swelling I've also been over doing it and not resting .

Sexy mama :)

2 weeks post op

2 weeks post op visit

Went to see my ps yesteday, I love him! He's so funny! I adore him! He says im still very swollen and recommended a tighter garment which I've been using. Feel better but can't sleep with it on, makes me feel like I can't breath. He took the abdominal tape off and said to start using the scar cream and the lymphatic massages.

1 year post op

Hello ladies. wow time flies!!! So i am not happy with myself or the results of my surgery. I have gained 20lb but my tummy still looks okay what i have been battling a lot with are my breast i am super unhappy! back in Nov i had to go back to get surgery because my boobs dropped a lot and to try and fix keloids. well my boobs again are dropping and the keloids are back. I really wish i could go back and get them re done or a doctor could help me get rid of these keloids they r terribly painful. I am planning to loose these 20 lb ive gained and start wearing my garment again my tummy i am very happy with i wish my boobs would have stayed perky but they have dropped alot. because of the keloids i also cant wear wired bra so idk if not wearin a bra has caused some of this.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Such a great doctor and staff!! I feel blessed to had come across Ortega. He not only made me feel beautiful but most important he made me feel safe. All my future procedures will def be done by him!

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