25, Mom of 2, Sick of This Body! Miami, FL

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I'm a 25 year old, biracial mother of 2 beautiful...

I'm a 25 year old, biracial mother of 2 beautiful children, ages 1 and 6 yrs old. I've gone back and forth with the idea of surgery for so long and finally decided to just go ahead and do it! I've decided on Dr. Mel Ortega in Miami and I'm extremely excited to set a date! I'm 5'7", currently 224lbs. I'd like to get down to about 180lb before the surgery. I'd also like to have the surgery done sometime this year. Any tips on weight loss?


Never realized how poor my diet was! I've completely removed fried,processed foods from my diet. A little over a gallon of fruit infused water daily (I use lemons, raspberry, cucumber, mint, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, etc). I started almost a week ago and I'm down 8lbs. I cycle for about 20mins, slight weight lifting, crunches/sit ups, & push-ups for about and hour, and then I jump back on the treadmill for roughly 40 mins. It's been challenging (to exercise) but I feel so much better! The energy I have now is awesome and my skin is clearing up incredibly. Will post pictures soon to show progress :)

22 Days Away!!

Hello Ladies! Im currently 22 days away from sirgery with Dr. Ortega and I'm so excited! Still dieting and exercising. I'm down to 216 and only 9 lbs away from my goal weight. Pre-op blood work has been completed and results were awesome! Just waiting for my pre-op appt with my PCP for clearance and I'm all set to go. The ladies at Spectrum have been nothing but wonderful! They've answered any and all questions I've had and their response time is impressive. Evelyn, the pre operative clearance manager, is such a sweetheart! Counting down the days until all of this becomes a reality!

Getting Close!!

5 days away from getting my MMO & I'm so excited! I've worked really hard the last few months to meet the weight requirement and to also increase the overall final result of my procedure. Here are my stats:

- 26 years of age
-Mother of two (6 year old boy and 1 year old girl)
-I'm 5'7
-Starting weight was 239, I'm currently 212.
-Bra size 38 C (deflated of course lol)
- Size 14 in jeans

I've completed all my labs, had my pre-op appt and EKG done with my PCP and was promptly notified by Evelyn that I am cleared for surgery. I've lost a total of 24.4lbs, my goal was to lose 30 but I'm close enough I suppose. BMI needs to be under 34. I'm will continue to exercise 2x daily along with clean eating to lose additional weight until surgery day. I have just recently started stocking up on supplies and packing my bags for the trip (flying into Miami from Connecticut). My thoughts are all over the place but I have no fears that Dr. Ortega will take great care of me and give me the results I've always dreamed of. I hope you all are well and healing fabulously! Love and Light, xx.


30 lbs down, I thought I should include some photos to show the difference! Surgery day is approaching and I'm doing everything possible to keep busy so I won't obsess over it lol. Love and light to you all, xx.

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