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Hello ladies, I'm Yasmine I am 22 years. At the...

Hello ladies, I'm Yasmine I am 22 years. At the age of 20 years old I underwent the gastric sleeve procedure which is a form of bariatric surgery on 2/23/2015. I started out at 260lbs at 5'3 and I am currently 156lbs and ready to start the second phase of my journey with Dr. Mel Ortega. On 6/13/17 I will be getting an extended tummy tuck and saline implants I am kind of undecided on the size though ! I'm very excited and can use all the knowledge I can get :)

Just some wish pics

Wish pics


I've been exercising regularly still and will continue to until surgery. I know at this point my belly is mostly skin but I want to have as little fat as possible for Dr. Ortega to work with. I'm excited I can't even begin to fathom how I'll look after my extended TT

What do you think ?!

Hey ladies as you know weight loss takes a toll on the girl that's why I'm getting saline implants when I get my breast aug but I was thinking could I just get away with getting implants I know I want between 400-500cc moderate profile but do you think I'll need a lift as well ?!

Current state

Hey ladies still waiting patiently for surgery day ! Just thought I'd show how much skin I'm actually dealing with after 100+lbs of weight loss. The thought of how tiny I'll be once it's gone excites me !!!!

Checking in

Just some more before pics to document. I am currently 154lbs after being plateaud for about 6 months at 157-159lbs. My goal is 140lbs so hopefully I can make it to that by June ! Also I got my lab work back all my levels were fine and my hemo was 12.3 which I was worried about. I also been taking a blood builder to keep my levels up !
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